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Creative ChatMax HS-620 Headset
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Creative ChatMax HS-620 Headset

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Product Details:
Product Length: 8.88 inches
Product Width: 8.38 inches
Product Height: 3.88 inches
Product Weight: 0.4 pounds
Package Length: 9.4 inches
Package Width: 8.9 inches
Package Height: 3.6 inches
Package Weight: 0.8 pounds
Average Customer Rating: based on 40 reviews
Customer Reviews:
Average Customer Review: 4.0 ( 40 customer reviews )
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11 of 12 found the following review helpful:

4Good ValueMay 15, 2011
By Scott48
I purchased these headphones needing a microphone for speech recognition, as well as for listening to music. First, the good. The headphones fit fairly well after adjusting for my rather large head. The padding on top and around the ears was very comfortable, and I was able to wear them for about an hour before starting to feel a bit uncomfortable. Sound reproduction was surprisingly good, as all levels and tones were presented pretty accurately, from deep bass to high treble. I was able to turn up the volume pretty high, with no noticeable sound degradation. There's a volume dial on the cord, which was helpful and easy to reach. You can also hear ambient noise from the room while listening to music, though it's muffled.

The detachable microphone also works well. I fiddled a bit with speech recognition, and the mic seemed sensitive enough that it was able reproduce my input for the computer. It may be a bit too sensitive, as it also seemed to pick up ambient sound from the room. There may be a setting in Windows to adjust for this, but I don't know. Overall satisfactory results with the mic.

Now, the bad. The cord is very thin, and I can't help but think that where the cable plugs into the left earpiece is where breakage may occur. The cord was too long for my purposes, so I had to zip-tie the extra length (not really a big deal). The biggest negative I have with these 'phones is occasionally there's a popping sound when turning my head, most likely caused by the plastic casing being torqued by movement. Not really a big deal, but it's occasionally annoying.

Overall, I would recommend these headphones to anyone. For comfortable music listening or gaming at around $30, it's a pretty good value.

8 of 9 found the following review helpful:

3Creative Labs HS-620 vs the Fatal1tyOct 23, 2011
By Jenn "Jenn"
This is a Vine review of the Creative Labs ChatMax HS-620 Gaming Headset. I requested the headset because generally I like Creative Lab products but have not been entirely pleased with Creative's Fatal1ty gaming headset which I already own. I was curious to see how the HS-620 compared to the Fatal1ty.

Audio: The Creative HS-620 audio is better than the Fatal1ty in hearing subtleties in both game play and when listening to music. The HS-620s are slightly better at eliminating outside sounds than the Fatal1ty. An important note is that other people report they hear me more clearly on the HS-620 over the Fatal1ty.

Cord Construction/Quality: Both the HS-620 and the Fatal1ty have cords that could be hardier by having better strain relief for the cord exiting the headset and at the connectors. Creative improved the color coding on the Fatal1ty connector. The HS-620 only had a sliver of color on the metal parts of the connectors and the Fatal1ty has the entire connector color coded. Both the HS-620 and Fatal1ty have inline volume controls that are positioned on the cord in such as way as they get hung up on the desk as I move around. I would prefer the control be higher or lower on the cord so that it moves freely.

Headset Comfort: The HS-620s are lightweight and comfy on the head. They have a light cool fit around the ears which is important to me for using the headset hours at a time. The Fatal1ty is tighter, hotter, and feel like they crush my ears against my head for long term play.

Mic Construction/Quality: The HS-620 mic has a shorter boom and smaller head so that it is located on the side of my face when in position. The Fatal1ty has a longer boom and for others to hear me well has to be in front of my mouth making it hard to eat or drink without pulling it away. While a smaller point, one that bothers me is that the Fatal1ty is distracting as it is in the periphery of my vision.

This 2011 Vine product had coupons for free music and audiobook which terminated in 12/2009 and 12/2010 respectively.

Surprisingly the individual differences are not largely significant but all together they are enough to prefer the HS-620 over the Fatal1ty.

5 of 6 found the following review helpful:

4Good, but workable solution for my needsMay 13, 2011
By beebluark
This set of phones is working well. Sound quality not as good as another set I
have, but these are lighter and very comfortable. I sometimes have to wear them
with both behind-the-ear hearing aids in place and the pressure is acceptable.
Although it worked out in actual practice, I was surprised to find that the plug
to my laptop was not USB but rather two plugs which utilize access points on the left of the laptop. Didn't find any mention of this in the mfgrs' description. It might not prove convenient for all users. In my case it freed up a USB port on the
right side for other uses.

2 of 2 found the following review helpful:

4A non-gaming review. I wish it had ear isolation. Still, a good value.Apr 06, 2012
By bjshourt
I was looking for a relatively low-cost dual-use headset, one that is good for music and also for iPad and iPhone voice and video call use. I wanted something that has good isolation to hear in noisy environments. But they cost a lot more. This product offers very little isolation but the upside is it's pretty light, not too much pressure on my ears, and my ears don't get hot like they would with a high-isolation type. I am pleased with the music use and it has surprisingly good bass response. The boom mike only comes down about three-quarters of the way to my mouth but the noise-cancelation/isolation is very good and the short boom prevents breath-popping. I've been told by callees that they cannot hear loud noises around me even when it was so loud I had trouble hearing them. They report the voice quality is about the same as the built-in mikes on the iPhone 4S and iPad although with no low end frequencies, but this might be a design intention to minimize mechanical boom noise and increase intelligiblity in high noise environments.

CONS: The overly long cord is a bit of a nusience (I keep a tightly coiled loop of the excess), there is no outer removable windscreen and on windy days there is some noise, you need an adapter to combine the separate mike and ear plugs (but the advantage is some players or radios cannot tolerate a combined plug, both physically or electrically because of the impedance characteristic), and the mike ON/OFF and volume control are poorly marked on the very small cord switch, but at least is has a clothing clip.

4 of 5 found the following review helpful:

4Good Sound in ComfortSep 29, 2011
By Inna Tysoe "Inna Tysoe"
I've had quite a few headphones over the years. Mostly, I used in-the-ear type headphones to listen to music on the go or for gaming. It's been years since I had over-the- ear type headphones and the microphone is something I've missed on my PC for a while.

Design and feel

The headphones are quite light with nice velvet padded cups that go over the ears; the insides in front of the speakers have a thin layer of velvet too. The headband too has velvet padding where it makes contact with the top of your head.

The headphones have adjustable lengths on each side to fit any height head and the cups twist above the ears and tilt at the ears making for a very cozy fit. The cups feel very soft around the ears and dampen any external noise.

The microphone is detachable and is on a flexible stalk that plugs in under the left ear cup and bends around towards your mouth. It has a standard 3.5mm plug and the headphone cup has a socket so if you really wanted to, you could substitute a third-party microphone.


The headphone cable is quite long; several feet longer than I am accustomed to on my mobile devices which is nice as I can move around my desk, reach across to another desk, and stand up without pulling on the chord. It has a small clip with basic on and off controls and the headphone volume knob. The cable itself is quite thin and has both mic and headphone jacks in one. It's possible that these cables could be quite fragile but no problems so far.


The sound quality is very good for the size, nice range, good bass and treble. The cups manage to dampen any external sounds well so you feel enclosed and somewhat isolated. You may easily miss the doorbell or telephone with these on. I'm a bit spoilt in the sound department as I have an excellent Yamaha amp and polk subwoofer and speakers. These headphones don't come close but they are very comfortable and do mean you can enjoy games and music at good quality and volume without interrupting other people in the room.

The mic works well and has noise cancelling. The only problem I have is that I am soft spoken and have to speak louder than is comfortable for me to get past the noise canceling but once I do, the result is very clear and crisp sound with more warmth than other headsets I have used.

Because of my quiet voice I would have liked to be able to bring the microphone closer to my mouth but the stalk is quite short for my big head, meaning that the microphone is some distance away.

Overall, I like these headphones and look forward to using them online in the future. I think that, the price is fair and if you're in the market for headphones you might want to give these a try.

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