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Creative Media Toolbox 6
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Creative Media Toolbox 6

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Designed for all levels of music consumers, Creative Media Toolbox 6 is an essential suite of software applications that will make converting, enhancing and organizing your digital music a breeze.

  1. Auto Tag Music - Uses state-of-the-art "MusicID" song recognition service from Gracenote to update or rectify the ID3 tags of your digital music.
  2. Record Music - Performs all your recording tasks from setting the correct recording levels to auto start/stop of the recording process.
  3. Clean-up Music - Uses proprietary SoundBlaster technology to remove hisses, pops and clicks from music files of old recordings.
  4. Convert Music - Convert your music files from one format to another (e.g. WAV to WMA) on a batch basis.
  5. Manage Recording Schedule - Programs your computer to start/stop a recording session at a specific time or at a daily/weekly/monthly schedule.
  6. Organize Music - Organizes and renames music files according to its ID3 Tags.
  7. Split-up Music - Automatically segments a long recording (e.g. of a vinyl album) into individual tracks.
  8. Equalize Music - Restores/enhances the bass, mids & treble of your music.
  9. Normalize Music - Creates a more consistent volume level across your music collection.
  10. Edit Music Tags - Allows quick and easy edition of ID3 tags on a batch of music files.
  11. Change Tag Format - Reformats non-English ID3 tags (to UNICODE) so that it can be displayed properly on your computer or portable audio device.

Designed for all levels of music consumers, it is an essential suite of software applications that will make converting, enhancing and organizing your digital music a breeze. For those who have a precious collection of analog music such as vinyl or cassettes, there is even a tool designed to convert them into digital music. Creative Media Toolbox 6 will help you record the analog music, remove the hiss and pops, chop it into individual tracks and save it into WMAs/MP3s. You can even use it to segment long podcasts or internet radio programs. Includes the Creative MP3 Audio Pack, which provides MP3 encoding support for your Creative applications.

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Brazilian-Portuguese, Chinese-Simplified, Chinese-Traditional, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Spanish

Download a free, 30-day trial version now! The trial version allows you to evaluate whether Creative Media Toolbox 6 meets your needs fully. At the end of the 30-day trial, you can opt to purchase or un-install the software.


  1. The Auto Tag Music tool is not available in the trial version
  2. MP3 encoding is not supported in the trial version. Only WMA and WAV audio can be processed.

Download a free, 30-day trial version

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