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Creative T4 Bluetooth Wireless 2.1 Speaker System (Black)
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Creative T4 Bluetooth Wireless 2.1 Speaker System (Black)

Our Price: $299.99
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Product Details:
Product Length: 14.21 inches
Product Width: 11.61 inches
Product Height: 13.58 inches
Package Length: 14.2 inches
Package Width: 14.0 inches
Package Height: 11.7 inches
Package Weight: 17.7 pounds
Average Customer Rating: based on 29 reviews
Customer Reviews:
Average Customer Review: 4.5 ( 29 customer reviews )
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3 of 3 found the following review helpful:

5Good sound, Bluetooth ConnectivityJan 08, 2014
There really isn't a huge choice available if you want this particular configuration in a Bluetooth 2.1 speaker system. There are several off brands which offer Bluetooth for the subwoofer and two tiny separate speakers setup. These are around generally the hundred dollar price point and it's a gamble to get one of these if you are somewhat choosey about the sound quality you listen to.

If you want better sound quality, Bluetooth connectivity and a 2.1 speaker system for your tunes on iPhone, iPad or other devices or laptops, this is the one to get. Take your portable device anywhere within about twenty feet and connect to your Creative 2.1 speaker system. This really has no competition in its category.

I particularly like the subwoofer in this set. It delivers a mellow rich bass which belies the small size and small price. The side speakers are tiny, as they are in most similar 2.1 sets, but that doesn't correlate with weak sound delivery. They sound very good.

I have had for several years a Bose 2.1 system like this which is not Bluetooth.
I love the sound from it. And I can't say that this compares favorably to that one. The speakers are the same size but the Bose has a audiophile quality sound, but that cost more and is wired to my desktop computer. It's not suitable for my tablets, iPod or other mobile devices the way this one is.

This isn't in that league sound-wise and yet it's not bad. For the price and the fact that it's Bluetooth it is very good. And it's a definite improvement if you have been used to listening to your tunes over a tiny speaker. It sounds good. For the price, and the fact that it really doesn't have much competition in the price range for a Bluetooth system of this configuration, it's great.

Obviously this isn't meant to be portable. If you want a portable Bluetooth speaker there are hundreds available.

I can't find anything at all to complain about in this set either in Bluetooth reliability or sound quality in Bluetooth mode. I have several portable Bluetooth speakers and this compares favorably to all of them as far as ease of connection and sound transmission.

I like the remote control. This means you can hide this away out of sight, something that can be very important. Turn it on and control the volume, without even having to see the speakers, if you've tucked them behind chairs or desks. Yes you have wires to the speakers, but there is no wire needed to connect to your device. And for this, I give this five stars.

Good sound with rich bass, remote controlled Bluetooth, reasonable price, make this one that has no competition. It's not high end sound but it's very good, and the price is right.

2 of 2 found the following review helpful:

2Suffer having to turn it on every 10 minsDec 31, 2013
By W. Miller
This is a system more for convenience than sound. I still prefer Logitech or Klipsch 2.1 THX for sound. But they both lack bluetooth. Enter Creative.

It's simple to pair a BT device with this system and basically have instant 2.1. The sound is ok. I could tell a difference (from my older logitech 2300 ) but my wife could not. It's subjective. If you haven't had better, you won't know it. And that applies for many. Just as many have no problems with low res screens.

Again, you're getting convenience and ability for people with multiple devices (like a mix of android and iOS) to easily pair up. In such an environment, this could be worthwhile.

Update: This auto shutoff after 10 mins just gets old. I'm constantly having to turn it on. The volume knob is just stupid. You can't power it on without messing with volume either. For the price, I can't recommend this.

1 of 1 found the following review helpful:

5Great quality, no speaker buzz when countless others did!Dec 31, 2013
By Patricia Gray
I cannot say enough good things about this sound system. It does seem as if the market has been recently flooded with wireless bluetooth speaker systems and the quality tends to be hit and miss. We use this system for both music and movies and the range and quality of these are supreme in that environment.

The sound quality is very good and clear, with high notes clear with no 'noise' or 'static' in them while the bass is deep and clear, even when it is turned down. I like the fact that I can independently turn the bass down (I live in an apartment, and this is essential for us!) of the main volume, but still adjust it from my systems settings as well.

The volume knob is a bit touchy, and I feel that I can do a better fine-adjustment with the remote that is included or using system adjsutments.

I was worried that the auto-off setting would be bothersome, but it has proved handy for power comsumption and general speaker maintenance. With other speakers in the past, we have had a severe issue with buzzing - mostly people say it's from bad wiring or a lack of a grounded outlet available. However, using the same set up, same outlet and same computer, we do not get any buzz from these and we are beyond elated.

These tiny speakers are compact, powerful, and sound great. They adapt well for most computer desks and living rooms and would be a great addition to your setup! Highly recommend.

1 of 1 found the following review helpful:

5Great ChoiceMay 22, 2014
By Jamal
I spent a lot of time looking for a speaker system that was affordable, that sounded good, and most importantly, had a remote. I worked as a sound engineer for a number of years, and although I have heard better speakers in the industry, I have not heard better sound for the price. And of course, it has a remote that allows me to turn up and down the volume, change the audio source, and it even lets me skip to the next song on my Pandora which is connected through Bluetooth to my phone. And even with the Bluetooth connection, it sounds incredible. I thought I was going to sacrifice quality in order to have a system that had a remote, which was most important to me, but I was wrong. This is an incredible sound system for its price.

1 of 1 found the following review helpful:

4Great sound, Control module thing is crapJan 14, 2014
By Adam Pine
Sound quality is great, amazing bass, amazing everything. The system is nice and small, compact and easy to install.

The volume controller is a nightmare. I'll lightly touch it, to move it down and the volume will manage to go UP even though I am turning it down.

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