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Creative Sound Blaster Tactic3D Alpha Gaming Headset
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Creative Sound Blaster Tactic3D Alpha Gaming Headset



This product is currently out of stock
Product Details:
Product Length: 9.84 inches
Product Width: 4.39 inches
Product Height: 13.19 inches
Product Weight: 0.77 pounds
Package Length: 11.8 inches
Package Width: 9.8 inches
Package Height: 4.3 inches
Package Weight: 1.3 pounds
Average Customer Rating: based on 373 reviews
Customer Reviews:
Average Customer Review: 3.5 ( 373 customer reviews )
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Most Helpful Customer Reviews

53 of 56 found the following review helpful:

5Best headset for the priceMar 27, 2011
By A. Yue
I've had my Sound Blaster Tactic 3D Alpha's for about two weeks now and couldn't be more pleased. I've use them everyday putting them through various field tests involving videogames, music, and movies. This headset has passed all my tests with flying colors. In games you can hear absolutely everything and can pinpoint your enemies' locations thanks to the stellar 3D surround sound. The same goes for movies. In fact, I was watching Aliens just the other day and found myself looking over my shoulder because I could have sworn the iconic hissing sound was coming from behind me. When listening to music, I was simply blown away. The bass is full. The treble is crisp. What more could you ask for?

I love the fact that these headphones come with a USB dongle. My laptop has a pretty crappy soundcard that produces noticeably lower quality sound. Thanks to the USB attachment, these headphone bypass my crappy soundcard and produce some simply awesome audio.

Another feature I love is that the microphone is detachable, rather than folding up like almost every other headset. This allows me to use my headphone in public without looking like a nutbag.

I should also probably mention how comfortable these cans are. Unlike most headsets, the Sound Blaster Tactic 3D Alphas are sturdy yet light and not cumbersome what so ever. The actual ear pieces have some freedom to rotate, meaning the plastic is less likely to snap under rotational pressure. They also swivel vertically, so you won't need to pull them apart to put them on your head (a motion that has been the death of several lower quality headsets I've owned).

All in all, I could not be more pleased with this headset. I've been a lifelong gamer and have seen my fair share of low-quality-high-price headsets. It's refreshing to see a product that is the exact opposite of the crappy headsets us gamers are used to; a headset that is high in quality, yet low in price.

29 of 29 found the following review helpful:

5Pros and ConsFeb 02, 2012
By Ryan
This is a very nice headset. I would Highly reccommend it. Here are some Pros and Cons:

1. Sound quality- The sound from this headset is amazing. I can't stress that enough. I was blown away from how good the sound was when listening to music, watching movies, or playing games.

2. Surround sound- The 3D sound is really cool and works really well. While playing Skyrim, I spun around while someone was talking and I could hear their voice rotating around my head.

3. Comfort- These are a little awkward at first, but only takes about 10 minutes to get used to them. After that they are very comfortable and I usually can't feel them even after wearing them for hours.

4. Microphone- A nice feature is that the microphone can be removed from the headset to turn it into just a pair of headphones. I prefer this to a headset with a folding microphone. Unfortunately, the microphone is a little quiet, but it is also very clear.

5. Durability- I've had this headset for about a month and it has been holding up very well so far.

6. Equalizer- The headset comes with an equalizer program. You actually have to download the program from the soundblaster website. The link comes in the user manual. The program is very nice because it gives you a lot of control over the volume (The mic can be turned up here), sound, and it even has a section to change the way the microphone sounds. It also has a very nice interface, which is a bonus.

7. Plugs and wires- The plugs are normal auxilary inputs (I think .35 mm or .40 mm, not sure which but they are the standard ones). The headset box comes with a converter to convert it to USB, which is nice. Just an FYI, the equalizer program only works when the headset is plugged in via USB. The wire is also very nice because it is a flat, rubber wire which prevents from getting tangled. It works really well because it doesn't tangle or coil up on itsself, which is a very nice feature.

Overall this is an extremely good headset, especially for only around $30. There are very few cons, all of which have already been mentioned, such as the quiet microphone and the equalizer only working with USB (although that is because of the way drivers work, not the way the headset is made).

I personally reccommend this headset, and I hope that this review has been helpful.

WARNING: THIS HEADSET WILL TRICK YOU INTO THINKING YOU LIKE SONGS! I have heard many songs with this headset that I thought sounded really good, but then when I listened to it later on my ipod, realized that I really didn't like it afterall.

37 of 45 found the following review helpful:

4Great Sounding Headset From The Leader in Computer Sound CardsNov 05, 2010
By J. Garcia
So, my Wife doesn't like the war sounds from my 5.1 Surround Sound system while playing EA's Medal of Honor and not having any suitable headphones, I decided to buy the Creative Lab's Sound Blaster Tactic 3D Alpha USB Gaming Headset. I did a little research online and saw that the majority of folks liked the headset as a cheaper alternative to the Fata1ity series of gaming headsets and gaming headsets over $100. I was also happy to read that the 3D surround sound features weren't bad, that the software allowed for fine tuning of the sound, and that the mic was removable. The bad things that I read were related mostly to comfort but this came from people with large heads or ears that stuck out. I decided to purchase the headset from Amazon because of Amazon's great return policy if the headset didn't work out. As an Amazon Prime customer, my package came in two days and was waiting at my doorstep when I got home. First things first, the packaging isn't very Earth friendly and is composed mostly of clear plastic packaging with very little paper. However, the packaging is easy to open without destroying things and allowed for easy removal of the headset. Inside the package there is an analog to USB adapter with the THX logo on it and two documents, one describing the dangers of driving with the headset on and a how-to instruction sheet. There is no CD , which is a definite plus in the Green column for Creative. The software is retrieved online at the Creative site for the Tactic 3D headset and quickly installed onto my rig.

After restarting the computer, the Creative software updater alerted me to a number of updates available. This was rather confusing since I figured I had downloaded the latest version of the required software. I clicked on the install button and was told that it would take nearly an hour to download, which immediately caused me to curse the name of Creative. This is the one biggest complaint that I have with Creative and why I took away a star from the rating. I figured while I waited I would go ahead and try the headset out and plugged in the analog plugs, which are color coded, into the USB adapter and plugged it into a USB connector. My Windows Vista machine immediately registered the headset as new hardware and began to install the drivers. I placed the headset onto my 7 3/4 sized head and waited to feel any discomfort. I noticed that the headset was not as tight as some had described but was actually comfortable. The padding on the headband did seem thin but was velvety soft sitting on the top of my head. The ear cups also felt roomy and my somewhat normal ears didn't touch anything inside the cups. The mic has an analog plug and easily went into the port in the headset. The flexible boom sits at the 10 o'clock of my mouth and actually wouldn't interfere with drinking from a glass or bottle. The cord has an aligator clamp to pin the cord to my shirt but strangely is not removable. There is a volume control on the cord which hangs near my abdomen and also has a mic mute switch. The cord is approximately 6 feet long and is flat rather than round and is very light in weight.

While the software continued to update, I placed a Family Guy DVD into my rig and waited to see what the sound quality would be like. At first, I heard nothing and plugged my headset into another USB port and still heard nothing. I opened up my sound card's volume controls and saw that nothing was amiss. I clicked on the speaker icon in my systray and saw that the headset was registered there. I went to my Start menu and found the Tactic 3D software program and opened it and voila, sound. At first the volume was low and I was able to turn it up using the inline volume control. With the volume up I could hear in stereo and felt at ease that the headset worked. I began to flip through the application for the headset and played with the voice changer for the mic. This turned into much merriment as I spoke in different voices and soon began LMAO. The software updater was still updating after 30 minutes and was nowhere near finished. I decided to cancel the download and loaded up MOH.

Medal of Honor, which is a First Person Shooter, has a lot of gun play and voice acting in the game and the Sound Blaster Tactic 3D Alpha delivers as promised. The sound quality was very good with sharp highs and bombastic lows while voices were easily understood. The 3D effect was there to some degree and allowed for immersion into the game. I plan on trying out the mic feature with a game like Team Fortress but feel satisfied with what I think it will deliver after having played with it in test mode. Overall, I feel very satisfied with this purchase and addition to my gaming rig. One thing I forgot to mention was that I have a Creative XiFi sound card in my PC and have always respected Creative's equipment and thus the number one reason why I bought this headset. Their software updater, however, leaves a lot to be desired. My $0.02.

15 of 17 found the following review helpful:

3An in-depth review.Nov 01, 2012
By Ciaran
*See bottom of review to see why I downgraded my review to three stars*

Allow me to begin by saying that as things stand, this is a 3.5 star product. I really do love certain things about it, however there are some caveats I am finding hard to ignore.

This is a very comfortable headset to wear for long periods of time. I have found that both long video-editing sessions and long gaming sessions have led to little discomfort. The headset fits over my ears perfectly, but is not too tight like several others I have tried. The material used on the cushions is mildly breathable, meaning you won't get too hot around the ears unless the ambient temperature is really quite warm.

Sound Quality:
Without the driver (available at Creative's website), the audio quality is decent, if a little quiet. This means that if you are simply using the analog 3.5mm jacks, you are going to get ok sound that is typical of this price range. Once you use the USB adapter with the proper driver, the sound is absolutely taken to the next level! The bass is VERY nice, mids are relatively clear and highs are not too tinny.

3D Sound:
Again, without the USB driver you are missing out, but with the driver I find the 7.1 surround sound claims to be a little far-fetched. If I can describe this without the technical terms that I don't know: the surround sound sounds more like they have split up the sounds within the speaker, rather than move the sounds to a different part of the speaker. For example, a sound from the back left doesn't sound any further back than a sound on the direct left, it just sounds like it is coming from further away on the left (not behind at all). I guess they are working on the limitations of a two-speaker headset, but I was expecting a little more from such lofty promises.

The microphone is not the best, but I haven't heard any complaints so far. I love that it is detachable so I can wear these while out on my laptop and not look like a total geek!

Build Quality:
Here comes the bad news (but not unexpected): the build quality is NOT what I have come to expect from Creative. Sure, this was only $40, but the plastic is VERY light, and some of the edges are sharp (and earmark of $10 headphones, NOT $40). With a little care, these should last you, but I would be very gentle with them if I were you.

A misc. issue that I have had, is that when the USB adapter is plugged in and I try to boot my computer, it slows it down to taking several minutes to boot. Even the windows log and mac circle-loader look like they are being put through a slow-motion effect on a video editor! Now I have a Core i7 with a 3rd gen SSD and my boot time is around 17 seconds - as soon as I plug the USB adapter in for these headphones, it takes 2-3 minutes to boot. Not a deal breaker, but annoying that I have to unplug these headphones every time I reboot the computer!

Well, I spent less than $40 on these headphones, and I wasn't expecting miracles. The audio quality (while not excellent) is the saving grace and I think I will keep them around for now. If you treat your equipment with care and don't mind a few quirks, I think you will enjoy these headphones. If you are on a budget, these are some of the better low-cost headphones around. If you have the cash, I would suggest upping your budget and looking elsewhere.

I am highly disappointed with Creative's customer service. I sent them an email describing the issue above, and expected to get some degree of stock emails about "unplugging and plugging back in" or "test on a different computer". Well after three emails of me repeating that I had tried it on two computer and three different operating systems, I finally had had enough. I was even told that it was a BIOS problem when this adapter was freezing my computer BEFORE MY BIOS WAS EVEN LOADED. I eventually told them that it wasn't worth the hassle and I was throwing the adapter in the trash, which seemed to be the magical phrase to get RMA approval. Needless to say, I'm not taking them up on the offer. I'm not downgrading the review because of functionality - I still enjoy the headphones - I'm downgrading it because I don't like being made to feel as if I have the technical understanding of a gerbil trained to press buttons on a keyboard.

Creative is NOT the company it was in the early 2000's.

4 of 4 found the following review helpful:

3Fatal Flaw But Good For PriceJul 20, 2013
By WhatISayHasMerit
These have a really bad flaw in them, in that the place where they're extendible to fit your head is made of a brittle plastic that easily fatigues and eventually snaps, leaving the speakers dangling and broken. I managed to fix one side (right) with epoxy, and the other side gave out about 3 months later. The left side didn't take as well to the epoxy unfortunately, and broke once again very shortly. Until they broke however, they were absolutely incredible for the price! I'm now ordering a set of Plantronics GameCom 780.. hopefully they wont suffer from a material fatigue fatal flaw in the design like these had. If it were not for that one problem, I would still be using these right now! I hope Creative figures this out and make a small change to their next designs.

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