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Creative Sound Blaster Wireless Transmitter



This product is currently out of stock
Product Details:
Product Length: 5.91 inches
Product Width: 1.8 inches
Product Height: 6.69 inches
Product Weight: 0.5 pounds
Package Length: 6.8 inches
Package Width: 6.0 inches
Package Height: 2.1 inches
Package Weight: 0.45 pounds
Average Customer Rating: based on 22 reviews
Customer Reviews:
Average Customer Review: 3.5 ( 22 customer reviews )
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4 of 4 found the following review helpful:

4Good Product/Poor Owners "Handbook"-Mac Owners take noteDec 18, 2009
By Gene Dalton
The Sound Blaster works great, is easy to use, and has a very good sound for this level of speaker hardware. The "Owners Handbook" and CD were something else. It's very limited, covers more than one non-related product which can lead to confusion and the instructions on the web site are little better. When I first set up the system(on a Mac running Snow Leopard) I couldn't get any sound although all hardware was installed per instructions and all working indicator light were properly lighted. I was on the verge of sending it back to Amazon, when I thought about checking one last setting which was NOT covered by any instructions from Creative. Under System Preferences/Sound a setting had to be manually changed. from "Internal Speakers" to "SB for itunes-usb". The usb setting appears under Sound when the usb transmitter is plugged in and MUST be manually selected each time the transmitter is plugged it. Other than this frustrating omission from the Instructions, the Sound Blaster works great and would have given it 5 stars.

5 of 6 found the following review helpful:

4Works as expected, but...Mar 05, 2010
By M. Lynn
Works great, but documentation somewhat lacking. Didn't know that you have to remember to insert USB device BEFORE starting itunes. AND that you can't operate both the wireless connection and the connected computer speakers at the same time.

2 of 2 found the following review helpful:

5Simple wireless musicSep 25, 2009
By timveo
I took this product out of the box plugged it into my mac 13" notebook and paired it with the T20W wireless speakers. That is all it took to play iTunes wirelessly. I never imagined it could be so easy. Now I leave my laptop inside my house with the Soundblaster for iTunes in the USB port and bring the speakers out by the pool when my friends come over. I streamed music for six hours the other day without any issues (I also have a wireless network and no interference issues). This is a cool product.

1 of 1 found the following review helpful:

1Playing Music Wirelessly Shouldn't Be This Hard!Dec 26, 2012
By Chip Frazier "Chip Frazier"
Santa was good to me! Sort of. I couldn't get my Netgear MP101 Wireless Music Server to work with my new (to me) Vista Business (64 bit) computer. So, I requested and received the Creative Labs Sound Blaster Wireless Audio System (USB transmitter and one receiver unit) for Christmas. However, I didn't realize Creative no longer supports this product. Nor, did I realize it would disable my internal sound card (& speakers)! I did not realize how poor the documentation was and how long it would take to set up this system. Hence a rating of 1 out of 5 stars! The only reason I gave this product one star is it does what it advertises if you are willing to make certain sacrifices to enjoy your music wirelessly transmitted to your amplifier/receiver.

I am an intermediate level computer geek and it took me 3 hours to figure out how to get the system to transmit music to my amplifier/receiver 60 feet away (through several wood stud walls). The key was finding the Entertainment Control Panel in the installed software. Although the documentation referred to it, a shortcut was not installed on the Desktop automatically and there was no information about where to find it in the documentation. Strange! The speaker settings in the Entertainment Control Panel give you access to many features which do not work and allow you to select between headset and speakers. By manipulating the many settings in the control panel through trial and error (remember I said 3 hours?), I was able to determine which features worked and to get music out of my amplifier/receiver which is hard wired to my speakers. I also discovered I could switch between my internal sound card and the Creative Sound Blaster system by using the Device Manager to disable the Sound Blaster when I wanted to use my desktop speakers or headphones. But, this product prevents me from using my internal sound card (factory equipment), desktop speakers or headphones at the same time I am transmitting wireless music to another room.

SUGGESTION: It helps to have a second amplifier/receiver hooked up to speakers within 10 feet or so of the USB transmitter. This way, you can eliminate one variable from the setup equation--signal loss due to distance from the USB transmitter.

CAUTION: Another reviewer using a Mac system indicated he/she encountered a similar situation (internal sound card disabled). That person stated he/she was able to re-gain use of the internal sound card while using the Sound Blaster by adjusting sound settings in a feature similar to the Control Panel in a Windows-based system. I can't vouch for that solution because I couldn't get that to work.

The best thing I can say about the Creative Sound Blaster Music Transmitter is that it is cheap! So, if the inconveniences I identified above are acceptable to you, it will not cost you an arm and a leg to wirelessly stream music from your computer in one room to an amplifier/receiver in another room. For twice the cost, I would rather have a Netgear MP101 that works with a Vista 64 bit OS.

1 of 1 found the following review helpful:

5Great for adding wireless audioJun 23, 2013
By DWS44
So far, this little guy works very well. I bought this as well as the "Creative Labs Sound Blaster Wireless Audio Receiver" to be able to listen to audio from the computer in my garage, and so far its working perfectly for that. The garage location is probably 10-15' away through a couple walls, but so far the connection has been solid w/o any dropouts. Like others have said, documentation in both of these products is limited, but I was able to get it working pretty easily. Mine is actually working well without installing any of the provided software, so I'm going with it that way for now. (I'm on Win7 64-bit, BTW). While there is no mention of this in the product description, I was also pleased to see that a small USB extension cord and mini-dock was included in the packaging, which allowed me to setup the transmitter on a shelf above my computer, rather than having the large USB device sticking out the back of the PC. Nice surprise!

For kicks, I connected the new speakers directly to the computer and then separately via the wireless transmitter/receiver to test the sound quailty, and really couldn't tell any noticeable difference using the wireless setup.

Also noted in at least one other review that someone stated that this USB transmitter couldn't be used concurrently with your existing sound card/speakers. Its a little tricky to setup, but there is a way, at least in Win7. If you are interested in doing so, Google "Windows 7 Stereo Mix". There may be other methods as well, but using this method, I'm able to run my computer speakers inside the house at the same time as this new wireless setup out in the garage.

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