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Sound Blaster EVO USB Headset
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Sound Blaster EVO USB Headset

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The Sound Blaster EVO Wireless integrates Bluetooth® wireless technology, Near Field Communications (NFC) technology, USB digital connectivity and a versatile 3.5mm 4-pole analog connection to give you multiple options to connect to your PC, Mac, tablet or other smart devices. Its stitched memory foam earpads and flexible steel-core headband make this foldable design amazingly durable and comfortable. The 40mm drivers delivers a FullSpectrum of audio with stunning clarity. Easy to use controls on the headset give you the ultimate control. The multi-function button in the middle of the of the right earcup allows you to not only pair via Bluetooth, but also to toggle between two Bluetooth connected devices. This function will allow you to pick up calls while being wireless connected to another music device or laptop. Sound Blaster EVO Control Panel gives you advanced audio processing via your PC or Mac. You can adjust and save your personalized SBX Studio Pro, CrystalVoice plus other audio settings to your Sound Blaster EVO Wireless headset so that you're ready to enjoy your audio the way you like it, once you're on the go!


Bluetooth Connectivity with and without NFC, 3.5mm 4-pole analog and USB compatible

Multipoint connnection- connect up to two different Bluetooth devices simultaneously and toggle between the two with ease

Comfortable stitched memory earpads makes this headset perfect for extended wear

Foldable design for easy storage and transport in the included Sound Blaster branded leatherette pouch

Sound Blaster EVO Control Panel gives you advanced audio processing via your PC or Mac.

Product Details:
Product Length: 7.17 inches
Product Width: 3.15 inches
Product Height: 7.48 inches
Product Weight: 0.52 pounds
Package Length: 12.0 inches
Package Width: 10.4 inches
Package Height: 4.2 inches
Package Weight: 0.9 pounds
Average Customer Rating: based on 57 reviews
Customer Reviews:
Average Customer Review: 4.0 ( 57 customer reviews )
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Most Helpful Customer Reviews

5 of 6 found the following review helpful:

5Perfect for Music, and Battlefield 4.Dec 08, 2013
By echofoxtrot
First I'd like to say I am a MAJOR audiophile. Major meaning I don't even listen to music (as much as I want to) unless it sounds like crystal and deep but mature bass.
Secondly I rate based off things I enjoy and prefer. So my rating of 5 stars for these might be too high for another "audiophile".
1. These are very comfortable to me, yet they aren't as comfortable to my girlfriend. Everyone has a different comfort level for certain things. Yes I would say that Beats Solo HD's feel way more comfortable, but they lack the bass that these have.
2. Turn the volume up as loud as you want and it sounds even better, some headphones lose some quality acoustics doing so.
3. The second you put them on its almost like wearing shooting headphones that dampen noise. And when I play music at about 40% volume I cannot hear anything exterior. So the noise-isolation is not bad, yet not the best.
4. This is a con to me. Anything greater than 70% volume can be heard by all the people on a bus/subway/car/whatever. When your at max volume its like your using one of those bluetooth speakers with your iPhone. So keep that in mind when there's people around you. Unless you don't care :). But a library wouldn't be a great place to slam your music with this headset.
5. The ability to remove the AUX is nice, you could replace it if ever need be.
6. It looks almost attractive on my girlfriend, but I might be biased on that ;) No but seriously they aren't very big and they're stylish to boot.
7. Siri works better with this built in microphone, so if your using voice dictation or just asking siri for information she understands you much better than iPhone's mic.
8. Tried out BF4 with these and WOW. You hear so much more with the "virtual" 7.1 surround its almost overwhelming. From casings hitting the cement to the whop whop whop of a chopper far away to the various explosions and collapsing buildings to the very realistic waves and blowing trees. It's actually incredible.

So yes, these will be more than enough for those who cannot afford the very best, yet can't stand cheaper sounding headphones.

8 of 11 found the following review helpful:

3Wireless Audio with No Compromises - UPDATE: Broke after less than two yearsSep 23, 2013
By Michael J. Descy
Update: I really liked these headphones but they broke in two pieces right above the right ear cup after less than two years. I used them heavily but treated them gently (they never left my desk and were stored on a stand).


I am very impressed with these headphones. I wear headphones almost 8 hours a day at work and while I exercise or do grocery shopping. These headphones sound fantastic, have numerous connection options (Bluetooth, USB, audio cable), and are comfortable enough for long stretches of listening. They include a microphone, too, which makes them perfect for pairing with a mobile phone--now I don't have to take my headphones off to answer a quick call.

Sound Quality (5/5)

These headphones have some sound Creative Sound Blaster processing in them. I don't really know what that means, but the headphones sound great. I can hear everything clearly, instruments and voices sound natural. I listen to music (classical, rock, jazz, and pop) and podcasts; I rarely use headphones for TV, movies, or gaming. For my testing I listened to many types of music and to a couple podcasts.

I think these headphones sound great and totally fit in with others at their price level. They sound a lot better than the iPhone earbuds. I prefer them to my Bose QuietComfort 15s (at least when I'm not on a plane). (The Bose headphones sound just like the iPhone earbuds to me: warm and muddy with poorly-defined lows.) The EVOs sound similar to my previous favorite headphones, the SteelSeries 7H Gaming Headset (Black), which are close to a flat-EQ, reference style headphone, but have more bass. The EVOs do not have the booming, exhausting bass of some of the Sony headphones and all of the Beats Audio headphones that I've tried in stores. Classic rock and classical music both sound natural and vibrant streaming from my iPhone over Bluetooth or via an audio cable, or from my computer over USB. I did not think anything was left out due to using Bluetooth rather than a hardwired connection. To me, these are perfect.

Features (4/5)

These are Bluetooth headphones, of course, and they offer a built-in microphone (it's a directional mic with noise cancellation, rather than a boom mic). They have a rechargeable battery, which is a mixed blessing. It offers up to 8 hours of listening time per charge. If that battery runs out, you have a couple options to keep listening, however. First, you could charge it over USB while listening, and, second, you could plug the headphones to an audio-out jack with the supplied male-to-male cable. All three connection options sounded good to me, and I am very happy that I can still use the headphones after the battery dies.

I paired the headphones with my iPhone and iPad via Bluetooth (you can connect to up to two devices and toggle between them). You can also connect to a PC or Mac. (I couldn't test on Linux, which isn't officially supported.) There is driver software for Windows and Mac that lets you turn on noise reduction for the built-in microphone and tweak some other basic audio settings, but it didn't seem worth my time to install it. The SoundBlaster iOS app might do the same things, but I couldn't get it to work.

These headphones do not include active noise-cancellation. That's not a required feature, but it is important to know when buying them.

Materials (5/5)

The headphones are made of metal and sturdy plastic. The red color looks pretty rad, but their outward appearance is mostly black. They look great, in my opinion. Everything folds up for travel, and it doesn't appear to have weak parts that could come apart or break. The pads are leather or leather-like; they do not appear to be detachable.

I was impressed with everything included with the headphones. The included USB and audio cables are red, which matches the headphones and is an impressive touch. The audio cable is just long enough to keep your phone in your pocked while connected. The USB cable is plenty long. A felt-lined faux-leather pouch is provided to store everything in. It would be awesome to get a soft-sided case (like Bose includes) rather than a leather pouch (though with Bose you are paying much, much more for everything).

Comfort (5/5)

These are *on-ear* headphones rather than over-ear, and have a closed back design. They isolate you from your surroundings very well. I found that these headphones were comfortable for me right out of the box. They didn't pinch or make my ears sweat excessively, even after 3-4 hours. That said, I think that *over-ear* headphones are even more comfortable than these, though over-ear phones tend to be a lot bigger and will make your ears sweat.

It often takes a good 20-40 hours to break in headphones, so I imagine they will feel even better in a week or two.

Overall Impression (5/5)

These are great headphones, with great sound and build quality. It seems that a lot of care went into designing them.

3 of 4 found the following review helpful:

5Very good sound, great microphone, and not so good cablesNov 21, 2013
By fatmav
Courtesy of the Amazon Vine program, I have received a Sound Blaster EVO Entertainment Wireless Bluetooth Headset for review. This is my third premium (>$100) Bluetooth headset, and so I am already pretty well acquainted with the features and limitations of this product category. Let me walk you through the different aspects.

First, a headset has to have good speakers and Sound Blaster really delivers here with a pair of 40mm drivers. I am not an audiophile, but let me say that this SB offering is approaching the diminish of return curve at the very end: in the wired mode, you can get better sounding headphones, but only slightly better and at several times the price (and the price of this SB is already quite hefty). In other words, I don't think anyone can nick this SB headset due to its sound quality.

Second is comfort and battery life. Yes, it's very comfortable. Everything is nicely padded and the headset is large enough for all my friends who have visited my house. (This cannot be said for a Jabra Revo that I have reviewed before.) The battery life is very long: over 10 hours at comfortable volume. If there is anything to nick here, it's the build quality. The plastic squeaks.

Third is the microphone. This is where this SB Evo Headset really shines. This is literally the best sounding headset I have ever tested, bluetooth or not. The reception is focused and clear. Everyone on the other side of the conversation praised the quality. I don't know what magic the SB folks have put there (well, it's basically a high-quality noise-cancelling array microphone), but it really sounds very nice in both Skype and games.

Fourth is the connectivity. This SB offers all three mode of operation: analog wired (3.5mm), digital wired (usb), and bluetooth. The bluetooth pairing can be done traditionally or through NFC. This is essentially standard these days.

Fifth is the control. SB is quite conservative here. There is an on/off button, a next button, a prev button, and a stop/play button. Nothing fancy, but everything works. What can be a little bit annoying is the digital volume knob. You turn this knob one way to increase, the other way to decrease. The problem is that it's a digital knob, and so you can be turning in one direction forever without knowing where you are relative to the min/max scale. It's very common among bluetooth headset though, so I do not plan to take any star off.

Finally comes the cables. Well, this is where I am not so hot about this product. They are very rigid plastic cables (feels like coffee stir) instead of the more trendy and comfortable cloth cables. Both are snag-free, but the cloth ones are softer and conforms with your body much better than these coffee stirs. Fortunately, the microphone is on the headset itself and so you can just replace the cables.

Overall, this is a very solid offering from Sound Blaster. If I am in the market to buy a bluetooth headset for home use, this SB is high on my list. For mobile use, be sure to think about replacing the cable.

1 of 1 found the following review helpful:

3Not quite what I expected... Microphone quality is definitely below averageMay 19, 2015
By Aaron Griffith
These are average at best.

I bought these less than 3 days ago, and received them today. They were pretty simple to set up, I didn't need to read the directions, as most bluetooth devices work similarly. I tried them on my phone (Nokia Lumia Icon, with Dolby audio) and my computer.

After using them for a while, I thought the sound quality is a bit below of what I'm used to, but figured I could live with it. However, when I connected to Skype, via USB (then Bluetooth, to see if the quality was any better, I'm not exactly sure why I tried), I was quickly informed that the microphone quality was definitely below average, to say the least. It was, at best, the kind of quality you'd expect from an iPhone 5/6 speaker-phone mic. So not absolutely horrible, but by far the best on the market. It's really quite a shame, since Creative Sound, from what I've heard, has some top notch audio products... But I'm certainly not going to try anything from them unless it's radically different from this product (in terms of price range or build).

If you're coming from a Logitech G930, don't go for these. They are definitely a step down in my book. However, the Bluetooth is nice. It just doesn't justify the cost of the headset, entirely.

1 of 1 found the following review helpful:

4High end Gaming Headsets over Bluetooth are still improving.Oct 18, 2013
By M. Hughes
I thought I'd done enough research, but I learned a lesson for those looking to buy new technology. There's never enough places to research. The more advanced the technology you want to buy the more you need to make sure it's correct, because the only place with this information was the product manual for the product I hadn't even bought yet! It's probably the only place that they say that the EVO Control Panel can't be accessed unless you're using the USB Cable. Both cables however can be used to charge the device as well, and the auxiliary cable can even be used to charge from the iPhone. (As a side note, a USB 3.0 port neither helps nor hinders use of the EVO Wireless) I'm a fair amateur when it comes to using high end headphones, but even then these had their flaws.

No wireless control panel support.
Mics rarely work over Bluetooth wireless connection if they work at all.
- I'm not sure if it was because it's dual mics, because the mics are located on the headphones themselves, or because the Bluetooth VOIP connection is just a bit questionable, but the mics
wouldn't work over Bluetooth, and when they did manage pick up something there was a delay which caused there to be breaks in the sounds. I was only ever able to get them to work through my
phone and only for a short time. When I tried to record from the computer it was a bit awkward to have to use a VOIP Bluetooth profile to record using the mics, but it would only ever
record mostly blank sound with weird clicking, and had the same effect when I tried to use them with Skype which they were meant to be used for. I also couldn't hear anything out of them
when I was using the VOIP profile.
A bit Pricey, but overall if the above hadn't happened I would have said it was a great price. Especially considering they have the sound equivalent to the Dr.Dre Beat of the same price range, but with far superior features.
It wasn't such a big deal for me, but you are required to install the online drivers for the headphones which comes with the control panel in order to use the wired connection to them.
I'm not sure where the hiccup was with technical support, but at least at first I was unable to see the battery life indicator on the control panel, even when I had them plugged in with the USB cable.

Excellent virtual 7.1 Surround Sound even though I would have preferred actual 7.1 surround sound like the kind found in the Logitech G930.
Good range for listening thanks to Bluetooth wireless which you won't find in the Logitech G930 which uses USB wireless.
The 40mm drivers certainly have a good sound to them and provide good quality and loudness.
Great design in my opinion.
Definitely comfortable, but considering I can wear ear-buds with no real problem, you should probably take that opinion with a few extra grains of salt.
Fairly durable, I've had them for a month before I recently decided to return them because I decided I was looking for something closer to the Logitech G930.
Bluetooth sound is actually pretty great over Bluetooth Wireless using the music listening profile, which is surprising considering you don't get the choice of using the control panel there.
The battery life is most certainly quite long, but I haven't had much of a chance to test it because I've been wanting to continue hearing the effects of the control panel!
Mic noise cancelling, voice effects, and all sorts of ways to change the type of sound you receive, including the virtual 7.1 surround sound, were all great parts of the control panel which can also be used with the other Creative EVO headsets.

Final thoughts:
Consider waiting for them to work out the kinks in the next edition of these before buying them.

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