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Creative D100 Portable Bluetooth Wireless Speaker (Black)
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Creative D100 Portable Bluetooth Wireless Speaker (Black)

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<strong>The D100 portable bluetooth wireless speaker delivers better performance at a lower price! </strong><a href=";contentBody;1r#reviewPage1">Read the CNET 4-star review.</a>

The Creative D100 is a modern day boombox which delivers wireless audio from any of your Bluetooth-enabled wireless devices. It opens a whole world of possibilities unbound by wires and blends harmoniously into any environment, be it music sharing at the skate park or impromptu partying at the beach. You can even listen to music from non-wireless MP3 players via the integrated AUX-in port.


Bluetooth 2.1 with Enhanced Data Rate

Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Up to 25hrs of non-stop music with four AA batteries

Versatile power options

Product Details:
Product Length: 16.6 inches
Product Width: 5.3 inches
Product Height: 5.1 inches
Product Weight: 2.2 pounds
Package Length: 15.5 inches
Package Width: 5.4 inches
Package Height: 5.2 inches
Package Weight: 2.75 pounds
Average Customer Rating: based on 1518 reviews
Customer Reviews:
Average Customer Review: 4.0 ( 1518 customer reviews )
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Most Helpful Customer Reviews

688 of 703 found the following review helpful:

5Love this SpeakerDec 04, 2010
By B.
Given this is the first review, I will be thorough.

I've owned the Creative D100 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker for two months (paid $78.47). I'm very pleased. The sound quality is excellent for this type of speaker. The volume is loud enough to completely fill a room or a small outdoor area (e.g., patio). I've enjoyed it on the beach and found quality does not suffer much at high volumes.

Like with any small speaker, if you crank it to max volume, there is some distortion on bass-heavy songs. But the distortion is slight, and the bass sounds great if you have the volume appropriately set for the type of audio you are streaming.

On that note, there is no remote. The only way to control the volume is the `volume up' and `volume down' buttons on the front of the speaker or directly from streaming device ONLY IF it allows it. That is, my iPhone (3G - iOS 3.1.3) CANNOT change the speaker's volume while streaming, but my laptop can. In my use, I have not needed a remote. Usually I directly set the speaker's volume for the environment (e.g., bathroom, patio) and forget it. No remote also means you must control the streaming media from your device. There are no media control buttons on the speaker.

There is an auxiliary input on the back of the speaker, if you want to hook up a non-bluetooth device, or maybe just to save battery by not using Bluetooth.

Pairing with Bluetooth-capable devices (in my case, iPhone 3G and HP laptop) is simple and quick.

Battery life (four AA) is excellent. It is so long I cannot even put an estimate in terms of hours. It also came with an AC adapter, but I have never used it. The battery compartment is underneath the speaker.

The speaker is fairly small and very light. I actually carry it from room-to-room to enjoy while I am doing chores.

My only concern with the speaker is the build quality. The plastic casing is sturdy, but the front face of the speaker (surrounding the name plate and volume controls) is made of cloth. The cloth is spongy, but I am worried that it will inevitably tear with my heavy use of the speaker. There is no travel case included with the speaker.

Looking for a portable Bluetooth wireless speaker, I also considered the Logitech Z515 ($90, smaller and cloth-free). I've never used that Logitech speaker, but I ultimately chose the Creative D100 based on superior reviews for sound quality and bass quality. Look into both. There are good reviews for them and a comparison on CNET, if you want more information.

On the front of the speaker:
Volume up button
Volume down button
Bluetooth connect button

On the back of the speaker:
Power (on/off) switch
Aux input
5V AC adapter input

Underneath the speaker:
Battery compartment (four AA)

242 of 248 found the following review helpful:

5Best portable Speaker/ Boombox that I have had regardless of the price!Jan 25, 2011
By m
I ride boats, hop from island to island. I have been using portable speakers for 10 yrs now. I have come across a lot of them. With all the technology now, I never knew that the bluetooth connection would be so convenient and seamless, most especially for the D100. It's light, a bit bulky than the others, but packed with power. Before this, I bought the Logitech S715i because I got it for almost half the price, it had good highs and mids but pretty mediocre lows. The internal rechargeable battery was mediocre as well. You would think, it would be so useful since it's easier to charge, but no. When you finally ran out, you don't want to wait and find a wall outlet to charge, you just want to get new batteries and stick it in and continue playing portable music. You can use rechargeable AA's as well. It also did not have a bluetooth connection. This made me consider to try the Creative D100, and with maybe more than 15 portable speakers I've tried from different brands over the years, this is one of the best that I have used for its form and function. I am an audiophile as well, and you cannot compare this to any system you might have of course, but for what it does, it has a pretty good combination of highs and lows. As a whole it sounds good. Try to adjust the EQ on your iPhone, laptop, or any other device according to your preference for better sound. Very portable, started using it around the house with batteries, from the bedroom, to the office, to the bathroom. It's still running, 3 days in, with about 6-8 hrs/day, mid to high volume. I so loved it, I gave my Logitech away as a gift to my brother. Then bought another D100 for my sister. Easily fits a small shoe bag. No remotes needed if your connected via BT. Line out for other MP3's as well. I guess the design which is like a small box, gives off better sound resonance as compared to newer slim designs. This does not sound tinny at all! Try it out. And its inexpensive! I love it. Hope you will too. Will surely be with me on my next trip! Never wrote a single review in Amazon, what does that tell you?

90 of 98 found the following review helpful:

4Very good Iphone4/Ipad2 speakerApr 27, 2011
Please be advised...I'm reviewing this Creative D100 speaker for what it is and not against a home stereo setup. I'm rating it using a Verizon Iphone4. (I bought it for use with an Ipad2 as well, but I have not received the Ipad2 yet.) I plan to use on the outside patio area of my RV when traveling.

The Good:
1) Small (considering it has two 3 inch enclosed speakers), light weight, and sounds very good for a kitchen, bedroom, small back patio etc.
2) Good base for it's size and price. CNET review was right on.
3) Extremely easy to pair to Verizon Iphone4 and volume can be controlled by the D100 controls or the Iphone4.
4) Has excellent Bluetooth reception. The Iphone4 does not need to be nearby...mine works great with the phone in one room and the D100 in another room.
5) Excellent battery life. Very easy to change batteries.
6) Comes with rubber anti-skid "feet" installed.

The bad:

1) Will not charge batteries. I bought (from Amazon) the SunPac 2 hour charger...comes with a 115VAC and 12VDC charging adapters & 4ea 2650 mil/amp batteries.
2) The unit has front facing speakers which are only protected by a very light cloth-like cover. Would be VERY easy to poke a thumb or something through and damage a speaker.
3) Will not answer or "signal" an incoming phone call. The Iphone4 will, however, automatically cut the D100 volume to zero when a call comes in. Then I answer the call with the Iphone4. With my Ipad2 this, of course, will not be an issue.
4) No indicater of battery life used or remaining.

Hope this helps!

157 of 175 found the following review helpful:

5It's a winnerDec 20, 2010
By Amazon Customer
I was looking for speakers that provided acceptable music reproduction, that were portable and easy to use, and could connect via wireless Bluetooth to a mobile phone (Motorola Droid) and iPad. I was also looking for something I could give as a gift to someone who would appreciate the same features but who does not have as much patience as I do for making these things work. The Creative D100 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker is perfect for our needs. As one reviewer mentioned, the Creative D100 is light-weight and simple to unplug and move from room to room. It has a battery option too, but I haven't used it with batteries yet.

The one-time Bluetooth pairing setup is simple. All you need to know before you begin is how to instruct your music device (phone, computer, iPad, etc.) to scan for and 'pair' with other Bluetooth devices. The rest is covered in the Creative D100 instructions. Power up the Creative D100 (turn on the power switch on the back side), make the D100 'discoverable' (press and hold the Bluetooth 'pairing' button on the front side), turn on the Bluetooth feature on your music device and begin scanning for other Bluetooth devices, and presto, it will pair and connect to the Creative D100. For those who would be using the music player on their phone and are concerned about taking calls while listening to music, I discovered that when using my Motorola Droid (Android OS v2.2), the music will connect via 'media audio' to the Creative D100 while 'phone audio' maps separately to my Plantronics Voyager Pro headset. Cool :)

Don't expect this speaker system to make the walls, roof, and windows shake, although at 3/4 volume the sound fills my 20' x 20' living room area very nicely with Christmas jazz at a pleasant, undistorted level. It's perfect in the master bedroom and in my home office too. But if you're looking for bass that you can feel in your gut, that's not what the Creative D100 is built to do. You may want to experiment with speaker placement as I did. I found that the music was enhanced by moving the speaker from an open space on a table to a shelf in an entertainment center where it was partially enclosed. I'm not a sound engineer, but my guess is that the shelf placement that sort of surrounds the unit assists the functionality of the rear speaker port on the Creative D100, helping to capture and direct the sound towards the listener. I also tested the Bluetooth range by placing the speaker in the living room and moving my phone (and iPad) to a bedroom down the hall, probably 25-30 feet away from the speaker. I was impressed that there was absolutely no device-to-speaker signal loss all evening regardless of which music device was connected. I'm very pleased. I got a black one for myself, and a pink one to give as a Christmas gift.

44 of 46 found the following review helpful:

5WOW!!! Exactly what i wanted!!!Nov 21, 2012
By Doreen D.
I am so glad I spent the time to research and reviews before purchasing a speaker for my iphone/ipad. This is worth every cent! Just came in the mail, opened it up, plugged it in, pressed the bluetooth button and in seconds Im listening to my iphone music. This thing is LOUD!!!! and its lightweight. I have had the JBL on stage (loved it but wasnt portable), a Skullcandy speaker (portable but not so loud), and Ive listened to the Jambox in the store and this Creative D100 BLOWS THEM ALL AWAY!!! I love the fact that it has 4 AA batteries for when Im not near a power source - making it truly portable. I am going to use this speaker all the time and my number one concern was the sound. I didnt want tinny, thin or weak sound. The Creative D100 can play LOUD! the bass sounds good. This thing could clearly power a small party in a living room or outside on the deck. So many uses for it I am thrilled with my purchase. I was about to spend over $100 on a speaker until I found this one. The deal is ridiculous. It may seem like an older model but it is not out of date at all. Im in love with this thing - you will not be disappointed especially at this price.

EDITED 3 months later...

Im still using this speaker daily and its still performing great! Im totally obsessed and I want to buy a second one. I originally bought this to bring to the hospital with me when i was in labor so I could play my music the whole time through labor and delivery. I had it plugged in and playing bluetooth from my iphone and left it going on shuffle repeat for 24 hours straight! It was awesome to have the remote capabilities of bluetooth, everyone who entered my room commented on how awesome it was to have a blue took speaker in there operated from my phone. Now that Im home with the baby I use it constantly to play music to put her to sleep, stream siriusxm, and just have background music while we play and read, etc. There is only one small downfall I just found out, when my husband tries to sync his droid to it, I have to un-pair my iphone for it to be recognizable on his phone, so it wont show up on both our phones, we have to pair it one or the other. Also - the range is great. We living in a one floor/ranch and i can control the music from any room in the house from my iphone.

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