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Creative Aurvana In-Ear2 Earphones
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Creative Aurvana In-Ear2 Earphones



This product is currently out of stock
Product Details:
Product Length: 4.48 inches
Product Width: 1.6 inches
Product Height: 6.32 inches
Product Weight: 0.37 pounds
Package Length: 6.9 inches
Package Width: 4.7 inches
Package Height: 1.6 inches
Package Weight: 0.35 pounds
Average Customer Rating: based on 54 reviews
Customer Reviews:
Average Customer Review: 4.0 ( 54 customer reviews )
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Most Helpful Customer Reviews

7 of 7 found the following review helpful:

5Excellent value!Nov 05, 2011
By R. Ding
I have always heard of good things about the Creative Aurvana line. I wanted to get the Aurvana 3 In-Ear but read that the Aurvana 2 In-Ear has more treble while the A3 has more bass. Also reviewers said the A2 has thicker cable. Since I'm a fan of clean, clear sound signatures more than boomy ones, my interest piqued for the A2.

At the moment of this writing, they are on sale for 54.99, which I think is an excellent value. I am very glad that I snatched these up at this price. Compared to budget IEMs at this price range, such as offerings from Meelectronics and Brainwavz, the Aurvana 2 In-Ear not only has better sound quality, but more importantly, much better build-quality and design.


The packaging is simple and compact, yet feels very high quality. One gripe I have about the packaging is that it is near impossible to unbox without breaking the box one way or another. I'm a perfectionist when it comes to IEM unboxing. I always try to preserve the box as near brand new unopened condition as possible. Regrettably, you either have to tear up the top two flaps which are glued together, or the bottom four flaps that are very very tightly folded into each other that you have to break one side to open it up.


You get a very nice hard shell carrying case. It's quite unique and innovative as well, as there is no zipper, but rather a velcro strap that holds the case closed. The case only has compartment for the earphones and cable winder. I wish there was a compartment/pocket for an additional accessory, like the airplane adapter or a spare pair of ear tips.

There is an airline adapter, a earpiece cleaner, and various booklets, including a Napster thing. Nothing much to say here. An assortment of silicon tips are included.


IEMs that only come with silicon tips usually automatically lose a few points with me, but the silicon tips here are some of the softest and most comfortable I've used. The material is gentle on the skin and feels "breathable".

The Aurvana 2 nozzle size makes it compatible with Etymotic tips. So I tried the A2 with Ety glider tips, comply tips, and tri-flanges. In the end, the supplied silicon tips were concluded to be the best sounding and most comfortable. It's easy to get a good fit, and you don't have to pull up your ear and open your jaw.

One grip I have is that the supplied tips are exactly the same color. This becomes problematic because the difference between tips that are one size next to each other is very difficult to tell. I was unable to visually sort by size until I put them in my ears. If they didn't want to color code, at least put some kind of size marking somewhere.


These. Look. Classy. Clean lines and simple curves. The chrome accented housing adds sophistication. The intricate attention to details is apparent in the 3.5mm plug, the cable splitter, and ear piece design. Pictures do not do these justice. You need to feel them against your skin, look at them with your own eyes, to be impressed by how great these look.

Build quality is top notch. Everything is tightly and expertly put together. There are no loose parts, no remnants of glue marks, no rough edges. It is on par with top of the line Sony and Audio-Technica products.

One gripe I have is that the plug is straight. Personally I prefer L-shaped plugs as they are generally more reliable and durable.


The sound, like the rest of the whole A2 package, is full of class and sophistication. Unlike the budget IEMs in the $50 price range that tries to sound more expensive than they are capable of, the A2 is honest and down to earth. It knows its place, and try to sound its best by earnest. That is to say, the A2 sounds like a $100 pair of IEM. You are not going to find details in the sound here that are comparable to the ER4, or vocals similar to SE535, or anything of the sort. This is no EX600 or GR07, IEMs that some head-fi members claim to be comparable to IEMs almost twice their price. (Which I never find to be the case, and there is always some fidelity distorted with those IEMs trying to sound more expensive than they are)

What you get here is a generally clean and musical sound, with a hint of warmth. The sound is a little forward, and the horizontal imaging is pretty limited and 1-dimensional, which I hope will improve after usage. The frequencies move into one another smoothly and without a hiccup. Treble extension, vocal emotions, and bass control are all there. It is pretty well balanced and natural, but there is definitely a slight emphasis on mids. Not nearly as much a Shures though, only a slight hint here.

The sound is generally better bodied and more grounded, i.e. slightly darker, than most single BA IEM in this price range, such as the Meelec A151. The sound then, is more relaxing and thereby slower, but really not by much.


The length and detail of my reviews generally reflect my personal opinion of the reviewed. I believe better products should be respected and treated with a good review. This is the case here, where I find the A2 is a great combination of design and sound. Its sound signature, while not totally unique, is quite rare and doesn't conform to all the FOTM wannabes. The build quality and looks is top notch. Overall, this is a great value at $100, and an absolute steal at $58. This would be a great IEM for anyone, whether a beginner, or a veteran like me. I am more likely to buy more Aurvana products because of the Aurvana 2 In-Ear.

8 of 9 found the following review helpful:

4Needs stronger bassAug 21, 2010
By P. L. Mai "Phil Miller"
I own several headphones which I use for different activities. For instance when I'm working out or engaging in outdoor activities such as biking or hiking I will use a cheaper headphone due to the sweat and wire stretching that occurs, but on business trips or at the office I'll use the more expensive headphone. I own the Creative EP-630 (died after a year of abuse), the Creative EP-830 (sounds nearly identical to the 630 but has a punchier clear bass), the Klipsch Image S4 (died after 6 months abuse), Bose in ear (overrated), and the Creative Aurvana Live(makes your ears hot). I decided to try the new Creative Aurvana In-Ear 2 since I was very satisfied with Creative thus far. After listening to the 830 for several months I have become highly accustomed to it's sound quality so upon listening to the Aurvana I was very disappointed considering I paid only $15 for the 830 while I paid $99 for the Aurvana. But after listening to it for a while, testing several types of music from hip hop, techno, pop, rock, and classical I am able to better appreciate its quality. The 830 is much louder for some reason where I had to lower the volume 5 levels or raise it when listening to the Aurvana. The Aurvana has a frequency response of 15Hz-16kHz compared to the 830 of 6Hz-23kHz so it is expected that the 830 has a much stronger bass, but that doesn't diminish the fact that the Aurvana's bass is also quite good. It's just not as good as the 830 which has the best bass of any headphone under $300. You'll need to move to the Shure SE530 to get similar bass quality and depart with half a grand in the process. With that said the Aurvana has superior mid and high levels compared to the 830 which sounded somewhat muddied. While listening to certain music I was able to pick up certain instruments or sounds in those range which I didn't hear or notice while listening to the 830. I think most people today will prefer the sound of the 830 due to the bass which many people expect to hear in their music. I am quite pleased with the Aurvana though, I just wish the bass was more like the 830. Overall the sound quality is superior to the Klipsch S4 and the Bose. I would rate the Klipsch with the worst sound quality compared to the others which is a disappointment considering cnet and other web sites gave it slobbering reviews. Two words. Highly overrated.

The construction on the other hand combines high quality material and aesthetic beauty. It features a compact and robust metal body construction with dark chrome finishing, hypoallergenic eartips and AuraSeal noise-isolation technology which Creative claims ensure up to 95% noise isolation. These headphone are probably the most comfortable headphone I've used and makes a perfect seal with ease while others seem to slip out simply by walking, ahem Klipsch. They are light enough and small enough where you don't even notice them after a while. While driving and riding on the train it managed to block out roughly 60% of outside noise. The 120cm-long cable is 2mm thick and covered in smooth plastic-like rubber which I prefer, whereas the 630 and 830 wires have a rough rubbery texture which sticks to everything from clothes, furniture, and even skin which pisses the hell out of me at times, causing your ear buds to be unexpectedly pulled out of your ear.

The Aurvana comes bundled with an airplane adapter, a travel case with cable management, and an accessories kit which includes 2 sets of S, M, L size interchangeable eartips for a personalised fit and a cleaning tool for hygienic maintenance. If you want to see exactly everything inside the box then go to youtube which shows unboxing of the package. In conclusion, these are very nice yet not great headphones(needs more punchier bass). For its design, build quality, and accessories it is a decent package for $99, but for much, much less you can settle for the 830 or even the 630 where both have incredible sound quality for their ridiculously cheap price, but their build quality is also cheap. I would recommend getting both, one for office/business use and the other for more active situations that will likely damage it.

4 of 4 found the following review helpful:

5Great SoundFeb 14, 2013
By Roger Hargett
The sound quality is incredible. Some people say it doesn't have enough bass and I compared to another $20 pair and realized most other headphones actually have too much bass. This has a great balance that allow you to hear all of the instruments and clarity of voice without being overhsadowed by booming bass. when I listen to Hip Hop I will just use my other headphones, but when I listen to other forms of music these are 1st Rate.
The construction is also 1st rate. These easily outperform headphones 3x their cost. I would highly recommend unless your primarily a hip hop listener, then I wouldn't spend the money. These are especially great for accoustic instruments such as piano, but they really shine with vocals. Well worth the money.

2 of 2 found the following review helpful:

5Wonderfully balanced, excellent fidelity!Aug 23, 2011
By Chefdevergue
Other reviewers complain about the weak bass. To this I say "hooray!" I'm tired of headphones that are so bass-heavy that they make the lovers of the treble register wonder why they even bother with headphones. I think the balance of registers is just right with these headphones. The noise cancellation is so effective that I hesitate to take these to work, as I may be totally unaware of other people coming into my office, should they be out of my direct sight.

They are also really comfortable, probably the most comfortable I have ever worn. I hardly notice them in my ears after a certain point. They do seem a bit delicate, so I feel uneasy about using them for anything where I might be too active. I certainly won't let my 17-year-old (who destroys headphones at the rate of about a pair every 6 weeks) even have so much as a glance at these. Their durability over the long term remains to be seen. I had a splendid set of Sony headphones which lasted 24 years before they got broken by the aforementioned 17-year-old, so I tend to set the bar pretty high. For this price, they had better last, but don't go treating them like the $10 pair you bought at the drugstore and you should be fine.

I ran these things through their paces, playing a wide variety of classical selections on them. Acoustic instruments are for me always the best test of fidelity. They handle choral music, organ music, brass fanfares, and full orchestras with no distortion that I can detect. A little jazz, folk and Bollywood for variety, and everything holds up beautifully. The only quibble I have (and I don't know if this is fair on my part) is that older recordings from the 1920's and 1930's will have their defects made all the more apparent by these headphones. If you are into vintage recordings, keep this in mind.

All in all, they are really good headphones and might even be worth the price. You get what you pay for!

2 of 2 found the following review helpful:

5Perfect balanceMar 15, 2011
By Nepenthes
I have been using in-ears since 1999, and this is my fifth, and best pair.
My first pair was the famed Sony MDR71, and the last was Creative's first generation Aurvana in-ears.
The ear buds of the Sony kept falling off, and replacement were very very hard to find in those days.
Both Creative's Aurvana in-ears have ear-buds that NEVER fall off, and yet ironically they are the ones that give you a spare pair for each size.
The Creative gen1 had excellent sound and sealing, but the fit wasn't the most comfortable, especially after prolonged use, and tended to slip out of the ears easily. The cord was very microphonic; a slight touch gets amplified, and using it on the move can be a pain sometimes. The sound stage was very engaging, but a tad too upfront in-your-ear, and can be somewhat tiring after prolonged listening.
In comparison, the Aurvana 2's cord is much less microphonic, especially before the y-split, the fit is more comfortable, and does not slip out easily.
The soundstage is also wider. On good recordings, the depth comes across beautifully. Overall, it makes for a more comfortable and less fatiguing listening experience.
There is an understated elegance to the Aurvana2 that strikes a near perfect balance all round: soundstage, detail, build, design, extra accessories, even price.
The free travel case is a nice touch, and the plastic piece is removable if you can't be bothered with coiling, and would rather just dump the whole thing in the case. A spring loaded self-coiling mechanism would have made it perfect.

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