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E-MU 1820 Digital Audio System
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E-MU 1820 Digital Audio System



This product is currently out of stock
Product Details:
Product Length: 12.01 inches
Product Width: 5.91 inches
Product Height: 10.43 inches
Product Weight: 5.89 pounds
Package Length: 11.7 inches
Package Width: 10.5 inches
Package Height: 5.8 inches
Package Weight: 1.0 pounds
Average Customer Rating: based on 5 reviews
Customer Reviews:
Average Customer Review: 3.0 ( 5 customer reviews )
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Most Helpful Customer Reviews

5ExcellentOct 14, 2012
By Thanos Bikos
This card has been the center of my recording studio since back in 2005. I've connected an 8 channel mic preamp through adat and use a stereo tube preamp through a high quality stereo converter in coaxial spdif. Overall I have 12 mic preamps and 6 line (balanced) inputs for my synths. The routing is great when you get to know it, the dsp mixing software can do anything I need and I have saved several presets for all situations, be it compressors, eq's, reverbs etc. Of course I use these mostly for monitoring, to keep my sounds dry until the final mix. Still, the fx are pretty descent and with zero latency they are all I'd ever ask for. In general the card is very stable, I don't recall it ever crashing or freezing and for every different recording scenario I have faced, there was always a solution hiding in the complex routing capabilities of the 1820. Combined with a good patch bay for the line i/o's, it's everything I need. I only wish the company would still support it with drivers. I attempted at my own risk to run it on windows 7 using vista drivers and luckily it worked perfectly.

5Excellent Product, Highly ReccommendedJan 21, 2010
By Jonathan Campagna
Unlike my esteemed reviewer before me, my experience with the EMU 1820 has been exemplary. I have had no driver issues/software issues with the patchmix software on three seperate systems. This unit has survived three upgrades, from my XP machine, To Vista, and then Windows 7, all with ease and aplomb. This is an AWESOMELY powerful tool, the routing options with the patchmix are endless, and even more cool, is the added phono input on the audio dock, GREAT for hooking up your turntable and listening to classic vinyl, like I do.

The M-Audio products seem lackluster in comparison, the software suite with the over 30 onboard DSP effects, are hard to beat, and the real time monitoring works exactly as advertised. Zero Latency monitoring is exactly that, zero latency.

Just wanted to clear the air, as this is a wonderful product, and at this current price point, it's totally worth it, so snatch it up while you can.

5Excellent!Jan 26, 2013
By Audun Eggen
Been using this for several years, and both usability and sound quality is excellent. I'm using it with Cubase, and it works like a charm. I also have a M-Audio Fasttrack pro, but the EMU 1820 is far superiour. Especially soundwise. The only problem I've had is with the Avast antivirus software. Avast seems to block the DSP Patchmix Application on startup, but once I figured I only had to turn off all shields in Avast for a couple of seconds until the Patchmix has loaded, there's no problem.

5Excellent product.Sep 29, 2011
By Sylvester
I've been using the 1820m now for years and I think its a excellent product......I've never had any problems with it and the sound quality is simply amazing. It's quite a complex card if you want to get into routing etc but most of it is common sense. I've never had to call customer services so I couldn't comment on that side (which is a good thing).....this card comes highly recomended. The card has been discontinued now so pick one up while you can.

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1Bad product, worse serviceJun 23, 2008
By Chris Aghayan "kolis1"
First off, the program 'DPX' is extremly tempermental - it works most of the time when you turn on computer, and rarely works if if you restart.I've had E-mu for 3+ years and i put up with it because they had live; on the phone customer service. Now it's through a series of frustrating emails. I had sound problem one day. One day you send email, have to wait 24hs, for responce + they ask a question, if you don't understand their Q? you have to email again for them to repeat their Q?. by the way, weekends don't count. This went on for 4+ weeks, until i gave up. So i went with another system which i'm very happy with. I won't name them so you don't think this review is from the compitition company. If you don't believe me, be my guest try them.

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