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Creative HQ-1600 Headphones (Pink)
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Creative HQ-1600 Headphones (Pink)



This product is currently out of stock
Product Details:
Product Length: 8.96 inches
Product Width: 3.64 inches
Product Height: 10.4 inches
Product Weight: 0.44 pounds
Package Length: 10.2 inches
Package Width: 8.8 inches
Package Height: 3.3 inches
Package Weight: 0.75 pounds
Average Customer Rating: based on 35 reviews
Customer Reviews:
Average Customer Review: 4.0 ( 35 customer reviews )
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Most Helpful Customer Reviews

6 of 6 found the following review helpful:

5The price is right for nice qualityAug 27, 2011
I agree with other reviewers that the bass output is a little weak. At first I thought that this was a problem with my iPod, but I also tested this on my computer and TV and had the same result. But, that being said, the bass really wasn't that bad, and honestly, I found the audio output to be really good and particularly clear. Also, although these really aren't really sold as sound dampeners, I found they did a very nice job reducing outside noise.

The headphones were surprisingly comfortable. They are lightweight and have a nice pad at the top, so the unit can rest on the top of your head without pain. The ear cups themselves are also lightweight, and I when I adjusted the unit so that all the weight was resting on my ears the unit was still comfortable. Notably, for a guy, I have a smaller head, and these fit perfectly. So, this might be a nice set for smaller headed people. If you've only used earbuds, I think you'll find this pair of headphones to be a nice step up.

The length of cord is perfect for laptops, tablets, or mp3 players. It's way to short for a TV (I tried), unless you get an extension cord.

Overall, for the price, this is a great set of headphones. Could you get better bass for more money? Sure, but you can get better anything for more money (within reason, of course!). I would get these again without doubt. I am very pleased with these headphones.

UPDATE: We've had these for quite a while now, and we still use them often. One of the best uses we've found is when one of us wants to stream a video to the kindle/iPad in bed while other one wants to read or sleep. The noise damping quality cuts out the sound of the air conditioning and holds in the sound of the movie. I really can't say enough about these things - I would absolutely purchase another pair.

5 of 5 found the following review helpful:

3Good But Not GreatAug 24, 2011
By Lovely D.M.
I like these headphones but while they are good, they are not great.

1. These headphones have a very good HQ sound
2. For their size, they are really light and comfortable
3. Another thing that makes these headphones comfortable is the soft padding that is present on the ear piece, and the part of the headphone that rests on the head.

1. The sound of the bass is a little weak in these headphones
2. If you wear eye-glasses these headphones can be uncomfortable and a hassle, because of the size of the ear piece.

Overall, I'm enjoying these headphones

4 of 4 found the following review helpful:

4Perfectly fine ... unless you want to use them at workSep 25, 2011
By R. McAdams
[[VIDEOID:moMVHG75FIE2KV]]The Creative HQ-1600 Headphones (Black) are very decent mid-level headphones. The cups are large enough for my ears, and the padding on the cups is a nice fake-leather. The padding on the top of the headphones is just cheap regular foam, though. And the speakers and quality of the sound is very nice as well. I am not an audio expert, so I cannot say what level of bass or if the sound hits certain pitches, etc. I can just tell you that it is strong, and loud. Too loud.

See, the problem is, with the headphones on, you get a decent sound block from outside sources ... but the outside sources don't get the same deal. The video shows what I mean. The sound output from the headphones, whether they are on a table or being worn, is similar to the sound output to a low powered speaker. In other words, people in your office will be able to hear what you are listening to, unless you have the volume down to less than 1/4.

The video shows the sound output at full volume, 1/2 volume, and 1/4 volume for the Creative HQ-1600 Headphones and then, for comparison, the same sound output at the same levels, for my Blackberry Original Stereo Headset. Yes, they are earbuds, so of course their sound leakage is going to be smaller, but this just shows my point about how much louder the headphones are to external audiences.

So, in summary, the headphones are comfortable, they have decent padding, they have powerful speakers, their sound isolation is pretty good, and their sound leakage prevention is not good at all. If that matters to you, then you may have to skip these. If it doesn't, then you should be good to go.

4 of 5 found the following review helpful:

4Maybe not great in bass delivery but really good in mid-range and also great for those who are into portable gaming!Aug 25, 2011
By [KNDY] Dennis A. Amith
Headphones are hit and miss for me. I own many for studio use, podcast use, video use, video game use and of course, headphones for listening to music.

The Creative HQ-1600 boasts:

- Powerful Neodymium drivers with CCAW voice coils deliver high-quality digital playback from any audio device Powerful Neodymium drivers with CCAW voice coils deliver high-quality digital playback from any audio device.
- Circum-aural closed-back ear cup design completely covers your ears to reduce any ambient noise
- Ear cups cushioned with soft leatherette padding offer hours of listening comfort even with extended wear


A. Music Tests - I did a test listening to a variety of music on my iPod and Sansa. Rock, hip-hop, classical, jazz, J-Pop, K-Pop, you name it...I listened to it on these headphones and the Creative HQ-1600 has very good mid-range digitally. Vocals were audible, instruments sound awesome but I do agree with other reviewers that the bass is not as punchy as I would like it to be. But it's still good, just not punchy low level bass.

B. Movie Test - Tested it watching "Star Trek" and "X-Men III" via digital copy. And once again, music, vocals sound great, it's just that there is not enough punchiness.

B. Video Game Test:

a) iPAD - I only tested this on a few games and for the most part, similar to the music, mid-ranges are good. For a game like "Angry Birds Rio", you can hear the birds squawk very clearly but when it comes to the punchiness of the bass. It's not as pronounced. Tried it on "Plants vs. Zombies" and while them music and everything else sound good, again, no major punchiness. Granted, these two are not exactly bass-driven games, so I moved on to other portable consoles.

b) Sony PSP -
* First game I tried was "Hatsune Miku Project Diva" and the vocals were crystal clear, music sounds great but once again, not much bass.
* Second game test, I needed something with more explosions so the next game I tested was "Mobile Suit Gundam Battle Universe", music and weapons and vocals are crystal clear...not too punch on the low levels.
* Third Game - Persona 3 and I was impressed by how clear the music and sound effects were for the game. But during battle, while the encounters with the enemy sounded really nice, once again, not much punch in the low levels.

c) Nintendo DSi XL - Granted this is not going to have the greatest sound but wanted to test it out anyway.
* First game - Pokemon Black - Music sounds very clear, encounters are clear.
* Second Game - Moero! Nekketsu Rhythm Damashii Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan 2 - Music is clear but the game sounded very good via the headphones.


These headphones felt great around my ears. Great cushion, no itchiness or anything negative. Easy to adjust and feels great on the ears.


Overall, the Creative HQ-1600 is a well-priced headphone that delivers in the mid to high range. Vocals and dialogue are clear coming out of the headphones as with the music. But if you are a person who loves bass, you may want to look at other headphones.

Personally, my feeling is that head phones under $30, you're not going to very good low-level bass until you intend to spend over $60 and higher. But I will say that I did enjoy the headphones primarily for portable use, especially the games on the Sony PSP. In fact, I prefer to use these now as my video gaming headphones for portable use.

For music, not so much because I'm a guy who loves hearing bass.

But for $29.99, I will say that it sounds much better than two of my older big-name headphones around the $50 range that hardly gave off any bass and wasn't that great to begin with. The HQ-1600 actually sounds great and if it had more bass, I wouldn't mind giving it 5-stars.

But overall, for its price range and what it delivers...I was quite impressed. Great sound for its price point!

1 of 1 found the following review helpful:

4Crystal Clear Sound And Cushy (The Good Kind Of Cushy)Sep 04, 2011
By Ken Fontenot "The Prairie Cajun Rises"
Creative's HQ-1600 headphones look, feel, and, most importantly, sound, excellent. The headphones have a very sleek and modern look, even in pink, and rest very comfortably on my head. I'm particularly fond of the cushion on the bridge that rests on the top of my head. This cushion is very similar to gel cushions you find on mouse pads and higher end carry-on bags. The ear cushions are also very comfortable and fit snugly over my ears without pinching them. They can get a bit warm, but they don't leave my ears as sweaty as some other headsets.

As far as sound quality is concerned, these headphones have excellent treble sound quality. Higher range noise is crystal clear. The bass might be a bit lacking, but it's good enough for me.

For the sound test, I used the KISS ALIVE! Boxed set. My reasoning for using this was primarily due to the fact that all of the live albums in this set get progressively better with their sound quality and ALIVE II actually features a few studio tracks to compare the live sound to.

I immediately noticed how the guitars and vocals jumped out on these headphones. Background noises were also audible, but did not affect the overall sound of the music. Gene Simmons' bass, especially on ALIVE III, came through very well, although not as deep as I've heard it with other headsets and earbuds.

In closing, if you don't mind your bass just a tad bit on the quiet side, and really demand comfort from headphones, I highly recommend you give Creative's HQ-1600 headphones a chance. They've become my favorite listening device in less than a week, and I have to fight with my daughter to use them!

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