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Creative ZEN Touch 2 MP3 Player with GPS 8GB (Black)
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Creative ZEN Touch 2 MP3 Player with GPS 8GB (Black)



This product is currently out of stock

Digital Compass and GPS

Integrated FM radio

TV video connection

Wireless LAN

Android Platform

Product Details:
Product Length: 6.4 inches
Product Width: 4.08 inches
Product Height: 1.8 inches
Package Length: 6.5 inches
Package Width: 4.1 inches
Package Height: 1.9 inches
Package Weight: 0.5 pounds
Average Customer Rating: based on 117 reviews
Customer Reviews:
Average Customer Review: 2.5 ( 117 customer reviews )
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Most Helpful Customer Reviews

102 of 109 found the following review helpful:

4A solid piece of kit, despite its bugs.Apr 29, 2011
By Jack O'Neill "Jack"
Let me begin with a bit of background.

A few months ago, I was in the market for a new portable media player. Considering the fact that I had less than zero interest in purchasing any kind of iDevice, I did a bit of research and eventually decided on the Zen Touch 2 Enhanced.

I placed my order back in March, and got it within a week or so. During that week, though, I read a number of horror stories about the device: that it constantly locked up, that there was no way to reset it if it locked up, that you wouldn't be able to use it without registering it with Creative Labs, that it was buggy as hell . . . you get the picture.

I fully expected that I'd be RMA'ing it within a week of getting it. Obviously, though, I haven't, and overall I'm actually pleased with it.

I freely admit that it has locked up on me a couple times - the first for reasons unknown while I was booting it up, and the second when I tried to run Fennec instead of using the built-in browser. Both were easily remedied with the help of a staple applied to the reset button hidden under the cover for the microSD slot (a button which, I might add, is easy to miss due to its location and size, a fact which may explain the rumors about not being able to reset the Zen Touch 2 - but I digress).

The GPS receiver is pretty accurate - it can get a lock on your position with very little error (1.5 meters to 3 meters, in my experience), and the sound quality of the device is very good. The camera is decent as well - though not quite as good as a dedicated digital camera, it's a hell of a lot better than most cell-phone cameras I've used - and despite being dropped a couple times, it still works just fine. Battery life with Wifi and Bluetooth both off is decent - I've had it use maybe 10% charge when playing two to three hours' worth of music - but using Wifi does put a rather heavy drain on the battery (45 minutes of Wifi use eats about 25-30% of the battery's charge, in my experience).

My only real problems are with the touchscreen, which seems to lag a bit from time to time (usually when I'm surfing the web using the device's Wifi capability), and the placement of the reset button.

Other than that though, it's a pretty solid piece of kit, and I'd recommend it.

30 of 31 found the following review helpful:

5Amazing little device - FULL of features!Jul 05, 2013
By Grambo
Ok, folks, I'm an old guy. I don't do I-phone, I-pad, facebook, twitter. I just wanted something to play my tunes on and I hate Apple... More specifically I hate that b**** I-tunes. I had me an old Chinese clone of a first issue Ipod. No I-tunes! And it had a radio. Nice... But it died.

I was dismayed by the cornucopia of "devices" to choose from. I looked at Ipod. Wow! Expensive. But I tried one. It sucked. No way.

So I did some research and I found this Zen thing. And I got it. And it does a GREAT job of my tunes, but to my vast surprise, it does pretty much eventhing an I-phone does, but without the phone. I don't want a cell phone. I don't want to be at anyone's beck and call. So this thing is beyond perfect for me. It plays music with incredible sound. Same for videos. Same for my home movies. Same for frickin everything. Amazing...

And it is so easy even an old fart like me who is basically allergic to all this newfangled crap can still make good use of it...

Then I started really checking it out. It takes good quality pictures. It also takes decent movies. It has a clock, calculator, and other tools. Even an old fart like me can buy stuff online with it - and you can in fact browse the web, and quite effectively, too. It has a good FM radio tuner, a voice recorder, video utilities, audio goodies. They did a great job on this thing. Great enough that I went ahead and bought a second one with GPS. Not for the GPS, but for the FM radio tuner...

Well, the GPS works, but I already have one in my car, so this one is basically a toy - except that I've already learned more about GPS using this Zen Touch for 2 months than I learned using the car GPS for 6 years. I haven't actually downloaded any GPS app - I'm just playing with the included GPS test app. And unlike all those others who can't get the GPS to work, I have had excellent results with it. You DO have to have it where it can literally SEE the sky. Kind of. Mine seems to work in my home - IF I'm near a window. I'm pleased.

Oy... Downloads. I discovered you can download to your PC then copy to the Zen. If you TRUST YOUR SOURCE you can tell it to allow you to install apps that didn't come from a "market". Whatever a "market" is... You can't download from Google or some other app store, but I'm having fun with Amazon's app store application. You can download direct to the Zen from Amazon's market, but I like having that backup safe copy on my computer just in case.

Oh, yeah... Just hook the included cable to your computer to charge it and/or move things around. Once attached, it appears as just another disk drive to your computer. Slick!

I'm not a gamer. I don't play computer games. Sadly, I downloaded "Medieval Castle Defense" and suddenly I'm hooked on a frickin computer game. Sad... But I'm enjoying it too much.

Now... As to the bull about the screen being unresponsive, there's a Latin phrase to deal with it: "Bulbas Defecatus!" If you use a stylus, a pencil, or anything pointy and not abrasive it works GREAT! If you use your finger? What do you expect? You think a FAT FINGER will give you precise control on a little screen? Well, with practice, it WILL... But I tend to use something pointy, especially for that game... And if you question the touch screen's ability, I've done every level of all 9 worlds and have beat every challenge as well. Several times. Better that some with big screen I-pads have been able to do. Hmph.

The only con I've had is that it can lock up. Why not? It is a computer, after all. There IS a reset hole, and all you need is a pin (the hole is small) to press reset and you're up and running again. No big deal...

Basically, if you're an old fart like me, if you're digitally challenged, if you want a play toy that you won't have to read a manual to be able to use it, get this thingy. It has bluetooth, which means I don't know what, but I have wireless speakers AND headphones for it now and they work great.

It doesn't cost that much, and boy, it sure does perform! Try it! You'll love it!

42 of 46 found the following review helpful:

3disappointing mp3 player, acceptable android device, great sound.Sep 18, 2011
By Brother Mark
I have been a faithful fan of creative, and I was excited to find an Android Device that wasn't a phone. The only remarkable piece for this device is using bluetooth enabled speakers, they sound great. But if you read the rest of my review you will see that it is filled with problems in almost every single area imaginable.
I found that the mp3 player on this was subpar, compared to all of Creative's other mp3 players that I have had (I had one break this year, and another one stolen). Many of the mp3s end up playing in considerably worse quality. (ie many of the files skip)
If I plug it into the computer to sync it locks up.
The battery life is incredibly short. (although some of this has to do with using Wifi, apps etc, it is still amazingly short).
The wifi has trouble connecting to many wireless networks.
I have yet to have any GPS enabled Apps actually locate me. the GPS, apparently is useless. (and that is what you pay an extra $20 for)
The quality of the photos in the camera are awful, and camera app lags significantly.
The Android compatibility was initially a problem. There are freeware apps available elsewhere, and creative helps you access them, despite lack of Android Market Integration. I though Amazon Appstore could get me around that, and initially it had numerous problems. After another try several months later, I believe that Amazon fixed the Appstore compatibility, and now it works fine. If the Android Market compatibility is a real problem, downloading Appstore helps one get around that problem.
Its truly a shame, Creative's effort here was a big disappointment. Many of the devices functions are manageable, however, considering how mp3s skip it makes it for the disappointment.

10 of 11 found the following review helpful:

2Poor performanceOct 11, 2011
By Luis
I got the Zen Touch 2 with GPS. I only wanted a MP3 with radio, but only the GPS version has FM radio, and to be honest, an Android device was kind of appealing. I am not an intensive user. I like to hear the radio in the mornings and listen to podcasts during commute. 3 out of 5 times it get frozen and it is not possible to turn it off. So either you let the battery to run out or you look for a needle to reset it.Some other times it shut down itself while listening to the radio or music, and also it shows very frequently a message that the microSD card has been removed, and stops working. I did expect that a solid established brand as Creative would have a product thoroughly tested. It is my impression that the Android version is not fully compatible to the hardware of this gadget or I got a very defective product!... so you have been warned!

6 of 7 found the following review helpful:

4The Price is Right...Oct 29, 2012
By AcemanV
Compared to similar products from other major brands out there, the Creative Zen Touch 2 runs about a hundred dollars cheaper than its cheapest competetor. Why is this? Well, in just a couple of days of use, you will quickly learn why the Creative Zen Touch 2 is so much cheaper than other players of its type.

The Creative Zen Touch 2 I purchased was the 8GB with the GPS compatibility. What is nice is the SD Card slot. I couldn't resist the idea of putting my 16GB micro SD Card in so I could load up the player with more music. However, the drawback is that when I loaded up the SD card and internal memory up all the way, I experienced serious lagging problems. Even unbearable to someone who has used a dial connection on his home computer most of his life. But, I also know that this issue will occur on just about anything that has some sort of memory storage. So, I deleted a gig and a half of music off of both my sd card and the internal storage (3GB total) and that resolved all of the lagging problems that I had.

So far, the device seems solid, right? Well, there are two major annoyances that are the reasons why it is only $89.99. The Creative Zen Touch 2 is an Android device. Therefore, you can download apps and install them, right? Well, yes and no. Creative Zen has a page that they call their "app store" but it is really just a bunch of links to a third party site with random apps that may or may not work with the Creative Zen Touch 2. In my opinion, this isn't really much of a problem except that the Creative Zen Touch 2 (with GPS) does not come with a stock app for use with the GPS functionality. This is irritating! I tried downloading Google Maps but the Google Play Store did not recognize that my Creative Zen Touch 2 was an Android Device and therefore I could not sync it to my Gmail account. I tried some other map apps online but none of them would install correctly on my device. So, I kinda gave up after the third or fourth app I tried installing.

The other major issue I had with it is that the music glitches sometimes. Whenever a song finishes playing, sometimes it will replay a split second of the previous song before moving on to the next song. It's kind of annoying but it is not as bad as you would think. I did get used to it believe it or not. haha. Though it is still a major flaw in the player that should not happen considering that this device is supposed to be mainly a music player!

Overall, there are those two major problems, however, if you don't let the problems get to you too much, it is worth it just because the price is so much less than other players I have seen new out of the box. It really saddens me to see the decline in quality that Creative Zen has undergone. My previous player was a Creative Zen Vision M and that lasted me seven years before finally shutting down for good. I used to tell people with pride that I owned a Creative Zen when I had a Creative Zen Vision M. Now, I can only tell them that a Creative Zen is a decent economical substitute.

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