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ZEN Mozaic 16GB (Black)
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ZEN Mozaic 16GB (Black)



This product is currently out of stock
Product Details:
Product Length: 3.1 inches
Product Width: 1.5 inches
Product Height: 0.5 inches
Package Length: 5.4 inches
Package Width: 5.3 inches
Package Height: 1.4 inches
Package Weight: 0.35 pounds
Average Customer Rating: based on 134 reviews
Customer Reviews:
Average Customer Review: 3.5 ( 134 customer reviews )
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Most Helpful Customer Reviews

75 of 77 found the following review helpful:

5Fantastic Little Player - Love the SpeakerApr 09, 2009
By JE "dad_from_il"
I purchased this to replace my 4 gb Zen Plus. Still works great, but I really wanted more capacity. I use them mainly at the gym when working out and on airplanes during travel.

The player itself is great. As other said, the buttons get take a little time to get used to, but once you do, it's great. Sound and battery life are excellent.

The only con, as others have said is the HORRIBLE Centrale software. It works terribly on my Vista 64 computer - very slow, seems to freeze up. It is useless - I can't believe Creative released this crappy software. I never had a problem with the software that came with my Zen V Plus but this software was horrible. I uninstalled it and was going to return the player but decided to try and use Windows Media Player for syncing music. What I found was that you can use Windows Media Player to sync music and create playlists. It works beautifully and quickly and transferred my many playlists perfectly.

All in all, I couldn't be happier.

Update: 5/22/09

I reiterate the 5 stars I gave this player after using it daily for the past couple of months. I find I use the speaker much more than I thought I would, and really love it. Sounds great for the size. The 16 gb capacity is amazing - I have still not managed to fill it up. I love the way I can create my playlists on windows media player (I have one for rock, one for running, one for classical etc) and have it easily sync with the Mozaic. Battery life is amazing, and the sound is great. Durabilty is excellent as I have dropped it several times while on the treadmill, and it still looks and works fine.

53 of 53 found the following review helpful:

4Better than the iPod at leastAug 12, 2009
By Rainbow Starship "Galaxy Cruiser"
I've had the Creative Mozaik 16gb player for over a month now and in general, I love it! I will just make a basic pros and cons list, because those are always the most helpful.

-Lightweight- I wear it around my neck comfortably.
-While it takes a couple minutes to get used to, the interface is quite easy to use
-Has a radio!
-16gb is A LOT of space. I have over 600 songs on my player and have used only 3 or so gigabytes!
-Has a "sleep" function, which I find very useful because I listen to it while i'm trying to fall asleep, this way the player turns off after 30 minutes and doesn't waste battery
-Battery lasts a LONG time. I took this camping for 3 days and when I came home the battery was still over half full
-Can play movies and view pictures
-Has six different display themes
-Has a voice recorder
-Handles DRM copyright free music and audio books =)
-VERY inexpensive, especially compared to the iPod
-Is sturdy, and will probably last longer than the iPod's lame lifetime of 6mos to a year LOL

-The headphones it comes with are of OK quality, but they do not fit in my ears and the foam padding falls of easily. this is just a personal qualm though, and it may be different for other people
-Buttons are TINY. I have very small hands so this isn't a problem for me, but it may be troublesome for someone who has larger hands.
- Start-up and shut down time is way too long. Shut-down time is nearly 6 seconds, while start-up time varies from 5-8 seconds =/
-The Creative Centrale software it comes with SUCKS. BAD.
-While you CAN drag and drop music onto the device, you have to use the very sucky Creative Centrale to create playlists, and to convert video.
-Video converting is slow and sucky. I have not been able to find a better third-party alternative, so at this point I just skip the movies
- Playlist creating is annoying, because CREATIVE CENTRALE SUCKS.
- For some reason I can't always find albums I've dragged into the player in the gross and horrible Creative Centrale program making me unable to put them in playlists.

As you can see I don't have many problems with the device itself, but I would like to dip whoever came up with "Creative Centrale" in a vat of acid =)

*I have read that you can create playlists in Windows Media Player. I have not tried this yet, but I will in the future.

31 of 32 found the following review helpful:

4Very satisfied with my MozaicMar 19, 2009
By Zen Mozaic User
I was a bit hesitant to buy the Zen Mozaic after reading some tepid reviews. Nevertheless, I have owned three other Creative MP3 players, and they have never disappointed me. So, I decided to take a chance.

I was very impressed with the Mozaic's small size and light weight. My previous MP3 player was a Creative Zen Vision. Compared to the Vision, the Mozaic is tiny and feather-like. Unlike the Vision, which weighs down my bags and barely fits into a pocket, the Mozaic is unobtrusive.

The sound quality on the Mozaic is also impressive. I rarely have to select a volume level above 8 (out of 25). In quieter environments, I sometimes go as low as 3. This helps conserve battery power.

I do have two complaints about the Mozaic. First, I miss the dedicated volume touch pad, which also doubled as a touch pad selector for other functions. I guess I will get used to the buttons, but it seems the scroll pad allows users to make selections and change the volume more quickly. I also wish the Mozaic came in a 20GB memory option. I have 18GB of music on my Vision; I will not be able to fit all these songs on the Mozaic.

If you are considering an iPod, I encourage to take a look at the Mozaic. You get much more bang for your buck, including an AM/FM radio. You can also obtain music from subscription services. I have not purchased a CD in years. I merely pay $15 per month and fill my MP3 player with as much as I want. I also do not feel guilty when I decide to stop listening to a song. (And, no I am not a Creative spokesperson.)

42 of 51 found the following review helpful:

1Not for audio booksMay 28, 2009
By A. Orthwein "Audio Book Fan"
This product is not what I was hoping for. This product and many other Zen Products do not work well with long files or audio books downloaded from Net Library. If that is how you plan to use this product Beware. I suggest you go to the support forum and check out all the frustrated customers who are dealing with this problem. I have contacted Tech support several times on this issue with no real help being offered.

This product is a vehicle for Creative to get you to spend money with

When you contact support they say:

"The Zen Mozaic supports audio book in format (.aa) but is not guaranteed to work if the audio book is from other sources or other formats due to the long filesize. As you can see that the Zen Mozaic only supports format 4 for Audible audio book as stated in the following article.

Audible Audio and Creative MP3 Players
[...] "

In my book this is Tech Support speak for tough luck we got your money and now your only choice is to live with the problem or pay us more by being forced to use

Customer service this is not.

In addition to this problem I have come to find the buttons too small and difficult to use especially if you are doing it by feel.
My suggestion is to stay away!!!

7 of 7 found the following review helpful:

5Excellent player!!Nov 21, 2009
By Rina
I've had this player for about a day now and it's absolutely great. I got it as a replacement for my Sansa mp3 player, which was decent but had some features I didn't like. It got stolen so I decided to give the 16GB Zen Mozaic a try. I had some minor problems when I first synced it: the player froze when I disconnected it from the computer, but it was easily solved by using the reset button on the left side, and I haven't had any problems with that since. I definitely recommend this player, it's excellent!

Size is small, but not so small as to be unmanageable
External speaker (a bit tinny, but surprisingly good quality!)
Menu is intuitive and easy to navigate
Menu has an option to scroll down letter by letter through the alphabet to find music quickly
When browsing under "genre" you can choose to have music listed by artist, album, or track
Shuffle uses randomization without replacement (meaning songs don't play again until you've heard all of them)
Syncs perfectly with Windows Media Player and Rhapsody if you don't want to install Creative Centrale
Sleek look, both of the player itself and the screen setup

The player did freeze once or twice
The USB cable is extremely short (~4 inches), but it does work with a standard standard camera cable
Comes with a lot of sample music, pictures, video, etc. that take up quite a bit of space
The headphone jack is on the bottom (which I find a bit annoying)

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