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Average Customer Review: 4.0 ( 172 customer reviews )
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4Pretty fly for a Tri...angle.Oct 17, 2013
By Rosie
I didn't know I needed this...until I got it.

OH my laptop speakers are fine, I said. Oh I don't really need to hear my podcasts while doing yardwork, I said. Oh why would I EVER want to listen to music while doing the dishes, I said.

I. was. so. WRONG.

Now that I have this creepy little triangle, I love it. It's portable, it's got a USB rechargie cable that looks like it's covered in bulletproof kevlar, and the connection from the usb cable into the SoundTriangle(As I'll refer to it here) is secure and not wobbly at all. If there's one thing I hate, it's when you get a rechargeable device, and the accompanying USB cable connects into it like when you plug a kitty vacuum into the wall, and before you even turn it on, the cord falls out of the socket.


It's also kind of nice that the buttons are dumb-proof on top of SoundTriangle. Volume up/down, and the bluetooth power button. I'll admit, it does seem like it takes a bit of time to power it down, but it's 8 seconds, not a hour like some other reviews suggest. It's not long at all. Plus, I find it's a lot easier to not break your own kit when you slow down a little when you're putting it away. Whatever, that's just me. Enough of this, let's talk about


You know, and I know, you get what you pay for. And what you get with SoundTriangle is a decently portable little sound powerhouse with a couple days battery life. I haven't left it playing for 2 days straight, but I've definitely left on by accident, and then used it again like normal the next day. SoundTriangle is probably not ideal for your average reclaimed-warehouse-abandoned-business-district party, but it is plenty loud to save me from the unbearable tedium of various household tasks, and it can definitely fill a room and yard loud enough so that geriatric parents will urge you, using expletives, to reconsider your life choices.
here's how I use SoundTriangle

-computer speaker for streaming video when I'm hiding from my responsibilities
-computer speaker for streaming audio when I'm trying to learn some new skill, and hiding from my responsibilities
-ipad speaker for streaming video, when I'm cooking and trying to forget how boring cooking is
-iphone speaker for when raking up lawn clippings, weeding, or scooping up dog cookies in the backyard
-a stand-in as a car stereo in vehicles whose previous stereos have been 'liberated'

I personally prefer to connect SoundTriangle to my devices via audio cable, since it saves battery for SoundTriangle and for my phone/tablet. I've tried it with a bluetooth connection before, but it was slightly crackly, as blutooth audio connections are wont to be, but nothing you wouldn't expect from the technology. If you're looking for something super high end, this is not your first chose. For the rest of us streaming mp3s and high definition video on a laptop, this is a reasonable investment for your money.

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2Really disappointing, even at $30Nov 04, 2014
By sleeksilver
Anyone giving this device over three stars honestly doesn't know any better.

I bought two of these for $30, one for myself and another as a gift. I am somewhat of a bluetooth speaker junkie, and own 5 others before the purchase of this one. I feel as if this gives me a bit of credibility when it comes to reviewing these types of devices.

First off, this thing was MUCH larger than expected when I took it out of the box. The build quality is nice and it comes with a nice micro USB cable for charging. Pairing it with my Nexus 5 was incredibly simple with the NFC feature, and had no problems with with Kindle Fire HD.

After the pairing, this is where things really came apart. The sound quality and volume is atrociously poor given the devices size. There is no bass, and the volume level is very poor even when cranked to the max on both the speaker and my phone. My large AmazonBasics bluetooth speaker is better in every single aspect, and it has a lower retail price. The sound is also very muffled, like it is playing through a pillow.

Buy something else, the only thing saving this speaker from a one star review was the NFC pairing and the $30 price.

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5Excellent BT-speaker for the price.Nov 03, 2014
By Cerulean Dragon "Cook'n'PC geek"
I am loving this thing. The battery seems to last forever. I charge it overnight and turn it on in the morning to listen to music while I'm up and about around the house, then I work in the evenings (2nd shift) and take it with me, listening to music on the road. The at work. Then on the way home. It says it's rated for up to 12hrs battery life but I'm suspicious that it might actually be more. Although I haven't counted, and it's not on *all* the time (the first couple of hours I'm at work I'm with co-workers, it's only later that I'm alone and I crank it up). Also if I'm in the bedroom I usually have it on the charger while in use, and at work if my phone has a full charge it's plugged into my computer. Either way I've never had the battery die on me.

I used the NFC to connect it to my Samsung Galaxy S3 with zero issues, found it immediately, and reconnects without fail every time.

Sound quality is very good for this price range ($29.99 w/Prime at the time I bought it), though I generally keep the volume maxed and just use my phone volume to control it (another reason I'm surprised the battery lasts so long). I'm not expect high fidelity so I'm not really judging it on that, it's better than some of those tinny, small speakers, it beats most generic beige "PC speakers" you'd usually find at work. It doesn't hit super highs or deep lows, but it does the job for something that's portable and BT-based.

Range is what you'd expect from BlueTooth, about 10ft w/no obstructions. Walk around a corner and it'll start stuttering. Same as every BT speaker or headset I've ever had.

So for the price and expectations I'll give it 5-stars. Of course you could do better but the price would start to jump pretty quick.

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4Pretty goodNov 10, 2014
By Jon
When I first bought this speaker I thought it wouldn't connect with my iPhone 5S using Bluetooth. I was wrong, it just didn't work by tapping the phone on it which the instructions seemed to say it would. I have two speakers now and I think my JBL 1588 is the better of the two but it's still not bad.

2 of 2 found the following review helpful:

4Good speakers for the sale price. Not perfect, but good enough for me!Nov 21, 2014
By Lissa
It is pretty big. Check the dimensions (it doesn't bother me, but it might some) The sound is good and loud, not much bass...but I'm not a picky listener at all.

I use it for pandora and as computer speakers, if you want to connect with anything but bluetooth, you will have to purchase a separate auxiliary cord. I found one at Wal-Mart for $5, you might be able to find one on here for cheaper. The charging cord isn't just rubber, it's a nice quality fabric type wrapped wire.
Note: if you charge while the auxiliary is plugged does have a weird white noise in the background and can distort the sound, but if you unplug the charger it's back to normal.

Also, when powering off and on, there is a slightly annoying voice saying "powering off/on" it's no biggie though. Volume controls do not work when plugged into anything with the auxiliary cord! I figured that out the hard way.

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