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Creative D80 Bluetooth Wireless Speaker (Black)
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Creative D80 Bluetooth Wireless Speaker (Black)

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Product Details:
Product Length: 15.5 inches
Product Width: 5.1 inches
Product Height: 4.8 inches
Product Weight: 3.0 pounds
Package Length: 15.5 inches
Package Width: 5.1 inches
Package Height: 4.8 inches
Package Weight: 3.1 pounds
Average Customer Rating: based on 620 reviews
Customer Reviews:
Average Customer Review: 4.0 ( 620 customer reviews )
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Most Helpful Customer Reviews

208 of 220 found the following review helpful:

4Good bluetooth speaker for the priceAug 28, 2011
By L. Kirk "Crabseye"
I listened to the Creative D80 bluetooth speaker for several hours using a couple of different sources, and I was generally very pleased with the performance. It pairs easily to bluetooth sources (phone, tablet), has good volume range (although this is not the speaker to choose to blast tunes at a keg party), and reasonable frequency response for the cost. If you are looking for a budget bluetooth speaker, this one is worth considering.


Sounds pretty darn good. No, it's not the equal of a $1000 Danish speaker. But it has very good sound for the money. The midrange is very natural sounding, treble rolls off slightly, lower midrange is boosted, and there is even a surprising bass presence thanks to a port in the rear. (This is a common equalization profile for mass market speakers aimed at the MP3-based market.) The speaker does very well with acoustic music, vocals, classic rock, jazz, etc. It does less well with classical, rap, any kind of heavy metal, or other bass-heavy types of music.

Clean design and finish. Speaker is made of plastic, but at this price point (and even at much greater price points), most things are. Still, the quality level is high.

Connects via bluetooth or stereo patch cord (auxiliary jack). The auxiliary jack is in the front of the speaker, making it easily accessible. So is the bluetooth pairing button.

Remembers pairing for up to 8 devices. If a ninth device is connected, the first one (oldest pairing) is erased.


You have to be near AC power. At this time, the speaker runs on AC only. The power cord is modular, so it is conceivable that some time in the future, Creative may make a vehicle power cord accessory available.

Volume control on front only works when using the bluetooth connection. When using the auxiliary connection, the volume control is inoperative. You have to control the volume on the source device.


Dimensions are about 13"w x 4.5"d x 4.5"h. Weight is about 2.3 lbs.

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5great speakers , way better than expectedMar 10, 2012
By hans
I actually bought 2 of these for somethign like $35 each in late 2011. gave one as a gift. they are a really great product, only reason I even looked into it was I saw some D200s in a store but didnt want to pay $85 . For $35-40 these are honestly nearly as good quality, just the D200s look nicer I suppose since they have a somewhat prettier design with the glossy plastic. that said audio wise, the D80s are great and compared to other systems out there are honestly fairly powerful (say the Z515 or some of those tiny systems like the monster clarity or whatever that cost more).

I do not get the reviews of people complaining that they dont have batteries for this model. they make the D100 for that and i'm glad they gave us an option of paying less for the D80 than the D100 (which is basically the same speaker with 4AA battery option for more $).

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4Good value, I don't expect perfection for this price.Dec 02, 2011
By R. Blum
The D80 appealed to me for a few reasons:
1. Price.
2. No wall-wart or mid-cord power supply. It has a simple, 2 conductor AC cord which plugs into the back.
3. ON/OFF switch, not a "standby" or soft-start switch. It has a rocker switch on the back that kills the AC. I've had speakers that sit there warming the room even when supposedly OFF.

It has two 3" full-range speakers so the sound is not full nor is it full-range, it lacks bass and highs. No surprise, I expected nothing more at this price.
Paired quickly with my iPhone4.
From OFF it requires a tap on the Bluetooth button to recognize my phone, pairs in about 2 seconds.
Does not remember volume level when powered down, comes back on somewhere in the middle of the range.
Other Bluetooth systems I've had exhibited horrible limiting, compression, or strange response curves. Terribly disappointed with my Griffin BT adapter as it has a weird clamping a few milliseconds after every loud note. The D80 doesn't show any of these effects.
Picking it up and carrying it is a little awkward, it's designed to just sit there. No place on front panel that is OK to grab, hold by top and bottom.
Unobtrusive, simple design. Should look good in any setting. Lighted ring around BT button is green and seems purposefully subdued. Blinks every 2 seconds or so when connected, solid when not.

I got this when it was priced low, wish I'd bought 3.

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4MehJun 26, 2012
By Harv "Bryan"
This is ok for the money i suppose but i was not as happy with the volume or bass as i thought i would be so i also ordered the d200 and did some SPL test which i will list so you can get a feel if this is enough for you.
I got almost 10 DB difference @ 1 meter between the 80 and 200 it was going between 7 and 10 DB during play of the same song, the max volume was 103 DB @ 1 meter on the d200 and around 95 DB on the d80, but i think i could have gotten a little more out of both using a cable, it has been my experience bluetooth has a lower volume then direct connect. Anyone who is not aware 10 DB is perceived as almost twice as loud so this is quite a difference. The bass difference is huge compared to the 80, I just have a generic SPL meter "old radio shack" so i cannot separate the different frequencies but after comparing both back to back the d200 is quite a difference, now to be fair the 80 sounds ok its not distorted or anything just in a totally different league.
If your just looking for some easy to moderate listening the d80 is fine, i am not trying to slam the 80 i did gave it 4 star's because for the money it is a sweet little setup i just want to give people a good idea what to expect between the two, im still using the d80 with a laptop

As i said i used a cheap SPL meter which has never been calibrated since i bought it so i just use it for rough estimates although it should be close, but it would be nice if people would use a meter to give people a better idea of the volume instead of subjective opinions

14 of 17 found the following review helpful:

5For the size and price, you can't beat this little speaker!Jul 21, 2012
By Mikekikon
I use this speaker in my 14x14' bedroom and it is more than capable of filling the entire room with a nice, full sound. I love that because it's bluetooth, I can just perch it up on the top of my bookshelf and only have to touch it to tap the connect button (which provides a nice shortcut to connect to your audio player after the initial setup). I use this speaker with my iPhone 4s and it works flawlessly. Much better solution than using a speaker dock--I can still connect my iPhone to a regular outlet to charge and have the speaker on the other side of the room. I am still blown away every time I use it that I can control my whole library and volume level from the palm of my hand, and, if I want, walk from my bedroom out to the hookup in my car and never miss a beat of the music. And for $30? Unbelievable. I've officially waved goodbye to physical CDs. Love that I can now listen to Spotify, Pandora, and my iTunes/CD collection all through one device.

The addition of a line-in port on the front of the unit is also a nice touch, although I've yet to use it.

Sound quality is really quite good for the size and price of the speaker (for what it's worth, I am an audio mixing engineer). Anybody stating otherwise on here is simply not being rational or realistic in their expectations. The unit is smaller than I expected, with better bass response than I expected (much better than the old boom box it replaced, which was quite a bit larger). It's not going to shake the room, but it's enough to achieve a balanced sound spectrum. The speaker is a bit heavy in the lower midrange, so some EQ at the player may be required to adjust to taste.

Bottom line: If you have your music library on an iPod or smartphone and need a small, stylish bluetooth speaker with enough power to fill a small room with decent quality sound, you can't go wrong with the Creative D80.

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