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Average Customer Rating: based on 120 reviews
Customer Reviews:
Average Customer Review: 4.0 ( 120 customer reviews )
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6 of 6 found the following review helpful:

5LOVE IT!!Jan 04, 2014
By Emily
This is the best speaker on the market under 100 dollars. The bass is clear, deep and powerful and the highs are clear without any screeches or static. It can get LOUD without distorting the music at all. Light and portable, I really wouldn't use any other speaker on the market today, Absolutely love this product!!!

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5Fantastic quality for priceFeb 26, 2014
By merolin527
I was iffy of purchasing a speaker online. But after reading the reviews talking about this speaker's great quality (primarily the quality of the bass sound), I took a chance on this speaker. LOVE IT! I use it when I workout and for music in my martial arts classes. Great volume control on both the speaker and my phone. Lightweight and great quality. Will probably buy another one

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5Good Value - I Really Like It *Updated*Jan 27, 2014
By Anthony J.
Update: It's been about 11 months of owning this little speaker and I can give you a better analysis today. I've now picked up two other speakers like this and this one compares very well and might be the best value. If you spend less, you'll get a lot less than this and if you spend more....Be prepared to spend a lot more, around $100 will buy you something significantly better, but 60-$70 might not.

Something that I've thought about is that the rechargeable speakers will someday need a new battery. With this speaker you're able to use rechargeable AA's and they will be easily replaceable in 2-3 years, for most, the other speakers will be disposable.

This speaker now has a semi permanent home on a headboard and is used for quiet, night time internet TV watching, but it's being grabbed for other uses like a BBQ or the park pretty often too. This speaker is MUCH better than the reviews said it was when I purchased it and as my original review states, when sent a good sounding signal this is surprisingly good at reproducing it.


The white model at $45 is truly an astonishing value. Is it really good sounding? Well, pondering this question listening to it while writing this in my Jacuzzi, just one great use for it, I'd say considering what it is, it sounds better than I expected. I am sending it a quality signal by using uncompressed .WAV files through a program called Breakaway (Win 7 users check out the free trial) from my laptop. The source you use is always important and your amp and speakers "Are what they eat".

Is it easy to connect? Yes sir, the four times that have I connected it to different devices were trouble free. Portable? Very, but read the dimensions, it won't go in your briefcase, but probably the smallest backpack. It's lightweight, AC and battery powered and no cables, although there is that option and I've plugged a Sansa Clip+ into it, but that does make it sound about like I expected. Should you buy one? If this is what you were looking for at this approximate cost, buy it.

The one thing I'd change, is to have the ability to make it two piece to spread the speakers for separation. I'm a recording engineer and I've been on a quest to see what consumers listen to, and actually I like everything about this. It won't replace any of my equipment but it's also something I didn't have before and I'm enjoying it. It's easy to take along for listening anywhere and sounds much better than $45 computer speakers and I've used adapters to make it a TV sound bar also. It's a good deal.

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5Good speakers which I can pass down in my will!Mar 20, 2014
By Amazonian
Ok that's a bit of exaggeration in the title but it helps to get a point across. In these age of disposable electronics that eventually end up in landfills, there are two criteria I try to look for when buying electronic goods. One is longevity of use and the other is to avoid the use of propriety batteries. These speakers satisfy both the requirements. They work on dual power-supply (ac and AA batteries) so most of the time I keep them on AC supply while in the house. In the rare event that I need to use them on battery power, I use them with rechargeable AA batteries. Most working electronics with proprietary batteries end up in landfill because either the battery can't be replaced easily or is not available five years down the line. These speakers will not suffer from that fate.

They are solid speakers for the price. They are fairly big (~12" wide, 5" deep and ~4" tall) but as a consequence you get two 3" drivers which provides good sound output. I am by no means an audiophile so can't accurately comment on the high's and low's of sound but the sound quality is at par with what you would expect out of such tiny speakers (at the given price). The bass lacks the punch but I don't expect them to shake the paintings on my wall.
Bluetooth pairing is easy and has worked every time for me. Note that for some odd reason, Creative has designed the power-supply plug with a small attachment that houses the two pins that go into the socket. Don't loose it or miss taking it out of the box otherwise you will not be able to use it with the power outlet.
All in all I am quite happy with the speakers and would definitely recommend them.

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4Excellent sound for the priceDec 30, 2014
By Charlie
I am very impressed with this product. Highs are clear and crisp. Lows are a bit soft but then again I do not blast the music. I bought this to have around the house to fill in when I am doing chores. Excellent sound for the price. One must remember that this product cannot be compared to a wired speaker especially a higher end. I am returning the product because it is much larger than the picture depicts. Cannot beat the value you get for the price.

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