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Creative MA200 Headset for Mobile Phones (Black/Red)
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Creative MA200 Headset for Mobile Phones (Black/Red)

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Product Details:
Product Length: 5.0 inches
Product Width: 1.0 inches
Product Height: 2.8 inches
Product Weight: 0.03 pounds
Package Length: 5.3 inches
Package Width: 3.8 inches
Package Height: 1.1 inches
Package Weight: 0.1 pounds
Average Customer Rating: based on 39 reviews
Customer Reviews:
Average Customer Review: 3.0 ( 39 customer reviews )
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2 of 2 found the following review helpful:

4Bass is a bit too strong, but otherwise quite niceOct 24, 2013
To get straight to the point, the bass on this things is wayyyyyy powerful. To my ears, it's actually *too* powerful, sometimes overpowering the lyrics in bass-heavy songs (with today's uninspired lyrics, one does have to wonder if they're actually meant to be heard). I think it's important to know about this, since not everyone wants booming bass in their ear, but that's about the only thing I find as a serious "con."

The cord itself is pleasingly long. I'm 6'4" and, with the earbuds in, the end of the cord comes down to my knees. This is great for situations where you may have the player at your back (e.g. running) and need a longer cord. The flat cord is supposedly less prone to tangling and, while this has been true, it does seem to be harder to actually find the jack in all that cord. The jack itself is angled at almost 90º, which is great in some situations but not so much in others (personally, I like it, but I could see it being a problem for others). It's also worth noting that the sealed nature of the ear buds means taps on the cord transmit the sound to your ears. With the volume at a reasonable level, this isn't noticeable, but at low volumes, you'll hear it every time the cord bumps up against something.

The volume control is worth talking about. It is not actually the type that controls the device to which it's connected. Instead, it's an in-line potentiometer design that increases/reduces the volume *after* it leaves the device. That is to say that you'll never be able to increase the volume on the device from the headphones. If you set the volume at 50%, 50% is all you'll get at "max" volume on the headphones. This is actually a nice feature, imho, since you can set an upper limit and then have finer control through the headphones. On the other hand, the slider on the headphones isn't particularly precise, so the practice doesn't quite keep up with the theory. Still, it's nice to know you won't accidentally run the volume all the way up while running then blow your ears out next time because you forgot to to turn things down. The button used to pause/play/skip seems to work fine, though as an Apple person, the entire volume button assembly is a bit too large for my tastes. The microphone works well enough, but the fact that the cords themselves pass the sounds of "bumps" and "rubs" makes it less useful than I'd like.

In the end, I'm generally pleased with the headphones. Compared to the retail price of Apple Earpods, this seem to be reasonably priced for the increased bass response, longer cord, etc. That said, were it not for the extra-long cord, I might look elsewhere, if only because the bass is a bit too over-tuned for my tastes.

EDIT (9/2014): I'm rethinking my take on the bass. I have several sets of earpods/headphones and I've come to rely on these when I want nice bass. That's not to say I carry these all the time, but if I can tell a song has a nice bass line, I'll reach for these every time.

2 of 2 found the following review helpful:

3Good for Voice but not music.Nov 06, 2013
By S. A. ROBBINS "shirley_rw"
These Creative Earbuds are fairly good for voice communications but not for music. I even tried using an equalizer to compensate for the distorted and tinny high end but then was left with a very muted high end. I am comparing these Creative Hitz MA-350 Earphones against 4 other headphones and 3 sets of earbuds. They definitely are not even close to any of the headphones I have (including a set of Creative Hitz MA-2400 headphones). They rank in the middle of the other earbuds I have, not as good as a pair of Skullcandy but much better than a pair of Moshi Mythro that I tried. I haven't really found a pair of reasonably priced earbuds that I like for music and and will continue to stick to headphones for music. These earbuds were comfortable and lightweight. If you are looking for a set of earbuds for your smartphone then these are worth considering, if you want to listen to music then I would not recommend them.

1 of 1 found the following review helpful:

5Excellent sound at a good price; a bargain with lots of good features; rugged (tough) but beautiful designOct 22, 2013
By Amazon Customer
Overall, I think these ear buds produce excellent sound at a good price and feel well made and durable. I'm pretty tough on headphones and have owned many pairs of buds, over ear, and on ear phones ranging from $5 to $300. I have traveled a lot and I think these will accompany me on future travel.

Specific breakdown:

Bass, treble, overall balance - excellent bass response; best I've heard in this price range compared with Sony (unknown model), and Skullcandy. I ran these little beauties though dubstep, dance, classical, R&B, country, and an audio book. You get an amazing amount of bass, but it doesn't seem to muffle the singer or speaker. The higher frequency sound doesn't seem as clear as some of the high end earbuds ($100 price range), but for the money, it's outstanding.

Ambient noise is VERY reduced as advertised. Imagine a comfortable pair of ear plugs for construction work or shooting, combined with a good pair of earbuds. Even with the music off, these very effectively dampen the surrounding noise, but they are not electronically canceling noise; it's in the earbud design and material. This is great for tuning out the music played over the speakers at gyms, and lets you enjoy your tunes/book of choice. I tried a looping white noise MP3 and found it was very effective in completely removing the surrounding environment noise.

One of the major advantages of this ambient noise reduction is that the music does not need to be played loudly to be heard in noisy environments, which could help preserve hearing. Parents could pair these with a noise level control measure (such as on iTunes or built into some MP3 players) to help keep music enjoyable but safe for kids/teens. On the downside, they may not honestly be able to hear you if you speak to them. Just like all noise canceling devices, I would also not advise wearing these or letting a child/teen wear these in situations where situational awareness is needed for safety.

Cord - Flat, unobtrusive, seems tough enough to take a beating in the gym, backpacking in the mountains, on the subway, or on the plane.

Microphone - ergonomically positioned and hangs just to the level of my mouth and well above the cable split. About as good as my phone mic when comparing the quality of the voice heard on the other phone. The person on the other end of the phone did not know I was using a different mic from the one on my phone.

Pause button/answer button/end call button and volume control - The single button on the cord control serves as a pause button for music (I tried it out on an iPhone 3GS), it answers calls, and it also disconnects calls when pushed at the end of a conversation. The volume control is a slide switch, smooth sliding, and it doesn't feel cheap, nice! The pause button worked as advertised on my iPhone, and the volume control worked on any platform I tried (old MP3 player, computer, and iPhone).

Earbud covers - 3 sets of cushy rubber earbud covers are included; 1 small, 1 medium, 1 large. I was a bit nervous pulling the set off of the headphones (they seemed to be attached), but after a good tug the cover came off undamaged and I was able to quickly attach the different size. They are attached in a more sturdy fashion than some others I have tried, and I think these will last and not stretch or fall off. Again, it seems well made and tough, but very comfortable.

1 of 1 found the following review helpful:

4Solid In-Ear Headphones, Good for RunningDec 18, 2013
By Carl Cheng
I've tried quite a few in-ear headphones, which are really important for me when running because i like to tune out the world. What's nice about running with these are that the headphones stay in quite well given all the movement. I did notice that my left ear falls out a bit more so I'm guessing that canal is a bit larger so it's nice that these headphones do come with additional ear bud sizes.

The mic and volume control is nice and sturdy too. Buttons have a good feel and I don't worry about sweating on them or breaking them from wear and tear. The volume control is great too as a slider so you can quickly mute or increase or decrease the sound without having to push a volume + or - button so many times.

Two other qualities that make these headphones good for running is that the length isn't too long and there's little to no vibration you can feel or hear from the cords bouncing around.

One thing I did notice while running, sometimes there was a bit of static that would appear quite frequently, it might have been just the wind or my iPhone. It never happened when I walked though.

1 of 1 found the following review helpful:

3Great for electronic music, but don't expect them to lastFeb 20, 2015
By Willard
They are the loudest headphones I have ever had. I could actually hear them producing all the ranges of sounds.
Doesn't sound tinny
Mic works great
Tuned for bass
Left side went soft after 2 months. Every single creative headphone product i have ever owned always has one side go soft on me.
Other thoughts:
They should always be used under 80% volume of your device. They may advertise it can go louder, but you shouldn't. They simply don't last.

UPDATE: I bought a second pair, and they sent me a new pair replacing the old ones via warranty. Seems so far that I happened to get a bad egg with my first one. So far I have used them both, with up to 100% volume. I have found that the cause of the others going soft could have been that sometimes i would equalize for bass on my phone, and the bass might have been overwhelming for these. Haven't tested it, (and don't want to), it's just a theory.

UPDATE 2: The new one's I bought have gone a little soft after 4 weeks of consistant loud volume. Again, They SAY they can go loud, but don't go too loud.

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