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Product Details:
Product Length: 7.68 inches
Product Width: 2.48 inches
Product Height: 8.2 inches
Product Weight: 0.79 pounds
Package Length: 8.0 inches
Package Width: 7.5 inches
Package Height: 2.5 inches
Package Weight: 0.85 pounds
Average Customer Rating: based on 205 reviews
Customer Reviews:
Average Customer Review: 4.0 ( 205 customer reviews )
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97 of 99 found the following review helpful:

5Worked great. Not for exercise though.Jun 16, 2012
By Erik1988
[[VIDEOID:mo3ALMDIB1Z57H4]]**Update 3.5 years later; Dec2015**
I personally have sensitive ears, so I cannot use these for more than an hour at a time. Thus, I passed them on to my teenager.
My teenager has these on his head all night long, as he streams music from his tablet or when he's playing games on his tablet.
He loves them!
They are still going strong and work well after all this time.

Video is almost 10-miutes long.

- lightweight
- folds up and comes with travel bag
- connects via Bluetooth easily
- Music worked great and sounds great
- Taking a call was fairly painless
- Stay within 30-feet of your device to ensure good connection
- You can opt to buy a PC/laptop or Apple product accessory if you have one of those devices without Bluetooth today. . .sold separately.
- Can't have both ears blocked when driving in California, so not ideal for that
- Headphones fall off when trying to jog or do other types of high movement exercise
- Great doing moving around (i.e. house chores) and not worrying others might not want to hear what you're listening to or at the volume you are

listening to it
- Perfect for watching a movie on your Bluetooth enabled device.

OVERALL: Everything I expected.

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4Premium quality!May 22, 2012
By Rbhatta "A Dinosaur you can trust!"
I have been creative labs product user since their legacy 'sound blaster' card for the PC and from my experience these people know a lot about audio products. They have been making audio products for decades and do know how to make excellent quality of products. WP-450 is no exception.

Build Quality:
The Creative labs WP-450 is no exception. The build quality is superb. It will last a very long time. The folding design is a welcome change in the WP series of Bluetooth headset from creative. It allows you to carry your headphones in the included soft pouch with very good portability during travels.

Audio Quality:
I paired this up with Creative ZEN X-Fi 3 8 GB MP3 and Video Player withTouchscreen, Bluetooth and FM Radio (Black)and played some high quality FLAC encoded music files for testing and here are the results...

In my tests, the frequency response is perceivably better than the previous generation Creative Labs WP-350 Pure Wireless Bluetooth Headphones with Invisible Mic announced last year. While it is still not perfect for audiophiles like me it is very good for `average' casual user who would like to have freedom from wires while enjoying music and having voice conversations with the included hidden microphone.

The lows & highs from music playback are balanced and so are the mid ranges. It is not very bassy or boomy for those who like to have big boom in their ears this may not be the right choice. There is slight hiss at high volume and during those silent music gaps between tracks but not something which will distract you during normal music playback.

There were some issues at 'random' wherein the music playback would suddenly stop (Even though the MP3 Player seemed to continue the BT stream just fine and stay connected) when I changed the tracks from the built-in buttons on the headset. I think it could very well be the issue with the temperamental creative Creative ZEN X-Fi 3 that I have. When I tried the same with a PC I never had any audio dropouts. I concluded that it was my MP3 player which caused the audio dropouts.

These are not very comfortable for my large ears. It fits perfectly over my head but lands directly on my ear lobes thereby making it uncomfortable to wear for extended periods of time. This alone makes the otherwise perfect headset lose a serious `star' in the rating. If you have smaller ears you could get lucky and it may be the perfect choice. I wish creative made the soft leatherette ear cushions slightly bigger then it would be the `ideal' for complete wireless freedom and comfort.

These are pricey! - Certainly is little too pricey for anyone considering the fact that most other manufacturers of similar type of Bluetooth headsets are selling it ½ the price of WP-450, Agreed while the build quality & construction is excellent but the somewhat uncomfortable to wear for extended period of time.

So, in other words it does not full justify the steep price thereby losing another ½ star in the rating.

I have purchased and used several of creative products over the years and mostly had positive experience with them. Some I have been using them over a decade! And they still work and sound great as if I bought them yesterday. That itself clearly shows the good quality build and workmanship of the products.

Last year I reviewed creative labs Creative Labs WP-350 Pure Wireless Bluetooth Headphones with Invisible Mic at its launch date via Amazon and as I stated in my review that the sound quality was "average" for that headphone which for me was not for Audiophiles like me and while the WP-450 product itself has improved slightly in the audio frequency response and was also seen to be better built to last longer it was seen to be still very similar to the previous model WP-350 and still too uncomfortable to wear for extended periods of time especially if you have large ears.

With all things considered, I will have to rate this product with 3 and ½ stars. Amazon does not allow me to give ½ star rating so I will have to rate this 4 stars to be honest and fair.

Hope this review proves useful to you. If you have any questions or comments please feel free to write in the comments section and I will try to answer them to best of my knowledge and experiences.


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5Perfect for voice applications and watching TV shows & movies.Jun 02, 2012
By DB "aspiring part-time freelance consultant"
Consider my rating 4 1/2 stars. Set up could not have been easier, practically instantly. Connected it to a tablet, an Ipad, Kindle Fire HD and a phone almost without effort. Perfect for those that intend to use it more for voice applications which are almost unbelievably clear and tuned accordingly. Because of this makes it great for those that watch a lot of TV shows and movies because the voices are very easy to understand. Since it is tuned for more voice use it suffers just a little when listening to music because of the mid to high range tuning and lacks a little on the low end. My middle age ears might notice the lack of low end more than younger ears. Very comfortable, fit right within the ears for me. Recommended for all but especially recommended for those that plan to use it more for its voice features and watching TV shows and movies.

9 of 9 found the following review helpful:

5ExcellentDec 28, 2012
By RCA "Yawdman"
My first set of BT headphones were bought about 4 years ago and were made by Logitech. BT headsets have come a long way since then. I was looking for the following (with the understanding that these ARE headphones):

* Near perfect reproduction of the source (as you would look for in a good set of speakers)
* Great fidelity
* Deep clear bass
* Great highs
* Clear mids
* Volume control separate from the connected device
* Ability to charge while listening :-)

I bought these after a lot of research and reading many reviews about other products (especially those more costly).
I rcvd this today. I have been listening to a variety of music for the past 2 hours (threw some classical in there to help determine clarity, etc.).
I listen to a lot of reggae (drum and bass is the core of this genre); especially DUB.
So; I challenged this set [with a VARIETY of music] and it passed all the tests outlined above.
One thing that I think some consumers may not be aware of is that the media player on the connected device (like a cell phone) has a good deal to contribute to your listening pleasure. Oh, don't forget the encoding of the music to which you are listening if it is not the original CD. That plays a great deal in your comparison when evaluating these types of products.
So, I recommend listening to CDs when evaluating if possible.

Apologies to those looking for reviews of the phone features.
I did not buy it for that purpose and did not review any of those features.
However, I doubt that the call quality will be average based on the quality of the connection to the connecting device that I have experienced.

I think that these are perfect for the purpose of an advanced audiophile that wants to take his/her music on the go.

Highly recommended over the more costly options.

5 of 5 found the following review helpful:

5Sounds great, syncs easyMay 24, 2012
By P. MSakamoto "boy clothes"
I really like these headphones!

* Metal head band so it doesn't feel like it's going to break like lesser units. There is steel under the plastic going over your head. Great!
* Did not need to read instructions to sync the Bluetooth to my iPhone. Just worked.
* Sound is very good with full tone and a lack of BT "scratchiness"
* Controls are easy to access. In particular, the volume buttons on the R earpiece project enough out that you can find them by touch.
* The appearance is very nice and unobjectionable. Feels and looks like a quality product.
* There is a clever hinge system that allows them to fold up for compactness. This is integrated into the steel part of the headband, so it is less likely to just break like many others do.
* Came charged and ready to go.
* Packaging was accessible without tools (e.g. could rip the box open and get to the goods without scissors or knives).

I highly recommend!

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