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Creative ZEN Style M 3-IN-1 Style Pack
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Creative ZEN Style M 3-IN-1 Style Pack



This product is currently out of stock
Product Details:
Product Length: 1.44 inches
Product Width: 4.02 inches
Product Height: 6.93 inches
Product Weight: 0.02 pounds
Package Length: 6.0 inches
Package Width: 4.1 inches
Package Height: 1.6 inches
Package Weight: 0.15 pounds
Average Customer Rating: based on 23 reviews
Customer Reviews:
Average Customer Review: 3.0 ( 23 customer reviews )
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17 of 17 found the following review helpful:

2Needs better attention to detail.Jul 26, 2011
By DkRanger
Purchased along with the Creative Labs M300 (16Gb). The silicone skin fits the unit but not a 100% alignment with the device, more like 98%.

A) The case is a bit to thick to have access to the power button. I'm finding that I have to slide back the top of the case to switch the power button to the "on" position. They have provided access to the microSD slot, however then again, I have to slide back the left side of the case to get to the door (not that big of a deal since not changing out the sd card that often. Access to the left/right button. This may be more of a design issue with the M300 more than the case, but since the case impacts this I thought I would mention it. I find myself having to push aside the left and right side edges to have "activate" the left/right buttons. There is this "nub" on the back of the case which you attach the belt clip or key ring attachment (to my disappointment, I was really hoping to attach both at the same time) which allows either the belt clip or the key ring, not both. With out either attached it just this large square block that seems to impact the "size" of having a small device. I understand that it needs to be there to attach the ring/clip to, it seems to take up more space than necessary. When ring/clip attached, there is a gap between the skin and the attachment, which seems to collect alot of debris. The alignment of the left side microphone is just a tad bit off, not sure of what the impact to the recording would be (not using the microphone).

B) Key ring. It's a metal ring, on a mini nylon belt with a quick snap attachment on the loop that attaches the plastic square base that attaches to the silicon case. I've had the quick snap fail once already. The metal ring has two rivets that stick out the side which rub up against the nylon belt. I can see with consistant use, the rivets will eventually rip through the nylon belt. I seriously recommend replacing the metal ring.

C) Belt clip. All plastic and does as it should, and has been fairly sturdy. I would have liked a "longer" version becuase tend to wear wider belts, but for a standard belt clip... it works good.

This is the first set of covers and accessories so I guess you have to start somewhere. The skin does it job of protecting the unit from bumps, and side scrapes, but does impact usability. Key ring doesn't look to have a long life span. Belt clip is effective.

Thanks for your attention,

3 of 3 found the following review helpful:

3Overpriced but useful.Dec 31, 2012
By Sunshine Sill
By looking at previous reviews, I'm guessing that they redesigned this product slightly. Previous reviews mentioned that there was a problem accessing the power switch while the player was in the case. That is NOT the case with the one I received. There is no problem accessing any of the player's switches, jacks, etc. I bought this for the belt clip feature, and I really wish I could have gotten just that, for a lesser price. At $24.99 this seems quite over-priced since there is about $2 worth of materials here, but I guess when it's literally the only product available they can charge whatever they want.

3 of 4 found the following review helpful:

3It could have been betterAug 07, 2012
By Amazon Customer
I have a couple of problems with the style pack.

First, I have a minor problem with my bluetooth headset... (not Creative). I lose the connection if the player is hanging from my belt, so I want to use the clip. My clip broke after a couple of weeks. No clip - no use for the thing.

Second, the case itself is too thick. As has been mentioned in other reviews, you can't get to the on / off switch through the case. I either need to use a pen tip to dig in, or slide back the case.

I won't replace my broken clip. I'll do better with some velcro and a key chain.

2just okFeb 11, 2014
By Archetypehealer "cpruitt825"
The Creative Labs ZEN player I love - these items not so much.

The rubber protective holder is fine. The keychain is ok. The beltclip - I don't even know how to use - I think I threw it away.

Again - this review is for the holders only - not the creative zen audio player.

4Almost everything!!!!Sep 06, 2012
By Amazon Customer
I only needed the clip case not the key chain. Fits the MP3 player nicely and securely. I had to fish out my armband from my old NANO MP3 and clip it on the arm band so I can control the MP3 play. Luckily the bluetooth headset does a great job.

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