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Product Length: 7.7 inches
Product Width: 2.78 inches
Product Height: 9.31 inches
Product Weight: 1.0 pounds
Package Length: 9.7 inches
Package Width: 7.8 inches
Package Height: 2.9 inches
Package Weight: 0.65 pounds
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Average Customer Review: 3.5 ( 112 customer reviews )
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5BEST Headphones You Can Buy for the Money!Apr 17, 2014
By Jeanne Gross "Reviews by Lance"
[[VIDEOID:moLOL2NIPBY2NG]]This is a video review from my YouTube Channel

First to give you some context, I have tested and listened to many, many different bluetooth headphones such as: Sony MDR-1RBT, Beats, Parrot Zik, SoundBot SB240/SB270, Avantree Jogger/Hive/Audition, Bluedio Model R, AF32, Jabra REVO, Creative WP-350/WP-450, Motorola S305, Rokit Boost by Swage, GoGroove Headbands, Photive BTH3, Mpow and so on. So I have a real good idea of what you generally get sound, comfort and feature wise at different price points.

For the money, these are the best sounding headphones in the $100 and under category.

In my video review you'll see me talk about:

1. Sound Quality
2. Comfort
3. Build Quality
4. Features

If you want to hear a live sound leak test then refer to my original YouTube video as I wasn't able to keep the full length here.

These are the perfect all-purpose bluetooth pair of headphones that specialize in producing a very engaging listening experience. They also have loads of cool features such as staying paired to two different devices at the same time, being able to have two people listen to the same bluetooth device and the ability to use them as wired headphones! You can even fold them flat (as shown in video).

Initially, I found these headphones to be a little too clampy for me. Meaning, I could wear them for 2-3 hours before needing to give my head a rest. However, if you stretch them out (ie. over a pillow, etc.) then they get to be quite comfortable.

Bottom line, if someone gave me $100 to spend and I could only pick one pair of headphones, these would be the ones!

ENJOY the video!

PS - You should totally subscribe to my YouTube Channel

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5Easily the best dual wired/bluetooth Headphones under $100May 02, 2014
By Dan
I've had several headphones both bluetooth and wired. You usually get what you pay for. My great sounding $7 Panasonic RPHJE120S ear buds have been the exception. I wanted a pair of headphones I could use wirelessly around the house and wired while on plane rides. Any headphone (even bluetooth) sound their best while wired especially when used with a music device that doesn't have the Apt-X codec built in.

For under $100 these Creative WP-380 offer phenomenal value. The sound quality wired or bluetooth rivals $150-$200 pairs of headphones. You won't quite get Audio-Technica ATH-M50 type sound BUT you do get something fairly close to that. Vocals will sound very clear and you'll hear a lot of detail in the voice. Bass is a little pronounced which I prefer but doesn't overpower and isn't muddy. Highs are pronounced as well but can sound a tiny bit metallic on violin or other high pitched instruments (very minor complaint).

I've read some complaints about sound leakage. These are On Ear not Over The Ear headphones. They won't seal up the sound as well as Over the Ear but they really leak far less than other On Ear brands I've tried. At 50-70% volume there is hardly any leak and even at 100% there is only minor sound leakage compared to other brands. I can listen to these at 70% volume on a plane and the person next to me won't hear a thing unless they put their ear 1 inch from my headphones.

It's hard to get more value for the money and for having the flexibility to go wired or wireless you can't go wrong with this set. Battery life is good for around 10-12 hours depending on how much idle time there is between turning them off. Range is good at 30-40 ft. (unless there are 5 walls between you). The flat 2.5mm to 3.5mm headphone cable included with these is very premium and looks and sounds excellent. These fit snug at first but loosen up a bit over 5-6 days of use. If they're too tight for you just stretch them over 1-2 pillows overnight. Most importantly if you sweat while wearing these let them dry overnight before attempting to charge them so you don't burn them out. Hope this helps you decide.

Edit: May 8, 2014 - I just learned that if you double tap the multifunction button (phone symbol) a female voice will tell you how much battery life is left! Very sweet feature.

4 of 4 found the following review helpful:

5Voice recognition softwareSep 24, 2014
By Mickey Sarver
I have had my WP – 380 headphones for a while now and they work great. I use "Dragon naturally speak" voice recognition software extensively. As a matter of fact I'm using it now. I can listen to soft music as I study and dictate notes to Microsoft word while strolling around the house, or sitting on the back porch. They are very comfortable. I have worn them for quite a while and it gets to the point that I almost forget that I have them on. They replaced another set of Creative wired headphones that worked very well but limited my mobility.

3 of 3 found the following review helpful:

5Great HeadphonesAug 28, 2014
By Veridicus
Great headphones. Sound is fantastic. I really like the buttons on the side of the right headphone which allows you to remotely pause, advance, etc your music playlist as well as control volume.

Batteries hold charge for a long time.

My only disappointment is that I enjoy listening to music through headphones when I'm trying to fall asleep at night. When connected to Bluetooth, there is an annoying blue light that flashes on the right side of the headphones. It is bright enough to annoy my wife because it flashes on her. So I had to tape a piece of black electrical tape over the light.

Other than that minor annoyance, these headphones are fantastic.

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2Not that great - very detailed explanation of the dealbreaker design flaws for me.Jun 14, 2014
By Farmer
I got these to replace my Miikey 'Rhythm' BT phones, which were about the same price, maybe a little more but not much. The Miikey's were mostly great, except that they had a stupid charging jack (uncommon tiny barrel plug, ugh, fie on thee!) and perhaps a few other little imperfect details here and there. Then they broke electronically and mechanically, so I looked around a lot and then ordered these Creatives, and btw, received a set that is obviously a return item, which is always worrisome with electronic gear that uses rechargeable batteries. As for the phones themselves, I'm not impressed. They're not very comfortable, like having two disks clamped to your head. Yeah, I could try to stretch them out, but then they won't seal to my ear as well. That might be fine in a quiet workplace, but I want them to block out noise and immerse me in a comfort zone of music so I can go to my happy place when I'm riding the train, walking around, biking (when in an environment that I can do this safely or on a trainer indoors), flying kites on the beach, whatever. I want to get in the zone with my tunes, you know?
With these, there are several issues:

They creak! The plastic joints make noise whenever I move.

The discomfort mentioned above makes me want to take them off sooner rather than later. It's a distraction.

Sound: The mid-range sounds harsh and grating to me, not conducive to my 'zone'.

The controls are terrible! The track buttons are okay, but the volume buttons and multipurpose button are awful, and these are important to me. These buttons are connected on a single rounded sorta-triangular plate that rocks (tilts) as one piece. There are tiny raised icons for each function that are really difficult to find and discern because they are sooo tiny and are placed between two plastic edges. And the tilting motion is not clean and discrete (i.e. limited to just the motion in the three button directions), but rather it flexes anywhere you push it, such as on the rounded corners between buttons. It's awful, a terrible design! Forget about using this with even the thinnest of gloves. The button action (depth of movement when you press it) is very slight and the moving part you push on is set inside an unmoving ridge around the rocker part, so when you try to push the button, your tactile feedback (fingertip sensation) is dominated by this big corner/ridge that doesn't move while your fingertip digs around trying to find the part that's moving (barely) under your smushy finger pad. And because it's a big rounded triangle with a big semicircular hinge piece around it (the silver part), when you reach up to touch the buttons, your hand feels a big round hinge piece and then has to find a rounded triangle thing within that somewhere, and then feel around that roundish, triangulish thing to figure out where the buttons might be, and it's not like they're just on the top and bottom or front and rear, so you could quickly orient yourself, they're set back from the center (the volume buttons in this case) above and below each other somewhere on the rear edge of that trianguly thing inside the big round hinge thing, and tilted at opposite angles. So I find it hard to orient quickly and find the buttons when I need them. But wait it gets worse: there is a delayed response with every button press, much longer than with my previous BT headphones. So on top of being confused whether I have found the right button and successfully pressed it or not, there is a pause before anything happens. "Did I press it? I thought I pressed it. Oh wait, yeah, there it goes. Oh crap I pressed it twice and now it's off again."
Not to mention both sides of the headphone are shaped exactly the same, so if I happen to put them on with left/right sides reversed, my hand is up there trying to find the micro-sub-braille button icons, rubbing around on the damn thing like a genie in a bottle until I figure out they're not even there. Does the manufacturer not understand that a headphone button is something you cannot see while using it???

Normally I listen to music via my phone, but I have found that when I pull out my phone and wake the screen, the music skips.

I would characterize the overall build quality as cheap and the design as ugly. The big hinge piece on each side is a molded plastic part that is hollow and open on one side with the wires showing (they're just sort of stuffed in there). It has casting seams visible, and is painted a tacky silver color that chips off easily. So it looks exactly like a piece of a cheap plastic kids' toy. On the outside of each earpiece at the center is a glossy, soft plastic face that already has scratches on it right out of the box. Above the big silver hinge thing is more of this shiny plastic that scratches easily and looks tacky to boot.
The Speakers: I notice that my previous Miikey headphones were the same overall size but had 40mm drivers, while these only have 34's. Of course there is a lot more to speaker quality than diameter, but in a side-by-side comparison, the 40mm Miikeys sound a lot better to me. As in 'ahh, music, rich, nice, I feel good' (the Miikeys) vs 'music, it's on. oh, this song sounds pretty good, but aah! this song I normally like is grating on me, ugh where is the volume button, where is the firiggin volume button?!!?#%!!! Did I press it yet?' And of course there's that plastic creaking whenever I move my head, which kinda makes the whole speaker quality thing moot.

Another small interesting point I noticed about the design, regarding the L/R thing, they made these things so the cups turn 90 degrees to fold flat, right? fine. The natural, easy way to put on the headphones would be to hold them with the open cups facing you and then twist them slightly as they slide onto your head. But interestingly, they chose to make them in exactly the opposite of the natural direction for use, and they actually had to make them rotate a bit more than 90 degrees to compensate for this. With these, you have to grasp them with the cups facing away from you and then twist them so the cups face inward, and just a little past that til they won't go any farther, and hold them in that position under tension while you put them on, and all the while they want to flip back around and face away from you again. So you have to maintain the twist on them until they are seated on your ears. Think I'm crazy? Try it a few times. One way you have to grip, twist, and hold the earcups while trying to get them seated on your ears. The other way, with left and right reversed, you can put them on without even holding onto the ear cups at all. You can grip them by the head band and slide them right onto your ears. Switch back and try to do this the 'right' way, holding only the band. It's like an idiotic exercise. They hang up on your face and ears and flip away the wrong direction. It's like the designers just don't care.

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