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Creative ZEN MX FM 16GB (Black)
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Creative ZEN MX FM 16GB (Black)



This product is currently out of stock

ZEN MX brings the ZEN experience to the MaXimum!



 Carrying the signature trademark of its award-winning predecessor the Creative ZEN, the ZEN MX delivers the same feature-packed ultra portability, but is now enhanced with incredible value and convenience of use.

In a dilemma over what songs or movies to upload to your player? Limited media capacity is no longer a problem, for the ZEN MX comes with a built-in SD card slot which enables you access more music, photos and videos in your memory card. Create a new playlist on the go when you import your media content from your SD/SDHC card to your ZEN MX.

Small and lightweight, bringing the ZEN MX around is a breeze as it weighs merely 66g and fits easily into your pocket. Featuring easy plug and play, the ZEN MX allows for easy content management once you connect it to your PC or laptop.

Enjoy true value for money for the ZEN MX also lets you enjoy vivid life-like photos on the 16.7 million color TFT screen. Navigate through the patented ZEN user menu or customize the menu screen to suit your preference as you take in a whole new ZEN experience today!

Plug and play ready Plug and play ready
Simply connect the ZEN MX to your PC or laptop to add or remove files from your player easily.
Handy and portable Lightweight and stylishly designed
Smaller than your average credit card, the ZEN MX is highly handy and portable, and fits nicely into your pocket or handbag.
ZEN Patented Interface Patented ZEN interface
Take in a more engaging experience when you customize your menu layout on the ZEN MX. Access your favorite media content quickly and zero in on selected features faster.
Built-in SD card slot Expandable memory
Access much more music, photos and videos on your SD/SDHC card through the built-in SD card slot.
View supported SD/SDHC cards here
Brilliant 2.5-inch LCD Brilliant 2.5" LCD
Get magically lost in the brilliant 2.5" LCD with 16.7 million TFT color support, and enjoy your collection of photos while tuning in to your favorite artiste simultaneously.
Voice recorder Personal memo recorder
Don't worry about missing important lectures or meeting highlights again. The ZEN MX comes with a recording function and acts as a personal memo recorder.
Personalized alarm alert Personalized alarm alert
Having trouble waking up? Customize your alarm tone and start the day fresh on the right note.
Integrated FM radio Rock to radio
Switch to the integrated FM radio when you need to catch the latest on the music scene. Take your pick from the 32 preset stations.
View photos while listening to music Dual-task delight
Lie back and relax as you view your library of photos while listening to your favorite tunes simultaneously.
Set audio effects Set audio effects
Set the mood the way you want it. Brighten up your day by selecting eight EQ presets or customize your very own EQ. Enhance your preferred audio effects with the bass boost and smart volume effects.

ZEN MX also has optional accessories available to fit your lifestyle. The stylish leather case doubles as a stand so you can watch your TV shows on short commuter flights. The skin with wire management keeps your earphones in place when they are not in use. The clear case with keychain lets you keep your tunes close and comes with a built in stand to watch videos when you need to kill time. The heavy duty armband looks cool on your arm and protects your ZEN MX at all times. The silicone skin pack with clips is perfect for anyone who wants to show off their style. The must have screen protector keeps your screen scratch free! You may also consider moving up to one of Creative's premium sets of Aurvana headphones or earphones

Which ZEN player is right for you?
Compare them all to narrow in on the Creative ZEN player that best suits your needs.

Product Details:
Product Length: 6.2 inches
Product Width: 6.2 inches
Product Height: 1.5 inches
Product Weight: 0.14 pounds
Package Length: 6.7 inches
Package Width: 6.4 inches
Package Height: 1.5 inches
Package Weight: 0.45 pounds
Average Customer Rating: based on 248 reviews
Customer Reviews:
Average Customer Review: 3.0 ( 248 customer reviews )
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Most Helpful Customer Reviews

64 of 66 found the following review helpful:

5Sounds great and simple to operateAug 11, 2009
By Michael X. Watman
After hanging on to a Zen Micro for a few years (due to a stingy character), I picked up this "update" and have been so pleased. It has easy to operate button/rocker switches rather than the erratic touch controls of its ancestor. Transferring my old library and playlists was a snap. Having the chance to store a few photos also ups the pleasure of the device.

Although others may wish for a combo camera-phone-music-whatever piece of hardware, if you're interested in any easy to handle mp3 player at a reasonable price, this is definitely something you should seriously consider.

127 of 137 found the following review helpful:

3cheaper version of the old Zen: mixed resultsJul 30, 2009
By Decolliber
I have both the older 8gb Zen (2007) and a new 16gb Zen MX. They are basically the same except that the MX has integrated access to the removable SD card directly from the Creative Centrale software that comes with the it. With the old Zen you had to go into a removable card menu on the Zen and then access the card via the computer operating system to add or delete files. Zen MX also does not have the code for some video formats and the software has to convert them before transfer to the Zen MX; on the old Zen you could just transfer the video files directly to the Zen. Finally, the Creative Centrale software that comes with the new Zen MX does not seem as intuitive and user friendly as the older software that came with the Zen. If I had to do it again I would have bought the older Zen rather than the new Zen MX, but the older ones are becoming hard to find and are a lot more expensive. Strangely enough the 16gb version of the old Zen is more expensive than the 32gb version!

To answer those who said the Zen MX will not play DRM protected files. Not true. It will play DRM9 protected files, but they have to be put on the Zen via the transfer function in the software, not through drag & drop, because the former also carries over the license info and the latter technique does not. Creative notes this on their web site.

47 of 49 found the following review helpful:

5Works great. Love this MP3 player for my use!Jul 18, 2009
By right_of_offset
I bought the Creative Zen MX 16gb player from Costco for $[...]. It works great for the price. I use it primarily for songs but am using it for audiobooks too. I did not own the original Zen so the software and the features are all new to me.

With regards to the 2 previous reviews about it not playing media that was purchased, this player does not play DRM-protected WMAs. I downloaded DRM-protected files from my local library and it does not work...just silence so it has nothing to do with the player itself or its software.

The 16gb is plenty of space and I like the fact that this player is compatible with SDHC or SD cards so that you can expand the memory further. Also, the player is about the size of a credit card and is not bulky at all. You can put it in your breast or poants pocket with no unsightly budges. Since I've been using it for audiobooks, one of the features I like is that you can store up to 10 bookmarks (it's easy to set and retrieve a bookmark).

If you have a Blackberry, the USB cable and power adapter are 100% compatible with the player so you can either use the USB cable the player comes with or use your Blackberry's USB cable or power adapter. It's quick to charge (~3 hours to fully charge).

39 of 42 found the following review helpful:

1Failed to fix glaring defects of the Zen, actually made it worseJan 23, 2010
By NinerBiker
As you will see from reading some of these reviews, Creative forgot to address some of the glaring defects in the older Zen line with this update (such as battery life and audible support) and actually made it compatible with less music (no DRM9, no Napster compatibility, etc). The one thing they did right is integrate the SD card into the menus for the on board memory and add the ability to manage files on the SD card (copy, move, delete). The screen (unscratched) is bright and detailed, with good clarity for both photos and videos. This is a beautiful piece of equipment with many features, which makes it that much more upsetting that it is designed to be disposable, with a limited life.

Through my own purchase and experience I have learned that Creative products (including this one) have very short battery lives. I only used my Zen for about 30-40 hours over the course of a year when the battery would no longer accept a charge and the device would not turn on. The Zen MX uses the same battery. I took excellent care of it so it looks new, but after much contact with Creative's tech support I have learned that:
1. After their warranty period they are unable/unwilling to help a customer out, and do not even offer repair as an option at any price.
2. They used to offer an extended warranty but they will no longer offer it on any Creative MP3 player (new or otherwise)
3. They do not sell or offer replacement batteries. Note that their website has a link on each player about battery recycling that cautions you against attempting to replace a battery in any Creative product with an 'embedded battery' and suggests that you send the product in for recycling instead. (NO Repair/Replacement)!
4. Their products are built with 'Planned Obsolescence' in mind. After about a year or so of use they expect you to throw it away and purchase the newest version from them for more money!
Check the reviews for yourself. Player's crashing and never charging or turning back on are a problem across their product line. Screens are too easy to scratch, audible bookmarks aren't implemented properly, and media on the SD card isn't well integrated. Then save yourself some money in the long run and buy an iPod or Sansa. At least they have a longer battery life and are serviceable if you send them in!

21 of 23 found the following review helpful:

1great product... for masochistsMay 21, 2010
By Jorge M. Gonzalez
Misleadingly advertised by Creative Labs as "an upgrade to the ZEN", "with the signature of its predecessor", "improved..." this product is nothing but a downgrade, actually an aberration.

Creative tried (and missed) to pull out the trick of the SD card integration (absent in the old ZEN) like the Cowon D2 from JetAudio, or the Sansa Fuze did successfully, but all they accomplished is the most annoying constant rebuilding of the library in the card. Furthermore, after rebuilding, the "now playing" feature is only a joke, it doesn't exist. Therefore, no bookmarks whatsoever.

The software (Creative Centrale) is the worst from Creative, it's simply awful.

The ability of loading different, compressed video files is gone with the wind, you can only load the huge, humongous, monstrous, (Got the message?) uncompressed proprietary creative video files, and only by converting it via Centrale. (Good luck waiting). The compression performance of the format is terrible, about 10MB per minute at 320x240 at 25fps!!! an avi file can take hours to convert, and you'll be amazed by the size of the resulting file.

According to Creative you can rip DVDs to play in your ZEN MX. (you guessed it, via Centrale) Try it if you enjoy suffering.

Play lists have to be created via (again) Centrale, otherwise forget it. Sorry, no importing of play lists.

The player would quit playing at any time, it simply turns off, then pushing the reset button will be necessary in order to turn it on again.

But the ultimate pain will come from customer service, as far as this product is concerned, Creative is deaf. (and also blind) Visit their support forums for the MX and enjoy the ride. Welcome to madness!

Creative refuses to offer solutions to the many problems (because there are more) with this product.

God, how I miss my old ZEN!

If you are thinking of buying this "budget" player, please do extensive research before you buy.

You've been warned.

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