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Creative Inspire T10 2.0 Desktop Speakers
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Creative Inspire T10 2.0 Desktop Speakers



This product is currently out of stock

Enhanced Bass with BasXPort technology

Product Details:
Product Length: 9.4 inches
Product Width: 6.9 inches
Product Height: 8.1 inches
Product Weight: 5.5 pounds
Package Length: 9.5 inches
Package Width: 8.0 inches
Package Height: 7.0 inches
Package Weight: 5.5 pounds
Average Customer Rating: based on 253 reviews
Customer Reviews:
Average Customer Review: 4.0 ( 253 customer reviews )
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Most Helpful Customer Reviews

191 of 198 found the following review helpful:

5t10 vs logitech x-140: t10 winsJul 23, 2008
By Picky Consumer
As with most things, it really depends on what you're looking for. If you're looking for speakers around $30, that dont take up much power and dont need to damage eardrums at your next rave party, then you should really consider these. I recently bought both the T10's and the logitech x-140's and had a chance to literally do a side-by-side comparison on my desk. The T10's just sound better, there's no question about that. But they're also slightly more expensive.

-both look great.
-both are low wattage - easy on your electric bill and wont annoy the neighbors
-on both, treble is not too tinny, bass is not too overpowering; on both midrange is wanting (tho you can live with it in either case, its not terrible either).
-both have tone knobs, which is nice
-both do special things to try to enhance bass (logitech has an excusion driver, t10 has a duct)
-If you plug either into a power strip that turns off when you turn off your computer (such as the "smart strip" - to save energy and so that you dont forget to turn off/on your speakers), both will make a small "Popping sound" when turned on or off in that way. However - the logitech's sound is considerably louder and more annoying than the t10's sound. The logitech in fact makes a fairly loud 'pop' even when you just turn it on normally (the t10 does not).
-logitech has bright orange led which may be too bright; t10's green led is normal.

-logitech is about $20 to $25 cheaper, depending on current prices, tho the t10's can come close if you happen to catch one of the rebates.
-logitech is 2.5w per speaker RMS, t10's are 5w per speaker RMS. That said, if you're looking for personal speakers, both will be plenty loud. The logitech in particular suprised me in terms of how loud it could get on just 2.5 watts/speaker. I used to own a 2w/channel pc speaker system before and it never got nearly as loud as the logitech's do. Clearly speaker technology keeps evolving.
-logitech x-140's each have a single speaker plus a 'bass excursion' driver. Each T10 has a bass duct - plus 2 speakers in each case - a tweeter and a woofer.
-Both are about the same weight and roughly the same size - both are a bit bulkier compared to the average desktop speaker. But in a good way.

Sound comparison: T10 wins, but Logitech is respectable
I did a side by side comparision, swapping out the creatives and then the logitechs from my pc while playing the same song list for comparison. First I listened to the logitech x140's -- and was impressed. For the size and very low wattage, they're remarkable: Loud, fairly decent bass, easily fill a room, definitely many steps better than the 'stock' speakers that come with pc's. Mid-range of course was lacking a bit, but voices clear when listening to the news or watching youtube interviews. I thought I could live with them quite happily as an inexpensive set of personal speakers.
Then I tried the T10's. Within 10 seconds I knew I would be keeping the T10's rather than the logitechs. Why? Look: At this price and wattage range, you are not going to get audiophile quality speakers anyway. So one has to just get something as good as possible within this range. And the T10's seem to me as good as it gets within this range. In particular, compared directly with the Logitech's, they were simply and clearly better in sound quality. The sound was much less 'boxy,' a touch less muddy, a touch more clear, more 'alive'; the highs were a touch crisper, the lows were a touch deeper, the soundstage was a touch wider, songs sounded a touch better. The T10's are, after all, using twice the wattage and have 2 drivers in each case rather than 1 -- and you CAN tell that it makes a difference.

I mean I could live with the logitech's quite happily - unless I heard the T10s.

So how do voices sound on the T10? Whats the midrange like? Midrange could be better (as with all speakers in this price range). But its good enough to live with. Voices in newscasts etc sounded good, were not drowned out by bass or treble.

Other notes on the T10:
-tone knob is useless if moved much from the middle position.
-they look and feel just fantastic, like they're much more expensive than they are. THey're *heavy* for such small speakers, and the nice black piano finish is classy. They reek quality in touch and feel.

Bottom line: If you want to save $20 (depending on current prices), get the logitech's. You *will* be happy with them. If you can throw in an extra $20, yes get the T10s. You'll be genuinely satisfied with them.

Whats more, if you get one of those turtle beach usb sound cards, they have a built-in 10-stage equalizer. I'm using my t-10's with a USB steelseries sibera sound card (which is similar to turtle beach) and I was able to tweak the equalization to my hearts content. The t-10's responded very well to such tweaking.

78 of 80 found the following review helpful:

5A GREAT Choice for Computer Speakers!Apr 16, 2008
By L.A. Radio Guy "L.A. Radio Guy"
I bought these somewhere else, as I had a gift card to use. But I wanted to add my review, since I saw an unfavorable review here. I LOVE these speakers! I am enjoying my computer so much more since adding the Creative Inspire T-10s. Maybe the other reviewer was listening to electronic-based music? I like acoustic music, and these are WONDERFUL. Strings and pianos are a good test of whether your speakers can deliver good audio, and the stings and pianos sound fabulous on these. Maybe he was listening too close? Stand back a few feet - they sound wonderful, and fill the room with a clean, open, rich, full sound - a pleasant, natural, firm bass.. without that overly-colored sub-woofer bass sound.
P.S. - my career is in producing and adjusting audio. I've worked in L.A. radio for over 20 years. These are the best $50 I've spent on my computer. Looking for a great-looking, nice-sounding, affordable set of computer speakers? Like clean, clear, natural-sounding music - especially acoustic? I recommend these speakers wholeheartedly.

89 of 100 found the following review helpful:

4Good Speakers For The MoneyMar 02, 2008
By White Lotus

14 of 15 found the following review helpful:

5Really nice-sounding speakers!Dec 11, 2008
By Skip
I recently purchased a Samsung 19" LCD TV for the kitchen and was very disappointed with the audio, so I decided to find small external speakers with very good if not excellent sound quality to connect to the TV. Although I read several positive reviews of the Creative Inspire T10 speakers before I purchased, I was still a bit wary of what I would get, as I am picky about sound quality (e.g., I have purchased quite a bit of audiophile-grade speakers and components over the years for stereo and home theater systems). But when I hooked them up and began listening, I was amazed at the wonderful tonality and frequency response that these speakers delivered. I was also very pleased with the build quality. I noticed from the carton that Creative Labs includes the well-respected Cambridge SoundWorks, a company well known for its quality speakers and high performance:price ratio, so I suspect that this arm of the company may have had input into the design of these speakers. In any case, I am buying another pair for my PC, which I think is about the highest recommendation I can make!

23 of 28 found the following review helpful:

3mehNov 29, 2009
By technopagan
So, after reading the reviews for some slightly above average pc speakers, I chose these. Primarily, I use my computer for movies and tv episodes ... I have better equipement for music if I need tunes.

Pros: Substantial and well-put-together, these are pretty, with shiny, piano black facing to the speakers, and a grill over the speaker cones. Unlike Altec Lansing speakers, these are not hard wired and can be separated.

Sound is just ok: there is bass but it's "muddy". The tone knob, as others have noted, is pretty useless because bass and treble are controlled with the same knob. Volume is a little lower than I expected. Overall, it's just a tepid sound. Not terrible, but not up to the expense.

Verdict: I wouldn't have bought these. They are overpriced for the features they offer, and I wish I'd gotten the cheaper set I'd looked into.

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