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Creative MUVO mini IP66-rated Water-resistant Portable Bluetooth Speaker with NFC (Blue)
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Creative MUVO mini IP66-rated Water-resistant Portable Bluetooth Speaker with NFC (Blue)



This product is currently out of stock

Life of the Party

Life of the Party

Poolside Cool

Get ready to enjoy some splashing fun with your audio! Weather-tested up to IP66 standards1, the Creative MUVO mini is also water and dust resistant, ensuring nothing stops you from enjoying your music in wild weather, or the wildest pool party!

Bring the party with you

Bring the party with you

The Creative MUVO mini is designed to be small and compact for you to take it everywhere with you. Let the adventure begin!

Get the party started

Don't underestimate the audio prowess of the Creative MUVO mini because of its size! This speaker pumps out surprisingly loud and clear stereo audio with bass deep enough to get everyone dancing to your playlist.

Get the party started
Don't let the party stop

Don't let the party stop

Keep that playlist going; the Creative MUVO mini has a long battery life of up to 10 hours2. When it runs out of juice, simply charge it via its Micro USB port.


Connect wirelessly

Connect wirelessly

Simply tap on the Creative Mini to pair your NFC-enabled device for fuss-free pairing. Alternatively, you can also connect your device via Bluetooth®3.


The Creative MUVO mini comes with an integrated 3.5mm aux-in for connection to other analog audio devices.

Built-in microphone

Toggle between your playlist and your calls

Switching between your phone calls and your playlist is so hassle-free with the Creative MUVO mini. The speaker is integrated with a built-in microphone which enables it to double up as a speakerphone. When you are done with your call, simply switch back to your playlist with the tap of a button. How easy is that?

What lies beneath

Two full-range micro drivers

Two full-range micro drivers

For loud and clear stereo playback.

Oversized front bass radiator

Oversized front bass radiator

For loud bass.

What's your color?

What's your color?

The MUVO mini is available in Black, White, Blue, and Red.

1 The IP66 Ingress Protection Rating certifies that the Creative MUVO mini has adequate protection against solid particle contact with the parts within the enclosure of the product and ingression of dust and foreign bodies, as well as adequate protection against ingression of liquid from recreational activities, entering the product in any quantity of harmful effect.
2 Actual battery life varies with use, settings and environmental conditions.
3 Compatible with most Bluetooth stereo devices.


Bluetooth Wireless Speaker with NFC for fuss free connectivity

IP66 certified for dust and water protection

Shockingly loud stereo audio from 2 full range micro drivers

Oversized front bass radiator delivers "BIG SPEAKER BASS" from a compact size

Answers your calls with speakerphone teleconferencing capability

Product Details:
Product Length: 1.7 inches
Product Width: 1.4 inches
Product Height: 7.4 inches
Product Weight: 0.6 pounds
Package Length: 7.9 inches
Package Width: 4.1 inches
Package Height: 2.1 inches
Package Weight: 0.85 pounds
Average Customer Rating: based on 38 reviews
Customer Reviews:
Average Customer Review: 4.5 ( 38 customer reviews )
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Most Helpful Customer Reviews

4 of 4 found the following review helpful:

5Big BOOM from a small box!! EXCELLENT product! Also a very useful item for Hurricane seasonSep 19, 2014
By Mahlers2nd
Over the years I have tried LOTS of small bluetooth speakers... usually provided by the vendor in exchange for a review -- just like this one. However, none have performed as well as the Creative Muvo.

The speaker itself is almost exactly half the width of my 15" Macbook Pro. It is not as deep as a window sill -- I know this because I use it while doing dishes and place it on the window in front of my sink. The fact that I don't have to worry about splashes ruining the speaker -- or my momentum for doing something I'm not wild about (cleaning) is fantastic!

Set up with both my iPhone and iPad were so incredibly simple I didn't even look at any instructions -- frankly, I took it out of the box and just started playing with it like a kid on Christmas morning -- instructions are for wimps, anyway!. And for those who are in the android camp -- it also paired equally well with my Android phone and tablet! I even have an LG Env2 "dump phone" that I will use as an MP3 player for mowing and other situations where I don't want to risk the life of my more expensive electronics and the LG never sounded so good!

I started out by playing Eminence Front by The Who -- It starts out with electric keyboard but after the intro, you are hit with BASS. When I first put the song on I though "oh, that sounds good"... then the BASS kicked in and I was thinking "WOW -- Where did THAT come from!"

I have eclectic tastes and also love classical music -- this made the Bach Chaconne for Unaccompanied violin shine. Mahler's 2nd sounds great too -- maybe not as great as my Newform Research Floor speakers but different tools for different jobs!

Finally -- since we are in the midst of hurricane season -- I can not say enough about how useful a portable bluetooth speaker is when you are facing severe weather. Since I live in the land of hurricanes and freezing ice -- there are generally at least several days out of the year when I have to rely on nothing but battery-powered devices and this speaker makes it possible for the whole family to listen to what is going on when you are cut off from power so you can know when it is safe to crawl out from under your rock!

I have never heard such a small speaker pack such a big punch. However, I have tried lots of products from Creative and they have been consistently high quality.

Finally, this little speaker seems very solid and like it is built to ride around in your backpack or computer bag, keep you company around the campfire in the wilds of Northern Wisconsin, or just keep you moving while you are washing the car. You get a little water on it -- no problem because the ports for charging or connecting via a patch cable have a sturdy rubber flap to keep everything sealed.

This is a very versatile speaker that fills a whole room with sound despite its compact footprint. If you like big sound without a big price or big footprint that you can take wherever you want and which is built to last, this is a GREAT option!

2 of 2 found the following review helpful:

3Beautiful, very portable, but...Oct 12, 2014
By Luis E.
Well....this speaker is simply OK, Why?

If you are looking some stylish, beautiful, very portable but sound quality is not the first priority for you (I'm not telling sound is bad), this is the one for you!

Build quality:
WOW! once I received I thought "this thing is so beautiful, the blue color is just great!, one thing are the picture, one so different is seeing it", believe me, top quality built.

The first time I turned it on, it said "battery is about 75%" pressing Bluetooth button twice, (the voice is like a robotic woman). I used it for two weeks while taking morning shower and getting ready to work (30-40% volume), so it was about 1 hour per day. I can say battery lasted about 14 hours. Just conclude.

This is why I can't give 5 Stars. I have tested and owned too may Bluetooth speakers in range of 100-200 USD (mini jambox, Sony, Logitech UE Boom and min Boom, JBL Clip 2, Charge 2, Pulse, Creative Sound blaster Roar, and of course Bose Sounlink Mini) but I didn't wanted to spend so much money and I needed to be splashproof.

Then I played music finding that bass....OMG, where are the bass?? Am I asking too much for a small and lightweight speaker?, OK, voices and instruments are really clear, so sound is not bad, it is OK.

Comparison to others:

UE Mini boom: Beatiful, really nice rubber touch felling, incredible loud for the size, but sound is absent of bass and general sound it too much clear, so discarded.

JBL Flip 2: Sound is really clear, loud enough, but again, bass???, and when you take it in your hands it "Cracks", so it is not the best construction.

JBL Charge 2: Is almost the same as flip, bass are better but not enough as Roar, not even close to Bose. You get here some improvement and is the availability to charge your phone. $150...not the best option.

JBL Pulse: I didn't notice any difference between this one and charge 2, just the lights, lights....uhmmm....uhmmm, no words, just I didn't like it.

Bose Soundlink Mini: Small, incredible loud for the size and really good bass, OMG this little thing has the power! So I wanted it, but $200, I don't know...

Creative SoundBlaser Roar: Not so small, a little heavy, $150, but man....the sound is the best, you will really have the best bass and the best sound due independent amplifiers; all other are garbage except Bose (it is some pricey and bass are not as deep as creative, but better than others). Obviously comparison in the range of 100 - 200.

Finally, you get what you pay for, Creative MUVO is not bad, but paying $59 for incredible battery life, water-resistant, good sound but lack of bass; I think is an option to have in mind.

If you don't want to spent $150 for the Roar, or $200 for Bose Soundlink Mini, take a look to Sharkk Boombox: it is like the same size as Bose soundlink Mini (just a little bit bigger), the bass is almost the same too, but sound is clearer and more crisp; battery, OMG, I received one with 4400 mAh (amazon says it just 2500 mAh and 10 hours) but mine lasts 18 hours (the box says that). Actually I'm using it for the first time, I charged it almost full, then I started to play music about 50% volume. Right now after 19 hours and counting battery is about 30%....price $59!!!! definitely the Winner!

Creative, Bose and Sharkk didn't pay me for any advertise, it is just I like good speakers and good prices!

2 of 2 found the following review helpful:

5Amazing sound in a small packageOct 05, 2014
By PT Cruiser
The technology behind these small speakers seems to be growing by leaps and bounds. This speaker doesn't fit my definition of "pocket sized" since I'd have to have pretty big pockets to fit this 7.9 x 2 x 3.5 inch speaker (and it would surely make my butt look big!) but it fits easily into my purse, briefcase and backpack and is definitely portable. The sound is quite amazing given it's small size. It has good, strong bass, treble and mid tones. I've been listening to rock, classical and easy listening type music on it and all sound excellent. Classical is the biggest test in my opinion because of the wide range of instruments and notes, especially with the symphonies. My husband has been using it in the exercise room when he's on the treadmill because he can turn the sound way up so it can be heard over the sound of the treadmill and it still sounds great. There is no distortion at all. The Bluetooth pairs easily with all my devices including my iPhone, Kindle HD and iPad. It also pairs simply with my old iTouch 2nd Gen.

This speaker is water resistant so it's good for use around the pool, camping or at the beach. Water resistant doesn't mean you can drop it in the pool, but you don't have to worry if it gets splashed or rained on a little. I love the look of the red case. It's slightly metallic looking and feels sturdy. I like it because it's easy to see amoung all the black and gray devices and the color gives it kind of a festive look.

I feel confident about Creative Lab's products because I've been using their Sound Blaster sound cards for years in my computers and have always been very happy with the ease of installation and use and the quality of the sound. In fact, the first time I ever took apart a computer (my first which I'd only owned for a few days) was to install a Sound Blaster sound card. It only took a few minutes to connect it and I was relieved and surprised that when I put the computer back together it worked perfectly. First time! And I considered myself a computer genius from that day forward. (Thanks to Creatve Labs for giving me that kind of confidence. :) when it comes to sound, they've been at it for a long time so I'm not so surprised by the quality of this speaker.

I was provided with a sample for review.

1 of 1 found the following review helpful:

5One of the best bluetooth speakers in its class!Nov 10, 2014
By Jeet
I have had the Creative Muvo Mini Bluetooth speaker for a little while and I have absolutely loved it so far. I will highlight my experience with the product in this review.

In the box, you will find the actual speaker, a micro-USB charging cable, and a user manual.

The design of the speaker is really nice. It comes in a very compact size, but don't let that fool you into thinking that small = bad sound. I have tested out many bluetooth speakers but I think this one has come forward as my most used speaker. Not only is it extremely portable, but this also sounds amazing! The bass is excellent and the mids and highs are all very crisp. This little guy also gets pretty loud and you can use it when you have a get together with friends.

The speaker itself has a matte rubber finish to it which feels nice to the touch. On the top you have 4 buttons and a couple LED indicator lights. You have a power button, a blueooth button, and 2 volume buttons (increase and decrease). Pairing with this speaker was extremely simple. After you take it out of the box, turn it on and simple press the bluetooth button. Once it goes into searching mode (indicated by the flashing light) you search for it on your bluetooth audio device. On that you will find "Creative MUVO mini". Once you connect, you are good to go! The awesome thing is that once you connect, you never have to connect again. You also have the option to connect via NFC as well.

The really nice thing about this speaker is the playback time on one charge. I usually just charge it overnight and it goes for at least 8 hours.

I am a fan of all kinds of music (rap, R&B, rock, alternative etc) and this speaker does not disappoint in the sound quality across the entire spectrum of music. Also, I "accidentally" tested the weather resistant aspect by leaving it outside during a rain storm. I thought that this speaker was toast, but much to my surprise, it worked like nothing ever happened to it. So, it clearly can handle water going all over.

Overall, this is an excellent bluetooth speaker and I give it a 5 star rating! If you are in the market for a small and affordable bluetooth speaker I would highly recommend this one. You will not be disappointed!

I was provided a sample for my honest evaluation.

1 of 1 found the following review helpful:

5Really Magnificent Sound...Sep 24, 2014
By JP "J.P."
I was lucky enough to get to try the Creative Muvo Mini Pocket-Sized Weather Resistant Bluetooth Speaker and I have been literally blown away by it's performance and features. This system is compact, easy to tote, but packs amazing sound quality, it's almost unbelievable. I also like that it is life resistant, so accidental spills are no big deal. The speaker has a very polished/modern type look so it's great for the home, office, or on the go.

The sound from the Muvo is both clear and crisp, quite professional and even. Great bass and accurate reproduction of highs and lows. Even at higher volumes the sound did not become distorted, like some other speakers on the market.

The Muvo also features a built-in mic and I tested this speaker as a hands-free speakerphone for my Smartphone and found it to work really well. I could hear my caller clear and they remarked it was easy to hear me and the sound was quite clear on their end. There is also an Aux-in port built-in to the unit on the back for use with the included 3.5mm cable so this speaker can be used with older devices that may not have Bluetooth wireless technology. Both the USB and 3.5mm ports are covered with a rubber stopper to help keep the unit water resistant.

Overall, I think the Creative Muvo Mini Pocket-Sized Weather Resistant Bluetooth Speaker is one of the best Bluetooth speakers I have owned and used to date. Having the option of using Bluetooth or a 3.5mm connection to pair to the speaker is impressive and so is the water resistant design. The battery life (up to 10 hours) is fantastic and nearly double similar types of wireless speaker systems available on the market today. I would thoroughly recommend this product to anyone looking for a great portable sound system, or for a hands-free smartphone speaker for the home or office.

[Review Sample Provided For Review And Evaluation]

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