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Creative Hitz MA2300 Premium Headset for Music and Calls (Black)
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Creative Hitz MA2300 Premium Headset for Music and Calls (Black)



This product is currently out of stock
Product Details:
Product Length: 7.7 inches
Product Width: 2.78 inches
Product Height: 9.31 inches
Product Weight: 0.7 pounds
Package Length: 9.5 inches
Package Width: 7.9 inches
Package Height: 2.9 inches
Package Weight: 0.7 pounds
Average Customer Rating: based on 36 reviews
Customer Reviews:
Average Customer Review: 3.5 ( 36 customer reviews )
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5 of 5 found the following review helpful:

1Headset broke apart in to two piecesOct 20, 2014
By Praveena
Firstly, I received the item on time. Sound quality is not really bad. But the quality of the material with which it was made is very very poor. The headset broke apart after only a week of normal use. I would not recommend this. There are several other headsets in the same price range which are far better in terms of material quality.

4 of 4 found the following review helpful:

4Decent for the price with some caveatsNov 14, 2013
By Jeffrey Miller "The Curt Jester"
I am not usually a fan of on ear headphones. Yet I found these totally comfortable with extended use. The sound is quite decent considering the price and while having several sets of headphones I have come to use these the most.

I also liked the cord which is a rubberized flat ribbon since they really don't have a tendency to tangle.

Like other Creative headphones these include a microphone and a controller. The controller uses an analog volume switch that slides up and down along with a single button to pause/play with a click or select the next track with an extended click. The placement of the controller several inches from the microphone made it awkward to find easily by touch.

2 of 2 found the following review helpful:

3they're OK, not greatNov 09, 2013
By Christopher K. Koenigsberg
Disclaimer: I am reviewing a pair that I received for free, through the Vine program.

Well they're OK, not great. I have a LOT of headphones, as a former musician & electronic music composer/engineer so I have a lot of comparisons.

Among newer ones that have builtin mics for phone calls, and controls, these are OK but are missing one important feature -- no forward/reverse buttons? to jump to the next/previous song? that's a big omission compared to similar headphones from Phillips/O'Neill (SHO9565BK) for instance.

They do have a volume control; it's passive not active meaning it can only cut, not boost, so you should probably adjust your music player (or phone)'s volume with the headphones' volume all the way up, initially, to get the best sound quality, and then just use the headphones' volume control to cut back if it gets too loud.

Re the shape, these are unusual in that they don't fit around the ear but rather up against it, BUT they are also large enough to fit against & cover the outside surface of the whole ear. Usually I prefer around-the-ear headphones for better sound isolation, but those can get physically uncomfortable after long listening sessions depending on how well they fit around your ears.

And against-the-ear phones, that usually just have a small pad against the middle of your ear, don't sound as good in general, and aren't as comfortable in general either in my opinion/experience.

So these are an unusual compromise, between the larger over/around the ear design vs. the usual smaller against-the-ear small pad design.

Time will tell how comfortable they are after some long listening sessions.

Re the cord, it's unusual in that it's a flat plastic ribbon. don't know how that will work out in the long run, if they'll get permanent kinks or break or not. Seems more foldable/stashable than the usual round cables, so far. The Philips O'Neill phones I compare these to have braided round cables instead of smooth plastic coated round ones, but the braided cable gets kinks in it so I'm not crazy about that (Philips O'Neill).

The cups also swivel left/right to fold and lay flat, for (maybe) easier storage too. Would be nice if they swivelled to fold UP instead, inside the headband though; I always prefer headphones that do that, to take up less space and be more protected when stowed, with the phones wrapped inside the headband, but these don't do that.

The sound was OK in one initial listening session, not fantastic. Clear, yes, but not very much bass though, compared to most headphones that I prefer; again this may be due to the against-the-ear design, which doesn't transmit low frequencies as well unless you align them and squeeze them just right, instead of the enclosed around-the-ear design which just hold the diaphragms in place naturally by design.

2 of 2 found the following review helpful:

4Very functional / competent for what they areNov 26, 2013
By Chris
I want to point out first that the reviews you are seeing (at least the ones I am seeing) are shown for the MA-2300, MA-2400 and the MA-2600. I tried the latter two in a store just now and the sound is different. The MA-2600 has more bass and seems to pull the various instruments out more clearly (or maybe the MA-2400 is a bit "muddied").

These are all "on-ear" designs, not over the ear (as others have noted), and the MA-2600 ear pads are larger than the MA-2400. For me the MA-2600s are more comfortable, but if you live in a hot climate, the MA-2400s might be cooler over a long listening session.

I like the fact that the in-line volume control is not tied to the iPhone's controls because that means I can use the volume control whether I am on an iPhone, an Android smart phone or even an airplane (with the right adapter).

Overall the MA-2400s are pretty inexpensive for the sound (at least where I live), and if you are not an audiophile, I would think they would work well. If you ARE an audiophile, I've also listened to the Bowers & Wilkins P3 headphones which sound great, but, where I live, are more than 5 times the price of the MA-2400s

2 of 2 found the following review helpful:

4Lightweight and comfortableNov 27, 2013
By Donna
- Comfortable and snug on the ears. These do not cause my ears to hurt after using them for 2-3 hours at a time.
- Can lean over and move around freely without worry that the headset will fall off.
- The flat cord does not get tangled and there is no noise transferred from the cord to the ears
- Adjustable padded head band and ear cups swivel to ensure a nice fit
- Volume controls
- One multi-function button that will: Answer call or Turn off/on what you are listening to
- I'm not an audiophile but for my tastes this headset delivers very good sound levels for both music and audiobooks
- Calls are clear and people I have talked to with this headset say I come through clearly also and there isn't any hollow background noises.

- This headset does get warm after a few minutes of use. They never get so warm that you can't wear them but those sensitive to heat would want to consider this.
- Is not noise canceling.

- No track controls to forward or backward.
- You can tell the headset puts a bit of drain on the iPhone's battery.
- Pricey considering the missing track controls over audio

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