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Creative ZEN Touch 2 8GB Android MP3 Player
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Creative ZEN Touch 2 8GB Android MP3 Player



This product is currently out of stock

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Be touched by absolute wireless enjoyment

The ZEN line of portable media players has long been associated with the highest quality in audio playback, and the Creative ZEN Touch 2 continues to uphold this standard. But that's not all it offers. What makes this player truly stand out from the rest is that you can stream music wirelessly to compatible Bluetooth® headphones or speakers such as Creative's ZiiSound D5 and WP-300, and surf the Internet too.

Featuring a built-in 2-megapixel camera and wireless LAN capability, you can capture high-resolution photos and videos and upload them to your favorite social media sites. Also, stay in touch with friends via email with high-speed Wireless LAN and listen to your favorite music all at the same time - even on the move.

With ZEN Touch 2 being the first ZEN to incorporate the Android 2.2 operating system, you can now download a wide range of apps and games from the Internet. It also supports auto-rotate and double-tap screen zoom features to make viewing photos and playing games even more fun.

Available in a choice of either 8GB or 16GB built-in storage capacities, the ZEN Touch 2 also comes with a microSD slot for storing even more entertainment!

For additional features such as GPS, Digital Compass and FM Radio, check out the ZEN Touch 2 (with GPS).

Android 2.2 OS

More entertainment with Android

Download Android-compatible apps, games and even eBooks from the Internet. The Android 2.2 operating system also allows you to auto-rotate and double-tap zoom when enjoying your entertainment.
3.2 touchscreen LCD

Vibrant 3.2" touchscreen display

Navigate web pages and read eBooks in comfort with the intuitive 3.2” touchscreen display that responds to your every touch. The display also has a high color count for more precise color gradation, giving you compellingly lifelike images.
Accelerometer function

Rotate any way you want

It's now easier to see your photos in both portrait and landscape modes. Rotate them any way you want with built-in automatic screen rotation feature. You can also download and play motion sensor games.
2-megapixel camera

Create photo slideshows and videos

The built-in 2-megapixel camera lets you take photos and record videos. Flip through photos with an easy swipe on the touchscreen. You can also view your photos in a slideshow or, if you prefer, as thumbnails.
Composite Video-out Connector

Connect to your TV with video-out feature

Enjoy your photos and videos in big-screen comfort on your TV with the video-out connector (available separately).
Bluetooth 2.1  Wireless

No cords, no hassle, just pristine Bluetooth music

Stream music wirelessly via Bluetooth to any Bluetooth-enabled device. Pair the ZEN Touch 2 with Creative's wireless speakers, such as the Creative ZiiSound T6 and ZiiSound D5, or the Creative WP-300 headphones, for the best audio quality.
Wireless LAN

Surf the Internet with Wireless LAN

Thanks to built-in IEEE 802.11 b/g/n support, all the Wireless LAN hotspots1 are yours. Surf the Internet and check your emails anywhere you go.
Built-in microSD card slot

More content, endless enjoyment

Enjoy the flexibility of accessing more music and movies directly from your microSD card. The more microSD cards you have, the merrier your entertainment will be!
Built-in speaker

Share music out loud

Great tunes are meant to be shared. With the built-in speaker, share them out loud with your friends or family.

1 Wireless LAN connection required for wireless access. Fees may apply depending on your local service provider.

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Stream music via Bluetooth

2 mega pixel camera

TV video connection

Wireless LAN

Android Platform

Product Details:
Product Length: 6.4 inches
Product Width: 4.08 inches
Product Height: 1.8 inches
Product Weight: 0.59 pounds
Package Length: 6.5 inches
Package Width: 4.1 inches
Package Height: 1.9 inches
Package Weight: 0.6 pounds
Average Customer Rating: based on 129 reviews
Customer Reviews:
Average Customer Review: 2.5 ( 129 customer reviews )
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Most Helpful Customer Reviews

22 of 25 found the following review helpful:

5Great MP3 Player and More!Aug 20, 2012
By MikeJM
Addendum 1/29/13:
I've seen a lot of reviews for this MP3 player, where people are having trouble finding apps, since Google Play is not available with this product. Besides, I've discovered It's great and completely accessible with the Zen Touch 2 (as well as the ZiiO 7 & 10). The site offers free apps, many of which are on Google Play. They offer an app for the 1mobile Market, which gets you to the site quickly right from the Zen. I've found apps that I couldn't get anywhere else. And, they are the most updated versions (which is not always true with Amazon). Just remember, as pointed out in other reviews ... this is an MP3 player with internet access. It's not powerful enough to do what most tablets can do with the internet and various streaming sites. It will freeze and malfunction if pushed to those limits. However, if you enjoy it as an MP3 player with additional internet features, you should enjoy it a lot. The sound is fantastic, with wired headphones or with Bluetooth headphones/speakers. I also use it for reading ebooks (using the Bluefire Reader), recording conversations with ease and stealth (using Easy Voice recorder app), and checking out sites on the internet (as well as getting my email).

I have a lot of experience with MP3 players, having owned many Creative Zen players over the years. So, when it was time to upgrade and retire my older players, I wanted to find one with Bluetooth capability and the ability to play music saved on MicroSD cards. Using MicroSD cards allows me to carry all my music (hundreds of albums) with me while traveling, without having to put all the music directly into the MP3 player's internal memory. After checking the information available for Creative's Zen M300, I decided to give it a try. Although it had all the features that I wanted and more, it did something that was very annoying for me. Specifically, it played the tracks from my albums (each album in separate file folders) off the MicroSD card in alphabetical order. I experienced this problem once before (with the Creative Stone MP3 player) and have never understood it. Why would any player be programmed to play tracks alphabetically instead of by track number? I get the idea of playlists. But, sometimes, you just want to put an album in your player (so to speak) and listen in order (like a CD ... or even a record!). This is especially important if you listen to classical music and operas, in addition to all the other music that you like. So, I wrote to Creative tech support, and they quickly responded noting that this could not be changed with this player; they suggested looking into the Touch2 which uses the Android operating system. I liked this idea, owning 2 Creative ZiiO tablets (with Android 2.2) and enjoying them and their ability to play music in proper order right off the SD cards.

So, I sent back the Zen M300 and ordered the Creative Zen Touch2. Now, I'm very pleased. First, it was a breeze to set up. The Android 2.2 operating system is easy to navigate and works really well. Like I noted earlier, I have a lot of experience with this OS from the ZiiO tablets. There are a few differences, but nothing significant. The touch screen works very well, although it takes a little practice and time to get used to the feel and amount of pressure needed. It was very easy to set up the wireless connection and then to connect to the internet. I've worked around google play by using Amazon's App store in the past. It worked great with the Touch2 as well. Connecting the Bluetooth to my headphones and wireless speakers was simple and fast. And, as expected from Creative's MP3 players, the sound is fantastic. Oh, and I almost forgot to emphasize that it reads the tracks in order to track number, not alphabetically with the installed player. If I wanted something more elaborate, there are plenty of music players that I could download from Amazon or another site using the WiFi and browser. Battery life has been good so far; I own a Creative universal MP3 charger which allows me to use an electric outlet instead of my computer's USB. I read other reviews that spoke about the player freezing up a lot. My player initially was frozen after the first charge for some unknown reason; I used a pin to reset the player (next to the MicroSD card slot), and it started with no problem. There've been no other freezing up problems since. I think the updated firmware (which was already installed on my player) should help the earlier versions to fix this problem. Overall, I'm very pleased with this new Creative MP3 player, which now uses Android and allows internet access, in addition to playing my music properly.

34 of 43 found the following review helpful:

5Takes a beating!Feb 03, 2011
By Amanda
Mostly use it for gym, morning jogs, bicycling, etc. I've dropped it so many times and it has never stopped working. Had an ipod, dropped it once, died. If you are looking for a player that keeps playing, this is it. Plus, it's super easy to use and stores videos. So I can put my workout videos on here too.

7 of 8 found the following review helpful:

3Good but heavy softwareNov 13, 2012
By Joey
Overall good mp3 player, good sound the touch screen could be better , but not that bad , the only problem here is that the software is so big that if you get an 8 GB device what you get is about 4.10 of space so you paid for an 8 GB mp3 and basically get a 4 GB, if you dont care about that this is a good device.

4 of 4 found the following review helpful:

3Don't expect too muchJan 26, 2013
By Wil G.
I've had this item for about 2 months now. It's an adequate MP3 player, but don't expect too much. If you're expecting it to behave like an iPod touch or a higher end Android based device, then you'll be disappointed. Like other reviews have mentioned, the software is buggy and you'll have limited access to Android apps. I loaded the Android Market App from the web, which the device doesn't recommend, but it does give you more access. You don't have full access to the Google Play Store and some apps won't function correctly or at all.

WiFi capabilities is handy because a file manager app allow you access to local network storage. Mobile versions of the web is also available, but at times sluggish and the screen is not very big. Touchscreen response is also sometimes delayed or not very responsive.

The camera is not too spectacular, but it does have that capability of taking pictures and video (make sure you have plenty of lighting because it doesn't have a flash). The Micro SD expansion slot is a plus for storage.

Battery life is not like other MP3 players I've tried that only last for a couple hours, but it doesn't last for 24 hours if you use it continuously for any function whether for music or surfing the web. It does last about 8 hours continuously (more or less) as an MP3 player from my experience. Having Bluetooth and/or WiFi on will drain battery so it will shorten how long you can use it before charging again.

For my purpose as mainly an MP3 player with Internet and Bluetooth capability, it is adequate although some of the interface is at times cumbersome. Again, don't expect an iPod Touch replacement because you will be disappointed.

11 of 14 found the following review helpful:

1Freezes soooo muchMar 07, 2011
By caz
I bought this because it has Bluetooth, so I was willing to put up with just about anything so I could use wireless headphones excercising. The Firmware is really buggy so maybe there will be a fix later. The issue I would not expect is that it freezes up ALL the time. Powering down, at the end of an album, using the explorer etc. So much you need a permanent paper clip handy so you can reset the device every time you use it. When it freezes it will drain the battery so watch out.

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