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Creative Fatal1ty Gaming Headset
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Creative Fatal1ty Gaming Headset



This product is currently out of stock
Product Details:
Product Length: 7.0 inches
Product Width: 3.0 inches
Product Height: 5.0 inches
Product Weight: 0.8 pounds
Package Length: 11.3 inches
Package Width: 7.5 inches
Package Height: 3.9 inches
Package Weight: 1.05 pounds
Average Customer Rating: based on 1147 reviews
Customer Reviews:
Average Customer Review: 4.0 ( 1147 customer reviews )
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177 of 185 found the following review helpful:

5Review from a PC gamerJan 09, 2010
By Adam
I play lots of video games on my PC and they've been a lot more enjoyable since getting this headset. The first thing I noticed when I put these on was that they were extremely cushiony on my head. This is both a good and bad thing because it makes them very comfortable, but they blocked out so much noise that I had a hard time hearing even my doorbell or phone ringing. The headset is a bit tight on my head, but I think that'll wear off as I wear it more. The earcups actually swivel a bit in place which makes them more comfortable for people that don't have perfectly symmetrical heads such as myself.

This headset is great for gaming. In fps's like Team Fortress 2, Counter Strike Source, this headset let me hear the direction shots were being fired from with a lot more precision than my previous headset. I could also hear small details in the sounds that I couldn't hear before. The sound in the headset sounded odd at first, like they were quiet or like they were coming from behind me, but after a while they felt more realistic and accurate. I am guessing this is because I am used to wearing any old lousy headset.

The headset is also great for music. I noticed a huge improvement in the quality of the bass from my old headset(the headset I used before, a Logitech Extreme Gaming Headset had almost no bass). I'm not a huge music person, but I notice the little details a lot more easily than with my old headset

The microphone with this headset is pretty good. When voice-chatting on MSN/live messenger, the voice quality is better than when talking to someone with my phone. The in-line controls are in a good position and easy to reach while wearing the headset. The microphone-mute button works fine and the volume control has a good range. One nice thing about it is that you can remove the microphone, which is useful for people like my little brother who rarely need a microphone and don't want it in their way (one thing to note is the first time I tried attaching the mic, I didn't realize it has to fit a specific way into the slot on the headset and accidentally chipped a piece of the plastic by forcing it in the wrong way, but it still works perfectly fine).

This headset is not perfect however. I've found one tiny problem that may occur, though it's not really something to worry about. I have this headset plugged into my speaker, which is then connected to the back of my computer so it probably wont affect you unless you have a similar setup. If I have the volume set to the absolute max on my speaker but lowered all the way on my headset, I can sometimes still hear sound playing quietly through my headset. This only occurs under these specific conditions though, so you should never really have this problem unless you really push your headset's limits.

Overall the headset does not have many flaws and feels great to work with. It's very comfortable and is easily adjustable for different uses. Don't be fooled, even though this headset is a lot cheaper than the other fatality headsets, it still has excellent sound quality at an affordable price.

PS: One thing they don't note on the box for this headset is that it comes with a neat little pouch. It's a bit odd, because although you probably could fit the headset in there, it's not exactly shaped for one so it would look and feel a bit odd to store it there. It's nice quality, measuring about 9x10 inches, but would probably be used for other things besides the headset. It's nice to have laying around the house anyway.

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4Good for gaming and skypeDec 16, 2009
By Justin Seiferth "Me"
I'm not sure why but mic/headphones don't seem to be easy to make- they tend to be expensive or lousy or both. This one is the first pair I've bought that I've been happy with.

The ear muffs are comfortable for relatively extensive use. I've used them for about two hours straight without my ears or head starting to hurt or get sweaty. The muffs also muffle out a lot of the ambient noise- it's not noise canceling but it's easy to hear conversations even when the TV is playing in the other room.

The mic works well also- people don't hear me breathing but can still hear what I'm saying well. It doesn't get in the way although the connector to the removable mic does get loose about once a week- you just push it back in and it's fine. I have noticed that Skype thinks the volume of the mic is too low but people I'm talking to say it works just fine.

Now to some of the relatively minor downsides- the mic switch is hard to see if you wear glasses but don't have them on. The writing and icons are small and written in silver so you basically just have to memorize which way is which same with the volume control which is a small wheel in the same plastic bobble on the headset cord.

The cord is of good length and good quality- no intermittent breakups or breakages yet which is something I can't say about all headsets.

32 of 32 found the following review helpful:

4good gaming headsetJul 30, 2010
By Michael S. Urvan
I read several reviews that conflicted.. One review said the headset was tight, another said it was cushy. Another review would say it blocked out ambient sound, while another said it was not noise-cancelling and allowed in too much ambient sound.

Unless they are shipping different headsets built using different materials each time, then here is my complete review:

1. The ear cushions are soft and made of a velvety like material. I like cloth or velvet because its more comfortable than the leatherette material most headsets are made out of. One would think that it would breathe better than leatherette, but for some reason the earpieces do not breathe very well and they can feel very warm/stagnant after a few hours. It's odd that with the velvette material and the fact that background noise easily invades, that the headsets have this kind of feel. You would assume that the ability to hear background sound, etc would mean lots of breathability (air flow) but it doesn't feel like it.
2. The ear cushions surround your ears, they do not press on the ears directly. The ear cushions are not oversized, and the picture shown here make it look like a typical headset, but they are in fact around-the-ear headsets.
3. The sound is excellent, bass is deep and partly because of the ear-encompassing design, the sound feels more nature and three dimensional.

I'm a relatively large person at 6'3" and assuming my head is not too small, I can assure you that the headset fits all sizes. I did flex the headset to reduce the compression on the ears slightly. Gently flexing the headset worked fine to relieve some of the compression. They are not initially tight, but I like headsets to be loose. Both the top arch and ear pieces have ample cushion, they are very soft. The ear pieces also designed to pivot front or back independent from the headset frame. This can help the headset conform for better comfort and is a nice touch.

Background sound invaded the headsets... I can hear fans and noises outside the room with the headsets on and playing a game. You would think that because the earpieces feel a little stifled, that they would block out more sound than they do. For whatever reason, the ear pieces are cushy and comfortable, less breathable, but do not block out much ambient sound. Please note that they do feel much more breathable than other leatherette headsets I have used, I am simply mentioning the 'warmth' because it is noticable.

The headset is light. The detachable mic is nice, since I do not use it very much. The cord is thin and light, and has a mic on/off switch with a volume adjustment built in. The length of the cord is better than another cheap so called "gaming" headset (plantronics).

Overall it is a great headset, sound and comfort are wonderful. I would recommend them for anyone, except people who need a noise-cancelling headset, since this headset does not really block out ambient sound.

40 of 45 found the following review helpful:

4A great headset for the priceAug 23, 2011
By Nep Eman
When I first got this headset, the microphone was broken. I contacted Creative's customer service and I received unsatisfying service, so I returned it to Amazon for a replacement. As usual, Amazon responded immediately and the next day a new one was on the way, and their customer service people are really nice, too. The replacement I received works perfectly and I couldn't be happier. I think the problem with the old one was that the on/off switch was broken, so I couldn't turn the mic on. The sound quality is stunning, and the mic quality is on par with it, although it's a bit sensitive. I agree with the other reviewers, you really can hear things in the music that you never noticed before. The only questionable thing is build quality. It feels a little flimsy, as if it might break if you handle it too roughly. But don't let that stop you from buying it. For $35, it's definitely worth it. It's pretty comfortable but after a wearing it for a few hours, the cushions irritate my ears a little bit. If you have any problems like I did, you can return it to Amazon, and Creative has a 1-year warranty, so I would definitely recommend this headset. 4 1/2 out of 5 for the product, and 5 out of 5 for Amazon's return policy and customer service.

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1Look for something elseFeb 22, 2012
By Mark Twain "Johny Be Good"
I'm only writing this review because my headphones broke & I do not believe this is a quality product.

After a couple of months one of the ears started cracking and then stopped responding at all. I took the headset apart and super glued the magnet & driver back together. While poking around... I noticed all of the wire is like 28 gauge. This is literally some of the tiniest wire I have ever seen. I bet it costs creative two dollars to make and ship this entire headset. I'm an engineer and have friends that design circuit boards/etc. & you would honestly be disgusted to know how cheap it is to mass produce products like this. I would recommend you stay away from this product, but there are a lot of great reviews so.... do what you want.

After gluing my headset driver back together it worked for another 1 & 1/2 years. Then the cable tore & short circuited. I could still get sound occasionally if I wiggled the cable the right way, but it wasn't worth it having to keep one hand on the headset cable. So I cut the cable & tried to solder it back together... I did the first wire & then threw the entire thing in the trash. Soldering sub 24 gauge wire... is not worth the time for this headset.

Playing music from the headset is noticeably worse than a set of $70 (2.1 setup) speakers. But I have 15 years of music experience & I was buying this for gaming (not music).

Having said all the bad stuff... This was my first headset. It lasted almost 2 years. I babied it. It was easy to setup (plug/play). People always said my voice sounded great (counter strike + skype + gaming).

If it was up to me: Creative would write me an apology for their poor craftsmanship & give me $40. I wish companies had morals. If creative was really passionate about their product they would take pictures of the inside and all materials so you could see what I am talking about. I would post a youtube video & pictures of my headset, but it isn't worth the time. I hope you do not order one & do not get the chance to see for yourself.

Stuff doesn't last like it used to. A headset that just sits on a desk and occasionally goes on somebodies ears should have thicker wire and last for 10 years.

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