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Creative Aurvana Platinum Wired/Wireless Headset
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Creative Aurvana Platinum Wired/Wireless Headset

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Joining Aurvana's range of illustrious headphones, the Creative Aurvana Platinum is the flagship headset poised to lead the pack in its class. Featuring powerful 50mm Neodymium drivers, Near Field Communication (NFC) and Tri-Mode Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) technologies, it is the perfect combination to boost your listening experience to the next level.


Master of sound craftsmanship

Stunning true-to-life performance

Powered by 50mm Neodymium drivers, it is meticulously tuned to deliver stunning bass, balanced with clear vocals and pristine highs. So you'll get stunning audio from orchestral symphonies to cinematic soundtracks.

Luxurious design

Besides possessing an arresting and sophisticated design, the Aurvana Platinum also boasts comfortable premium memory-foam ear padding that is well-suited for long hours of extended wear.


One-touch connection

One-touch connection

Integrated with Near Field Communication (NFC), you can wirelessly connect to compatible smartphones or tablets easily simply by tapping your smart device on the headset.

High-definition playback quality minus the wires

Aurvana Platinum employs high-definition audio support with aptX® and AAC to ensure the best wireless audio performance from a Bluetooth-enabled device.

Lag-free audio

FastStream* technology allows for low-latency, bi-directional audio streaming and voice communication with the Creative BT-W1 Bluetooth transceiver (sold separately).

*FastStream allows low latency wireless bi-directional audio streaming and voice communication with Creative BT-W1 Bluetooth USB transceiver. HD Voice requires supported smartphones and mobile networks.

High-definition playback quality minus the wires
15 hours of playback

15 hours of playback*

Enjoy up to 15 hours of playback and talk time with a single charge.

*without ANC


Convenient and easy controls

Have it both ways

Convenient and easy controls

The convenient on-ear music and call controls allow you to adjust the volume or switch between calls and music with ease.

Have it both ways

Enjoy your music with or without wires with the detachable, flat, tangle-free cables.

Note: When the audio stereo cable is connected to the headset, the headset will operate in the "passive mode" — the headset's call functions, music playback and volume controls will be disabled.


Noise-free music and calls

The headset's advanced Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) feature employs the use of four dedicated microphones and noise reduction controllers to eliminate the ambient noise by up to 90%. You can enjoy the flexibility of choosing one of three optimized levels of noise reduction with the Tri-Mode ANC selector: for airplane, indoor or outdoor use.

The built-in microphone with ClearSpeech™ Engine actively suppresses environmental noise and digitally enhances voice clarity so that your conversations are loud and clear.

Moreover, it is HD Voice-ready, which means it is capable of transmitting a broader spectrum of the human voice, making conversations more natural and life-like. To take full advantage of HD Voice, both parties must converse on HD Voice-capable smartphones, and be connected to mobile networks supporting HD Voice. For more information on supported HD Voice services and smartphones, refer to your local service provider.

Crisp conversations


One source, two headsets
Two sources, one headset

One source, two headsets

Aurvana Platinum features Creative ShareMe™, which allows you to share your music wirelessly with your buddy or loved one using another Creative ShareMe-enabled wireless headset such as the Aurvana Gold and Hitz WP380.

Two sources, one headset

Creative Multipoint allows you to pair two separate devices to the headset at the same time. This means that you can easily switch your music source between these two Bluetooth stereo devices.


Go places with your headset

To make travelling a breeze, we have included an airplane adapter as well as a travel pouch for portable convenience.

Product Details:
Product Length: 9.57 inches
Product Width: 3.39 inches
Product Height: 9.69 inches
Product Weight: 1.1 pounds
Package Length: 13.6 inches
Package Width: 11.3 inches
Package Height: 3.9 inches
Package Weight: 2.25 pounds
Average Customer Rating: based on 46 reviews
Customer Reviews:
Average Customer Review: 4.0 ( 46 customer reviews )
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Most Helpful Customer Reviews

19 of 20 found the following review helpful:

5works as advertised...sounds better when wirelessFeb 03, 2014
By Sam Altomere
wow...I have been shopping a long time for an audiophile-grade set of headphones that would sound like a bowers and wilkins p7, have active noise canceling, and give me the Bluetooth connectivity of the parrot ziks. These are the best of all worlds.
Received these last Thursday, and burned them in properly for 70 hours. The sound is amazing...clear, precise, never shrill. They are extremely accurate..I have not found a song or type of music that throws them off. If I had to describe the sound profile, I would call it colorfully neutral. I would say that these are bass forward just a tad, mids are balanced and slightly highlighted, and highs are crisp, accurate, not shrill or painful, and probably just a tiny bit subdued.
These headphones actually sound better when they are used wirelessly as the quality of the amp they have is astounding and makes all the difference. I am not saying that they don't sound good with the wire, but for the full appreciation of these, you should try them over Bluetooth and let them dazzle you. They come with a rechargeable battery, so you don't have to burn through batteries like the Bose line. Also, unlike the Bose line, the work (albeit no noise canceling or wireless) when the battery is dead via the cable, and they work while charging.
Pairing them to your Bluetooth item is pretty easy, and once it has been done once, it is pretty much automatic.
Controls on the right ear take a bit to get used to, but work as advertised. Noise canceling is not quite as good as the Bose, but the sound is so much richer that I could not possibly trade these for the little difference in active noise canceling levels.
IF I had to mention shortfalls, I would have to say that the cord that comes with it is a bit short, and the noise isolation to the outside world is, while not bad, noticeable in a quite room at 3/4 volume. Bear in mind though, that these really can get loud. I would say that they are probably twice as loud as any pair of Bose I have tried, so the leakage to the outside may be unavoidable at the volumes that you will crave to listen to music on these (it is that good).
Tried a phone call on them, they are easy to switch over to the call with one touch of a button the right ear, they automatically mute what you were listening to, and they sound natural on both ends of the call.

7 of 7 found the following review helpful:

5A Great Headset!Feb 02, 2014
By Kaite
I've been waiting to buy this headset for a few months now. When I finally received it, I was ecstatic.
The music playback is excellent, and calls are quite easy to hear. Unlike the Bose QuietComfort headphones, the Platinums feel sturdy, and not at all like they would break if you dropped them.

The only thing that annoys me about them is that to stream high quality audio during Skype calls, you need to have a Bluetooth USB transmitter that supports the Faststream codec, which Creative also sells, but at the moment, they're currently out of stock. It's also hard to find one that lists support for Faststream because most are worried about other types of Bluetooth support. Though I will admit, the moment I switched on the mic on the headset for a Skype call, my friend said they could immediately hear me much better. I was using my Mac Book Pro's internal mic before.

The noise-cancelling is comparable to the QuietComfort headphones, and you can barely hear anything even with the ANC (active noise cancelling) turned off.

I also quite enjoy the different levels of noise cancelling.

If you're looking for a great pair of headphones, these are a really nice alternative to Bose's offerings. The NFC pairing is neat too. I'd love to test the ShareMe feature, but I'm none too keen on buying another bluetooth headset. The Creative Hitz 380 headset would be something to try it with, however.

5 of 5 found the following review helpful:

5Simply subjectively perfect.Mar 09, 2014
By Daniel G.
They got everything I wanted:
* full size closed over-the-ear
* Bluetooth (both music and call)
* Bluetooth multi-point
* over 10 hours on the batteries (see below for more details)
* control buttons (like volume up/down, play/pause/stop, next/previous and other)
* battery status notifications (you find here diode color and audio)
* no power needed to play (cable)
* well-looking

Additionally positive:
* lots of information on producer's website (technical specification, description, manual, etc.)
* lots of possibilities and ease of use
* NFC pairing/connecting/disconnecting, however they don’t shut down immediately
* good battery working time (almost 16 hours to the audio notification "battery low" on 30% volume and ANC set to "indoors")
* very good sound quality (both Bluetooth and cable, if source powerful enough - I use SGS4 outdoors)
* good passive isolation
* work as charged
* easy to use ANC (no audio source needed; 3 levels)
* cables in the box

Neutral notes:
* wind noise quite disturbing on low volume. Turned on ANC adds additional noise. I live in quite windy area.
* ANC performance not the perfect, but gives very noticeable difference and is acceptable
* little bit tight. However I got used to it very fast. They can be worn for hours without discomfort.

* market availability ;) (I had to by them online. Otherwise would have to travel at least 150km, which is a lot in Europe ;) )

I am little bit afraid of ANC switch that is moved physically to 0 or 1, which means that it would be possible to forget about it and entirely discharge the battery. I hope that hardware will deal with such situation and do not allow the battery to get damaged.

I would definitely suggest those for travelers, as I am.

3 of 3 found the following review helpful:

5Great full featured headphones! More features then other brands and they do it perfectly.Oct 07, 2014
By JameyG
So this will be a good size review for all you that really want to read it all. I'm breaking it into a few categories.

Color - Some people are saying they don't like the brown. It actually is not bad at all, I kinda like it. It makes the headphones look more refined and adult like instead of the beat and bright colored ones you see younger kids wearing. There is a lot of brown but it's a cross between caramel and milk chocolate. Since I want to have a rich brown man cave I may be a little biased towards the color. The silver highlights are nice to break up the brown

Size - They are definitely on the big side. When I looked in the mirror with them on I thought I looked like a Cyberman from Dr. Who. They are a little bigger then I would like in the looks aspect.

Even though they are made of plastic they feel very sturdy, I don't feel they are going to break but some metal holding certain areas together would have made me feel a bit more secure.

They are a little big for my head. The band doesn't set on my head but I can feel them touching the top of my head (this is on the lowest setting). The ear-pads are very soft, I've had them on for close to 4 hours now and no comfort issues in that area, I even wear glasses and they are comfortable with them. It does take a little bit to get them to fit well with the glasses but once you have them right they are fine. I have had a hard time with finding headphones that worked well with glasses. The ear-pads have enough depth that my big ears are not touching the speaker area which is nice for a change, and there is some nice soft cloth and foam to protect from that anyway. They do completely cover my big ears also which is another nice aspect.

These have a good layout. Might take getting used to but not a problem. I don't know anything that comes natural when you first buy them.

-The Bluetooth connects easily with NFC or regular Bluetooth. Hold the button down until it is ready to pair and that's it. If you've paired Bluetooth before then you will not have a problem.
-They connect to 2 devices at once. Very nice since I play music off my phone and use a VoIP phone for office calls. When a call comes in the music automatically get paused, press the button to answer and boom you are speaking with someone. The call quality is great also, no one can tell I'm using a Bluetooth headset.
-I like the flap that covers the charge port. Not sure why some people are saying they can't get it back into the hole, sounds like a personal problem to me.

Noise Cancellation
First thing you need to understand is that active noise cancellation will not shut out all sounds, It will kill constant sounds (space heater, ac, etc.) They work how I would expect them to. All constant/white noise was canceled out. I could not tell the woman next to me at work had a space heater on (which is pretty annoying to me). I had them on outside and did not notice wind or cars going by. I have not tried them on a plane so can't attest to that aspect of them. You don't need the sound to be up loud to block out what is around you due to the noise cancellation. The passive noise cancellation worked good also. Without the ANC on and music on low volume I could not hear much. Put on the noise cancellation and I heard nothing. I can't say how they are compared to Bose or Beats since I don't own any. I did test those both out in a store before I bought these and I don't see a difference, note though that I only tested the Bose or Beats for a few minutes.

First off I am not an audiophile so take this as you will. Also I listen to mostly rap on iHeart radio, some rock or punk gets thrown in. I think they sound great!! Definitely the best headphones I have ever owned. The bass does not drown out other areas of the music like Beats seemed to do when I tested them. They sound full to me. Another nice thing is the sound does not seem to bleed out. I don't blast my eardrums out like some people might but with my listening level (low to medium) no one around me hears them. I tested them out by putting them on my leg and kept turning the volume up, they did bleed out a little below the highest volume, but if you listen to music that high you probably have a hearing problem because they get LOUD!

Battery Life
So far I have had them running for 4 hours with the ANC on and when I double press the multi-function button to get the charge it still says almost fully charge (in a nice British females voice to boot). I will update when they do die to give a better review on the battery life.

All in all a great set of headphones. I would defiantly recommend them to anyone I know. They are a bit pricey but if you are in the market for Bose or Beats they are a little cheaper to comparable versions. They also have more features then the others. I needed a pair of headphones that I could talk with at work and listen to for play and these do the job perfectly. For the few cons I would not take any stars away. If I could I would take away a quarter star due to the size and the fact that there is no other color choice.

I will update if I come across anything else I can think of about them, be it good or bad.

Happy listening!

3 of 3 found the following review helpful:

4Ok Price Vs Quality PointAug 06, 2014
By Talvi
I am not an audiophile - I am a consumer with a basic understanding of audio equipment but with a desire to have a good headphone set at a fair price.

I had lost my beloved Audio Technica Noise Cancelling earphones on my last plane trip and was looking for a good replacement, but this time an upgrade - something also suitable for gaming to spare my husband and daughter from the noise of RPGers. I use my AKG K490NC headphones for daily work and work commute use because they have great sound and are very comfortable and lightweight.

Comfort: I had to really work on adjusting because these felt rather tight on my (big) head and I need them comfortable enough to be worn on long stretches of cross Atlantic/international flying. The sound quality is good if you like a deepy bassy sound but I got some distortion - I haven't had a Bose with which to compare but I do feel these are better than the Audio Technica. They never pinched my ears - they are big and cover them completely.

Sound: I'll listen to everything from 70s pop to Saint Saens. Blasting "La Danse Macabre" put me in a happy place - the sound was good and I could hear every instrument. Just be aware again that this is heavy on bass and lighter on treble. Nobody will call this a "bright" sound. As well, I then took it to play some computer games and the immersive nature of it was great. I could tune out everything and really get into some great action-oriented RPG. Another use I need is for recording training videos - I really appreciated the sound quality for that as well (could definitely determine if I had too heavy breathing in the background!). The noise cancelling is very good.

Build: This feels solid - much more so than the Audio Technica did. I don't feel like something is going to break if I don't baby it. Nice features. I think it has an attractive retro look.

Set up and use: I had no problem synching to phone or using the noise cancelling (though I wish the noise cancelling modes were marked rather than given by voice). Easy to power up and down. This comes with a USB power cord, bag, instruction manual, 3.5mm cable and an airline adapter (though most airlines no longer have those old connection ports, thankfully). The cord isn't as nice and damage-proof as my AKG headphones.

I am really glad to have these headphones to make the noise of the plane disappear. For me, the quality vs the right price point is great if you like a good, deep and bass-heavy sound and total immersion.

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