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Product Details:
Product Length: 13.6 inches
Product Width: 8.04 inches
Product Height: 8.36 inches
Product Weight: 6.31 pounds
Package Length: 13.3 inches
Package Width: 8.4 inches
Package Height: 8.1 inches
Package Weight: 6.2 pounds
Average Customer Rating: based on 92 reviews
Customer Reviews:
Average Customer Review: 4.0 ( 92 customer reviews )
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13 of 13 found the following review helpful:

5Great speakers for a home officeSep 13, 2013
By Matthew Behrens
I picked this speaker set up after becoming upset with and returning a Logitech Z523 system. Those speakers sounded awful. These do not--in fact, they sound better than I expected for their price point!

The subwoofer probably won't please bassaholics--that said, I find it sounds even better than it did in the store, adding a very nice dimension to my music without being overpowering. The clarity is excellent with all kinds of music, and, although I was concerned that the speaker's only control is a volume knob, I've found I don't need to do any kind of equalization to get great music out of it.

And Bluetooth! I'm kind of blown away that a speaker at this price point ($60 at Best Buy) has Bluetooth, but it's there, and it works great, if you don't mind reaching behind the subwoofer for the pair button the first time you use it with a new device. I've got iTunes on my MacBook Air playing through it right now and I love it.

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5Just what I neededJul 08, 2013
By Andrew
I purchased this speaker system because I was tired of using my monitor's built in ones.

Cost-quite reasonable compared to similar setups, splendid value considering the bluetooth function when compared to other systems costing $100 or more for the same feature.

Audio-Great quality that can push some serious volume, I use a jack line to my desktop but can bluetooth to my phone when I want to play music from just about anywhere in my apartment. Bluetooth can cut out a bit when I move though I am pretty sure it is that method of communication and not the speaker at fault. If you are in the same room or within 15-20feet there shouldn't be much issue though.

I use the speakers for gaming, movies and music with all sounding fantastic. The woofer adds that extra oomph I needed to feel when firing a shotgun or just dodging a grenade.

Note: There isn't a sub-woofer dedicated volume knob, to some this may be a requirement but you can still control that on your device that is pushing the audio anyway.

If you are looking for a mid-level 2.1 system this is a great option, the cost is pretty similar to other setups but the Bluetooth functionality made this ideal for me.

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2Doesn't get highMay 14, 2015
By RL "Gadget Geek"
The three questions were (1) How different can it be between the sub $50 speakers ? (2) how bad can it be and (3) how much do you really want a combined bluetooth and aux input? The short answers are big, bad, I do.
First the bluetooth capability; it is very very nice. It connect easily, it can be always on. AND I can play both bluetooth and aux in at the same time. So I can have my phone streaming music and TV sound from my connected PC going. That way you can have a seamless blend of sound source or combination without having to disconnect one or the other.
The really bad news is the sound. First, the biggest disappointment is the treble or rather the lack of. The edges of cymbals are rolled off, there does not seem to be much clarity with voices and almost all of my varied music, pop, rock, jazz e.g. has their highs rolled off. Then, there is the bass. The location of my sub is on the floor in a corner so it would exaggerate the lower frequencies to some degree. But I did not expect wolly, boomy and somewhat unregulated bass. Which is not conducive to orchestrated classical music.
As an ex-audiophile, I'm really not expecting much from a small tiny system situated in our kitchen/dinette area. But this system is quite a bit lacking from the last small system I bought (Logitech z3?) and the JBL Creative it replaced. And I would have returned it in a heartbeat had I not spliced the power cord.
I did have a small remediation step which helped quite a bit. I left the sub as is but I swapped the one-way Creative satellite speakers with the one-way Logitech ones from my home office. Since then things have brightened up (pun intended) somewhat.

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2Power supply buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzMar 14, 2014
By Xavier
This power supply buzzes whether the unit is on or off. You have to unplug it to get it not to buzz. You might not notice it in a home office with the "subwoofer" tucked under the desk, but in a bedroom, think again.

Bluetooth is decent, I don't really notice compression errors much.

Overall they're decent for a small room, but I don't push the volume either.

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4Good little speakersAug 15, 2013
By Brian F Mair
These sound good enough for the price. I had no problems with the bluetooth pairing and was up and running in no time.
My only gripes are that the pairing button is on the back of the sub, rather than on the wired remote, and also that the audio input isn't a female 3.5mm socket on the sub, but rather a wire coming out of the sub with a male 3.5mm on the end of it. If this gets cut, your speakers will be toast.

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