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Creative Sound Blaster Tactic3D Sigma Gaming Headset
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Creative Sound Blaster Tactic3D Sigma Gaming Headset



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Product Details:
Product Length: 9.84 inches
Product Width: 4.39 inches
Product Height: 13.19 inches
Product Weight: 1.5 pounds
Package Length: 11.5 inches
Package Width: 9.9 inches
Package Height: 4.3 inches
Package Weight: 1.55 pounds
Average Customer Rating: based on 148 reviews
Customer Reviews:
Average Customer Review: 3.5 ( 148 customer reviews )
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Most Helpful Customer Reviews

20 of 23 found the following review helpful:

5Great gaming headset!Dec 26, 2010
By D. McMillan "The Game Collector"
Hello this is one of my first reviews but i will try to give you all the pros and cons of this great headset.

First of it comes in great packaging, easy to open box, not one of those stupid plastic containers that you have to cut open (you know the kind i mean). Installation is very easy you just take it out of box, go to [...] and download the driver/program for your computer. You then plug the headset into the little usb dongle that game with it, and plug that into a usb port on your computer, and your are set you can start up the program then.

These headsets are set up great, they are nice and big (for anyone like me with big head this is great feature) but they arent so big that it wont fit people with small heads as well. You can adjust them a ton to fit anysize. If you have sigma like me it also has a steel layer inside headband so it wont crack like many headsets do over months/years of putting on and taking off headset. The cord coming from the headset is great, its a rubbery thin ribbon that makes it so it doesnt have stupid bends in it after you take off the retraint (most cords have those dam bends all over so it makes it hassle to get full length out of them) and non tangle design so it doesnt get all knotted up in transport, only downside to cable is its not super long maybe like 6ft. Mic is very nice plugged it in jumped into left 4 dead 2 and chatted with freinds right away without having to adjust any settings and they said i was clear as day. This headset has nice swivel ear cups so if someone is talking to you all you have to do is swivel it away from ear to hear them well as these headsets do cancel noise relatively well. For comfort these are great overall, they took me a while to get the hang of from my old headset but dont be discouraged if they feel wierd at first i spent 4 hours gaming last night and they nvr really got uncomfortable. Made my ears a little bit warm but not too bad. The earpads are made of a squishy leatherlike material, and on the sigmas there is a similar material pad on top so it sits nicely on head. Thats about it for the design of headset.

Almost forgot the most important section lol, how they sound!! First off i tried playing some music mainly techno, rap, and rock. All sounded great. Audio is crystal clear and bass is really deep! For the surround sound feature i played Left 4 dead 2 and Battlefield BC2 to test it out and you can definitly clearly tell which direction sounds are coming from where as with normal headsets its kinda just played over both speakers and hard to distinguish the direction it came from. Most games you will have to tinker with the in game sound settings to get surround working but most arent too bad. Buy ya overall they make good surround sound and are technically better than both 5.1 and 7.1 surround sound setups because it plays sound for the complete 360degree area around you as well as above and below which no other headsets do (well do well at least).

The program that sigma and alpha headsets use is a very nice program, you have to have the headset plugged in to start it up which is a minor inconvienence sometimes but no big deal. As far as setup of program when your first start it up it opens to profile chooser where you can try out different premade profiles and modify and save your own settings how you like them. On that Main menu you can also adjust the mic volume and master volume.

THX Trustudio Pro
This is the main feature you will be spending time with in this program, here it allows you to change all the different effects for how sound will sound when playing into your ears. I wont go over every single adjustment category as they are pretty straight forward but to sum up you can adjust Surround sound, bass, crystalizer (enhance music/movies to make them sound livlier), dialog plus(enhances voices so u can understand them better), and smart volume(minimizes sudden volume changes). Along with this area is a nice little demo video that you can play to test out all the sound effects you are changing.

This is where you can customize how the audio sounds (mainly for music i believe) for example you can set it on flat, dance, rock, country etc etc. You can also completely customize your own favorite settings and save them as presets.

Voice FX
Heres a fun little tool that allows you to morph your own voice into wierd sounding creatures, the opposite gender, eldery people, robots, and many more options. FUN FEATURE: if you see the PASSCODE tab on way right and enter in UUDDLRLRBA it will unlock voicefx customizability so you can adjust the voice morphing any ways you want and save your own presets.

Appearence Tab
Here you can do basic stuff like select color theme for the program, also if you enter IDSPISPOPD at passcode tab it will allow you even more theme changing options!

To sum it all up these headsets are very nice for the 90$ i paid. I give the comfort 4/5 stars, sound quality 5/5 starts, Surround Sound is 4/5 stars and cost isnt too bad there are a lot of more expensive headsets out there with less features. I would definatly reccomend these headsets to friends who are looking for a good gaming headset. Sorry for spelling and grammar errors lol i wrote this kind of fast.

Have fun with new headset if you decide to buy these, you wont regret it!

15 of 17 found the following review helpful:

3Great Headset ... When It's Working Properly!Jan 19, 2011
By Hector J. Vazquez "Sketch"
Ok I can get real techy about this but I will not. I'm gonna keep it simple & to the point.

Sound (4/5): The sound is AMAZING!!! It's everything it's advertised to be & it has killer bass that rattles your brain if you're into that sorta thing. I took 1 star away because when I am in game sometimes the settings I have set change on their own for some reason dropping surround & some other feature & then I have to alt+tab out of game & reset them to what I had them at which is annoying, but could be a compatibility issue & not so much the hardware.

Mic / Recording (5/5): I was a bit sketchy on what to rate this because when it was working it was working GREAT & everyone said I sounded clear & crisp. However, after 2 weeks of using it all of a sudden it just stopped working. It isn't broken, it just stopped working ... looked online & seems people running Windows 7 are having this issue; you can Google it if you don't believe me. So that's why I rated it as 5 because its a great mic ... but only when its working ... I instead decided to take the stars away below under Compatibility.

Durability (5/5): They feel very sturdy & the steel bar in the headband reassures me that they aren't gonna snap like their plastic Alpha counterpart. The flat wire also prevents knotting.

Size & Weight (2/5): Okay maybe I am being a big baby about this part but the size is expected for the sheer power & sound that these cans put out ... but the weight is annoying at times because they literally fall off my head if I so much as look downward or up then they slide right off my head ... mind you I do not have a small head either. I guess this is hit or miss depending on the person using them.

Compatibility (1/5): This is my biggest gripe. It says its compatible with Windows 7 & at first they were working perfectly, then 2 weeks later out of no where the microphone stopped working. I have tried doing EVERYTHING from reinstalls to driver updates & its juts not wanting to work. I checked online in forums & such & it seems to be a common issue. So that's my main complaint ... don't go claiming you work for a certain OS when you don't!!!

9 of 11 found the following review helpful:

2Microphone stops working randomlyFeb 16, 2011
By Mukaking "Check me out at mukaking"
Please see the review from another reviewer reporting the same problem.

This headset is awesome, great sound and nice weight and quality. The microphone however, randomly stops working. I have tried both direct connections to my sound card and USB and the microphone just doesn't work. It worked for 2 days or so before all of a sudden going silent and never coming back.

The issue might be Windows 7 64 bit as i tried it with another laptop and it works perfectly fine...then again it also worked perfectly fine on my desktop for a few days before failing.

Creative Labs tech support is atrocious and they are absolutely no help so i would avoid this headset. It's a shame since it's so nice.

3 of 3 found the following review helpful:

3Great but they are old products, do not buy unless it is cheaperJul 17, 2012
By Sabrina Nguyen
First of all, I am by no means an audio expert, this review is intended for people who are looking for a decent headset at a decent price. I am simply reviewing this from a regular standpoint, if my opinion bothers you then don't read it and move on. I just want other customers to know what they are buying before they make their purchase.

I'll get straight to the point, these headphones are very comfortable but it can get slightly warm after 2-3 hours of used. It is simple to use, you plug it into the usb adapter then plug it into your computer and the drivers will be automatically installed. You should go to the manufacturer's site and download the latest drivers as well as the software for the headset.

Feel & Look:
Overall look of the headset is quite nice, all black with some blueish-teal accent on the inside of the ear pods, behind the ear shield. Looks very comfortable and clean. A bit bulky on the ears but it didn't bother me. The ear piece and the head rest have very nice pleather(I think)-covered cushion on them. They feel quite comfortable and can be worn for sometime without it hurting your ears. I have average sized ears and head so it isn't a problem for me, however, if your ears are any bigger then they may not fit into these ear pieces.

I'm no expert so excuse me if I make any mistakes criticizing its sound quality. Out the box, the sound is very standard via the 3.5mm jack. I get clear sound, soft at low volume and responsive at high. It may not be the best sounding headset but very good comparative to my Samsung ear buds. I didn't get any static until I plugged it in to an older laptop, which has some problem with its sound card. Standard use with any audio device via 3.5mm is good, enough.
Once I plugged it via USB into my gaming computer, the audio quality is much better. After I messed around with the Tactic Software, I tested it with some gaming. The audio may be a bit artificial or digital but nonetheless, it sounded great in Arkham City. I have been playing Batman AC and Skyrim for a few hours, and I have to admit the audio sounded awesome. I normally play my game audio via HDMI to my TV and getting sound from the TV speakers so I did not hear any of the little details in game. I did notice these very minor differences when using this headset. I was able to put the volume on high(after EQ tuning) without it hurting my ears and was still able to hear crisp audio and dialog from game characters. It is indeed surround to some extent as I was able to hear noises from the artificial environment. In game sound is fantastic and responsive.
As for the microphone, it isn't noise cancelling at all because I can hear the surrounding noises from across the room. At least it is removable and flexible. You can tune the recording sound so that you can sound differently whenever you chat online or in game; a fun feature to have.

There are quite a bit of problems with this product. When I received this headset it was already damaged. It was scratched all over the bottom and the top of the ear pods and the ear shields looked like it was scraped. The damage is very noticeable and annoying since I bought this new. I didn't like how the plastic covering the ear pods seemed cheap as if it was made from recyclable plastic/material. Although, the Sigma headset is claimed to be made with a steel core construction, it felt very flimsy. I really thought it would be durable since it is more expensive than the Alpha model, but it isn't. The headband is adjustable but can be easily re-adjusted if you take it off your head and place it around your neck. Also, the headband does not click in place very well when you are adjusting it. What irritated me was whenever I wore it around my neck, the sharp corners of the headband stabbed into my neck and hurt me. The ear pods are a bit heavier than the headband so if you pick up the headset by the headband the ear pods will weigh it down and causes stress to the band itself. This made me feel worried that it might break. Another thing that bothered me was that mine did not come with any instruction manual or documentation.

Other thoughts:
I bought these new and was upset at how Amazon could sell used/defective products to their customers. At first I thought I just got unlucky and received a bad product, however, the same problem persists even after I got a second headset. Amazon was quick to respond to my complaint and sent me a new one. Sadly, the second item came with even more scratches, and appears to be even more damaged; at least this one had an instruction booklet though :). After receiving two identically damaged headsets I think that Amazon is trying to sell all of the used or defective products that they may have bought cheaper from the manufacturer. Of course I could be wrong about this but if both headsets I bought are scratched then there's obviously something wrong. I am just disappointed because I have bought things from Amazon for such a long time and have always been satisfied with its products and customer service. To this day, the customer service is still very responsive and friendly but there are just too many mistakes being made. I mean why sell scratched or used products to customers and sending a replacement with even MORE scratches and damaged on it.
One final thought regarding Amazon's services. This is unrelated but about two months ago I ordered two micro SD cards but received two standard SD cards instead. There were also other minor problems with my sisters and friends' orders but we did not have time to complain about every little things like that; this time is different. If you are a loyal Amazon customer, make sure that you are not receiving used/defective/wrong products. Contact Amazon for a replacement or refund ASAP but don't be like me and let it slide because if you continue to let Amazon make mistakes, then they'll just keep on making them. I really hate to complain like this, so I apologize if I might have offended any one.

Thank you for taking your time in reading this review. Overall this product is 3/5 for all the damages and flimsy construction. 4.25/5 if the product is NEW.

3 of 3 found the following review helpful:

1Flimsy PlasticNov 24, 2011
By Alex Norell
I bought these headphones with the hopes that they would be better than my $30 Plantronics Gaming Headset. I was completely wrong. These headphones look great in the box, but when you take them out and actually put them on your head is where the problems start, and there are a lot of problems. These headphones are made from cheep flimsy plastic that will break if used heavily. The cans do not stay on my head, and I have a rather large head. If I leaned over, the headphones would fall off. The headphones are able to be twisted which is never good, meaning that you can hold the two sides parallel and then move your hands forward and backward, keeping the cans in line and twisting the frame. The entire thing doesn't feel good.

These headphones don't even sound that good. They put out just as much sound as my current headphones and they cost 2.5x more. The audio software with it is nice, but it isn't a selling feature for me. There are so many other problems. The headset doesn't play well with Windows 7 64bit, so that is a big problems. The microphone on this unit is complete garbage. I bought a $10 table mic from Walmart that sounds better than the one that came with this unit. It is absolutely terrible. And to top it all off, the microphone with this headset WILL go out, meaning stop working, after a period of time while using Win7-64bit. It is a problem with their hardware and their software.

Don't waste your time and money with this product, I had it for 2 hours and it was already back in the package on its way to Amazon. Try Corsair or Plantronics, they make a quality headset that everybody should try.

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