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Creative Live! Cam Connect HD Webcam
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Creative Live! Cam Connect HD Webcam



This product is currently out of stock
Product Details:
Product Length: 5.64 inches
Product Width: 3.28 inches
Product Height: 6.14 inches
Product Weight: 0.48 pounds
Package Length: 6.3 inches
Package Width: 6.2 inches
Package Height: 3.3 inches
Package Weight: 0.4 pounds
Average Customer Rating: based on 35 reviews
Customer Reviews:
Average Customer Review: 3.0 ( 35 customer reviews )
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5Uses Far Less Resources And Skypes BeautifullyMay 19, 2012
By Richard The Buying Hearted
This little jewell is just sitting there amongst the better knowns glittering away and I want to call some attention to it!!! The big selling point here is the onboard processing chip. The advent of High Definition in Skyping has sorely taxed many a users computer system and given less than steller results. Since most of the processing required to display a crisp 720p image to your family and friends (and face it who needs the wrinkle and wart revealing microscopic examination of 1080p???) 720 is good enough to make you and your environs look great without too much detail to give away the game, adding an onboard processor immediately translates into much more fluid camera operation in Skype mode and better picture and sound overall. It's Skype certified and has auto focusing (that works) and a noise cancelling microphone to make the conversation clear and distinct. It costs less than the competition and does the job without a lot of bells and whistles. There are millions of us I know who don't want the camera to phone home or update our facebook page just Skype us a decent conversation that looks good and sounds good. This Creative Live! Cam accomplishes that while freeing up the processing in your own computer to handle other things. I had a usb problem with the first one they sent me and Creative promptly replaced it overnight in a show of some of the best customer service I've experienced in this field (try microsoft or logitech if you want nightmares). I cannot recommend this cam highly enough. From fluid 720p skyping with software with plenty of sfx that feature cool video and voice effects and stunning single camera pictures...not to mention that it can be used as a surveillance system for your home or busines too...this baby does it all at a price that won't break the bank!!

3 of 3 found the following review helpful:

4Good performance and a nice bundle but can't dethrone the C910Apr 25, 2012
By J
I'm comparing the Creative to the comparably priced Logitech C910 which I also own.

Build quality:
The build of the Logitech is much more sturdy and solid, especially the clamp. The clamp on the Creative Live feels flimsy in comparison, although it does adequately support the web cam on the lid of a laptop. However, on a thicker desktop LCD monitor, the Logitech fits much better. The Logitech clamped securely onto the LCD but I had a hard time getting the Creative to fit comfortably on the same monitor.

Both cameras offer 720P video calling (Skype, etc) but the Logitech offers 1080P video recording. The overall quality of the C910 is noticeably better with sharper more vivid images and less noise. The Creative by comparison seems grainy, dull and washed out. There were no problems with movement FPS on either cam. I also compared the Creative to a built-in webcam on a typical consumer-grade laptop. The Creative blew away the 2MP stock web cam in pretty much everything, especially frames per second during video recording. About the only area the integrated camera could somewhat keep up was still images if the resolution was set to the highest and there was plenty of light available. The Creative has pretty decent low-light performance although, once again, it's not nearly as nice as the quality of the C910.

The C910 requires installation of the software before connecting the camera. The Creative requires you to connect the camera and install the software afterward. I had no issues in either Windows 7 or Vista detecting, installing, and using the Creative camera in Skype. If you want more versatility, a little fun, creativity or security out of either camera, you can install one or all of the included bundled software. This is where Creative finally edges out Logitech by offering a more appealing software bundle. Logitech offers face masks, avatars, and special effects for video and still images. Although somewhat fun, the video masks and avatars weren't the most precise and the remaining features were pretty much standard fare. By comparison, Creative's Avatar maker is a re-branded light version of Crazy Talk (although they offer plenty of opportunities and prompts to upgrade). I've already created several animations of myself and the dog that had my daughters howling with laughter. If you are interested in trying out Crazy talk and you're in the market for a web cam, this might be a nice package deal. There is also facial recognition software and video surveillance software with the Creative. The remaining software is standard fare, like Logitech.

If you're in the market primarily for a web cam first and foremost and performance is the most important factor, then it's really not a contest. It's hard to choose the Creative over the much more solidly built and better performing Logitech C910 or even C920 at the current price points. Currently, the difference in price between the Creative and two Logitech models is less than ten dollars and twenty dollars respectively. That to me will be the biggest hurdle for the Creative. Unless you really want (or need) the better bundled software, it's hard to choose the Creative over the C910 or C920, especially if you plan to do a lot of video chatting or web blogging and want the best quality.

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4Great video, quality audio, easy set-upJul 26, 2013
By J. Lewis
This little unit easily clamps onto the top of our 24" Dell monitor and provides great video quality. The audio is rather hollow in our office in comparison to the headset I've been using, but the quality is good and there is no feedback issue with the Dell sound bar. The setup was simple and Skype found the camera and the mike without a hitch. We're very happy with this purchase and, of course, Amazon delivered it about 38 hours after I placed my order. You can't ask for much more.

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4Easy Setup / Good Quality Image / Does The Job For MeMay 20, 2012
By frankp93 "frankp93"
I had a minor glitch installing the driver on 64-bit Windows 7. When I first plugged in the USB cable Windows correctly identified the cam. After installing the bundle however, Windows lost device recognition until after I rebooted - not a big deal but something to be aware of.

The USB cable is about 4 feet long. I wish it were a couple of feet longer for my setup. If you don't use USB ports on your monitor consider the distance from the camera mount point to the nearest port. I can only reach a port on the front of the PC by running the cable across my desk surface, which isn't ideal.

The software bundle includes two remote access streaming services, GotoCamera and mobilecamstreamer. These allow you to monitor your cam via mobile phone or another PC to keep an eye on your home while away, children, elderly parents, pets, etc.

The client software is easy to set up and GotoCamera offers a free basic service. However, I'm primarily interested in creating instructional music videos and still shots and don't have much use for remote monitoring.

Creative provides a 'Live Central 3' app for basic video and still capture with integrated upload to youTube. It includes a set of basic editing controls - it's not Photoshop, but the equivalent of software you might get with a scanner: adjustments include contrast, gamma, brightness as well as something called 'face softening' - a soft focus effect. I found the app very intuitive to use.

Camera quality is not crystal clear but it's more than adequate for my needs. While there's noticeable visual latency when playing a musical instrument, I realize I'm capturing and playing back concurrently so that's to be expected, as opposed to streaming a compressed video a la youTube.

All in all I'm satisfied with how easy the setup was and the overall image quality.

1 of 1 found the following review helpful:

2Comparable to a low- to mid-range Logitech webcamMay 11, 2012
By Amazon Customer
I don't know how I ever got to be picky about webcam image quality, but apparently, I am. I compared the Creative Live! Cam Connect HD 720p Webcam to a couple of webcams that I own, a Logitech HD Pro Webcam C910 and a older Logitech, the E2500. The Creative webcam's image quality is better than that of the E2500--let's say 50 percent better--but its image quality is much poorer than the C910's--let's say 75 percent poorer. I use a webcam nearly every day to Skype with a distant co-worker, and my co-worker recognized that I was using a different webcam before I mentioned it. The C910's optics are much, much sharper.

However, I was interested in the Creative webcam's tout of its hardware encoder, which potentially meant that it might work better on my son's ancient Pentium 4, Windows XP system. It didn't really have any benefit that I could see--if I increased the resolution to its maximum, the frame rate dropped to an almost unusable rate. At lower resolutions, the image quality suffered.

The Creative Live! Cam Connect HD 720p Webcam's build quality is just okay--it doesn't feel substantial. Again, compared to the C910, it's inferior.

I can compare this webcam only to the ones I own, but I can guess that it might compare to one of Logitech's lower- or mid-range models, like the HD Webcam C615, but that model costs $20 less. The C910 (and now the C920) cost a bit more than this model, but it's well worth the difference. If money really is tight for you, then I would probably recommend one of the Logitech models.

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