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Creative D200 Bluetooth Wireless Speaker
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Creative D200 Bluetooth Wireless Speaker

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Bluetooth 2.0 with Enhanced Data Rate

Wireless remote capabilities

Integrated Bass port

Bluetooth Speaker

Product Details:
Product Length: 18.8 inches
Product Width: 5.1 inches
Product Height: 4.9 inches
Product Weight: 1.0 pounds
Package Length: 18.7 inches
Package Width: 4.9 inches
Package Height: 4.9 inches
Package Weight: 4.2 pounds
Average Customer Rating: based on 629 reviews
Customer Reviews:
Average Customer Review: 4.5 ( 629 customer reviews )
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Most Helpful Customer Reviews

99 of 109 found the following review helpful:

4I Love These Speakers!Nov 09, 2011
By Fangdynasty
I spent hours going over tech reviews of all the speakers out there to find the best bluetooth speakers that would fit in my price range. I settled on these which were a good hundred dollars less than I had meant to spend. There was just no need to spend more unless I was willing to pay 300 dollars more for any noticeable difference in sound quality or functionality.

Bluetooth speakers can be hit or miss as a general rule, so I tested several models out by getting them sent to my home. I paired these speakers to my iPad 2, it did give me some pairing issues but once that was taken care of, I've not had any problems since. I use these mainly for music and being able to have the speakers on one side of the room and being able to control iTunes through my iPad from the couch is awesome. It beats having a dock if you are constantly on your iPad or iPhone like me and move around a lot. Phone and Tablet speakers are anything but ideal so it is great having these speakers amplify and put out a better sound quality and volume that I prefer.

Ok, on to the performance side:

Sound quality is great, clean and crisp. I brought the volume all the way up to 100% and did not hear any crackling or garbage that sometimes happens on cheap speakers. This is a vast difference compared to those ridiculous bluetooth speakers that Target is peddling for a hundred dollars more. When I tried those, it started giving me horrible distortion at just 60 percent. The subwoofer holds it's own but it's not going to put out bass that shakes the house. I mean it's just not going to do what a standalone subwoofer would do but it does add a little kick and balances the sound nicely.

Volume level is good as well, the output levels are great. I put this on 80% volume and turned my iPad to 80% volume and it pretty much blew me out of the room.

Aesthetic Qualities: These speakers look really nice, it is sleek, the shiny black outside makes it look modern when paired with the curves of the design. It fits in nicely with my mostly dark wood furniture. It does collect dust so get that swiffer duster handy.

Bluetooth: Like I said, there were some pairing issues out of the box but that was cleared up within minutes. It now pairs seamlessly between three devices which is good. Range is about 15-20 feet in reality, and of course that can be largely effected by walls and furniture that stand between the speakers and the source.

Overall, you can't beat speakers like these at this price. You could get better speakers but they are going to run you several hundred dollars more and in this economy, who really wants to do that. You are better off settling it and going with these.

198 of 225 found the following review helpful:

5One of the best speakers ever.Jan 12, 2011
By Hari
I have the D200. It was not bought from Amazon, so the review is about the speaker and not about the service from Amazon.

This is one amazing speaker.

1. A+++ for sound. The sound quality is so crisp and clear at all the ranges. Whether you play a movie soundtrack CD or a classical or jazz CD, it reproduces every nuance of the high, mid, and low frequencies without any audible distortions.

2. A++ for looks. It is aesthetically very pleasing to look at. Simple curves on the two ends and the mirror like finish (black) of the body gives it a very elegant look that sets it apart. The buttons on top blends in without protruding or standing out. The led light isn't too bright as to attract attention to it. The matte black front screen has only a small logo of the company. It will blend well with any decor in your house, whether you live in an upscale penthouse or an ordinary bedroom or living room. For me its looks alone won me over.

3. A++ for convenience. The size is not too small or not too big. It is just right. Connections are minimal. Since it lies on its side rather than standing upright like some bookshelf or computer speakers, it is very stable and easy to place anywhere. No need to worry about whether it will tip over or whether it will be too tall. If you can find a place with 16 inch length, 4 inch height and 4 inch depth (plus a little bit extra space in the back for the dispersion of the bass sound) then the speaker will have a comfortable home.

4. A++ for adaptability. I have used its aux. input by connecting it directly to my laptop headphone jack. There is no problem with the range of volume controls and it performs superbly. I now use it with blue tooth and I get the same nice range of volume control without any fuss. The speaker will work great regardless of whether you are streaming your music from your laptop or from your iphone, ipad or ipod or any blue tooth enabled device. You make the one-one blue tooth transmitter-receiver matching and you are set. It doesn't get any simpler than that.

5. A++ for packaging. In terms of the overall packaging I am very satisfied since it comes in a nice cardboard box more like a wine bottle box and with a little handle like a boombox. There is no Styrofoam or clam-shell to deal with. If you are buying it for yourself, it is easy to open and setup, one power cord, one power socket you attach to the power cord and the speaker, that's all. If you want to give it as a gift it is easy to gift wrap. The size and looks of the package will be appreciated by both men and women alike. So it makes a perfect gift item.

You will be wondering why so much praise and why I haven't written anything negative about the speakers. Well I want to concentrate on the product as it is meant to be used. I can write something negative about the instruction booklet. But how many people really need instructions. I just set it up without reading any instructions. Moreover it wont do justice to the speaker if the review nitpicks on the instructions. After all we want to listen to the music and not sit down to read the instruction booklet.

I see in the reviews that some people have problems after the first day. My gut feeling tells me that they would not have realized that some blue tooth transmitters that attach to the headphone jack of their computers need recharging using external power supplies. So they could have easily fixed that problem by recharging their blue tooth transmitter, instead of returning the speaker after using it for a day.

If you are on the hunt for a speaker, don't waste your time. You won't go wrong in blindly picking this speaker to take home or ordering it online. It is worth every penny you pay for it. If you already have nice speakers buy it as a gift for someone you love and they will be happy that you gave them this speaker instead of a gift card or a wine bottle and they will remember your gift for the rest of their lives. It will be a good gift for teenagers, and people of any age who love to listen to music.

65 of 71 found the following review helpful:

5Awesome Wireless Bookshelf SpeakerMar 30, 2012
By Techie "Keepin' it Real"
As a recovering audiophile from the 70's and 80's, in the past I have enjoyed great quality sound (crisp highs, clear midrange, and thundering lows) from loudspeakers like the Large Advents and the Bose 901 Direct/Reflecting System ... driven by massive power amps.

I will evaluate this D200 speaker from 7 perspectives: Sound Quality, Sound Volume, Connectivity, Ease of Use, Appearance, Convenience, and Reliability.

The D200 performs remarkably. Be it classic rock, smooth rock, rock ballads, jazz, pop, or classical music ... no matter the genre ... the D200 has impressive high/mid/low range performance. The crash of symbols, the midrange strumming of acoustical guitar, and the deep lows of the bass guitar and bass drum all come through distinctly and clearly. In a word, the sound quality is impressive. The D200 even stands up well to the amazing drum solo in Emerson Lake and Palmer's "Tank" ... which culminates 4 minutes in with an incredible woofer shattering bass note that WILL rock your world. Use that note to test drive your next set of high end stereo speakers for your primary sound system ...... Go for it !!!!!

It is awesome to find a compact speaker that can pack a big punch. We have an 11 x 11 office and a 15 x 20 family room ... and the D200 easily fills each area with sound. Even with friends over chit chatting, the sound is very audible and plenty loud and clear.

Connecting with the D200 is simple and consistently effective. With the "CREATIVE" BT-D1 USB transmitter (FREE now on the "CREATIVE" website, bundled with the D200!) I paired the speaker with my laptop to play smooth rock, my wife's laptop to play her Neil Diamond and Toby Keith, and my desktop to rock out with some classic Aerosmith, Beatles, Boston, CS&N, Doobie Brothers, Journey, Led Zeppelin, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Steppenwolf, Stones, Queen, Van Halen, Who, ZZ Top, etc. I also natively connected to my Bluetooth enabled cell phone ... to listen to another gig of "best of" classic rock. You push the button on the top of the speaker ... and the button on the USB transmitter or your cell phone for 2 or 3 seconds and voile ... the sound automatically turns off from its former source, and the D200 quickly comes to life, with consistently clean connectivity.

Plug it in. Power it on. Push the connect button. Adjust the volume. Simple. It is also fairly portable. Unplug the AC adapter and off you go to the next room.

The black shiny case is impressively sheik. The three buttons, the small LED light, and the small gray "CREATIVE" logo are all cleanly designed and understated. The D200 simply exudes casual elegance ... certain to become a conversation piece.

The D200's compact size allows it to conveniently fit on bookshelves, on TV stands, on end tables, on nightstands etc. I will admit that it would be nice to have a rechargeable battery powered option for self contained portability (like on a camp out in the woods, or by a campfire at the beach) ... but for this sound quality at this price point, I'm not complaining. (HOW ABOUT THAT FOR A D210 ... NEXT PRODUCT RELEASE HINT, "CREATIVE" ???).

Thus far (knock on wood), the D200 has performed flawlessly. I will comment on the reviews that said theirs died. I noticed when I plugged the AC adapter in that it was a little finicky about where the wire was positioned. My guess is the wire is getting kinked during packaging. "CREATIVE" should look at packaging the AC Adapter so the wire is better protected.

I am so pleased with the quality and convenience of the D200 that I bought a second one (while the D200 is still on sale at the "CREATIVE" website and bundled with the BT-D1 for FREE!). [...] (The order is fulfilled by Amazon).

We now have one D200 in the family room for the family to enjoy (available for connectivity with one desktop, multiple laptops, and multiple cell phones) and one D200 in my office for my personal listening pleasure. Billy Joel is knocking out "Uptown Girl" right now. Life is good!

88 of 104 found the following review helpful:

5Best Wireless Speakers Out ThereDec 01, 2010
By J.D. Cotten
Absolutely love this speaker. Incredible sound, especially at the price. I tested the D100's and found them not to handle all types of music well but the D200 handles anything I throw at it. Sounds almost as good as my home theater set up. Handles, highs, lows, and mids equally well. Very easy to connect. Hasn't lost signal for me yet. Highly recommend.

13 of 15 found the following review helpful:

3Looks great, sounds okJul 01, 2013
By GaryH
I like to listen to my Pandora stations. I wanted something I could use in the bedroom paired up to my phone as I relax or before sleep. I didn't need anything loud, I have another system in the living room for that purpose. My first purchase was a GoGroove Sonaverse. (I didn't care about Bluetooth as the phone would be on the dresser as I'm laying down) I enjoyed listening to the GoGroove and decided it would be great to then get something a bit bigger that had some fuller sound and deeper bass.

Long story short I wound up spending more than I wanted and going with the Creative D200. (thinking it would be worth it because I get annoyed easily by poor sound quality).
It arrived, looked cool, I plugged it in, paired up easily with the Bluetooth on my Droid....and, jeez I was disappointed.

Yes, the D200 gets loud, lots of bass and little distortion at max volumes but I hated where the EQ is set up at factory. This speaker is all about booming lower midrange...and some deeper bass. The lower midrange frequencies are so strong that the upper mids and highs are muted and overpowered. I found there to be little presence of detail and spatial quality to this speaker.

If your listening right in front of the speaker its at its best. Move away from the speaker and it sounds like a loud speaker covered with a pillow or something...just has a muted quality about it.

It booms pretty well, and gets loud but I like to hear the subtle nuances of music and enjoy a good spatial quality and separation, and this just disappointed in that regard.

I wound up giving it to my daughter and still use the GoGroove until I can decide on something a bit better. I am considering the D100 as some reviews on some Audio Tech sites stated that speaker had surprisingly good crisp highs and quality.

UPDATE: I got the Oontz XL from Cambridge Soundworks. Very happy with it. More expensive at just over 100.00 but the sound is clear and spacious, and it can run for several hours with its internal rechargeable batteries (or plugged in)making it highly portable and convenient.

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