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Creative ZiiSound T6 Wireless Surround Sound Speaker System
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Creative ZiiSound T6 Wireless Surround Sound Speaker System



This product is currently out of stock

Bluetooth 2.1 with Enhanced Data Rate

apt-X audio codec

Rich low frequency subwoofer

Swivel-Speaker-Array design

Digital control pod

Product Details:
Product Length: 15.2 inches
Product Width: 10.96 inches
Product Height: 15.12 inches
Product Weight: 19.36 pounds
Package Length: 15.0 inches
Package Width: 14.5 inches
Package Height: 11.0 inches
Package Weight: 19.5 pounds
Average Customer Rating: based on 29 reviews
Customer Reviews:
Average Customer Review: 4.0 ( 29 customer reviews )
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Most Helpful Customer Reviews

12 of 13 found the following review helpful:

4Creative ZiiSound speaker systemDec 31, 2011
By Wix
I was given these speakers to evaluate as part of my participation in Amazon's Vine program. Although these speakers were given for review, there is no mandate as to how many stars they are given and my review is without pressure or bias. That said, this is my fourth speaker set through Vine and they were well recieved.

Creative launched the ZiiSound T6 in November 2010. This speaker system works with all Bluetooth devices, has an easy setup and provides a few options other than Bluetooth for audio inputs. What you have here are 2 swivel type speakers on metal stands, with two speakers on each stand that independantly move to provide sound in all directions. Plus, you have the sub, which has the controls and inputs on the back.

These speakers are solid. They are eyecatching and most importantly - they deliver a crisp sound with a kickin bass. The sub is enough to make you feel like the music is going right through you, even without the volume tweaked up. Creative calls this their "Slam" three-drive-subwoofer, which they claim delivers Low Frequency Effects. Well, it is nice. Really nice.

Set-up could not possibly be easier. Your two swivel type speakers plug into the back with a nice, sturdy, dual RCA input cord. The swivel knob controller goes into the back, and has a headphone in jack as well as a few source buttons for easy switching. It also has a rear RCA input. They even threw in all the cables you would need. Some other manufacturers should take note. ;)

My setup - I could not wait to test these out. I had been waiting for this system for a couple weeks and was so excited to put music on so I grabbed my Acer Iconia and used the audio out cables to plug it into the RCA. Yeah, I know I could have done the bt connection but I was wanting to read, first so the cable connection was the first thing I thought of. Put on my Amazon MP3 app and started playing my music. Of course I had to put on some Flo Rida to test out that bass. Had the whole house groovin to "Good Feeling" and the bass was crazy - I actually turned it down a shade so I could hear the treble, too. First time that has happened. For comparison, I have a Sharp sound system for my home theater and this little Creative set actually blasted me right out of my kitchen with as effective a bass as the larger speaker set. That was impressive. And it sounds a bit superficial, but Creative put in a nice user manuel in with the product, and everything was very well packaged.

Everything has worked out so far in further testing - the bt connection between the Iconia and the system was just fine. The 3.5 jack is nice to allow me to hook up whatever I want into these speakers. The only problem I have is where to put these things in my home! :)

Features (according to manufacturer's insert) :
Swivel satellite top drivers for Surround or Stereo applications
USB 5.1 audio
Low latency apt-x0code
Audiophile-grade satellite drivers
Creative Slam subwoofer with Low Frequency Effects
IR remote control

There are a couple tiny nitnoid issues I have. Very small, I might add. One is that I wish it had an HDMI in, that would have been sweet since I would have been able to plug in my cable box or even put these on my DVDO edge. No big deal though, I am sure I will get over it. The other is that I feel the power cord is a teeny bit too short. For these small nit-noid issues I took off one star, but am teetering on giving it back over the next few weeks that I eval them. Other than that, I totally love these speakers.

As with any of my reviews, if I run into issues or discover new positives I haven't noted already, I will be sure to update in a timely manner. I hope this review was informative and helpful!

12 of 13 found the following review helpful:

5Really solid, clear sound for bluetooth and moreDec 13, 2011
By James Korsmo "developing theology"
This set of speakers puts out great sound. And that's really what it is all about with speakers, in my opinion. The small tower pairs are rather heavy for their size, meaning they likely have nice weighty magnets, which is probably why they put out good volume with crispness and clarity. The sub-woofer unit is a nice size, and likewise puts out a nice full bass that fills in the sound admirably. I love classical music, and this set produces wonderfully clear and full sound that has both clarity as well as richness and depth, and it also really pumps out the rock music or sings out the jazz.

This set has multiple input options (the sub-woofer unit also doubles as the main hub and amp for the unit):
*bluetooth (which produces a beautiful crisp sound for movies, music, or games)
*USB 2.0 input
*RCA inputs (meaning you can hook it up to your TV, current stereo system, a CD or DVD player, etc.)
*Headphone/aux line input (via a RCA to headphone jack cord or via a headphone-style input jack on the control unit; this allows you to hook up non-bluetooth MP3 players, older computers, and pretty much anything that has a headphone jack)
*The unit also includes a USB bluetooth chip, so you can use the bluetooth feature with a non-bluetooth-compatible computer system. (Also available for purchase is an iPod bluetooth adapter that likewise adds bluetooth capability to some older iPods and other apple devices that don't have it, though some older iPods, like my first-generation Nano aren't compatible.)

The set is controlled by a round control unit that connects via a cord to the main sub-woofer unit. This has the power button, source button, and the bluetooth sync button, headphone output jack and headphone-style input jack, as well as a large dial that controls the volume, a really nice feature that makes for an attractive and functional way to control the volume and the other features of the set, but because it's on a cord, it can only be a few feet away from the sub, which might limit your placement somewhat. The speaker pairs are likewise connected to the main sub by RCA speaker cords, which are of a decent length, but they're not overlong, so again, this might limit your speaker placement somewhat. There is also a small dial on the back of the sub unit for controlling the bass level, as various songs or music types might call for a different recipe for bass fill, and this helpfully allows you to keep the bass from overpowering the music on tracks that have a lot of bass. The set also includes a remote control that controls volume, input, etc.

In all, this is an outstanding unit with some great features and really outstanding sound. It has made even music that is familiar sound fresh and new, especially through the bluetooth connection, which makes for incredibly clear sound.

8 of 9 found the following review helpful:

5One of the best...Aug 18, 2011
By Corey Fisher
This thing is ridiculous... completely overlook any negative reviews. Mark my words, the sound that this "little" set produces will rival some smaller home theater loud speaker sets. I never thought a subwoofer this small could produce lows that are low enough to knock a shelf off my wall and the usb digital audio is crystal clear and believe it or not, they produce outstanding surround sound from a 2.1 set. I have heard many (if not all) good 2.1 sets... these are the best. See for yourself.

4 of 4 found the following review helpful:

4Very good, clear sound - but not a great value at $400May 23, 2012
By Adam Wood
I've been using these for a few months now, and overall I've been very happy with them. There were some things to work out in the beginning to get them to work with my computer, and I had to adjust to using the buttons on the control pod (they are contoured to the surface and right next to each other, so it's easy for me to push the wrong one) - but after getting past those issues, I really like them. The sound quality is much better than my previous two sets of speakers (ranging from $100 to $400 in cost, but the $400 set was purchased back in 1999 before such speakers got popular).

I was disappointed at first because I was having difficulty getting the USB connection to be recognized by Vista. It kept reverting back to my sound card for audio, so the speaker system wasn't being used. After I went in and disabled all of the other audio options (for me, that was my sound card and integrated audio), the USB connection has worked flawlessly every since. I briefly tried out the bluetooth connection, and it worked, but I don't have a need for it right now.

Just a note, which might be a "no duh" statement for some but helpful to others - the speakers are connected to the sub using wires. The system is called a "wireless bluetooth speaker system," and all of the photos of the system (at the time of this review) do not show any wires connected to the speakers, even though they indicate that they are playing music. Okay, so I'm a bit dense :), but I actually thought that maybe the speakers were rechargeable or something and connected wirelessly to the main unit. They aren't. The also use a non-standard cable to connect, so extending the distance between the speakers and the sub isn't trivial. At my computer desk, this is not an issue at all - but it's something to consider if you were planning to set these up in a different location.

The sound quality of these absolutely blows away my previous set of speakers. To be fair, those cost $100 for a 5.1 system, so I would expect these to sound better. What really surprised me was the amount of bass. When I unpacked the system, my expectations dropped when I picked up the sub unit. It's pretty lightweight, and I had no hope that it would sound good. Wow, was I wrong. I could _not_ believe how much bass came out of it. I have the sub placed under my desk, which likely magnifies some frequencies, but even so - it's impressive. I used the dial on the back of the sub to turn the bass way down so that it wasn't overpowering. For me, I didn't need to use all of it's bass volume in my relatively small home office - but it will come in handy in a larger room like a living room.

Now for the rub. I've waited to post my review to see if the price would drop. These were $400 when I got them, and they still are now. I highly recommend that you consider these, but I can't say that I consider them a good deal at that price. At $300, they'd be a good deal. At $200, I'd consider them a steal. Sound quality is great, at least to me. Connections are pretty good, but not complete for anything but a computer system (e.g. no optical connection that would work with a lot of TVs these days). The size is nice, and the system plays pretty loud, but the non-standard speaker cables might limit some placement options unless you modify them yourself.

- Very good audio quality
- Surprising amount of bass, which can be controlled on the sub module itself with a dial
- USB and bluetooth connections
- Large volume dial on the control pod
- Headphone jack on control pod
- Auxilary analog stereo input (3.5mm jack) on control pod
- Stereo analog inputs on the sub module

- Small power button that is contoured to the control pod's curved surface and is right next to source button
- No multi-channel analog inputs (the three 3.5mm jacks used by many sound cards), so analog connections are limited to stereo only
- Non-standard cables used for speakers make extending the cables more difficult

3 of 3 found the following review helpful:

4Fantastic Sound - Dizzying Array of Connection OptionsDec 29, 2011
By Dan Lebryk
The Creative ZiiSound 2.1 speaker system sounds fantastic and has an incredible array of connections possible.

With any speaker system sound is always a matter of personal preference and taste, if speakers sound good to you, they are good speakers. It's always difficult to describe speakers so that somebody can make a good choice for their purposes. The next part to sound is what the speaker looks like and how easy it is to use. And finally cost comes into play. All things considered, this is an expensive, good sounding, versatile speaker system. It's possible to build a much better sounding less expensive system with a receiver and speakers, but it will lack the convenience, size, and connectivity.

Sound wise, this is a very nice speaker system. As a straightforward wired pair of satellite speakers with a dedicated subwoofer, this system sounds really good. The sound isn't blow me away fantastic, but it does push the envelope on small good looking speakers that approach the bottom end of audiophile speakers. The highs are very clearly defined; in fact highs are this speaker's strong suit. With two 1.5 inch aluminum coned drivers per channel pointing directly at the sweet spot, the soundstage is clean, clear, and fairly well defined. A number of videos and lossless audio files had a whole new life of detail I hadn't heard before. The bass is kind of a different story. The subwoofer can rattle and rumble well at mid level setting (there is a crossover adjustment knob on the back of the subwoofer). Much beyond middle level and the bass starts to sound rubbery and way over driven. For music, this is really annoying. On the other hand, for video games this is probably all a good thing. Turned to minimum level, the speakers sound thin and tinny, not a good thing at all. The rubbery sound at really high level of rumble is physics just getting in the way. The amplifier is not big enough to move enough air in this small package (unlike the Sunfire subwoofers that have tons of wattage, huge speaker excursion, inside small boxes). The design is a front firing 6 inch speaker with two side facing passive 6 inch speakers (a good choice for a compact subwoofer).

These speakers have an insane number of options for connectivity, speaker placement, and adjustments. It's almost mind numbing to try and understand all the options. The system can take input from, 3.5mm mini-jack to 3.5mm mini-jack (basically headphone output from a player), 3.5mm mini-jack to RCA line input, direct USB connection, Bluetooth, and apt-X adapter. The options for inputs are crazy. There is a really nice handy 3.5mm headphone jack that mutes the entire speaker system (nice for late night gaming).

There is a funny little adapter included in this box that I almost blew off as useless. In fact this is the most amazing little device that takes this speaker system to a whole new level. The device is an iDevice connector that does apt-X. The improvement in sound quality with this device is nothing short of a miracle. Yes, any Bluetooth device can be paired with this system. And they sound really good. If you have an iDevice (just about every darn iPod, iPhone, iPad ever made by Apple), plug in this tiny device (about one inch square by half the thickness of an iPhone), pair it with the speaker system, and hello Nirvana. Sound is improved by a remarkable amount. Apparently this is a data compression system that allows more information to be transmitted over the Bluetooth bandwidth. The sound improvement is so great that I will never use Bluetooth connections again. There is a USB Bluetooth connector for computers that does not include the apt-X circuit, but allows Bluetooth connection for computers that lack Bluetooth.

If you think this is a Bose copy from the pictures, you couldn't be farther from the truth. This system sounds infinitely better than anything home theater that was ever produced by Bose. The big difference is in the satellite speakers. These are genuinely good speakers (Bose uses incredibly cheap paper coned speakers in their satellites) with the top and bottom wired separately back to the amplifier (Bose two speaker satellites are single wired - both speakers output exactly the same sound). The drivers on the Creative system have beautiful rubber surrounds on the cones. Everything is covered or made out of spun aluminum - very light and rigid that produces tight accurate sound. Even the speaker edges are covered in aluminum.

The oddity with these speakers, they are billed as 2.1 - or two channels of sound with a 0.1 or one subwoofer channel. The strange thing happens when this is wired to computer - the system magically changes to a pseudo - 5.1 system. Because the upper speakers on each channel are wired separately and they swivel, those top two speakers take on true surround channel duty. Granted it isn't as immersive as having physical speakers behind the listening position, they do a great job reflecting surround sounds against side walls and creating a decent surround effect. The funny problem with these, they lack a center channel - so in the purest sense they are a 4.1 system (the left and right front speakers do a pretty good job of handling dialog even with a missing center channel). No this isn't room filling home theater. But, the sound is incredibly good when watching on a computer screen. Just remember, the speakers have to be connected via the USB cable, and there has to be a software surround sound decoder on the computer (Dolby or DTS).

Physically, these are a mixed bag. For a wireless system, there are a ton of wires to hide. If there is one thing I hate about this system it is the wires. The brief rundown on wires: an AC wire, two speaker wires, a control module cable, and possibly a USB cable or 3.5mm audio jack. Gratefully, Creative built the AC power supply into the subwoofer, so there is a simple AC 110V cord. There are two cables to the speakers. These are really nice wires, thick heavy duty wires that end in two RCA connectors in a molded keyed arrangement. The good news, these cannot be inserted in the wrong place or upside down on the subwoofer. The bad news, there isn't an easy or cheap way to use shorter or longer wires for the speakers (the cables are about 3 feet long). As an aside, it is possible to extend the cable, but it requires 4 female / female RCA adapters and 2 pairs of RCA cables, and a ton of care to plug the RCA cables into the correct jacks on the subwoofer. This extension cord would be really ugly and somewhat expensive. The control module wire is a DB-9 connector to a hockey puck sized module, and is also about 3 feet long. The USB plug is on the back of the subwoofer. The 3.5mm to RCA line input is also on the back of the subwoofer. The 3.5mm jack input and headphone jacks are on the control module.

Bottom line - there is a rats nest of wires to deal with.

One of the best things on this system is the control module. I love this thing; it is so beautiful and pleasant to hold. The top round part is the volume adjustment. Almost nobody makes a volume control anymore that feels smooth and heavy with really fine control. The knob turns silky smooth, has absolutely no play or slop when pressing on it. The top aluminum ring looks like a finely machined piece of metal. At the bottom of the puck is the power button, Bluetooth syncing button, headphone jack, and 3.5mm input jack. The puck is fairly heavy and has a nice rubber base, so the puck stays exactly where placed.

The satellite speakers have that same rubber on their base, everything is heavy enough that they speakers won't tip over or get knocked over easily. The rotating top speaker only moves about 15 degrees. It also has a good solid feel to the resistance on rotating. The speaker grills are removable. They are cheap plastic frames with really thin rubbery speaker cloth. For such a well designed rugged speaker system, the grills are a huge disappointment.

The subwoofer has those same rubber feet, so it will stay where placed without moving or vibrating off the table or around the floor. I opened up the subwoofer (I really wanted to see what this thing was made of). Construction is pretty darn nice - well in fact it is excellent. Every single removable connector is sealed with a white silicon compound. The wires are all covered with a neoprene like foam rubber - they will never ever rattle inside this box. The capacitors are all sealed to the circuit board with that white silicon compound. There are four circuit boards. One is the power supply screwed directly into the bottom of the box - this is a really good looking supply with big beefy components. The audio and Bluetooth functions are taken care of by the three remaining boards screwed to the plastic molded rear panel. The box is a formed high density fiber board material, with a few internal glue blocks (there is no cross bracing). There is no foam insulation inside the enclosure. The exterior of the box is a very thick vinyl material that looks like it will take a lot of abuse. The speaker grills are heavy duty steel grills that can take a lot of kicking before bending.

Of course Creative doesn't make its own speakers. The good news, the 6 inch 4 ohm driver for the subwoofer is manufactured by Cambridge Soundworks. I would guess the satellites are made by the same company. This is a really good thing, Cambridge Soundworks is well known for making good almost audiophile speakers.

The satellites are sealed molded plastic, and cannot be taken apart without destroying them. The glossy front panel is glued or welded to the enclosure. The speaker stands can be removed for wall mounting (not sure what kind of wall mount would work, there is no key hole, the stands are attached with a fine thread screw). There are also two positions to attach the stand, one with the speakers aimed parallel to the base and the other with the speakers aimed up about 5 degrees (this position is great for a computer and desk arrangement).

There is an included IR remote control that is pretty worthless. It does not control an iDevice. My view on this thing, it does volume control and power only, basically serving no purpose to me.

Overall, I like this system. The sound is good for the size. The connectivity is absolutely incredible. I love the control puck and the overall build of this system. I hate all the wires, but then it's hard to imagine how this could do all the things it does with fewer wires and remain this flexible. Is it really worth the list price? Given the competition, it is not overly expensive - Creative is squarely in the Bowers & Wilkins, Bang and Olufsen, and Bose docking station territory. All of the offerings from those other companies are much more expensive and don't have the flexibility (yes a few have Airplay built in, the Creative system does not do Airplay). There are cheaper solutions, but they don't sound nearly as good, and also lack the flexibility. Creative has built a good set of speakers with a dizzying array of options.

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