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Product Details:
Product Length: 9.65 inches
Product Width: 8.43 inches
Product Height: 7.6 inches
Product Weight: 4.4 pounds
Package Length: 9.9 inches
Package Width: 8.4 inches
Package Height: 7.7 inches
Package Weight: 4.75 pounds
Average Customer Rating: based on 84 reviews
Customer Reviews:
Average Customer Review: 3.5 ( 84 customer reviews )
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35 of 36 found the following review helpful:

5Best Small Speakers I Own!Oct 23, 2013
By Marty Gillis
I own a lot of different speakers and all for different purposes. I have Klipsch Heresey's for my main stereo listening, Klipsch Reference Series for a surround system and Martin Logan Motion 12's in a secondary system. I also have a large variety of smaller speakers for computer and person music player use.

These Creative T15's are real powerhouses and are currently THE BEST small speakers I own. The reason is very simple, they sound very good and present an overall balanced sound. I prefer these to both my Bose and Logitech satellites and have retired those.

Build quality is good for the price and the appearance is very nice. The bass ports fire out the top of these. You also get a headphone jack if you need one.

You will not get thumping deep bass from these, but you will get fairly accurate bass for the size of the speaker. The mids really shine for small speakers as well.

Basic front controls for power, volume and tone. Not enough volume of course to rattle walls, but more than enough to be satisfied with. If you need more, better turn on your main stereo. Simple and nothing too fancy but that's where these shine the best. You set them and forget them. Nothing you need to break out a manual for. Plug em' in, turn em' on and turn em' loose.

Basically, I am using these with my Sony Vaio laptop. While I can connect via Bluetooth, of course there are still wires involved between the two speakers and the AC power. Pairing them was a snap and audio fidelity does not seem compromised using the wireless connection.

These are good sounding, nicely made and offer good value for the money. Nice little speakers that do their job well.......

17 of 17 found the following review helpful:

4Decent soundNov 06, 2013
By "switterbug" Betsey Van Horn
It was difficult to review these, because I had to adjust my expectation to go along with the price. I set these up in the garage for when we are out there piddling or I am doing my craft painting with furniture. I may be out there for several hours at a time. The speakers pair easily with my iPhone, iPod, and iPad. There is a midrange and a tweeter--I wouldn't call the larger speaker a bass. As long as I don't turn it up too loud, it is fine. If I turn it up all the way, I get a lot of distortion.

This is good for lyric music like Dylan rather than jamming music like Emerson, Lake and Palmer. The sound is clearer on the easy listening type of songs. There isn't a profound separation of sound, but it is decent, adequate. If you are an audiophile who requires the best of sound for any listening device, then you may be disappointed. It can be difficult to recommend speakers for all, because everyone has a different ear, just like they have a different tongue for taste. For an audiophile, I would give this 3 stars, but if you are just wanting some companionable music for a limited time, then this will fit the bill. And for the price, it is certainly a serviceable and satifactory pair of Bluetooth speakers.

12 of 12 found the following review helpful:

4Nice desktop speakersDec 04, 2013
By Margaret Picky
The Creative T15 Bluetooth Computer Speaker system produces great sound in a pair of compact and inexpensive desktop speakers. They work very well with a computer or television or even with a smartphone for streaming music. There are the little brothers to the Creative T30 speakers.

Each speaker is about 8 in. tall, 3 1/2 in. wide, and a fraction over 6 in. deep, so they don't take up a lot of space on a crowded desk. They are very easy to set up for anyone who has ever used Bluetooth speakers before; the power plug is slightly difficult to assemble, but that's the hardest part. The speakers have four little rubbery buttons underneath so they won't scratch the furniture. Both the power cable and speaker connector cables are about 55 in. (1.4 m). There are 3.5 mm audio in and out ports so they can be used wired to an audio source and as a Bluetooth base for wired headphones.

The Bluetooth 2.1 EDR (3 Mbit/s data rate) pairs instantly the first time as "Creative T15 Wireless" with no code needed, and by just pressing the button on the master (right) speaker after that. The blue LED indicator continues to flash annoyingly while Bluetooth is in use—I thought that surely it would stop after it had been paired for a while, but no! This was eventually so distracting that I covered it with electrical tape, which blocks the light but still allows the button underneath to be pressed.

The sound compares quite well to the other small speakers that I have tested. There is no noticeable degradation from the Bluetooth; it's very clear, the same as when wired. There is a tone knob to adjust the bass/treble balance, a very useful feature for listening to different types of music. When centered, it slightly clicks into place.

The speakers are tilted ten degrees. There is a bass port on top and the bass is even slightly thumpy at high volume with tone adjusted towards bass. Mid-range and treble are also very good until near maximum volume, at which point it is too loud, anyway. Of course with the separate speakers, the stereo effect is excellent.

Overall, the Creative T15s are a nice pair of personal speakers for use with a computer or for casual music listening.

9 of 9 found the following review helpful:

5Adore these speakersNov 12, 2013
By S. A. W.
I absolutely love these speakers. They look great and are sized perfectly to fit on my desk. Set up was a breeze.

Of course what really matters is how they sound and I give these speakers top marks. They deliver full, rich sound. They won't blow out your windows, but they're plenty loud. There's also a handy headphone jack for when I don't want to be loud.

If you're looking for some good speakers to pair with your favourite device, look no farther.

14 of 17 found the following review helpful:

5Absolutely Fantastic!!Oct 23, 2013
By Joey's Girl
These speakers sound so amazing. I am enjoying them now as I write this review. The sound is clear as a bell, and I can hear music as if I am sitting there in the studio as they recorded it. Wonderful bass & treble balance, no distortion, just absolute perfection. These speakers have a generous amount of bass too for their size, and I am so happy about that as it's a very important feature to me. Of course the bass here will not shake your walls or anything but it's perfectly balanced and abundantly adequate for these speakers. There is a tone dial on the front where you can adjust how much treble you want (middle seems perfect to me).
The volume on the front has a pretty good range, although I do wish it was just a tad higher, but it's great anyway. It is definitely loud enough. At 3/4 of the way, I can hear it throughout most my 2 story house. From these little speakers!!
I have tested these speakers by plugging them into my mp3 players (using a huge variety of music), and also by plugging them into my computer, and my portable DVD player. They sound fantastic on all my devices. I am exceedingly happy with them! They look awesome too. The shiny black surface, and silver tones they have looks elegant and upscale to me. The cords they come with include a power supply and a speaker to speaker cord, and they have good length to them. I have no problem with connecting them to anything, and have plenty of cord length for all my needs.
These speakers have a multitude of great uses and I think that they would be useful to anyone who appreciates great sound at a great price. These totally deliver and I extremely highly recommend them!! :)

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