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Creative Inspire S2 Wireless 2.1 Bluetooth Wireless Speaker System
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Creative Inspire S2 Wireless 2.1 Bluetooth Wireless Speaker System



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Free your music with wireless audio


Experience a whole new realm of audio freedom with the Creative Inspire S2 Wireless speaker system featuring Bluetooth® wireless technology. You can now stream music from any compatible stereo Bluetooth wireless device from anywhere in the room. Enjoy crystal clear audio from its two petite yet high-performance satellite speakers and the highly efficient Creative DIRECT-THROW subwoofer, which delivers dynamic mid bass - bringing your music to life instantly!

Ideal for notebooks, simply connect the bundled USB Bluetooth transmitter and turn your computer into a wireless entertainment station! With instant connectivity at your fingertips, take control of the music now with the Inspire S2 Wireless speakers. Do note that cables are still needed to connect the satellites to the subwoofer, and are included in the package.

Integrating the Inspire S2 Wireless to your lifestyle


Bluetooth connectivity

Bluetooth connectivity

Play songs wirelessly from your mobile phone or any compatible stereo Bluetooth device a hassle-free pairing.
Included dongle/transmitterConvert your computer to a wireless audio hub
Simply plug in the included USB Bluetooth transmitter to your computer's USB port and enjoy wireless audio through the speaker system.
aptX audio codec supportHigh performance aptX™ audio codec
Low latency audio codec for high quality wireless music playback.
Small satellite speakerPalm-sized satellites
The speakers may literally be palmed-sized but they pack one solid punch. Backed by quality drivers, get ready for a highly enjoyable listening experience.
Power, volume, AUX-in and headphone jacksConvenient access
Key functions such as volume and Power On/Off are easily accessible via the right satellite speaker. You can also plug in your headphones for private listening. Want to switch to your MP3 player? Simply connect it via the AUX-in jack.
Compact systemCompact system
The two trendy satellites with cloth grilles and subwoofer come in a small-footprint design which optimizes space on your desktop and reduce unnecessary clutter. The speakers fit perfectly into small spaces with minimal hassle.
DIRECT-THROW subwooferPowerful subwoofer
The highly efficient Creative DIRECT-THROW subwoofer design with flared slot type port-tube gives you excellent heart-thumping bass for exhilarating movies. Place it in the corner under your desk for maximum impact!
Adjustable bass level adjust knobBe in control
You can set your desired bass level simply by adjusting the conveniently located knob on the subwoofer. Get clean, explosive bass from the 19-Watt subwoofer, just the way you want it.
Environmentally-friendly and energy efficientEnergy Star®
Energy Star qualified products and practices help you save money and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by meeting strict energy efficiency guidelines set by the US Environmental Protection Agency and the US Department of Energy.


Bluetooth 2.0 with Enhanced Data Rate

Powerful subwoofer

Energy Star qualified

Product Details:
Product Length: 2.9 inches
Product Width: 2.9 inches
Product Height: 4.05 inches
Product Weight: 3.0 pounds
Package Length: 11.5 inches
Package Width: 10.0 inches
Package Height: 8.8 inches
Package Weight: 8.35 pounds
Average Customer Rating: based on 131 reviews
Customer Reviews:
Average Customer Review: 4.0 ( 131 customer reviews )
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Most Helpful Customer Reviews

58 of 62 found the following review helpful:

5Best Purchase in a WhileJan 19, 2010
By Matthew Evans
These speakers are great. The audio quality is spot on for their price and size. And they'll get loud... really loud... without distorting. The subwoofer puts out great beats, and has a bass level potentiometer on the back. I've connected these speakers to my desktop via the included Bluetooth dongle. I plugged it in and Windows (7) installed the software in a matter of seconds, requiring nothing from me besides turning on the speakers. I also have them paired with my phone (MotoDroid) and my Bluetooth enabled laptop. Pairing was problem-free with both of those, I just have to push the button on the Bluetooth dongle to disconnect them from my desktop first. Also, I can have music playing off of my desktop using the speakers while using my Bluetooth headset to talk on my phone, all within about five feet of each other, and there's no interference or troubles. Overall, I would suggest these speakers to anybody.

49 of 52 found the following review helpful:

4Great Sound - not completely wirelessMar 04, 2010
By Scotsman
These are really great speakers for 150 dollars. I use them with an IMac and the difference is sound in both quality and volume is incredible, with the ability to adjust the bass to match your taste. Set up was straightforward and quick (2 to 3 mins). Instructions said turn off all Bluetooth before set-up but I have a wireless Mouse and Keyboard, which I left turned on. There were no problems during set-up and there is no interference. In terms of build quality and appearance, they look great and the side speakers are small enough to blend in. Only downside for me was that I didn't know they weren't completely wireless - the small speakers are wired to the woofer (with about 2 meters of cable) - only wireless bit is from the PC to the woofer, which according to the instructions allows you to locate the 3 speakers up to 10m from the PC (or whatever device you are streaming music from). Overall, a really good product, which I would definitely recommend.

46 of 53 found the following review helpful:

2Major Bluetooth ProblemsMar 31, 2010
By Mitch10 "mitch10"
There are only a few things to really consider in a speaker system like this so I'll get right to them.

SOUND- Not bad, full but somewhat dull base, a bit limited in the middle bbut decent highs. The sound stage is good for the size of the satellite speakers. The volume is more than sufficient for using with a computer. Music and videos sound nice especially rock.

EASE OF USE- Windows 7 had no problem recognizing the included dongle without software installation, but the internal bluetooth on my brand new Asus Core i7 laptop can't find it. The power and volume button on the side of the satellite speaker are a little small but acceptable. the power cord and speaker cords are not very long though are sufficient for a desktop.

BLUETOOTH- This is where Creative gets an 'F'. The speakers pair nearly instantly but can't stay paired for more than about 10 minutes at a time even though the dongle is only 7 inches from the receiving speaker! There are no other bluetooth devises in my apartment that could be interfering, and I can reconnect by removing and putting the USB dongle back. The problem seems to be yet another of Creative's typical oversight of one critical detail to their product that dogs so many of their devices. The only reason I'm not returning them is because the packaging is to complicated and they do work with the auxiliary input.

Bottom line; I can't recommend these speakers as they are over priced for what you actually get.

12 of 13 found the following review helpful:

34 Star Speakers -- 1 Star Directions (result 3 stars)Jul 01, 2012
By NotTheOnlyFan

Decided to rewrite this review.

THE GOOD -- these speakers sound MUCH better than their small size. Perfect for smaller rooms or nearby travel even.

THE BAD -- there are more wires than you'd expect, but it's better than having batteries in everything. Or a recharging unit that dies.

THE UGLY -- the included directions to these speakers were printed in 2009. This means nowhere in or outside of the box do you get the following CRITICAL directions on how to wireless set up your iPhone or iPad --

a. find the power button on the white speaker and turn speakers off. You know they're off because there's no green light on the front of the speaker (center bottom)

b. with speakers still off, lean on plus volume button and wait for a blue light to flash (where the green one was)

c. at this point (on Apple devices) go to GENERAL > SETTINGS > BLUETOOTH > TURN ON (if not on) > WAIT > WATCH INSPIRE APPEAR IN DISCOVERABLE > SELECT (by clicking center of said bar, not the right hand thingee) > enter in FOUR ZEROS

None of what I just posted is anywhere on the package. Or on the Creative Website. Or is there any way to call Creative. Until they post said directions on their site, I'm treating these four star speakers as three, because I know most people will never find these directions until after HOURS of fury and frustration.

5 of 5 found the following review helpful:

5Amazing sound quality & volumeMar 11, 2011
By scea
Set up was quick & straightforward. I did not have any issues.

For the given specifications (RMS value / power o-p of the speaker), this has amazing sound quality & loudness. It is more than a computer speaker. It could serve more like a music system. Your computer or laptop or ipad or ipod or any mp3 player would be the source and this speaker is wirelessly connected to your source. The result is a great music system, which fills the room (around 400 sq foot room).

The speakers pair instantly with the included USB Bluetooth transmitter (connected to your computer's USB port - in my case running Windows vista). I did a several tests to find out if it could pair under most circumstances. While it was playing, I turned off the power using the switch in my wall (power outlet). After few minutes, I turned the switch on. Then I had to turn on the power button on the side of the satellite speaker. It paired instantly after that. As a second test, I then pulled the USB Bluetooth transmitter from the computer. Then put it back in. It paired instantly after that. (You would have to re-start the music playing software when you pull the Bluetooth transmitter from the computer. In my case, I had to restart real player). As a third test, I restarted the computer. It pair instantly & worked perfectly. Sound quality is above average and I am satisfied with the performance for the price.

AUDIO-IN : I used my mp3 player and connected it to the audio in port available on the side of the satellite speaker. Both sound quality and volume are incredible for some inexpensive mp3 player.

APPLE PRODUCTS: The Bluetooth links perfectly with both the iPhone 3GS and iPad. I did not purchase the iPhone transmitter sold separately. These are using the internal Bluetooth capabilities for these devices. I use them with IMac too. With ios 4.2 update, the laptop, iPhone and iPad allow volume control from each device. There are no issues with any of these devices maintaining connectivity. Sound quality is startling and it fills the room.

On a side note, do not think wireless means no wires. Your side speakers are connected to the main subwoofer using wires. Then there are the power wires from the subwoofer. I wish for a little more money they could have made the side speakers wireless too (not connected to main subwoofer)

Overall, I would suggest these speakers to anybody who wants good sound, flexibility to connect the same speakers using multiple sources.

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