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Creative A220 2.1 Speaker System
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Creative A220 2.1 Speaker System



This product is currently out of stock

2.1 Speaker System

Rich low frequency subwoofer

Satellite Speaker

Product Details:
Product Length: 15.24 inches
Product Width: 9.12 inches
Product Height: 8.88 inches
Product Weight: 3.06 Kilograms
Package Length: 15.0 inches
Package Width: 9.4 inches
Package Height: 8.8 inches
Package Weight: 6.4 pounds
Average Customer Rating: based on 330 reviews
Customer Reviews:
Average Customer Review: 4.0 ( 330 customer reviews )
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Most Helpful Customer Reviews

58 of 59 found the following review helpful:

5Great for priceJun 29, 2010
By ktran
The Bass is pretty rich, the highs and mid ranges are good as well. I love these speakers. After a day, these speakers are great for the price you pay for them. I believe they fixed the length of the speaker cord, compared to the previous one, extending their length so that it reach further. There's plenty of leeway on the speakers. The sound is very clear as i expected from creative products that I have purchased. Like their head phones, they offer great quality for price. I have a head phones that still works great after 6 years from them. The speakers are just about the right size, they aren't large and clunky and are able to fit on the side of my TV without a problem on my small desk. The Bass is still a little strong compared to the previous version, but that can be adjusted through the equalizer. It's not the best speakers in the world, but it is probably one of the best in this price range.

Cheap, yet cost effective speakers.
Good Bass and good mid ranges and highs.

Bass is a little too strong.

37 of 38 found the following review helpful:

4Only one feature missing.Mar 27, 2011
By Mariano "marianojf"
This is a pretty basic speaker system, but it sounds great! The only feature that is missing is the bass volume control, with this one you can not control the power of the bass speaker and sometimes is neccesary to make adjustments. The other problem is one of the connectors, the plugs are difficult to connect and they can be easily broken. Be very careful when plugging and unplugging the satellite speakers. I rarely requiere to unplug the satellite speakers and the connectors problem is really not that important to me, but creative really made a bad choice this time with the hard to plug connectors. For the price, is a worthy improvement from the typical cheap computer speakers.

39 of 41 found the following review helpful:

5Good upgrade for TV speakersJul 04, 2010
By G. A. "Looking for deals"
The only reason I bought these speakers was to attach them to my TV. The built-in speakers on the TV fire down-backwards, which makes listening in the room muffled, especially now that I'm running fans and air conditioners for the summer (during the fall, winter and spring without the added background noise, the built-in speakers worked fine on the Sam-sung TV).
Set-up was easy, the cords are long enough to attach to the TV and keep it near by on the TV stand, but not to spread across the room (I'll check the lengths and post back). There is 1 power cord that plugs into the sub-woofer, and there are 2 smaller headphone-style cords that are for input, and left speaker, but there is 1 larger cord that goes to the right speaker and sub-woofer that is a little stiffer and does not want to hang freely.
The sound improvement has been great! I was running the TV volume at 90, and finding it hard to hear over the background noise, but now with the speakers plugged in, I have the Creative speaker volume knob at about 3/4 and the TV volume is now at 35-40 and I can hear everything very well, actually louder than "necessary." I even have the 2 little speakers behind the TV, angled out toward the room, because of the lack of room on the stand I'm using.
I agree with the first review that the bass is enhanced (there is not a tone control built-into the speakers) and I have had to cut down the response in the TV equalizer. I found you have to unplug the speakers from the TV to adjust the equalizer, then plug the speakers back into the output jack. For a comparison, I have also played some recorded music over the speakers, and they work even better than for the TV audio. The crispness of the upper end is incredible, and the overpowering bass is not there (must be the TV feed?).
For the money, and with super-saver shipping, this speaker package is well worth it!!!

17 of 18 found the following review helpful:

4Very good for the priceMar 23, 2013
By Luke S. "OperaMan"
To preface this review:
I am a young professional classical musician and an amateur audio engineer. I have spent many more dollars on audio equipment than I'd care to recall, and I know what good sound sounds like. With that, I'll briefly tell you about the Creative A220s.

These speakers are cheap, very cheap. That being said, they look like they should cost about twice what they do, and sound like they should cost about twice what they do as well. I was looking for a set of speakers for casual listening in my bedroom. Something that wouldn't disturb they neighbors, but would give a full sound. These have fit the bill very well. The sound that these speakers produce is full and warm. It is not distorted either (excepting peak volume levels). The subwoofer extends realistically down to about 80-90 hz, with a lower plane to about 50 Hz (at a significantly reduced volume). These, contrary to other reviews will not "bump" or shake the house. The reason for this is the size of the cones. The subwoofer is only 4.5 inches in diameter. This means that it has a surface area of about 15.9"^2. With a full sized 12 inch subwoofer, the area of the cone is approximately 113.1"^2. This means that this subwoofer has over seven times less area for excursion. You can therefore expect the sub to displace SIGNIFICANTLY less air than a proper sub. This was a plus for me, as I wanted to avoid disturbing the neighbors.

The treble is clear, the mids are there, and the bass is a tad weak in summation. If you have a soundcard with an equalizer feature, you can remedy the speakers (within limits) to your individual sonic preference. These have a small footprint and create a nice sound. Don't expect them to rock the house, but do expect them to provide a pleasant listening experience at median volumes. They are well built for the price point, and they look like they should hold up for a long time. If they do not, I will update this posting. If you have questions for me, feel free to post them below. If enough people want me to, I will take the time to run a flat frequency sweep with an audio spectrogram and give the frequencies produced from it in my home studio. Cheers, and happy hunting to you all.


7 of 8 found the following review helpful:

5just set up today, my initial thoughts.Apr 17, 2012
By GVM "gregvm"
I don't usually review.......but I wanted to this time. I put a lot of time reading up on these speakers (other reviews). I decided on them because they were cheap, seemed to have decent enough lows/mid/highs, for this price range. My last pair of speakers were klipsh promedia 2.1. I loved those speakers. I just moved and couldn't bring them with me. My budget is tighter than before, so had to go for these. Ok so here are my initial thoughts........

the speakers are light. I might have to tape them down. I have one on one side of my bed, and the other on the other side. The speaker that plugs into the subwooder was my only challenge, as the wire is only like 5 feet long (estimate). I had to put the subwoofer under my bed, sort of in bewtween both speakers. Both speakers are just below ear height when I'm laying in bed. I plug the cord from the other speaker to my laptop, which I usually keep in my bed too. The set up was easy and intuitive. The power buttown/volume control is on the one speaker. No subwoofer control. I've had to adjust my eq settings in itunes. I've found a decent balance, so I'm not complaining, esp for this price range.

So compared to the klipsh, and some altec lansing brand prior to that: the speakers are what I expected. Actually even better. The satelittes sound clear, good mid and highs. The subwoofer has more punch than I expected from such a small speaker. You can't turn it that loud before it starts to lose sound quality. I think the major difference between this and a higher priced speaker system, is that the volume just simply can't be put as high. At lower volumes this system sounds surprisingly good. Even still, I think the klipsh one upped it. But that was also 5 times more expensive, and quite a bit more bulky (subwoofer esp). For this to come close at lower volumes is remarkable. A testament to managing more with less (for the consumer, and the product manufacturer.

For 30 bucks and free shipping via amazon, I'm thrilled. I was using my macbook pro speakers for 2 weeks, and these speakers are light years better (of course).

I didn't hear other speakers in this range, but these seemed to have what I was looking for (based on all the reviews, good and bad). They have exceeded my expectations so far. In fact, the longer I listen to a wide range of music through them, the more I like them.

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