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Creative Live! Cam Notebook Ultra Webcam
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Creative Live! Cam Notebook Ultra Webcam



This product is currently out of stock

Superior Video Chat on the Go!
Keep in touch with friends and family wherever you roam

Please consider the Refurbished Creative Live! Cam Notebook Ultra for just $24.99!

Go anywhere, be anywhere, and stay connected all the times! Whether you're enjoying a cup of cappuccino at a café, waiting for a flight at an airport, or simply decked out in your backyard, you want to stay connected to the world. With the Creative Live! Cam Notebook Ultra, you can say hi to your friends, family, or colleagues, wherever you roam.

Look Your Best
Whether you're chatting on the web, recording a new video blog, or snapping photos, you'll want to look your best. Creative's Live! View technology automatically selects the best setting for you so that your image always looks sharp and vivid. The ultra wide-angle lens and Smart Face Tracking feature keeps you in the frame and looking sharp no matter how much you might move around.

Record video to your PC - perfect for posting a video blog, uploading to the Internet, or creating a home movie. You won't look grainy or fuzzy using Live! Cam Notebook Ultra. A high quality 1.3mp (1280x960) sensor, Live! View technology, and auto tuning give you video quality you may not expect from such a compact webcam.

Sound Your Best
Live! Cam Notebook Ultra incorporates Creative's superior audio technology by using a set of built-in adaptive array microphones. The dual microphones and Creative's exclusive Live! Audio technology cancels out background noise, so all you hear is pure voice over the Internet.

Which Live! Cam is right for you?
Compare them all to narrow in on the Creative Live! Cam that best suits your needs.

Have Some Fun with Your Webcam

Video Effects Video Effects from Creative's Advanced Video FX
Change the face of instant messaging! So you've heard all about video effects - the special effects like snowflakes, masks, eye glasses, hairdos, etc. that you add to your video image while chatting online. But wait, what about having a beautiful backdrop behind you like the Eiffel Tower or Sydney Opera House? Plus, you can morph your image into water ripples, blow bubbles out of your mouth, or simple become invisible. You can do all this with Creative's extensive, free collection of video effects and more.
Exclusive Voice Effects from Creative's Advanced Audio FX
Let them hear you, in many ways! Don't just doodle and morph your image, do something about your voice! Now with Creative's exclusive Audio FX technology, you can talk like a chipmunk, a robot, or a duck. You can even soun like a 5 year-old kid with squeaky high-pitched voice or an 80 year-old man with quivering low-drone voice. Try it to believe it!

Get Much More...

Parental Controls Exclusive Parental Control
Creative stands by safe online chat! Live! Cam Optia offers exclusive parental control that is not found on any other webcam. You can enable parental control during setup. Simply create a login and password so that the next time someone uses the webcam, it requires your password before streaming live video over the Internet. Parental control, smart face tracking, and other software features require the CD software installation.

Greater viewing flexibility and privacy
Live! Cam Notebook Ultra rotates to almost any viewing angle at up to 240°. Plus, the embedded image sensor detects camera rotation at 90º or above, so that your image is always upright.

Hi Speed USB Smooth video, uninterrupted live chat
Experience smooth, full motion 30 frames per second digital video and top quality images with hi-speed USB 2.0 throughput. Live! Cam Notebook Ultra is also backward compatible and works with any USB 1.1 connection.


Side View Front View Swivel lens Rotation

Product Details:
Product Length: 7.1 inches
Product Width: 2.2 inches
Product Height: 11.7 inches
Product Weight: 1.05 pounds
Package Length: 10.6 inches
Package Width: 8.3 inches
Package Height: 3.8 inches
Package Weight: 1.05 pounds
Average Customer Rating: based on 42 reviews
Customer Reviews:
Average Customer Review: 3.0 ( 42 customer reviews )
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Most Helpful Customer Reviews

29 of 31 found the following review helpful:

4A good choiceJul 04, 2005
By M. Brodsky
I just installed Creative's Live Ultra Webcam and Live Ultra Webcam Notebook Version on my two computers and tested our videoconferencing with each other. The true USB 2.0 connection struck me as an advantage in purchasing this item. For the most part, I am happy. The quality of the video is good. I activated the feature that causes the camera to zoom in and out automatically to track the face of the user, and it worked quite well in "continuous" mode. There is one clear glitch, which is that on both of my computers (Win XP) I cannot get the computer to recognize the cam without disconnecting and reconnecting the USB connection each time I reboot. Creative's tech support people initially suggested just reinstalling the software, which was the lazy way out and did nothing but waste my time.

I used Yahoo Messenger to arrange the videoconferencing. I found the instructions for doing this pretty useless, but eventually I figured it out (I think). Making the connection is one challenge. Getting the connection to work at a tolerable speed (what Yahoo calls Super Webcam mode) is darn near a mystery, though with enough trial and error it happens. (Given that Creative Labs promotes Yahoo Messenger and vice versa, I cannot fathom why so little attention was given to instructing purchasers of this webcam how to use Messenger. Companies that make add-ons routinely make silly mistakes with instructions that only serve to drive up their costs of service and aggravate their customers, but that's a broader subject.) I have a personal firewall via my virus software, and I think it may have helped to ratchet that back.

Modest irritants aside, the product itself seems very solid, and once you get it working it's easy to use the features and the quality is good.

22 of 23 found the following review helpful:

5Totally impressedMay 15, 2005
By John the Italian
I only wanted to spend 50 bucks for a webcam, and I saw this Creative Labs Live! line. I actually intended to buy the regular Live, and not the Ultra, based on what people were saying. When I got to the store, though, all the info people kept raving about was mostly actually details about THIS camera, that they had confused with the more basic version. I haven't used the Live! but I can tell you this is worth the price so it's certainly worth the difference in price.

Not only is it quick and easy to install but the picture quality is great. For some people at high-res video it might be a little grainy (colored noise I mean) but it's nothing you pay attention to. The thing that surprised me is you can EDIT the video with sliders! Color saturation, gamma, contrast, etc... like the basic Photoshop of video, even while the feed is taking place. Comes with a cute headset, plenty of options and file formats. It even looks cool. This feels ritzy to own, but because of how functional it is, and how good it is at doing what it's supposed to. Pleasantly surprised, and glad it worked out this way.

32 of 38 found the following review helpful:

5Software ConflictJun 12, 2005
By Carl William Sisco "Carl"
I purchased the Creative Labs Live Ultra WebCam VF0060 for my home PC. Unfortunatley, it would never give a video picture. I phoned Creative Labs and their Tech. support people indicated a conflict with Haupauge WinTV. The only choice offered was to delete the WinTV software or return the webcam to Amazon. Before I chose to return the webcam, I tried it on my daughters laptop that does not have WinTV loaded. The video and audio feeds where excellent. The moral: If you have WinTV loaded on your computer, this isn't the webcam for you!

6 of 6 found the following review helpful:

2If buying for remote monitoring or home security - Buyer Beware!Jun 17, 2006
By K. Winter
First off this review was originally for the Creative WebCam Live! however the software that runs the entire Creative Live! Live! Pro and Live! Ultra is the exactly same, and the cameras are very simular so this review should be relevant to all customers considering buying a creative webcam.

There is a reason why Creative Labs doesn't want you to test a real working camera with the Creative Webcam Suite on it's web site and here is why...

First off the Postives:

- Great picture in good lighting.

- Would be great for yahoo web camera instant messaging only. (yahoo is the only one supported by creative)

The Negatives:

- The Camera is blind as a bat in low light, even low light that humans can see fairly easily in.

- WebCam Center - overpromises way under delivers.

- Remote Monitoring Feature - You have to go through a round about way to monitor your camera. You have to have the creative suite open, then you have to connect to yahoo messenger. I can see why Creative did this, to save on money, but a web server address would be much, much better like some of the competition offer for free.

- Motion Detection Feature (for home/business security) - Would work great if the camera was not blind as a bat in low light. You really think the theives are going to turn on all the lights so the camera can see them? Nope, so it won't detect them.

Bottom line a good camera for basic video instant messaging, and horrible for remote viewing and for motion detection security purposes.

8 of 9 found the following review helpful:

4Creative Labs - Live Ultra WebcamOct 02, 2005
By William A. Morehouse
Installation was simple except for one flaw in which I had to email Creative technical support for help. The installation went fine and I was able to record video after the install. However, I didn't have any audio to go with the video on playback. I sent an email to Creative Tech Support describing my problem and they responded within 24 hours and provided a weblink to their Knowledge Base that lead me directly to the symptoms of "No Audio". I followed their knowledge base instructions and corrected my audio problem. I just wondered why during the installation they didn't take me through the audio set-up if the audio was not automatically configured during installation. Other then that one incident I've been enjoying this option on my PC and in-spite of this initial problem and would recommend this device.

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