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Creative EP-830 In-Ear Earphones
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Creative EP-830 In-Ear Earphones



This product is currently out of stock
Product Details:
Product Length: 5.5 inches
Product Width: 2.75 inches
Product Height: 1.75 inches
Product Weight: 0.02 pounds
Package Length: 8.1 inches
Package Width: 3.2 inches
Package Height: 1.6 inches
Package Weight: 1.15 pounds
Average Customer Rating: based on 69 reviews
Customer Reviews:
Average Customer Review: 4.0 ( 69 customer reviews )
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55 of 56 found the following review helpful:

4EP-830 vs. EP-630Apr 21, 2010
By Clint Pachl
I owned the Creative EP-630 ear buds for a year until I stretched and broke the wires. I replaced them with the Creative EP-830 ear buds. This is my comparison:

The overall sound quality of the EP-630 is slightly better than the EP-830. The EP-630 produces crisper highs and cleaner mids; however, the EP-830 is much stronger on the low-end. I adjusted my EQ to filter the 80 Hz and 250 Hz bands, but the EP-830 still sounded a hair muddy.

The rubber grommets and wires on the EP-830 are more substantial and should resist normal usage much better than the EP-630. However, The EP-830 do sport a heavier ear bud, which is less comfortable and, with gravity, tend to come loose when during activity (gym). This issue is paramount because breaking the seal in the ear canal greatly diminishes the sound quality. I find myself constantly pushing in the EP-830 buds. I never had this problem with the EP-630. They were light and remained sealed and in-place during my entire workout.

The aesthetics of the EP-830 are definitely cooler. They utilize a vented driver and top off the look with silver detail. The EP-630 are very generic looking.

Overall, the EP-630 and EP-830 ear buds are awesome at their price points of $30 and $50, respectively. If you're not too active, have bigger ear canals (i.e. can use the larger silicone seals), and enjoy deeper base, the EP-830 are right for you. Otherwise, the EP-630 are a better value.

14 of 15 found the following review helpful:

5Best value for the money - and more.Nov 03, 2008
By Amazon Customer
I got these with the Creative X-Fi, which I returned for the Apple iPod Touch. I liked the sound so much I bought these immediately to replace my JVC noise-cancelling headphones and my Sensenhauser in-ear phones. I tred several different brands and types of earphones, and I was surprised how well these guys block out plane noise. Almost as good as the JVC noice cancelling headset!! Since the JVC's are much bulkier and all that, I'm selling them and just using these Creatives. BTW: I also tried the Creative Aruvana's - and though they were twice the price, I preferred these EP-830's. Comfortable, great quality sound, and really well made. Thicker rubber type cables, too. Love 'em.

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5The Best on the MarketDec 17, 2008
By Stephen Daley "everything tech guy"
I got these headphones with my X-Fi (Please check my review on the X-Fi). I smashed my left headphone by accident and now I am replacing them. These are by far the best set of ear buds I have owned. I have tried everything from Sony to JVC and everything else. Like most ear bud headphones these come with 3 different size cushions to fit anyone's ears. These also don't hurt the inner ear like most the sound quality is great and you can't hear any outside noise with these on. These are a must have for a music lover.

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4Great earbuds!Jul 07, 2012
Well, my old and reliable workhorse - Philips earbuds SHE9700 (Philips Precise Directional In ear Headphones gave up on me recently. I was listening to something, and suddenly the right ear bud started giving some trouble, before it went completely dead. I am not sure what caused this, but I had used the earbuds for 2 years, and I think that is a pretty decent time for a pair of earbuds to last. But, I am sure I didn't tug it or store it away badly. It just died a natural death.

As a replacement, I was considering the same set of earbuds - SHE9700, but then wanted to try something different for a change. I have almost always used Philips earbuds starting from when I had a casette walkman, to Philips' first Discman - the Expanium. The earphones progressively got better over the years, and it might also be because I was able to afford better earphones. So, with Philips out of the picture, (I would have loved to have bought the 9850's - I have always wanted to! Philips SHE9850 Headphones Advanced Acoustics , but they are not really available any longer)

From the other set of earphones, I considered Panasonic, as I have had some good Panasonic earphones over the years. I also considered Creative, as I have tried out some of their earphones from friends before, and found them to be pretty good. I am sure there are other better brands out there,but I was looking at ~20$ and maybe Sony and JVC have good earphones in that range. But I didn't want to experiment too much. When it came to Creative, the choices were very clear, this, the 630's or the Auravana 1. I wanted the Auravana 1, but they were far too expensive for me. The 630's I have tried before, and although they are a good pair of earphones, there is nothing premium-ish about them. After reading some reviews on the 830's, and seeing that it comes with a pouch, I bought these.

Opinion: these are as good as the 9700's. I did not really do a very close analysis of over which ranges, which earphone was better, but both sounded pretty good, and also there is a of of bass to offer. All in all, a good pair of earphones for the price.

* I did not like the wire of the earphones - they look flimsy, and I can already tell they will not last me the 2 years the 9700's did.
* The pouch is laughably bad - I think actually putting your earphones in, and taking them out can cause more damage them leaving them unprotected. The Philips 9700's came with a zippered pouch - that made a statement, and also protected the earphones well. I plan to use the same for these earphones.
* Not angled - the Philips had an angled tube, and I think that was more comfortable than this, but that's not a major gripe.

The next earphone I buy will be either an Auravana, or the more expensive Philips ones. :D


A year since I bought these, and have put them through pretty good use. They have lasted so far. They have even lasted a decent amount of wearing while walking/running. I use a good pouch and these have lasted. If they last me another year, I'll be a happy man.

2 of 2 found the following review helpful:

5Superb headphonesApr 14, 2013
By Maged
This headphones are the best headphones I used in my life. I first used them when I bought a creative x-fi mp3 player in 2007 and they came with it. I liked them so much that I decided to buy another pair just in case my current one wears out from the heavy use. so I bought this one in 2008. Both these headphones are still working flawlessly until this review date in 2013 (the only effect the time and the heavy use had on both these headphones was last year when the small piece of rubber below the silver piece in the headphone came loose but has not affected the sound quality or the cord in any way)
I don't care what the audiophiles say about this , but I compared them to many other headphones including the beats in-ear phones. This one is by far the loudest of them, the best noise isolator too. As for the sound quality, it's very clear and not muffled and it offers deep bass.

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