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ZEN X-Fi Armband
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ZEN X-Fi Armband



This product is currently out of stock

When at the gym or outdoors, the ZEN X-Fi armband gives you durability and strength when you are on the move.!

Note: This product is designed for ZEN X-Fi only. It is not designed for use with ZEN.

Product Details:
Product Length: 4.21 inches
Product Width: 1.34 inches
Product Height: 7.13 inches
Product Weight: 0.2 pounds
Package Length: 7.8 inches
Package Width: 4.4 inches
Package Height: 1.4 inches
Package Weight: 0.2 pounds
Average Customer Rating: based on 21 reviews
Customer Reviews:
Average Customer Review: 3.0 ( 21 customer reviews )
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Most Helpful Customer Reviews

9 of 10 found the following review helpful:

3this is probably the best armband for the zen but....Sep 24, 2008
By Wyatt Aitch
but, i did have some problems with it at first. for one thing the player doesn't fit all the way in, so you can't quite reach all the controls, or you can put it in backwards and then the screen is partially blocked. also there's no way to reach the power button if for some reason your player idled off (two words: PHONE CALL). on the plus side it is the most comfortable armband I've found for a workout, and with a little creative surgery all the other issues are resolved too :)

4 of 4 found the following review helpful:

2Loosey GooseyApr 28, 2009
By Nana B
The Creative armband for Zen X-FI is a near miss. It looks good,well built and you can use the Zen controls through the screen protector. The problem I have with this item is it won't stay on. First you can only attach the velcro with one hand to your other arm. You can make it as tight as you want but as soon as you let go, it falls down around your elbow. This makes it pretty worthless to me. HMMm! Maybe around the neck would work.

5 of 6 found the following review helpful:

4Good, but could've been betterDec 14, 2008
By S. Ali "Evolver"
Good quality arm band, has a small opening for the speaker and a small pocket on the side for what I do not know. The only problem I have with it is that my Zen X-Fi doesn't fit in the band all the way, a little bit of it sticks out. Other than that, if you listen to music while working out, it is a must.

2 of 2 found the following review helpful:

5X-Fi ArmbandJan 19, 2009
By Erin Ku
I love this armband - it's very convenient when working out. There is a plastic cover that protects the screen. The only 'con' (if I had to pick one) is that it shifts a little and I miss the end button. No big deal though.

1 of 1 found the following review helpful:

4ZEN xFi2 ArmbandAug 09, 2010
By Budsy
This armband is handy, and I use it a lot, and would recommend it. It is not perfect, but you have to get a little nit picky to point out the little glitches. (1) It takes a while to learn to get the snuggness right on the band's velcro attachment and to become coordinated enough to do it one-handed. (2) It is wider than some other armbands I see, making it a little more visible (but some people like that anyway.). (3) With the silicon skin on the ZEN, it is a tighter fit in the band's pocket, but it works. This might, however, actually keep the player more secure in the arm band. (4) If you don't position it well on your arm, your clothing or movement may jostle the earphone plug/jack and cause drop outs in the sound. (5) The extra layer of clear plastic over the ZEN's touch screen makes finger control slightly less responsive.

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