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Product Details:
Product Length: 12.0 inches
Product Width: 11.0 inches
Product Height: 12.5 inches
Product Weight: 11.0 pounds
Package Length: 12.6 inches
Package Width: 11.9 inches
Package Height: 11.0 inches
Package Weight: 10.4 pounds
Average Customer Rating: based on 67 reviews
Customer Reviews:
Average Customer Review: 3.5 ( 67 customer reviews )
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4Great computer speakersMay 20, 2008
By Andrew J. Piletz "Honest Critic"
I read all the reviews a hundred times and ended up more confused than when I started. So, let me offer my honest opinion. These are great computer speakers, but if you are looking to use them for a party or to fill a large room, the volume may come up a little short. However, as computer speakers, these provide great clarity and will definitely enhance your music listening experience. The sound will definitely fill up a bedroom or office.

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2Volume randomly goes up and downMay 10, 2009
By Diane
I got these speakers about two months ago. They are small, look cool and sound pretty good overall. However...the volume started randomly going up and down about a month ago. Sometimes this happens when I'm not even touching the volume knob, other times I turn it up and it goes WAY up, sometimes down, or when I turn it down it goes up (sometimes WAY up). Sometimes I turn it down just a little and it goes almost inaudible.

So in short, when they work, they sounds pretty good and I like the look and small footprint - however, volume shouldn't go up or down without touching the volume knob and it shouldn't go up when I turn it down and vice versa...and it shouldn't BLAST when I barely turn the knob up. Overall, I'm disappointed I spent $70 on speakers that work so poorly.

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1Creative blows.Nov 05, 2008
By Cade Gamble "zenmodo"
I have been looking for new speakers for my computer since i moved my JBL duets from home to the office. I was going to get another set of the JBLs: they have a great sound and what I thought was decent bass for a compact 2.0 speaker, I really wanted a speaker with a ready available headphone jack which the JBL's don't have: I'm glad, becasue i would have never bought the I-Trigues.

I was going to go for 2.0 again I kept thinking "all i have to do is find a set with really good ratings, the bass isn't that bad in a 2.0" I was laughably mistaken.

I considered 4 models in the 2.0 realm: Bose Companion 2, Creative T20's, Klipsch Groove and Behringer MS 16. I was hoping to stay around [...].

Behringer ruled out right off the bat... too big for my desktop.
Creative ruled out after a listen at Best Buy pitting them vs. Bose- the latter prevailed slightly, but high in the price range and really not worth that much better than my old JBL's.

I had my heart set on Klipsch... was going to buy them but saw this Creative 2.1 system on sale and figured I'd gamble.

Got these a day earlier than the tracking stated... bonus.

Unpacked and noticed right off that the satellites themselves are not as tall as I had feared... from the pictures they look awkwardly tall but in actuality are only a shade taller than the previous JBL's I had and I see those as relatively compact... the Creative satellites actually take up less room.

The sub is a good size, just enough room under my desk. The black and silver finish is very modern and looks smooth.

Hooked it up, like the wired remote... right on your desk with control for power, volume and bass intensity as well as a phone jack.

I went straight for a heavy track to put it through it's paces out of the box- Audioslave's Cochise. Figured since I have grown so accustomed to my 2.0's needing a bass assist via EQ, I'd ramp the bass up on the sub- NOT NEEDED!

This system is rich... nice highs and decent mids, and the bass is just fine at the lower reaches of the dial. My ONLY drawback is that I wish it had an input jack on the wired remote for an MP3. Not exactly that hard to plug in to the back though.

In sum, for the [...] I paid, I am happy my JBLs are retired to light duty playing low volume- no big bass needed- music at work. I look forward to this MASSIVE upgrade in sound quality. I'm a very picky audiophile (one of those "If it ain't FLAC I don't need it" types) I'm also a musician so I have a pretty fickle ear.

I figure this system won't last on Amazon at this price... probably being phased out. If in doubt just know that there is NO 2.0 system on the market that will get you close to the thump that this system will give you on even it's lower bass output settings. I doubt any 2.1 system could touch this one at the 50-100 range.

OKAY- after 2 months use, the wired remote is not working well- volume is up and down for no reason. i'm now to send the entrie unit back to Creative and see what their verdict is. I will suspend judgment until then.

Re- edit- 3 mos later- same old problem again even with a new system. I incorrectly assumed after this one misfired that my beloved Sony Vaio was the culprit- being 3+ years old I assumed my sound card simply wasn't beefy enough. I spent 30 more buck to purchase wiring to move my brand new creative system to my living room to give a little punch on the bass- thought I might as well use it somewhere. In 1 day- the same issues- up down up down. I am now cracking open the faulty remote to see if i can salvage anything. I am now 100% done with creative. I specifically sent the old speakers with a note : DO NOT replace with the same system- they ignored it. I am now shopping for a new set of computer speakers. Creative is not one of my choices. I warned you Creative- I advise anyone out there who is interested in having speakers that work to look elsewhere.

4 of 4 found the following review helpful:

1lasted a year but always sounded thin....Mar 11, 2009
By K. Orrson "katwomansz"
Noticed the volume would randomly increase and then decrease, the first month. Should have took them back then right away.
Then one speaker would turn off and on.
and now its permanently off.
Never had a problem with several Logitech speakers and all sounded better than these anyway.
These are disposable junk.

3 of 3 found the following review helpful:

33 1/2* The Sound is Too Small for an OfficeDec 16, 2008
By M. Allen Greenbaum
I've owned a number of Creative speakers in the past, and generally like their products. Unfortunately, there's no getting past the specs: The subwoofers have 5 3/4" drivers, and that's just not enough to deliver bass that sounds like it's coming from subwoofers, even in a smallish office. Moreover, the bass sounds don't "mix" well with the two satellites speakers: Rather than a sonic blend of lows, mids, and highs, you feel like you're listening to two separate systems, with the highs and mid-highs sounding somewhat distinct from the other frequencies.

I wasn't looking for audiophile perfection, not at this low price, and they probably beat most non-subwoofer systems costing $25-$35 dollars. However, were I to do it over again (I donated these, by the way, because of the sound quality), I'd spend more money for a larger subwoofer speaker. You might want to check out the reviews at CNET for 2.1 speaker systems that fit your sound needs and budget.

The system is ligher than some others in the line, and the subwoofer has a nice look to it. Those stoplight satellites are a matter of personal taste. I didn't like them at first, but eventually got used to them.

One more thing. The whole speaker system powers on with a circular on/off device that plugs into the subwoofer via a cable. Should that cable connector break (as it did with another Creative system I had), you can no longer turn on the system (i.e., it's broken). Just use reasonable caution so that the cable stays put.

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