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Creative TravelSound ZEN Stone
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Creative TravelSound ZEN Stone

This product is currently out of stock

Share the music in your ZEN Stone or ZEN Stone Plus


Boost your music with the TravelSound ZEN Stone portable speaker. This palm-sized one-piece high performance speaker lets you share music stored in your ZEN Stone or ZEN Stone Plus MP3 players instantly. Hear your music in greater clarity with the high-quality microdrivers ingeniously built into its aesthetic design. For mobile party goers, the TravelSound ZEN Stone boasts amazing playback stamina of up to 21 hrs on 2 AAA batteries! With the retractable stand, just prop it up on any flat surface and tune into beautiful music anytime, anywhere.

Quality audio on the goQuality audio on the go
Special built-in microdrivers deliver pulsating rich sounds from any music genre, all from a hand-held sized portable speaker.
Your music, your choiceYour music, your choice
Rocking to the Rolling Stones or relaxing to the melodious tunes of a concerto? Choose the Active Mode to listen at a higher volume and audio quality, or the Passive Mode for lower volume and audio playback without consuming any battery power. With a playback time of up to 21 hours on 2 AAA batteries, the TravelSound ZEN Stone is the perfect complement to frequent travelers and music lovers alike.
Smooth to the touchSmooth to the touch
Its smooth polished curves and contoured design makes the TravelSound ZEN Stone rest easy in your hands when on the move.
Stand up to great musicStand up to great music
The retractable stand lets you prop the TravelSound ZEN Stone on any flat surface, while the magnetically shielded speakers allows for close placement to other electrical appliances without any interference.

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Product Details:
Product Length: 2.24 inches
Product Width: 6.82 inches
Product Height: 1.29 inches
Product Weight: 0.35 pounds
Package Length: 9.1 inches
Package Width: 4.0 inches
Package Height: 1.9 inches
Package Weight: 0.65 pounds
Average Customer Rating: based on 10 reviews
Customer Reviews:
Average Customer Review: 4.0 ( 10 customer reviews )
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Most Helpful Customer Reviews

14 of 14 found the following review helpful:

5Creative TravelSound Simple, Affordable, High QualityOct 16, 2007
By J. Bryant
Absolutely as promised: affordable, good fidelity, long lasting, sleek. A perfect companion to the Zen Stone or Zen Stone Plus. I was especially pleased at it's 'no battery' feature that allows you to play your tunes without using any battery power (utilized stored energy from the Zen Stone itself)at a lower volume. Great for your cubicle at work! Sound quality is good. Volume is sufficient and the price is just right.

7 of 8 found the following review helpful:

3creative travel sound zen stone blackApr 21, 2008
By Daniele Salamone
Small simple to use.....
the worst things are:
2 AAA battery to use, low sound, without control of volume, fit only for zen stone plus and not for zen stone plus with soundspeaker....
if you want plug the last item you need just a cable!!!

4 of 4 found the following review helpful:

3not loud enough!Feb 24, 2008
By Planner Style
Nice little product, stone plus fits perfectly inside. Craftsmanship of speaker is sturdy & attractive. However the largest downside to this speaker is poor volume level. If you have ambient noise outside, the volume will be lost. somewhat disappointed. I bought this so I wouldn't have to take my creative computer speakers outside with the AC plug when I BBQ but the travelsound can't compare with volume of the computer speakers :(. this speaker should be sold for no more than $15. $30 or more is a thievery. enjoy.

3 of 3 found the following review helpful:

3Good for the office, Bad for those of us who like it loudJul 12, 2008
I purchased this on sale directly from creative's online store for 11.99 plus shipping 6.99. It arrived quickly and I was excited to use it, especially since I've really enjoyed my Creative TravelDock 900 speaker.

Pro's include, that it fits the zen stone plus player perfectly, that it only requires two AAA batteries (the TravelDock 900 uses four), it's small, and it looks good/pretty.

Con's include, it's not very loud (which is only good if you plan to use this for work, while sitting in a cube/office and don't want to disturb others). My TravelDock 900 is much louder and can be used outdoors or indoors. Also, there's no volume control on the speaker dock, you can only control the volume with your zen stone plus. The TravelDock 900 has volume controls in addition to volume control access you have to your player. Keep in mind, these are travel speakers, the TravelDock 900 is by no means a replacement for a stereo system, but it comes close for those of us who need something small for our computers or mp3 players. Also, while you have access to the front controls, you cannot turn the player off without pulling it out of the dock. You also need to remove the silicone skin (if you use one) to get it to fit/work properly (with the TravelDock 900, you don't need to remove the skin). Also, it does not get FM reception (so the zen stone plus' radio feature will not work with travel speakers). Lastly, unlike the TravelDock 900, it does not have the capability to charge your player. The TravelDock 900 has a USB connection in the back which does.

In sum, this speaker system is about half the size of the TravelDock 900 so if you need something smaller than the TravelDock and you plan on using it for your office then this is the speaker dock for you.

All others, buy a TravelDock 900 instead while you still can.

2 of 2 found the following review helpful:

4Creative TravelSound ZEN Stone BlackApr 13, 2008
By Joyce Massey "Joyce in the desert"
This works for the zen MP3. It's a little more flimsy than I'd hoped. I'm hearing a small vibration from one speaker after only a few uses.

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