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Product Details:
Product Length: 11.57 inches
Product Width: 6.1 inches
Product Height: 5.16 inches
Product Weight: 2.64 pounds
Package Length: 12.1 inches
Package Width: 6.1 inches
Package Height: 5.5 inches
Package Weight: 3.05 pounds
Average Customer Rating: based on 66 reviews
Customer Reviews:
Average Customer Review: 4.0 ( 66 customer reviews )
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5 of 5 found the following review helpful:

3Not bad for $50 but there are better close to this priceJun 28, 2014
By Jeff Record
For those expecting audiophile sound from something this small with only two tiny drivers and battery operated, well it's small with only two drivers and battery operated. For those that paid over$100, I understand why you would be upset.

The sound is "ok" at moderate volumes. The sound gets muddy/distorted at higher volumes. The speaker is more suited for acoustical, live concert or folk songs. It cant handle rock/pop and electric music well at all. The are other units at this size, jbl,tdk that produce a better overall sound. Like others noted, sound slightly improves over the aux in cable but I haven't found any device in which the Bluetooth sounds as good as a hard plug.

If you want to fill the room with sound, look elsewhere. If you want something that sounds 50 times better than the ones selling for $20, get it as long as you don't pay more than $50.

11 of 14 found the following review helpful:

5Excellent sound with simple set up!Aug 18, 2013
By A. Brink
I love this speaker system! It pairs easily with your devices-there is a place on the back where you can just tap any NFC enabled device and it will pair instantly-I do not have a NFC device.
I have paired both the iphone 4 and 5 to this going through the iphone settings: general settings then blue tooth ON then you should see the Creative device show up saying AIRWAVE HD, but you have to make sure that you do this AFTER HOLDING DOWN the pairing button on the speaker device until it flashes! If you do not hold the (multifunction) pairing button down on the device until it flashes it will not pair with your device.
Once you do this very quick set up, it plays whatever you are playing on your iphone (device) from pandora to a ted lecture to your music or itunes files. I am so glad I waited to get the perfect speaker system for my apple devices because not having to worry about any cables makes it so much better and more portable. It says to fully charge you may need to change it for 7 hours but I found that it took far less time to fully charge out of the box.

4 of 4 found the following review helpful:

1Speaker blew outDec 26, 2013
By Timothy Dejohn "Timoth"
Within 10 minutes of use, one of the speakers popped. I was testing the volume by increasing it on the speaker. Usually the speakers will begin to distort before they blow out, there was no warning it was getting louder and then - POP. I have requested an exchange. I am hoping it was only a bad unit, I have not read about any similar problems.

3 of 3 found the following review helpful:

4Sounds great, frequent pairing issues.Apr 02, 2014
By Jeanine
If your phones/devices all have NFS (Android, anyone?), then you won't have any problems with this. If you've got a couple iPhones, though, prepare to be opening your settings frequently to disconnect one device and connect another.

Sounds is fantastic. Loud for such a small unit. Battery hasn't run out yet, I've charged it a couple times just in case.

4 of 5 found the following review helpful:

5Excellent Little Speaker!Aug 26, 2013
By majormusiclover
With excellent ~ balanced sound ~ this little speaker is great for my PC.~ ipod ~ Zen and Walkman
at home or on the go and I can listen for 3 plus hours at full volume before Creative battery gets low.

It's suppose to last 7 hr, but that's not what I experienced so I phoned the marketing coordinator who had put their card
in the box and was told that the speaker lasts less hours if used at 80% ~ to full volume.
The speaker will run plugged in an out-let ~ which or course isn't relying on length of battery life.

I don't have an interest to pair the speaker with my smart-phone ~ but for those who do ~ it's SO simple!
Turn the speaker on & tap your NFC-enabled smart device on the NFC receptor which is located in the center
of the back side of the speaker and they're paired. (Can pair up to - two smart devices)
If your Smartphone isn't (NFC) ready Near Field Communications, it still can be paired manually.
You can listen to music ~ pick-up or reject incoming calls.

When I received the speaker the battery was so low it wouldn't play, the booklet says to charge for 8 hrs,
but using the included wall charger it was fully charged in 3 1/2. DC input 100 volts ~ output 1 amp
The embedded battery can be replaced but is to be done by returning the speaker to a regional support office for replacement.
When the multifunction button is push twice - quickly - a voice speaks the battery status.

This is a quality, compact, convenient size and style. Only 10 1/8" long 3 5/8" high. Weights = 2lb 4oz.

The only feature I don't care for is the volume control.
Every time you turn the speaker on/off it starts at approx 6 - 7 notches
(no matter where it was left at) on a volume control scale of approx 24.
(I only know it may be 24 because of holding the button down and counting the times the green light blinks)

The button has to be held down all the while the volume is being adjusted. There's nothing that tells where you're at on the scale.
When it's at it's highest and/or lowest level the green light starts blinking faster.
This is a very annoying volume control design.

But I was so impressed with the quality of this speaker ~ the variety of uses we have for it ~
and the freedom and ease of use that to me this is still a 5 star product.

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