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Product Details:
Product Length: 10.08 inches
Product Width: 7.4 inches
Product Height: 10.08 inches
Product Weight: 6.16 pounds
Package Length: 9.7 inches
Package Width: 9.6 inches
Package Height: 7.5 inches
Package Weight: 5.7 pounds
Average Customer Rating: based on 91 reviews
Customer Reviews:
Average Customer Review: 4.5 ( 91 customer reviews )
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37 of 41 found the following review helpful:

5Not bad, for the priceOct 30, 2013
By Phil in MIdland
I find speaker reviews and headphone/earphone reviews on Amazon to be difficult to decipher. Especially the ones that mention 'I am not an audiophile, but...' You wonder what standards people have for 'good sound'. Well, I am an audiophile of sorts and have spent many years listening to all sorts of gear. I like to find a good value in speakers, and for the price, this may be one.

Unboxing and setup
The speakers are well-packaged and very easy to set up. I tested them in Blue Tooth mode mostly, but you can hardwire them using the RCA phono plugs or a mini phone plug to your computer. The right speaker contains the amplifier and connects by wire to the left one. You only can have about 6 feet of separation between the two. For a desktop setup, this is adequate. You push the power button on the right speaker and it lights. You then push the Bluetooth pairing button and hold it until a female voice announces that it is waiting to be paired. On my Mac, I went to the Bluetooth menu and selected Connect. 'Creative T30 Wireless' appears in the menu. Just select it and you're done. No codes are necessary. It was so easy to do. I was impressed. I have yet to open the manual.

The Sound
Here things start to get subjective. For comparison, I first compared them to the Jawbone, which is twice the price, only one speaker, portable, and smaller. I have really liked the sound of the Jawbone over the past few years. However, I realize it is bass deficient and lacks some punch. And, the Jawbones are battery-operated which is nice for portability, but a pain when they need to be recharged.

The T30's are much larger than the Jawbone, and there are two of them. So you can get true stereo from this system. They were a revelation compared to the sound of the Jawbone. The treble (highs) were a bit bright for me, but you can tweak the treble control to your taste. Same with the bass, which was adequate for a speaker this size. It surely beats the Jawbone's bass. I noticed that the speakers have bass ports on the top. Also the woofers are positioned above the tweeters which I found unusual, since on most speakers they are placed near the bottom, where they can interact with the surface to increase the bass output. The bass is fine, and not boomy. If you are a 'bass head', these are not for you, 'tho I would be surprised if any speaker this size would satisfy you.

Back to the highs; I found that turning the treble control down a natch helped it. It still sounds 'brassy', but not harsh. The volume really pumps out the sound when turned up. I was impressed with the loudness of the units. I found female vocals to be compressed a bit and sound a little harsh when compared to a high end speaker. For my high end comparison I used my Audioengine 5+ desktop speakers which cost about 4 times more than the T30's. Of course the Audioengine speakers were smoother, more open. They also had much better imaging, which means you could hear the placement of instruments and vocals within the soundstage. On the T30's, the sound sort of smeared between the speakers, but it really isn't apparent if you didn't have a comparison. The only fault I could find on the T30's was a slight sputtering when starting a listening session. This could be a Bluetooth issue. But once they started playing the stuttering seemed to disappear.

Bottom line:
I could listen to the T30's for hours without getting tired or weary from any coloration in the speakers. They were actually quite good when sitting on the desktop at ear level. We are going to use these on my spouse's desk where she can enjoy her music from them. I'm giving these speakers 5 stars for their value. This is very good sound for not much money in a well-designed speaker.

25 of 29 found the following review helpful:

4Great Speakers, Annoying Power Save ModeNov 03, 2013
By Space Salamander
Like all the other reviewers have said thus far, these speakers are really excellent. The sound is top notch, and I love that the controls are readily available for bass and treble adjustment. The power button lights up blue, and the speakers look sleek.


It has a built-in power save mode that forces the speakers to power off if they haven't detected any sound in 15 minutes. I use my computer throughout the day all day, nearly every day. I'm often typing or doing something non-sound-related, only to then want to click on a news report or YouTube video and realize that my speakers are off again. Having to press the power back on my speakers multiple times a day is driving me crazy.

13 of 16 found the following review helpful:

5Monster Sound & Posh AppearanceOct 22, 2013
By Marty From SF "Marty From SF"
I had a set of Bose Companion 2 Series III Multimedia Speakers that were phenomenal until I received these Creative Speakers. These are nothing shorter than brilliant in sound quality and that's without the use of a subwoofer. First the look is sleek. The front and back of the units are glossy while the sides area flat black, making them look great anywhere. They are angled slightly up at about an 85-degree to lift the music projection.

The entire range of music from my iPhone4S is startling clear. The highs are crisp, the mid-range is punchy and the bass is clean and strong. Even when I set my iPhone volume and the speakers to the maximum volume, there was no distortion and the sound was loud!

These speakers have the great advantage of not just giving the typical volume control, but control over the bass and treble as well. Not many speakers allow this in this range and it does make a difference when you are adapting your sound to your room or computer station.

Pairing was as easy as turning on my phone's Bluetooth and pressing the speaker Bluetooth button for three seconds (NFC-enabled). Within one minute they were paired. A voice comes on and says, "Pairing Mode. Waiting For The Device To Connect". There is also a nice headphone outlet (3.5 mm; typical) and the option of connecting the speakers up to your computer's sound output. All the cables and adapters are enclosed.

If you are on Bluetooth and a call comes over the phone, the music slowly/quickly fades out and you can pick up the call. There's nothing like talking through your phone and speakers (although it can be loud).

You can check out the construction of the speakers above on the main page. The look is great and the sound is truly the best I have heard on a system this size. I don't even feel like I'll ever need a subwoofer with this system. Creative did a great job with this system!

3 of 3 found the following review helpful:

4Decent Speakers but not wireless at all.May 24, 2015
By Micheal Mathews
So once my old bluetooth speakers died I decided to upgrade to some larger ones.
These looked like a solid replacement, and they are in some ways, but they are far from being wireless.

First of all they need to be plugged in, no LION batteries or anything to power them without a cord so you'll need an outlet.
Second they have to be connected to each other, there is a cord that comes out of the left speaker that needs to plug into the back of the right. The cord is not very long (maybe 5 feet) and is permanently affixed to the left so it can't be replaced or swapped out with a longer cord. <- This drives me nuts.

What the bluetooth can do is connect to the PC without a cord or allow you to play audio from mobile devices through the speakers. I haven't had any troubles pairing the speakers with my phone or my tablet (Galaxy 2).

Other than that here are some of the other details

These speakers seem to be tuned really bass heavy. So much so that I keep the bass turned all the way down and they still sound a bit muddy and warm. The sound kind of reminds me of Beats headphones, just super bass heavy to the extent that it's almost silly. (Sorry if I upset the fans. Its a personal opinion)
The volume is nice and they do put out pretty well without any noticeable clipping. I'm not using them for home movies or dance parties so I haven't really pushed them yet but for day to day use and background music while i work they are great.
I have done some gaming with them and I'd say that the excessive bass makes the explosions and gun shots in FarCry 4 sound pretty awesome. But they annoy me sometimes with music.

As far as ease of use I'd give em 5 stars. Set up was standard and easy. Even pairing them is a snap. You just hold down the bluetooth button till it flashes and you'll hear a voice tell you they are ready to pair. Volume, Bass and Treble knobs are on the front and they feel smooth and solid.
there is also a 5mm headset jack and it doesn't seem to transmit much noise although my PC sound card picks up noise from my graphics card and my monitor and don't hear any additional buzz when using the headset jack.
Again, my biggest gripe in this area would be the cords. i really wanted them to be chargeable and wireless to some extent so i could use them in multiple locations on the fly. Or move them around the room for better surround sound. as it is they are about 4 feet apart on my desk and unless i want the cord in front of my monitors that's as far apart as they'll go.

Creative has always made some pretty solid speakers. They are not audiophile in terms of sound quality but my last set of 5.1 speakers lasted something like 8 years before I blew them out. These seem pretty heavy, sturdy and built to last as well. I even dropped one of them from the top of the desk during set up and it's fine.

Overall I'd say they are decent. I personally feel like they are a bit overpriced at the time of purchase. But they aren't what I was hoping for so maybe I'm just "mad bro".
The sound quality is definitely flavored for bass and can sound a bit muddy at times but turn the bass all the way down and the treble up and you'll get a nice balanced sound.
They are not wireless and the wires are short but other than those small gripes I do like these speakers and if you're just looking for a decent desk set with some added bluetooth then these are a solid buy.

2 of 2 found the following review helpful:

4Great sound from computer speakers. One less wire to the back of my PC.Sep 28, 2014
By Doug Brooklyn
First let me say I have tight working space on my desk. I have two Apple Cinema Displays next to each other and its been driving me crazy for years that I could only use one set of speakers from one display or the other. So I decided to shop around for a compact speaker that would lay on its side UNDER the left side of one display and the right side of the other unobtrusively. These fit perfectly. They are NOT designed to lay on their sides and I had to purchase some self sticking 5/16th clear rubber door bumpers to act as feet on the side they are laying on.

The sound is strong and full and clear. My personal preference was to turn the bass down to about 1/4 and turn the treble slightly past the 1/2 way point as they have very strong bass IMO.

I read a lot of reviews and there are some people on here having difficulty with the speakers automatically powering off when left idle for more then 15 minutes. This would not of been acceptable for me and I would of returned them immediately.
In my experience, I found that using the Bluetooth connection mode as they are designed to connect with resulted in them staying on as long as the PC is on. There is the possibility that something connected to my PC is leaking very slight inaudible sound to the speakers therefore not allowing them to go idle. I have microphones built into my displays and an airport express connected to the line in jack at the rear of my PC which is always listening so I can AirPlay from iTunes on my phone at any time.

I hope you enjoy them as I have.

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