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Creative Media Toolbox 6 (Download only, no CD available)
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Creative Media Toolbox 6 (Download only, no CD available)



This product is currently out of stock

Note: This product will be delivered as a software download. No physical disc will be provided.


Designed for all levels of music consumers, Creative Media Toolbox 6 will make converting, enhancing and organizing your digital music a breeze.

Auto Tag Music - Uses state-of-the-art "MusicID" song recognition from Gracenote to update or correct ID3 tags of your music.
Record Music - Performs all your recording tasks from setting the correct recording levels to auto start/stop.
Clean up Music - Proprietary SoundBlaster technology removes hisses, pops and clicks from music files.
Convert Music - Convert your music files from one format to another (e.g. WAV to WMA).
Manage Recording Schedule - Programs your computer to start/stop a recording session at a specific time or on a schedule.
Split-up Music - Automatically segments a long recording (e.g. of a vinyl album) into individual tracks.
Equalize Music - Restores/enhances the bass, mids and treble of your music.
Normalize Music - Creates a more consistent volume level across your music collection.
Edit Music Tags - Allows quick and easy edition of ID3 tags.
Change Tag Format - Reformats non-English ID3 tags (to UNICODE) so that it can be displayed properly on your computer or portable audio device.

Product Details:
Average Customer Rating: based on 12 reviews
System Requirements:
Platform: Windows 7 / Windows Vista / Windows 2000 / Windows XP
Media: CD-ROM
Item Quantity: 1
Customer Reviews:
Average Customer Review: 3.0 ( 12 customer reviews )
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Most Helpful Customer Reviews

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1Do Not PurchaseSep 09, 2013
By N. Rivera "Intense Reader"
I had a Soundblaster card that came with Creative software that gave me a player and from there I was able to access everything. Equalizer, EAX Console, etc. Changed my card - still soundblaster, but for some reason the software would not work. Was told after 8 emails that the old software would not work with the newer soundcard, but mind you in the beginning of the email, i told them which soundcard i had. O.K. Was told to buy the Media Toolbox 6 by customer service. What they didn't tell you was that you couldn't type in the activation code. So after trying to enter that at least 12 times, by deinstalling and reinstalling the software, i realized that you had to copy and paste the activation code. Finally it's working, until i realized yet again, that nothing is working together, so you can open the record box, but you can't open the equalizer which means, because i haven't tried this yet is that you have to record the song - no, no. it can't work that way because both things can't be open at the same time, so you have to adjust the equalizer. close that and then re-record with the equalizer enhancements. Buy anything, but not this. At about 9:00 this morning i sent an email in response (after 2 days) to their email back to me asking if there is a manual for this. I'm still waiting and it's 7:50 p.m. oh, and in small print, no refunds - hahahahaha Classic

4Good for standard audio tasks, dumbed-down interfaceJan 13, 2014
By The geeks shall inherit the earth
Can do basic recording to wav, convert formats such as wav-to-mp3. There is not a technical wave-editing interface to access music editing features. Instead, you get menu options "create", "enhance", "organize", "convert". "Enhance" for example, will break down to "clean up music", "equalize music", "normalize music", "split up music". It performs this processing on the entire file, not designated passages. This is ok for what it does, but it is not a full featured or professional music editor with wave display. If you want more then look elsewhere. Four star performance for the tasks it performs and ease of installation, but for the price I expected a more advanced product. On numbers of available features I would give it 3 stars. Other products costing $20 to $40 more are way more feature-filled, including handling video files too.

You can record from a sound card line-in to a WAV file (e.g. plug an FM radio earphone jack into your computer sound card line-in to record FM radio programs), then later you convert the WAV to MP3. The older versions (e.g. Creative Media Source 5 Organizer vers 5.25) enabled sound card line-in to encode DIRECTLY to MP3 in real-time (w/o the WAV intermediate file), which was useful for long radio programs that would make large WAV files, but the new Creative Media Toolbox 6 will not stream directly to MP3. The Creative website can be confusing and you may think it encodes real time to MP3 from line-in but it does not. But it does ok in other respects, and I had no trouble at all downloading, installing and activating. BTW, the trial version does not come with MP3 encoding, but the purchased version does (i.e. you won't need to separately purchase the "Creative MP3 Audio Pack", as the audio codecs will be downloaded when you activate using your license key.

3Creative not the best for product supportAug 07, 2013
By W. Morrow "WileyWilly"
Got the Creative Toolbox 5 thinking that this would unlock a lot of the potential of my soundblaster audio card but didn't give me much in the ways that the old Windows XP drivers spent a lot odf money for nothing. Maybe in hindsight should of spent the money on a new better supported sound card.

5CMTB6 Totally AmazingMay 26, 2013
By Little Hawk chasing his Heart
CMTB6 is the COOLEST, CUTEST, most STABLE APP you will ever run on Windows 8 64-bit. Just make sure you are using the incredible sound card that shipped with Creative Media Toolbox 6. Amateurs complain that this little beauty only offers WAV and WMA recording and conversion, but kids, that's all you need. CMTB6 sound quality is an astounding 15000 kbps: compare that to ITunes or any other service and all they offer is 320kbps. Way better yet, you can use CMTB6 to split, splice and overlap! Use a converter if you want another format. WMA is PRO and so is this cute little CMTB6 powerhouse. CMTB6 TOTALLY ROCKS!

4A great Music Organizer,but way overpriced.Apr 20, 2013
By Misteron
The only reason I purchased this was that Creative listed it as a critical update for the Sound Card I had and it was on sale. I needed a Music Organizer and it worked great for me but even the sale price for this Software is too high.

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