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GigaWorks T40
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GigaWorks T40



This product is currently out of stock
Product Details:
Product Length: 10.4 inches
Product Width: 6.1 inches
Product Height: 12.9 inches
Product Weight: 8.9 pounds
Package Length: 12.9 inches
Package Width: 10.3 inches
Package Height: 6.1 inches
Package Weight: 8.8 pounds
Average Customer Rating: based on 66 reviews
Customer Reviews:
Average Customer Review: 3.0 ( 66 customer reviews )
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Most Helpful Customer Reviews

43 of 43 found the following review helpful:

4Creative's GigaWorks T40 2.0 Speakers - An Awesome Update to the T20sMay 21, 2008
By Mark "Technology, Music, Books and Movies"
My curiosity got the better of me with these and I had to try them out. With the Creative GigaWorks T40 Premium 2.0 Speaker System they are really forcing consumers into some tough decisions, and that's a good thing. The bottom line is that this update makes the T40s the best speakers in a 2.0 Bookshelf body type. Just like Creative's GigaWorks T20 2.0, these speakers are very efficient, getting clear and impressive sound out of a set that has moderate power ratings. They are also well designed and pleasing to the eye, with slightly taller bodies in the same sleek style of the T20s.

+ Expanded design adds clarity and range with an added mid-woofer pair
+ Nice looks in a sleek form factor
+ High quality ports and cables allow for nice connection options
+ Extra cable
+ Nice adapter for RCA inputs (TV, receiver, etc.)
+ Decent low-end range and base with fantastic mid-range and high end sound
+ Nice more sturdy housing with good controls
+ Great sound output for limited power consumption and in a small 2.0 footprint

- Bass XPorts on top will collect dust
- Cost is higher than the smaller T20s or Klipsch Promedias
- Price puts this set closer to 2.1 sets and some low end 5.1 sets

The main improvement over the T20s is an added mid-range set, so that the configuration has midrange, tweeter, midrange in addition to the BasXport proprietary sub-woofer equivalent. The extra mid-woofer pair add an additional dimension of sound that improves clarity and richness. While the T20s were a toss up with the Klipsch ProMedia Ultra 2.0 PC Speaker System, the T40s are almost a slam dunk over them. The only thing that could be better here is the price, with this set hovering in the $120 to $130 range and the promedias and T20s regularly selling in the $70 to $90 price range.

The listed power output of the Creative Gigaworks T40s is pretty comparable to that of the T20s, which are listed at 28 watts and active speaker amplification. But that is only proof that power ratings are very misleading. Others will compare low end speakers against these and cite higher outputs, but are they citing RMS power? Probably not. Bottom line, these may not fill a big room but they can scare the heck out of you with the amount of power they fit in these very efficient speakers.

The cone drivers and tweeters are excellent, and the Bass Xport delivers nice thump. The bass is clearly not subwoofer equivalent, but very nice for a 2.0 set. The sound is rich and clear and can be adjusted via the front knobs. Separate bass and treble knobs allow control but should not be over-used. The standard settings provide perfect sound output for most applications with little to no distortion.

These speakers also look great. Each speaker is about 12 inches tall, versus the 9 inch height of the T20s. The width is almost unchanged, and easily allows you to fit them easily around any workstation.

The bass ports on top require you to clean out the holes to avoid dust build-up. If you need real low-end depth, a subwoofer that comes in a 2.1 set is probably the minimum that will satisfy you. Likewise, if you are a gamer or an audio sound fiend, you really should be looking at 5.1 sets.


For users looking for good quality in a small form factor, this set is a worthy upgrade to the T20s. This is a set of speakers that really need to be heard to be appreciated. Unfortunately, not too many retail outlets have them for a preview. I haven't seen them anywhere yet, so you may just have to trust in Amazon's return policy. Seriously though, you should really test these out.

Beyond the sound quality, price comparisons with other units should be considered. For many people, the additional range and clarity of this set will be well worth the additional cost.


30 of 30 found the following review helpful:

5perhaps the best 2.0 now available...May 27, 2008
By Eduardo Neecha
...that is, if you don't want an actual studio monitor by a company like M-Audio, which will take up a good bit more desktop real estate and can cost a good chunk more for their mid and high level models. For the size and the price however, these T40s are a very competent pair of speakers.

My good friend of mine got a pair of these for his new Dell laptop, and I've spent the past several days listening to them while housesitting for him. The 3 most common problems that most computer speakers have is overpowering, bloated bass; recessed or non-existent midrange; and screechy, exaggerated treble. These T40s have not totally remedied all 3, but have come closer than most 2.0 speaker systems I have heard. If you are not expecting to shake the walls with them and listen to relatively simple music (MP3s which are already a compromised music medium) on a casual basis, they are excellent. I listened to a range of stuff on them: Beethoven piano concertos, Norah Jones, Iggy Pop, The White Stripes, Bach symphonies, Miles Davis, Madeleine Peyroux ... all sounded quite acceptable! Still no comparison to a regular music system of course, but nothing to groan or grimace over.

And again, it goes without saying but needs to be said anyways in case there are some complete noobs surfing these reviews: these speakers completely wipe the floor with their Bose counterparts!

18 of 18 found the following review helpful:

4Nice 2 channel speakers at a fair priceSep 14, 2008
By M. Saunders
I've had my T40s for about a month now and I'm quite pleased. For the past 10 years or so, I've been using a pair of Logitech 2.1 speakers that I've been extremely happy with. One thing I didn't like was the tangle of cords involved with having the subwoofer and satellites.

So, when the Logitechs started rattling, I figured I'd try a non-sub setup and see how that worked. I don't play a ton of music or games at high volume levels, so I figured that I could get-by without a sub. I need decent sounding music with OK bass as well as good mid/treble. Pretty simple.

The Creative T40s had a good price on Amazon, and after a rebate, I'd getting them for well under a hundred bucks, so I pushed that wonderful "buy" button and started the countdown to the arrival of the UPS guy.

Unpacking the speakers, I noticed they are taller than I expected -- about 12 inches high. They are heavy and very well built with no creaking in the plastic when you apply force with your hands. There is a small base that you install with a single screw on each speaker that gives some added stability. Each speaker leans back slightly.

On the main speaker is a volume, bass, and treble control knob as well as a headphone jack and bright blue power LED. The rear of the same speaker has the input jack (1/8" headphone), power switch, connection to the other speaker, power input, and a dock connector input for the optional iPod dock they sell.

Design-wise, the speakers are nice. The yellow cones are cool looking, although I leave the grilles on so I don't really see them. The finish on the speaker fronts is a glossy metallic gray, the grilles black cloth, and the back of the speaker is matte black plastic. The LED may be too bright for some, but I have the speakers on either side of a 24" LCD monitor, so the LED shines straight-out off to the side of my view and it doesn't bother me. There is only one wire going to the left speaker so the cabling is easy to manage and organize, which is a big plus for me! Each speaker has a bass port on top, which will undoubtedly collect dust but shouldn't be a problem. The left speaker's single wire is permanently attached so it's always dangling from the speaker. I'd much prefer if the wire was pluggable for those times you need to move the speakers, but it's a minor complaint.

Sound-wise, I really like the speakers. They clearly aren't "boomy" like you'd get from a sub, however the low-end is substantial. The ports on the tops of the speakers do their jobs - there's more air moving in them than I expected from such small cones. The mids are full, which is unlike any other lower-end computer speaker I've heard. It seems that most computer speakers forgo mids and give only bass and treble, so having nice mid-range is a treat. The cloth-dome tweeter is smooth and not harsh like a titanium dome would be. Each cymbal hit is clear and defined, but not irritating. I will note that I have a strong preference for cloth/silk-dome tweeters stemming back to my car audio days, so these T40s are right up my alley.

* Nice design.
* Very good balanced sound.
* Clean design and appearance.
* Reasonable price.

* Power switch on the backside is not ideal - I'd like automatic on/off.
* Bass ports on the top may collect dust.
* Left speaker's wire is permanently attached to the speaker.

I'm very happy with these speakers. They don't have the "boom" of my previous sub setup, but boom isn't always necessary to have. These T40s are accurate and tight overall, including the always rare mid-range. At around $100 or less, these are hands-down worth it and I'd buy them again - that's the best kudos I can give.


9 of 9 found the following review helpful:

4i agree with the other reviewer- good upgrade from the T-20Jul 21, 2008
By boris
i've owned the Creative Labs T-20 speaker for about a year now and i love it! then i read about the T-40 coming out and wasnt really interested since i am more than happy with my year old T-20's, but since the price was so good with the mail in rebate, i thought why not. so i purchased the T-40's about a month ago and it's finally getting broken in and sounding better every day. i can definately hear the mids and highs alot clearer and it sounds great! the only downside (for me) is that the lay out of the T-40 is different from the T-20 in that there's only one audio jack input on the back of the T-40 and the power switch is also on the back of the speaker, wheras the T-20 uses the volume button to turn on/off power and the aux port is on the front of he speaker which makes it much easier for me to hook up my mp3 player and theres also another audio in jack in the back that i use to connect the speaker to my computer so i can either play directly from my mp3 player or audio from my computer without having to constantly switch cables eevrytime i want to listen to one or the other as oppossed to the T-40 where there's only one audio in jack located on the back of the speaker along wit the power switch. but dont get me wrong, i still love the T-40, but i think it would have gotten 5 stars if they kept te speaker lay out the same as the T-20.

T-20- headphone and aux in port in front of speaker along with volume knob doubling as power on/off and another audio in jack in the back.

T-40- headphone jack in front of speaker
back of speaker: audio in jack, power switch, and docking station port, which is used to connect a prong like cable to hook up a dock for ipod? im not sure.

well, i hope this will help you in deciding the right speaker for you. but both sound great, both have a clean modern look and both are priced very resonably.

ps: you need to break in the speakers for a few weeks until they start sounding really good. and make sure you have the right cables pluged in the right way, etc.. ive read some complaints where people say it sounded like a tin can, well, some cables if plugged (and or cheapy ones) in the wrong way will still work, but sound like... well....a tin can!

12 of 13 found the following review helpful:

5Creative Gets It RightFeb 28, 2008
By Torrey Peacock
Excellent sound reproduction, mid-range and highs are superb, great on music and games. No bulky subwoofer, and the bass is more than adequate for the vast majority of users. I like these a lot, very happy with purchase.

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