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Creative WP-350 Bluetooth Wireless Headphones with Invisible Mic
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Creative WP-350 Bluetooth Wireless Headphones with Invisible Mic



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Whether it's chatting on your mobile phone or tuning to music from your Bluetooth®-enabled devices, the Creative WP-350 Bluetooth wireless headphones with “invisible mic” handles both with equal aplomb. It incorporates aptX® technology that ensures audio content transmitted over Bluetooth is instant and crystal clear.

Superior sound performance

Precisely tuned drivers offer an accurate and dynamic listening experience for your music and movie entertainment, while delivering pristine voice calls.

Talk away wirelessly

The concealed microphone lets you enjoy crystal clear phone calls without a cumbersome boom getting in your way. The WP-350 is also equipped with ClearSpeech Engine™ technology that suppresses noise and enhances speech, so you won't need to compete with background noise to be heard.

Get the cable out of the way

Stream audio from any of your Bluetooth-enabled device from up to 10 metres away, and be freed from the hassle of wires. The wireless headphones employ aptX to ensure the best wireless audio performance possible from a Bluetooth-equipped device.

Convenient controls

Comfort to the ears

The convenient on-ear and call controls let you change the volume or switch between calls and music with ease.

Soft leatherette ear cushions let you listen to your entertainment in extreme comfort, even during long hours of extended wear.

Eight hours of battery life

Fold them up, take them anywhere

Transmitters for enhanced wireless audio

Enjoy longer playback and talk time. Listen to your music for hours without any interruptions. For a quick recharge, plug the WP-350 to any USB port.

The wireless headphones are built for every day use. Not only are they light, weighing 108g, they can be compacted too. The result - ultra portable headphones.

Don't fret even if your computer doesn't have Bluetooth built in. Give it wireless bi-directional audio streaming and voice communication capabilities with the Creative BT-W1 Bluetooth USB transceiver (sold separately). You can just simply plug and play without any additional drivers to enjoy seamless audio!

Product Details:
Product Length: 7.68 inches
Product Width: 2.48 inches
Product Height: 8.2 inches
Product Weight: 0.79 pounds
Package Length: 8.3 inches
Package Width: 7.9 inches
Package Height: 3.3 inches
Package Weight: 2.4 pounds
Average Customer Rating: based on 428 reviews
Customer Reviews:
Average Customer Review: 4.0 ( 428 customer reviews )
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Most Helpful Customer Reviews

123 of 134 found the following review helpful:

5Create Labs WP-350 vs WP-450 vs Sennheiser MM 500-xJul 25, 2012
By H. Alan Waterman
I have owned dozens and dozens of headphones over the years ranging in price from $70 to $600+. I needed to find a replacement for my Sony DR-BT50 bluetooth headphones because my new Samsung Galaxy S3 only supports SBC and only with a bitpool of 31 (a bug or oversight) which leaves the bitrate so low that audio is highly compressed. I rip all my CDs at Lame 320K because I really can hear the difference between 256K and 320K.

After pairing one of my other headsets to my S3, a pair of Sennheiser MM100's, I discovered that the sound was not degraded like my BT50's. After doing some research, I discovered the MM100's support aptX even though it's not listed in the specs and that the Galaxy S3 is one of the first phones to also support aptX.

I like the MM100's, but they're very lightweight and don't have a great deal of power and aren't quite as full as I want from over the ear headphones.

First up was the Sennheiser mm500x. Bluetooth audio quality clearly survived without any obvious compression(aptX is almost lossless). But the sound quality from the actual cans was awful. Mids and bass are completely thin. I'm not a bass junky but I like a flat response. i.e. a truly flat response headphone will have good bass and treble. It's hard to get both right. The mm500x's are over the ear medium sized headphones and their build quality is outstanding. They look and feel the $350 price tag. Unfortunately, they don't sound it. Even my older mm100's sound way better.

Next up was the wp-450's. These look nice, but they have too much cheap plastic chrome. A stark contrast to the Sennheisers solid brushed aluminum bits. The sound quality from these was even worse than the Sennheisers. The good thing though, like the Sennheisers, the head band holds the cans firmly against the ears.

I had also gotten the WP-350's by mistake. I had tried to cancel the order within 5 minutes of placing it but it still shipped. And boy am I glad they did. I decided to try them and didn't hold out much hope as the electrics and drivers are identical to the 450s and cost 2/3rds the price.

To my surpise, the sound quality on these is outstanding. I soon realized the difference between the more expensive 450s and the cheaper 350s. It's the housing and port design. The 350s have bigger housings (not meant to fold) and have these air ports holes on the back side. These cans are truly flat and neutral sounding...something I've never heard in any BT headphone in the past. The bass is very clean without being distorted or over stated. If your a bass junky and you want really powerful bass, these cans respond really well to equalization. i.e try mixzing on your android and turn on the eq and go to the 12 db range setting, then set the 31 hz slider up. For the bass junkies, this will reward you with powerful and undistorted bass(don't forget to turn the gain down in the eq if it starts flashing red).

If you own a pair of 350s currently and want to know what the 450s sound like, simpley put your fingers over the two port holes on the back of the cans and that's *exactly* how the 450s sound.

So for the price, these headphones are truly miracles. I still need a good over the ear solution but have pretty much discounted the Beats due to reviews on sound quality. Still, the market is young and aptX is exploding which is an incentive to develop high end streaming bt headphones, so I would expect to see many more options in the next year.

I gave these 5 out of 5 because for what they are intended, they excel. Are they even as good as a pair of $70 MDR-V6's? No, but they're not that far off. In fact, I'll bet 99% of the population wouldn't be able to tell you which is better.

What would I have preferred? Over the ear headphones that fold like my BT50s. Also, these don't go as loud as the BT50s which isn't normally an issue as I don't blast music, but I occasionally listen to pod casts while mowing the lawn and like to wear earplugs and then headphones over the plugs. The 350s aren't quite loud enough to get through the ear plugs when mowing the lawn, but I don't need sound quality for that so the BT50s will still work fine there.

39 of 41 found the following review helpful:

4Fantastic sound at a great priceJul 29, 2011
By Derek Peng
I was initially sceptical about this set of wireless headphones by Creative but it later turned out to be a gem. The headphones come with an initial charge and you can easily take it out of the box and pair with your smart phone. You have to remember to turn on bluetooth on your phone and once both are turned on, the pairing was a piece of cake. The ear cups are comfortable but over a prolonged period of listening, you can feel a little sore. However, the tight fit ensures that they do not fall off your head easily. I have to compliment Creative for putting out one of the best sounding wireless headphones into the market. The treble and bass are powerful and brings out the songs in their original recording. Though the A2DP streaming works like a charm, these headphones support apt-X codec that promises CD-quality sounding. However, to enjoy CD-quality sound, you have to buy a bluetooth transmitter, BT-D5, seperately if you are using the iPhone. Still, without this transmitter, the music sounds great.
The downside to this wonderful headphone I must say and that is the "invisble mic". Though you can hear your callers just fine, they may have trouble hearing you clearly and that is because the mic picks up all surrounding sounds. It works better in a quiet place. Overall, I must say that this is a great set of wireless (bluetooth) headphone sold at a fraction of the price of similar brands like the Sennheiser PX210BT.

8 of 8 found the following review helpful:

4Creative WP-350 Acceptable performance and comfort.Aug 21, 2012
By M. Singh
I've had the Creative Wp-350 for a month now. I'm using it mostly with my ipad to stream Spotify radio while working. It is over ear so it doesn't completely cover my ears, just rests on them. They are not very comfortable for prolonged usage which may be a good thing. If you wear glasses with frames that go behind the ear, you may feel more discomfort as the headphone puts some pressure on the ears pushing inward on the frames.

As for audio quality, I'm satisfied with the performance at high bit rates (320kbps) on Spotify. The sound is also dependent on where you position the headphones on your ear. Try different placements by expanding the headband for sound and comfort. Pairing with ipad and Android 2.3 was very simple and pairs with the devices quickly when powered on.

This is rather pricy compared to the WP-300 with the same features so I strongly recommend that you consider the WP-300 as well because it is lower priced. The build quality is good as materials feel solid and lightly rubberized for grip. Overall, it is a great pair of headphones from Creative like all other creative products I own. I hope they will last as long as my computer speakers from early 2000's.

10 of 12 found the following review helpful:

4Wireless and loving itSep 06, 2011
By Debra Hamel
I've used the Creative Labs WP-350 Pure Wireless Bluetooth Headphones with Invisible Mic for a couple of weeks now on my iPod Touch. I don't have an iPhone, so I have had no occasion to use the phone controls, nor have I used the invisible mic. Bluetooth connection with both the iPod and a laptop were very easy. I've listened to both music and audio books, and I like the sound quality on both very much.

I also think that the headphones are very comfortable--with one strange caveat. I've used them while exercising: walking outside, walking on a treadmill, and jogging in place on a trampoline. They stay on securely and the cushioning makes the very comfortable. As for the caveat: When I put the headphones on properly, with the right earpiece over my right ear, they feel strange. Kind of like a tee shirt feels strange if you have it on backwards: it still works, but something doesn't feel right. On a whim I turned them around, right earpiece on left ear, and that feels perfect. So that's how I've been wearing them, which means that the controls are now over my left ear, which may not be ideal but it's okay. Perhaps my head is misshapen, but I'm really wondering if they weren't put together wrong. I'd be curious to hear if other people have the same experience.

Using the headphones while exercising, what I've most appreciated about them--apart from the fit and the sound and the convenience of not having a wire to contend with--is that I can pause the sound directly on the earpiece. I'm constantly interrupted, so it's great not to have to dig in my pocket to get to the iPod controls.

In short, I'm very pleased with these except for the backwards-ness I've experienced. I had no idea going wireless would be so freeing. I really like it.

10 of 12 found the following review helpful:

1Sound is great, but died after 8 days of light use.Dec 27, 2012
By Andre T. Bradshaw "A. Bradshaw"
Update: WARNING!
Be wary of these headphones. Another reviewer stated that his headphones stopped turning on. After less than two weeks these things have stopped working. They will take and hold a charge, but they will not turn on. I powered them down as I was getting into my car yesterday morning, and when I tried to power them back on... No response. Nothing at all. Very disappointing. These were my new favorite headphones for about 8 days.

Initial Review:
The sound on these is surprisingly good. Base is punchy. I can hear sounds which only my (prematurely dead) Etymotic headphones could produce. The set up is easy. The controls are intuitive. These are a great purchase. I hope to get a lot of use from these.

The range on these headphones is insane! I can walk all over my house without losing the connection. I do live is a small home, but most bluetooth devices I own crap out after I leave the room.

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