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Creative Sound Blaster Tactic3D Wrath Wireless Gaming Headset
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Creative Sound Blaster Tactic3D Wrath Wireless Gaming Headset



This product is currently out of stock
Product Details:
Product Length: 10.0 inches
Product Width: 4.48 inches
Product Height: 13.4 inches
Product Weight: 2.16 pounds
Package Length: 11.9 inches
Package Width: 10.0 inches
Package Height: 4.4 inches
Package Weight: 1.6 pounds
Average Customer Rating: based on 149 reviews
Customer Reviews:
Average Customer Review: 4.0 ( 149 customer reviews )
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Most Helpful Customer Reviews

41 of 43 found the following review helpful:

5FantasticMar 15, 2012
By Terry Mesnard
Ever since I got into PC gaming, I have been a headset junkie. When you spent most of your PC gaming time playing co-operative games that require Ventrilo or a different VOIP program, it just seemed to work better for me than to rely on speakers and a standalone mic. As such, I've gone through more headsets than I could probably describe. Some have been awesome, others not so much. Since I've used and reviews plenty headsets in my time, I've kind of come up with a guideline for reviewing. When I use a headset, I grade it by four things: comfort, sound quality, mic quality and durability. The Creative Sound Blaster Tactic 3D Wrath is both my first Sound Blaster headset and my first wireless headset, so I was very eager to test it out. Spoiler alert: it's easily my favorite headset I've used.

In terms of comfort, the Wrath falls somewhere in the middle of comfort. It's definitely nowhere near as comfortable as the Plantronics headset I've used in the past. Whereas that one felt like air on my head, this one tends to grip the side of my head. Early on, during my first week or so, it took a bit to get it to be comfortable. The way the earphones engulfed my ear tended to cut into it and be uncomfortable; however, as the time went by, it seemed to adjust better to my head and now it doesn't hurt. It still isn't as airy as the most comfortable headset I've used, but even after slogging through some long raids, it fits comfortably and usually isn't noticeable.

The sound quality is fantastic. A lot of headsets try to use the term "3D surround" to mimic a 5.1 or 7.1 surround sound experience. Most of them, it isn't noticeable and it amounts to a bullet on a feature list. I'd love to say it's different here, but it's not really. It does a great job of engulfing you in sound and provides a very crisp sound, but I still don't agree that it's surround sound. That said, this is probably the best of the headsets that have claimed as such. Normally, when I game I have Ventrilo running, the game client and some music going in the background. Each one is very clear and works perfectly with this headset. VOIP sounds perfect. Music has great depth and the bass is actually booming, but never with bursts of static as it gets low. Likewise, sound effects and voices in games are fantastic. There's a depth of sound from both the treble sounds and the bass that I don't normally hear out of headsets. Also, everything is consistent. Normally in headsets, there are times where abrupt changes in volume causing jumps in volume levels and hurt ears. I have not experienced that with this headset. In fact, I would say that it does as the bullet says: it keeps a consistent volume level, especially in Ventrilo where people's volumes are completely different. With other headsets, I would have to tinker with each person's sound levels constantly because they'd be super loud or quiet and then the reverse. I have not had to do that with this headset. Additionally, the Tactic3D Control Panel offers a bunch of different customization options for the true audiophile to tinker with the sound settings. I was very impressed with both the sound quality and the customization options.

Mic quality is also very important to me because I use it to communicate constantly with my friends who are spread out across the nation. Mic quality is also something very hard to review. I will say that I tricked my friends by using my older headset in Ventrilo and then switching to the new one without telling them. Immediately, they asked what happened because the sound quality shot up. Additionally, they said it did a better job of noise cancellation. Overall, I'm happy with it and, most importantly, my friends are too. The mic is detachable and bendable so you can have it as close or far from your mouth as you want.

Durability is another area that's important, especially when you're spending over $120 on a headset. The Wrath is very durable. It's made of hard plastic and the ear pieces tilt back and forth if pressure is applied. With mic, as mentioned above, is detachable in case you're traveling. One area that can cause concern is the USB dongle. It sticks out a good inch or two from your PC and, depending on where you put it and where your PC is, it could easily be bumped. Otherwise, this is a very sturdy headset that definitely feels expensive.

Since this is my first wireless headset, I have a couple more things to address. Wireless couldn't be easier. It was simply plug and play. Since my PC is next to my wireless router, I was worried about interference but I have never had an issue. And after using a wireless headset, I can't imagine going back to the cord. I can't tell you how many times I've accidently moved and jerked a headset out of the USB connector. Or was annoyed by the cord getting in the way. It was a weird feeling, the first couple times I would get up and pause because I was used to being attached to my PC. The battery is rechargeable and is supposed to last up to 8 hours. I tend to go a couple days of game playing before I have to plug it in and recharge it. Obviously, you can keep using the headset once you've started recharging it. A nice feature is that it will play a tone when the battery is getting low. Recharging it is relatively quick. It still uses the wireless dongle when it's plugged in; it only seems to charge it.

Ultimately, this headset is a keeper. I love pretty much everything about it. I do wish it were a little more comfortable and that the battery lasted a bit longer. But in terms of bang for your buck, this headset offers terrific sound quality for communicating, listening to music and playing games; it has a fantastic mic and it sold me on wireless. If any of my previous headsets broke, most of them I wouldn't go back to. This one is the exception. If this headset broke today, I would instantly order it again. I guess that's the best thing I can say about this headset.

34 of 38 found the following review helpful:

4Full Rich Sound but Ouch?Feb 23, 2012
By USMC Combat Veteran-Who SURVIVED "Retired/Disabled/NEVER Quitting:-)"
Let me begin with this. I have an assortment of headphones now, all dedicated to gaming on either my PS3, XBOX< Gaming Computer and now The PlayStation Vita. Being retired makes an old guy do LOTS of things to break the boredom & monotony you find. You can read my reviews of my Turtle Beach, Astro A40 UP Edition Audio System Headset + MixAmp (White or Black), Sennheiser X320 Xbox Headset, Steel Series Spectrum 7xB Headset for Xbox 360 (Black), and Logitech Wireless Gaming Headset G930 with 7.1 Surround Sound-ALL of which I own & use daily. I might also add that what you hear & what I hear are probably often going to be different? Like food, what one person loves, another person hates.

---- How do these sound? In a Word,WONDERFUL. The large 50mm Drivers let me find sounds that sometimes never find my old ears on other headsets. As far as the downloadable sound-fields go, I personally find them nearly useless and NOT needed. I have already stopped "playing" with them.Also you will find YOU have to go download that as well expect that extra step too On the surround sound 5.1-7.1 end of things, I find these not NEARLY as good as my Astro 5.7 Wireless Set.....In fact, nothing I own quite matches up to that set. But this does have advantages in other areas, like NO WIRES! I really get pissed at all the wires in my so called wireless Astro set....But that is another device so.....Bass is fine, to be honest, NOT the important thing to me personally. Sound FULLNESS is what is most important to me and here is where this headset shine to my old ears. It is rich & full and I don't feel like I have to strain to keep from missing something. Like having someone sneak up & shoot me on any one of my shooters. Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim sounds especially great on this headset to me for instance. It may even put me "in the game" even more than my Astro set? I keep finding, like most things in life, one product excels in one spot while another brand in yet a different spot. Same thing happens here.

---- Comfort for me is good for 15 minutes or so then no so much. I wear glasses so possibly that is part of the issue here? Possibly a wife designed these so their husband or son wouldn't spend too much time gaming? Not sure but I never do more than about an hour so for me, this equals a pretty big negative. Will see if that improves or worsens with time?

----I LOVE that these can charge while using. Again, since I game for sometimes 8-15 hours a day ( remember I am retired as well as disabled so I TOO wish I could get out more!) so I find this a monster PLUS! But as a result I haven't actually even tested to see what the life of battery is otherwise. When I am glued to whatever game I am using in front of that 23" screen on my gaming computer, I am just trying not to have another damned heart attack I get so INTO it. So again, if like myself and you are mostly glued to your seat gaming for long periods, this is a wonderful plus to be able to play nonstop & not have to swap out headphones.

----I of course have no idea how durable these will be but will update as time passes. They feel very well made and should, given their cost. I also have no idea of the range on this set since again, it is for my gaming computer and I sit AT THE COMPUTER..... I mean, how am I going to game from another room? Of course at my age that may be next when I completely lose my mind?

----Microphone. Do NOT like it! I mean, I kind of hate it. If you want everyone in your game to get pissed because they hear every move you make ( like adjusting the volume, pressing buttons etc) then maybe you will not mind? I simply can't enjoy it. I am going to tinker to see if I can find some workaround because it really does annoy me. Curious as to whether it may just be MY headset that has a bug or if it is on everyone's?

----What I really think? I love the easy setup (minus needing to do my own downloads!) I love the full & rich sound. Again I don't get the same realistic level of surround in gaming that my Astro set gives me. But I do love the TRUE wireless aspect of these much better. I don't enjoy these for long term use and wish they were cross platform like my Astro set where I can use the Astro's on ALL my equipment from PC, XBOX to PS3 all together. Overall I have used and trusted Soundblaster in so many gaming products since I was a far younger & much better looking guy.....well, lets just say they have EARNED my respect. If they could fix my issues with comfort I would give these a 5. Till then, I give this a solid 4. I will also modify that rating as I find it to work better OR worse with time. These reviews after just a few hours or days are too often done in the excitement of battle.... :-)

16 of 18 found the following review helpful:

2Poor materialsMay 10, 2012
By Osimo
It worked better than expected

I bought this to be free of wires near my head, so many accidents, so many sad moments.

The sound is good.
The battery last a long time which is great.
The detachable microphone is a very useful thing to have.
Interruption on sound (for 1 second) happen, rarely but they do occur.

A bit heavy.
Sometimes it gets uncomfortable to wear, specially if you wear them for a long time.

update 9/29/2012 despite the good sound quality an minimal problems with less than a year of use the left earpad detached form the headset, though it looks solid the poor quality of the materials used will yield simply by action of putting them on and off overtime.

12 of 13 found the following review helpful:

4A solid wireless gaming headset with good design, booming audio and bass - but comfort and microphone could be betterMay 17, 2012
By Danny Yu "Pissin' in my yard ain't gonna make yours any greener."
This Creative Wrath Wireless headset is a solid headset. It has similiar sound drivers of other Creative headsets like Creative Sound Blaster Tactic 3D Alpha USB Gaming Headset and Creative Labs HS-980 Fatal1ty Professional Series MKII Gaming Headset (Black). What makes this headset different is the wireless feature, illuminated earcups, and a more convenient headset design. In summary, the Creative Wrath gives satisfying audio for both music and gaming, has an excellent headset button layout, and has a durable build.

+ Surround sound. Though it does have only two speakers in the headset, the Creative software does a good job emulating and simulating the effects of surround sound. I will talk about this in more detail later in this review.
+ Wireless. The headset connects to a USB receiver. Playing on my desktop has been flawless. I've tested the distance and it can still receive perfect signal from about 30 feet away through one wall.
+ Foam earcups - I like that it is comfortable, but can get sweaty during long gaming sessions.
+ Volume and microphone control are on the left side of the headset. Very convenient.
+ Illuminated earcups. I'm surprised other Creative headsets don't have illuminated earcups. The red LED setup is very cool.
+ Detactable microphone. Microphone is flexible.


+ I love the volume control and microphone button on the headset. I can easily reach behind my left ear and adjust the volume.
+ The headband and frame of the headset is steel. Very nice. It's durable and well built.
+ Illuminated ear cups give it a nice touch and cool look.
+ The USB receiver is about an inch long, similar to a Flash USB drive. I wished that the USB receiver was smaller to prevent accidents.


- Listening to music is very impressive. All types of music - classical, rock, r&b, etc. - sound amazing. The bass is very distinct, booming, and refined. By default, the balance is already good. It can certainly be improved using the Creative software, which can be found on their website.

- For gaming, The lows and bass feels amplified. Footsteps, explosions, noises, dialogue feel optimized. I'm very pleased with the audio experience for gaming.

- The packaging states that the headset can be used on battery up to 8 hours. From my experience, I would put the number closer to 5 or 6 hours on continous gaming/music use.

- The microphone could be much improved. While it does capture my voice just fine, it's not that clear. It does not cancel background noise very well. For skype calls and gaming, it will be acceptable. For tasks like video voiceovers, not so much.

About the surround sound

As several reviewers have mentioned, there is no such thing as true surround sound for headsets. There are only two speakers, which can only capture the left and right, and a small portion of front and back. It's very difficult to truly capture the 360 degree audio experience, especially front and back. Again, the software does a good job simulating surround sound, making it easier for me to identify noises spatially. But, front and back noises are virtually indistinguishable.

Bottom Line:

The gaming and music audio quality is top notch and the wireless feature is a huge convenience and is reliable. There are a couple things holding it back from being a perfect wireless headset: a tight fit (can get very sweaty) and a so-so microphone. Aside from that, this is a quality wireless gaming headset. I definitely recommend this for any casual to serious gamer.

10 of 11 found the following review helpful:

5A review for Mac users of the Big 3 wireless headsets.Jan 10, 2013
By The Noteboard "The Noteboard Ltd"
A review of the Big 3 wireless headsets for Mac users.

I'm a Mac user, and when I realized recently that wireless headsets even exist, I made it my mission to find the best one. I tested the Corsair Vengeance 2000, the Logitech G930, and the Creative Sound Blaster Tactic 3D Wrath.

Disclaimer in advance: I'm don't really play video games, and I'm not an audiophile. I work from home in a way that requires me to move around my house a lot, and I like listening to everything from classical music to Gogol Bordello to GirlTalk to broadway musicals while I work. Up to now, I've been using Sound Clarity® NC500SC -- which I think are really stellar (especially considering I got them for free; hooray for being the only guy that cleaned out storage rooms at my last job) -- but of course they're wired and don't have audio input. Anyway.

The first of the three I tried was the Corsair Vengeance 2000.
- These things are huge. It might be the right look for someone who takes alien-blasting really seriously, but I wasn't a big fan. Plus, they didn't seem very portable because of their size.
- The sound was fine but nothing miraculous and the worst of the three.
- I don't remember a thing about the microphone which must mean it wasn't particularly noteworthy either. THAT SAID, the Corsair did have that feature where it relays the audio input through the output in real-time -- or however the hell you're supposed to say when you talk into the mic, it relays the sound through the headphones, so you don't sound in your head like you're talking into a mattress.
- On the PC it might be a different story, but with no drivers available for Mac there wasn't a whole lot of room for adjustments.
Conclusion: I had them back in the box and ready to return within an hour.

The next was the Logitech G930. The Creative took a long time to ship so I used the Logitech for a good week-ish.
- Major bonus points for the on-ear controls. I loved being able to use the volume wheel and REALLY loved the programmable buttons. It was awesome being able to pause and switch songs from 20 feet away.
- The sound was better than the Corsair, but there was still a lot of "splashiness" and topping-out on the bass. It bothered me enough to really make me look forward to getting the Creative, hoping they'd sound better.
- Pretty durable design. My biggest design beef was that when the ear cups were turned down to lie flat for storage, the unit was really wide and space-inefficient. Not particularly good for taking around with you.
- The mic was fine. Nothing fancy. About what I'm used to for a headset. I liked that the microphone can be flipped up to stay out of your face, and automatically goes on mute when you do so.
- I liked how they fit over my ears. My ears didn't get sweaty and had some room. Plus, the design of the cups was pretty good at blocking outside sound.
- I was a bit disappointed when the battery wore down for the first time. It didn't take nearly as long as I'd hoped, and there wasn't really a warning: suddenly the unit just turned off.

Finally I got the Creative Sound Blaster Tactic 3D Wrath.
- I have them on right now, and holy cow, this bass is AMAZING. The sound quality in general is faaaantastic. No contest here. There's a very, very, very slight background of white noise, but I don't mind that at all since I think it has an external noise-canceling effect.
- The mic's fine. Sounds a little bit like I'm talking into a tin can, but whatevs; I'm not planning on recording an album with these. Just tested it with Audacity on which it was pretty quiet by default, and on Skype where the volume was peachy.
- They sure fit snug! Normally I don't like snugness, but the pressure's well-distributed and there aren't any outstanding pressure points.
- These aren't around-the-ear phones like the Logitech; the pads sit right on the circumference of my ear. This is nice because I feel really sucked into the sound and there isn't any external interference. This will also be a problem because I can already tell my ears are going to get sweaty and uncomfortable. Other reviewers have said the headphones loosen up after a few days, though, so we'll see how that goes.
- The controls on the headphones are basic -- volume and mute.
- Wow! Software that actually works on a Mac! Major props simply for not feeling like I'm missing out on all kinds of features because I'm not on a PC.

I do really miss the programmable buttons of the Logitech. But I think the sound quality is so good on the Creative that I'll stick with these babies.

1st place: Creative Sound Blaster Tactic 3D Wrath
2nd place: Logitech G930
3rd place: Corsair Vengeance 2000

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