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Sound Blaster E1
Sound Blaster E1
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Creative T12 Wireless 2.0 Bluetooth Speakers
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Creative T12 Wireless 2.0 Bluetooth Speakers

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Quality wireless desktop speaker with aptX™

Give your desktop PC a new lease of life with the Creative T12 Wireless 2.0 speaker system. Excellent aural dynamics are a given with this two-piece speaker system thanks to the high-performance, full-range drivers. It also features our award-winning Bluetooth solution, which lets you stream your favourite tunes wirelessly and seamlessly from any compatible stereo Bluetooth device such as a desktop PC, notebook or mobile phone. Also, indulge in fuller and richer music playback with the built-in BassFlex™ technology that extends the lower frequencies to enhance bass without the need for a subwoofer.

Integrating the Creative T12 wireless to your lifestyle

Music freedom with Bluetooth connectivity Compatible with any stereo Bluetooth device
Play music on the Creative T12 Wireless wirelessly from any compatible stereo Bluetooth device such as mobile phone, notebook, iPhone or iPad, anywhere within 10 meters.
Featuring the best in Bluetooth technology Award-winning Bluetooth technology
The same Bluetooth expertise that won our Inspire S2 Wireless 2.1 speakers the Bluetooth Special Interest Group "Best of CES 2010" award is also incorporated in the Creative T12 Wireless to bring you the best wireless audio technology has to offer.
Outstanding audio performance with aptX High performance wireless audio
The aptX audio codec provides you with superior Bluetooth stereo audio.
Music with more weight, thanks to BassFlex Get all the bass in less space
Built-in BassFlex™ technology extends low frequencies to deliver powerful music with more weight - without the need for a bulky subwoofer.
Accessible control and connectivity convenience Convenient access to controls
Connect easily to any compatible stereo Bluetooth device at a touch of a button. Also, a headphone jack and volume control located on the front of the speakers let you listen to music on your own terms.
Versatile connectivity options Versatile connectivity options
To enjoy more music stored elsewhere, you can also physically connect other non-Bluetooth devices via a line-in port on the Creative T12 Wireless.
Bluetooth USB transmitter for PC and notebooks Wireless audio for your PC made easy
No built-in stereo Bluetooth capabilities in your computer? Fret not. Give it wireless audio streaming capabilities instantly with the Creative BT-D1 Bluetooth USB transmitter (sold separately). It pairs with the Creative T12 Wireless in mere seconds and works with other Creative wireless speakers too.
Wireless Bluetooth transmitter for iPhone or iPad Wireless transmitter for your iPhone/iPod
Plug in the Creative BT-D5 Bluetooth transmitter (sold separately) into your iPhone, iPad or any other 30-pin iPod and stream music wirelessly to the Creative T12 Wireless or other Creative wireless speakers seamlessly!


Bluetooth 2.1 with Enhanced Data Rate

Wireless music sharing

Integrated Bass port

Product Details:
Product Length: 7.52 inches
Product Width: 4.41 inches
Product Height: 7.52 inches
Product Weight: 2.56 pounds
Package Length: 7.5 inches
Package Width: 7.3 inches
Package Height: 4.4 inches
Package Weight: 3.45 pounds
Average Customer Rating: based on 143 reviews
Customer Reviews:
Average Customer Review: 4.0 ( 143 customer reviews )
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Most Helpful Customer Reviews

64 of 70 found the following review helpful:

5Great little wireless speakers, but do the research 1stApr 23, 2011
By YetAnotherITGuy "Chris"
Bought these to use with a new Dell Inspiron 14R, which includes an Intel Centrino Bluetooth module. Using a Logitech V470 Bluetooth mouse with it with no problems. Wanted wireless speakers mainly for convenience.

The Creative speakers work fine but there were a number of issues I had to do the research on and resolve to get it exactly the way I wanted. Main thing was the speakers would NOT auto-connect to the laptop when it booted -- I had to manually press the connect button on the speakers. Sounds like a little thing but this was TOTALLY unacceptable to me.

Turns out this was a limitation of the Bluetooth stack on my laptop, NOT the Creative speakers; short version is -- the default BT stack installed by Microsoft in Windows 7 for systems with an Intel Centrino BT module is very limited as far as functionality and that means no capability for things like auto-connection for audio devices, etc. So, some hunting around and I located a 3rd party, non-Intel, PREMIUM quality BT stack from Toshiba which solved the problem, costing me around $35.00. Definitely worth it though -- once paired, the speakers switch over from the internal laptop speakers to the external wireless Creative BT speakers automatically and seamlessly a few seconds after booting the system.

I did notice that musically, the Creative speakers were WAY too quiet and exhibited a preponderance of bass and lack of high frequencies, a matter that was easily resolved using the equalizer and pre-amp control embedded in iTunes 10.x. Once adjusted, the audio quality is now "pretty good", especially when seated directly in front of them and with sufficient separation.

ALSO -- unlike some of the other reviewers have noted here, I have NOT had any problems with audio drop-outs from using a BT mouse, even during heavy use of the mouse (like in games). Perhaps that is (at least in part) due to the fact I am using a premium Toshiba Bluetooth stack and not the default Microsoft/Intel stack.

At this point, I am 100% satisfied with the purchase and recommend these speakers highly.

29 of 31 found the following review helpful:

4Great Small Bluetooth SpeakersOct 17, 2010
By Daniel Schommer
These Speakers are not meant to rattle your windows, but these Creative T12 Pure Wireless Bluetooth Speakers work great pairing with my Asus Netebook and my BlueBridge enabled Samsung HDTV. The TV's bezel speakers are too small for intelligible sound for my ears. So if you are looking for fine wireless sound for tight spaces, these speakers will satisfy most.

52 of 65 found the following review helpful:

2Horrible Bluetooth ConnectionJan 07, 2011
By HangOnAmazon
The speakers themselves are quite nice. They sound good and are of high quality build, even the little rubber shoes at the bottom work really well. That said, these speakers' biggest selling point is that they're wireless and Bluetooth enabled. The problem is that they don't work at all when there are other Bluetooth devices around. I have a Bluetooth mouse and keyboard. After pairing the speakers, the sound that came out was really choppy like there was a lot of latency. Every now and then they will simply disconnect from my laptop. I finally decided to disable the other Bluetooth devices. First the keyboard was disabled. The sound improved. Then after I disabled the mouse, the speakers started sounding normal. This is really disappointing. The whole reason behind using Bluetooth is to be wireless. Now I have to make a choice between my input devices and my speakers. FYI, my laptop is the current Macbook Pro running Snow Leopard. Your mileage may vary if your hardware is different.

Creative does sell a set of wired Inspire T12 (I don't understand why they were too lazy to assign different model numbers to the wired and wireless versions) that go for half the price. I might just buy those instead. I could use an audio input wire instead but why pay almost double for the same set of speakers if I'm not going to leverage the only difference between the two models.

Frustrating because everything else about the speakers are so nice.

9 of 9 found the following review helpful:

1Won't work if ANY other bluetooth devices are aroundJul 02, 2013
By E. Clark
I'm echoing what others have already said: they seem well crafted, but I had a bluetooth mouse, keyboard, and printer already connected, and these speakers won't work unless I disconnect all those other bluetooth devices. This makes the speakers useless, and I will return them.

14 of 17 found the following review helpful:

5Good Quality Bluetooth SpeakersOct 21, 2010
By Frank Anderson
I just bought a new Mac Mini and needed some good quality speakers because the Mac Mini speakers are horrible. Setting up the bluetooth was very easy, it took me less then 5 min. The sound quality was very good and crisp. Now this is not going to rock your room but the bass is good enough for a small space.

I also hooked this up to my Moto Droid (through bluetooh) and sound was nice and clean on that as well.

So if you are looking for a good quality speaker for your laptop or office and you want to be wireless i would highly recommend these speakers.

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