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Creative Aurvana Air Active Clip-on Earphones

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Winner of the prestigious 2009 Red Dot Award for Product Design, the Aurvana Air is clearly in a class of its own. Crafted with precision, the earphones' very own EaseFit™ ear-hook design offers a secure music listening experience. Its lightweight Flexnium™ ear-hook leverages on Nickel-Titanium alloy (Shape Memory Metal) to offer a flexible and robust design. This is well-complemented by luxurious champagne-gold finishing and polished metal accent to give it an air of timeless sophistication.

Get ready for a visceral acoustic performance with the powerful Neodymium drivers and acoustically-tuned Bass-Slots. Combine this with pristine delivery from the high-purity Oxygen-Free Copper cable and gold-plated plug, and you will find the Aurvana Air ideal for all your digital entertainment needs.

Ear-hook design ideal for listeners with an active lifestyle Ergonomic fit
The EaseFit ear-hook design is intuitive and easy to wear, giving you extreme comfort in extended use. Catering to different ear sizes, it adheres securely to the listener, making the Aurvana Air ideal for all active pursuits.
Ear-hook retains original shape when flexed or bent Advanced ear-hook construction
Flexnium ear-hook construction incorporates Shape Memory Metal to offer a flexible design while the inert coating is catered for those who are sensitive to Nickel. These light-framed ear-hooks retain their shape when flexed, and also withstand corrosion from perspiration and grime.
Excellent audio powered by Neodymium magnet drivers Exceptional audio performance
Powered by Neodymium magnet drivers with ultra-slim high performance diaphragms, the Aurvana Air is one true acoustic powerhouse. Its acoustically-tuned Bass-Slots offer tight and extended bass while its effective driver mounting mechanism maximizes sonic throw to your ear chamber.
Adjust cable length with included cable-fit slider Hassle-free cable management
Superior thermoplastic elastomer coated cabling resists tangling and significantly reduces contact noise when the cable brushes against your clothes. The included cable-fit slider also lets you manage loose cabling for a better listening experience.
Easy storage via supplied holder and leather pouch Easy to store and carry
Store the Aurvana Air in the supplied acrylic case. Alternatively, place the Aurvana Air in the compact leather pouch which comes with a cable management holder for portable convenience.

Product Details:
Product Length: 3.15 inches
Product Width: 4.72 inches
Product Height: 5.39 inches
Product Weight: 0.46 pounds
Package Length: 5.9 inches
Package Width: 5.6 inches
Package Height: 3.1 inches
Package Weight: 0.62 pounds
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Customer Reviews:
Average Customer Review: 4.5 ( 77 customer reviews )
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18 of 20 found the following review helpful:

4Best headphones for gym yet!Oct 31, 2009
By Randall Jones
Currently I think these are the best headphones on the market for active persons who want good sound quality. I would rate the sound quality a 7.5/8 and fit a solid 9.

I am not an expert, but over the past two years I have tried Bang & Olufsen, Shure, Klipsch, Sony, & Nike for a work out headphone solution. All failed except for the Bang & Olufsen A8's which have incredible sound, but the fit slowly started to fail after 3 months to where they keep falling off due to lose hinges. In ear headphones fall out as soon as you sweat and in ear/over ear combos never fit right or sound quality was 4 or less.

The Aurvana sound almost as good as the B&O's (bass response not as good), but the fit is even better. Plus I don't think they will loosen over time because they do not have a hinge like the B&G's. They stay on no matter what and sound great.

A quick comment on the previous review. How does customer support have any relevance to these headphones? You plug them in and listen.

9 of 10 found the following review helpful:

5Best Quality Audio/Durable In-Ear Headphone EverJan 10, 2013
By Masidion
The Aurvana Air is an In-Ear headphone that excells where every other headphone fails. When i was searching for headphones, I had very specific criteria defined. Firstly, I wanted a headphone with SUPERIOR audio quality. Next, it had to be an in-ear headphone that i could use for both gaming and exercise. Baring that in mind, I'm a bit OCD with the feeling that my headphones could fall off mid workout, so I opted out of a traditional earbud design and preferred an over-the-ear one instead. Lastly, I wanted something that reduced outside noise, but only by about 30%-50%. I wanted to feel distanced from others while listening, but be able to hear others and anyone calling out to me.

I have broken out the Pros and Cons below to hit my specific care-abouts. Also, I purchased another high quality in-ear product from Sony (Sony In-Ear Sport Headphones XBAS65B) designed not to fall off the ear and I returned them immediately in comparison.

Audio Quality: Simply put, you cannot find another in-ear headphone that delivers the same level of Audio quality. The highs are crystal clear and the mids compete where other's fail. Traditional In-ear headphones often have difficulty providing bass or even a sense of bass line due to the size, design and structure of the product. For an in-ear headphone, the Aurvana Airs provide a solid supporting bass that flows with the mids nicely, but couldn't possibly take over. Simply put, they make you feel as if the sound is the environment around you. In games, I constantly keep my friend and I up to date on enemy movement in BF3 because the clarity REALLY IS THAT GOOD. It has saved us more times than i can recount by letting him know what I'm hearing. Also, You are not drowned by bass and unrealistically modified sound. The only caveat (if you can even call it one) is that without the mesh screens, the highs can be a slight bit sharp, but i wouldn't wear it without them anyway. 9/10

Design Quality: Next to the audio, this is where the Airs really excel. It needed to stay on my ear and be durable. I have owned these headphones for over a year, wearing them easily for 2-3 HOURS A DAY, between exercise and gaming. NEVER ONCE have I felt that they were going to break and they have NEVER fallen off my ear, even when accidentally pulling the cord with my hand. Because the earbud swivels, it allows you to find a "sweet spot" of comfort and stability on the ear. Again, my OCD tendencies have always left me concerned about earbuds popping out, but after a few weeks, this dissipated and I never thought of it again while wearing them. Only caveat to some might be the length of the cord could seem a little short. I like them short for exercise so this didn't bother me at all. 10/10

Comfort: I've had over-the-ear buds similar to this in the past that were painful after 20 minutes. The headphones were slightly uncomfortable for the first month or so after about an hour of use, but that's simply because I hadn't used headphones like these in years, so i had to "build ear endurance" so to say. As of writing this, I can leave these on for 2-3 hours and not even notice they're on at times. The fact that they are so light and that the majority of the weight is supported by the inner ear portion and not the actualy ear lobe, make them extremely comfortable. My only caveat would be that putting them on and off feels like a hassle at times, however, when you think of the amount of time you would have to spend readjusting and putting earbuds back in your ear, this is completely negotiable. You get good at taking them on and off quickly after a while. 9/10

Price: So, we've reached the real reason most people may not purchase these headphones. These originally retailed for $199.99. This would certainly have been a deal breaker for me, even knowing how great they are, I Just couldn't justify paying a major-brand headset price for high-grade earbuds. I will say, I bought these on sale at about 70% off ($60)which was more than reasonable. If you can get them for $100 or less (totally possible on Amazon or ebay), I would recommend the purchase. 7/10

Overall: They are simply the best earphones I've ever worn, and this is coming from a man that never wore earphones longer than 30 mins tops due to irritation or poor design. If you need new headphones and can get them for $100 or less, looking elsewhere is a waste of time. 9/10

Extra Credit:

Classiness: They come in a freaking display case and a leather satchel/pouch for travel. No brainer people. 10/10

8 of 10 found the following review helpful:

5Fantastic on so Many levels but especially for outdoor use because...Dec 09, 2011
By Squantumite "TW"
when one is out walking or jogging, you need to be able to hear voices, horns and engines to keep safe.

Often Bicyclists in my area will say "passing on your right" as they come up from behind. Or you are crossing a street but due to the engine noise you look around to see a bus just inches from you which you would have walked into or would have grazed you but since you could hear, you missed a big accident.

Yessirree...when one is outdoors, it's too dangerous to have earplugs blocking the noise. These clip on Aurvana's address any of those issues in spades.

Not only are they like speakers hanging in front of your ears, they allow you to carry on a conversation at the same time as you listen to sweet sweet tuneage.

What really surprised me was the quality of the music ...I own UE 10's and Klipsch x10, Ety's, so many of the great cans and iem mentioned on head fi so I was surprised how wonderful these things sound...Like nobody ever mentions them and they sound open fresh and very involving. Not heavy on bass but nice open mids and highs. They shocked me ...the opposite of fatiguing.

4 of 5 found the following review helpful:

5Aurvana AirJan 17, 2011
By Zach
Best pair of headphones I ever owned. I use them while running outdoors with my Zen X-fi and the sound quality is great. They also will not fall off or hurt you ears due to their design. I can barely even notice I am wearing them it just sounds like the music is coming from the area around me. I highly recommend these to anyone that needs an athletic pair of headphones with good quality and great durability. As long as you can afford these, I wouldn't look anywhere else.

2 of 2 found the following review helpful:

3mixed review.Oct 01, 2012
The sound quality is excellent, don't get me wrong. I love the speakers and the sound of the headphones. The problem I have is the ear holders; they do not fit properly on my ears, and they tend to fall off. Not happy about that at all. Think they need a redesign.

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