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Creative Airwave Portable Bluetooth Wireless Speaker with NFC
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Creative Airwave Portable Bluetooth Wireless Speaker with NFC

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Experience audio made clever with the Creative Airwave.

Simplify your life with the Creative Airwave. Unlike other regular speakers, you can experience the convenience of one-touch pairing with its NFC feature. You can also enjoy your music wirelessly on the go, as it comes with Bluetooth® and a rechargeable built-in battery. This uniquely designed speaker, packed with these amazing features, is available in four vibrant colors.

Three ways to play your audio

Tap and play!

The Creative Airwave features Near Field Communications (NFC) technology which allows for easy, one-touch pairing by simply tapping your NFC-enabled Bluetooth smart device on the speaker.

Pair and stream

As for your smart devices that are not NFC-enabled, you can easily pair them with the Creative Airwave via Bluetooth using the conventional method.

Integrated Aux In

You can also enjoy your music by connecting directly to the speaker via the integrated analog Aux-in connector.

Go places with your audio

12 hours of non-stop music
Built-in Lithium polymer battery

Party all night long on a single charge! The Creative Airwave gives you up to 12 hours1 of playtime, so don't stop the music!

With a built-in Lithium polymer battery, your Creative Airwave is truly portable and you're free to place your speaker almost anywhere you please. You can check your battery levels with voice prompts and the speaker LED also alerts you when you're low on battery. In addition, the battery level icon is displayed when paired with selected smartphones2. The battery can be easily charged via a standard micro USB connection.

Hear and be heard

Great sound

The Creative Airwave houses two efficient 3″ full-range drivers that produce stunning, room-filling sound despite its small size.

Clear voice calls

Turn your speaker into a speaker phone with the built-in concealed microphone for dialog clarity in your voice communications.

Make a statement

The Creative Airwave's unique design is a radical departure from the usual rectangular-shaped speakers. The chassis is constructed to minimize vibrations and the optimal 30-degree front baffle tilt projects audio directly to the listener. Available in four bold colors, its unique triangular-styled construction, geometric face panel design and smooth curves make it a refreshing addition to any setting.

1 Actual battery life will vary with use and volume settings.
2 Currently supported on iOS devices only.

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Customer Reviews:
Average Customer Review: 4.0 ( 317 customer reviews )
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Most Helpful Customer Reviews

135 of 147 found the following review helpful:

4Pretty fly for a Tri...angle.Oct 17, 2013
By Rosie
I didn't know I needed this...until I got it.

OH my laptop speakers are fine, I said. Oh I don't really need to hear my podcasts while doing yardwork, I said. Oh why would I EVER want to listen to music while doing the dishes, I said.

I. was. so. WRONG.

Now that I have this creepy little triangle, I love it. It's portable, it's got a USB rechargie cable that looks like it's covered in bulletproof kevlar, and the connection from the usb cable into the SoundTriangle(As I'll refer to it here) is secure and not wobbly at all. If there's one thing I hate, it's when you get a rechargeable device, and the accompanying USB cable connects into it like when you plug a kitty vacuum into the wall, and before you even turn it on, the cord falls out of the socket.


It's also kind of nice that the buttons are dumb-proof on top of SoundTriangle. Volume up/down, and the bluetooth power button. I'll admit, it does seem like it takes a bit of time to power it down, but it's 8 seconds, not a hour like some other reviews suggest. It's not long at all. Plus, I find it's a lot easier to not break your own kit when you slow down a little when you're putting it away. Whatever, that's just me. Enough of this, let's talk about


You know, and I know, you get what you pay for. And what you get with SoundTriangle is a decently portable little sound powerhouse with a couple days battery life. I haven't left it playing for 2 days straight, but I've definitely left on by accident, and then used it again like normal the next day. SoundTriangle is probably not ideal for your average reclaimed-warehouse-abandoned-business-district party, but it is plenty loud to save me from the unbearable tedium of various household tasks, and it can definitely fill a room and yard loud enough so that geriatric parents will urge you, using expletives, to reconsider your life choices.
here's how I use SoundTriangle

-computer speaker for streaming video when I'm hiding from my responsibilities
-computer speaker for streaming audio when I'm trying to learn some new skill, and hiding from my responsibilities
-ipad speaker for streaming video, when I'm cooking and trying to forget how boring cooking is
-iphone speaker for when raking up lawn clippings, weeding, or scooping up dog cookies in the backyard
-a stand-in as a car stereo in vehicles whose previous stereos have been 'liberated'

I personally prefer to connect SoundTriangle to my devices via audio cable, since it saves battery for SoundTriangle and for my phone/tablet. I've tried it with a bluetooth connection before, but it was slightly crackly, as blutooth audio connections are wont to be, but nothing you wouldn't expect from the technology. If you're looking for something super high end, this is not your first chose. For the rest of us streaming mp3s and high definition video on a laptop, this is a reasonable investment for your money.

95 of 109 found the following review helpful:

3Decent, but not best-in-classJul 29, 2013
By Bazuro
I've had the opportunity to handle a number of portable Bluetooth speakers, and will say this one is solidly mid-range. It has some features I like, and some I'm not so crazy about...

+ 12 hour battery life is basically best-in-class. There are a couple other units that can match this, but none I've seen that can surpass it. This will be really nice for a full day at the pool / beach / lake or some other place where you want constant tunes, but don't have the luxury of a wall outlet
+ Bluetooth connectivity to me is a MUST with portable speakers, and this has it
+ standard micro-USB charger port means you'll be able to charge this many places, even if you forget the cord, because anyone with an Android phone will have the same charger attachment

- volume, at max, is rather underwhelming. It's good for a bedroom but isn't going to work for a party, or for outdoors unless you're sitting around a campfire or in a boat together
- audio quality and clarity is okay, but doesn't really stand out among other similarly-priced units which have superior clarity and bass
- for the volume / audio quality, it's rather large
- power button is annoying. You have to hold it mashed down for an extended period of time to power it on, and then have to hold it down not once, but twice, for even longer, to turn it off. Sort of annoying having to mash a button for fifteen seconds to turn off your speaker. It's a minor annoyance (first world problems, I know) but something the designers should have noticed during product testing.
- not weather resistant like some other units

BOTTOM LINE: this unit is okay, but for the price, I can't really recommend it. Maybe for sixty - seventy bucks or so. Once you get around a hundred, the doors open for other units, like the Logitech Bluetooth Wireless Speaker for a similar price. If you wanted to spend a little more dough, the TDK Life on Record A33 Wireless Weatherproof Speaker has positively BOOMING audio and is rugged enough to withstand a sandy / misty environment, but costs more and has half the battery life. I'll leave it up to you, but my opinion is that there are better competing units out there for basically the same investment.

25 of 28 found the following review helpful:

4Easy and awesome, decent soundJul 15, 2013
By B. Junkin-Mills "brookemom"
This is an awesome wireless speaker that easily connects with all of our bluetooth devices. We keep it in the rec room and whoever is down there simply pairs their iPhone or iPod and has wireless music! If a call comes in, it also plays through the speaker. My teenagers think it's cool and so do I - a very easy and handy way to play music.

+ Easy pairing: press and hold the power button until it tells you it's in pairing mode. Then have your device 'find' the speaker. Takes seconds.
+ It's 'voice' tells you when it's powering on, in speaker mode, what the battery power is, etc. Nice for us middle-aged Moms who don't want to read teeny tiny writing.
+ Calls can also go through the speaker, if you're using it and your phone rings.
+ You can adjust volume on device or speaker.
+ Rechargeable battery with charger cable.
+ Apparently has NFC (tap) technology - though we don't have an NFC device.
+ Decent sound.

- Charger is USB-micro USB; if you want to charge it using a wall outlet (as opposed to your computer), you need an adapter. This is not a big deal - so many devices come with these wall adapters that most households have a few lying around.
- Decent sound which is fine for us, but perhaps not for audiophiles.

BOTTOM LINE: Easy to use, works exactly as it's meant to, really convenient way to listen to your device.

14 of 15 found the following review helpful:

2Really disappointing, even at $30Nov 04, 2014
By sleeksilver
Anyone giving this device over three stars honestly doesn't know any better.

I bought two of these for $30, one for myself and another as a gift. I am somewhat of a bluetooth speaker junkie, and own 5 others before the purchase of this one. I feel as if this gives me a bit of credibility when it comes to reviewing these types of devices.

First off, this thing was MUCH larger than expected when I took it out of the box. The build quality is nice and it comes with a nice micro USB cable for charging. Pairing it with my Nexus 5 was incredibly simple with the NFC feature, and had no problems with with Kindle Fire HD.

After the pairing, this is where things really came apart. The sound quality and volume is atrociously poor given the devices size. There is no bass, and the volume level is very poor even when cranked to the max on both the speaker and my phone. My large AmazonBasics bluetooth speaker is better in every single aspect, and it has a lower retail price. The sound is also very muffled, like it is playing through a pillow.

Buy something else, the only thing saving this speaker from a one star review was the NFC pairing and the $30 price.

6 of 7 found the following review helpful:

1It's Okay. But if you're picky about sound skip this one.Oct 04, 2014
By deezee
I had a hard time finding a review for this when I was purchasing mine so I hope my review is helpful to someone else out there.

The pictures of this device on amazon are hard to get an idea for it's size. I was concerned that it was going to be too small and therefor have bad sound. It's a good size. about 10" long and 4-5" high, better than I expected.

I think I'm quite bias when it comes to the sound of bluetooth speakers. For a few months I had borrowed someone's Bose bluetooth speakers and they were truly great. And being a person that's a little bit picky when it comes to sound quality I was a bit scared to try anything else.
For these speakers: There is no deep base. So if you are an audiophile look somewhere else. The sounds coming through it pretty clear at mid volume. If you turn the volume all the way up you can definitely tell it can struggle with some sounds.

Few Things.
It talks to you when power the device on and try to pair devices. It's a little cheesy but I guess it can be helpful when trying to work the device. (it is easier to pair than the Bose was)

My plan was to use this device for when we had outdoor parties in our back yard, I don't think that it's going to replace my old 1994 stereo I'm currently using. But since it is portable I do plan on keeping it for when working in the basement and yard work

I spent $30.00 on this device (it was on sale). Had I spent the full $100 I would probability return it. The sound quality is just not there. If I can ever afford to get the Bose speakers I will. But for now this device will work.

Been 2 days. Returning the device. I just cannot get past the sound quality.

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