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Customer Reviews:
Average Customer Review: 2.5 ( 75 customer reviews )
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29 of 30 found the following review helpful:

4sd card issueJul 04, 2011
By jared
i'm happy with my creative zen m100, however there are a couple of issues with it. one issue worth pointing out in detail is the one of the sd card memory expansion. while i was very aware that music from the internal memory and the music you add via sd card would be separate, i had no idea that the player has to scan the card EVERY TIME you choose to open the sd card library. even when you have not taken the card out of the player. depending on how much music you have in it that could take a few seconds or a few minutes. also, the player is not going to organize your music from your sd card as it does with the music you put in it's internal memory. instead it reads it in files. so i suggest organizing it yourself in files so it's easier for you to sort though your music there.
i still like my player and there are many things positive with it (read the pros), but i think the sd card issue is something that people should know about before purchasing this product.


1. responsive capacitive buttons

2. excellent sound quality and volume

3. small and lightweight

4. great battery life

5. simple and intuitive interface


1. sd card integration

2. songs that you choose or the first song of an album/playlist sometimes stutter at the start

3. no gapless playback

4. booting times longer than normal for mp3 players

5. no playlist feature

21 of 21 found the following review helpful:

1Wait for the Software UpgradeJul 08, 2011
By Jonathan
In the past I owned several Creative Muvos, which I loved. Fabulous MP3 player. I wore them all out through use. Too bad they don't make them any more. The Muvo had a AAA power source, more flexibility, which I prefer as opposed to a built-in one. Also the Muvo plugged directly into a USB port, thus obviating the need for an additional wire. The fewer parts the better right? Of all MP3 makers I have owned such as Sony, Sandisk, iPod, Zune and more, I like Creative the best.

I believe the M100 was released on Jul-1-2011, so I guess I am on the bleeding edge. After having the device for only a few days, the screen has frozen several times. What's even more fun is that on 2 of those occasions the power button, also apparently frozen, would not turn off the device, so I had to wait for the device to run out of power (a number of hours), then recharged, and rebooted and thus be useable again. What a pain.

Also the the menu system requires a lot of navigating past lesser used features. It doesn't look like much thought has been put into or usability testing has been done here. Before giving up on the device, it seemed to me that the concept of folders, which is how I organize my content, doesn't appear to be supported by the menu system.

Maybe I got a lemon. Maybe some of this stuff will be fixed by a firmware upgrade. I hope so because I don't plan to waste my time with this player unless the freezing issue, at least, is fixed.

24 of 26 found the following review helpful:

2Shuffle, no thank youJul 24, 2011
By Amazon Customer "on track"
I'm a lover of previous Zen mp3 players--and was looking forward to using this one for downloading borrowed books from my public library's digital audio books portal. There's nowhere to put this kind of download, except into the music category under albums. So far so good. But "shuffle" is the default selection for playback--even after setting it on "normal." So each time I go in to listen to my public library audio book, I have to change the "shuffle" default to "normal." So aggravating! And when I do this it loses my place in the story! Please, please, dear Zen folk--consider such uses in your development. Not all of us are buying audio books--lots of us are borrowing them (thankfully) from our public libraries!

10 of 10 found the following review helpful:

2Poor designAug 08, 2011
By gr3mmee
This player has great sound and looks nice. And the devil with it if that's all it's got.

The software is absolutely infuriating! I load my albums as folders and I cannot view them that way on the internal memory; diddling around with ID3 tags is a pain. BIG FAIL for this player.

The expansion card slot is hit-or-miss; a lot of times the player will hang up instead of reading the card. I HATE resetting the player every time I want to load the memory card. BIG BIG FAIL for this player.

The design includes absolutely no way to hang or attach the player to anything. I am not throwing bad money after good by laying out $25 for a little silicon skin. STRIKE THREE. And another design flaw is that there are touch buttons on every side so that any time the player is touched it pauses the song or goes off into another song or displays all the menu items in Greek!

I bought this basically due to my past experience with Creative Labs gear. It's been all good up to now. But I wasted my money. I hate using it. I hate to even look at it really.

7 of 7 found the following review helpful:

1Not what is advertisedJan 05, 2012
By PhotoGeek "Cheryl McGee"
I purchased this for my husband for Christmas. He listens to books downloaded from Audible and it was advertised to do this. It doesn't. He emailed Audible and they responded that they do not support this model at this time. We had to return it.

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